Learning to let go

As I sit and write this, the sun is shining through my lady cave’s window, I have my favourite music playing in the background, and I am thankful for how energised, content and relaxed I feel. It’s day 4 of our Easter Long Weekend and it has been 4 days of blissful life catch up. 
I hadn’t wanted to be in Perth though, nuh-huh.    
You see, for weeks, I had been hounding asking Morgs to puh-lease get on board the idea of mine to pack our car and escape down south for the 4 day weekend we are gifted over Easter. 4 wholeee days of relaxing in a country town by the beach. Sounds perfect right? I know. The thing was though, he just wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was and said to just relax and allow this weekend to come and go, and for me to just absorb some me time, I think his words in fact were “just relaxxx honey, you don’t always need to be doing something or going somewhere 100% of your time”. 
I felt like my body was aching for it though, and yet deep down, I knew if I really wanted it – I would have booked and organised it regardless (better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission right?)
So what happened? 
I took my handsome man’s advice and let it come – and go. 
Simply – I let go of the plans I wanted to make way for the plans I didn’t realise I really needed. 
I slept in. I cooked delicious food. My love & I relaxed on the couch together. I went on soul nourishing walks. I spent quality time with my mum. I was present. I Relaxed. I caught up. 
Detoxing. No alarms. Bliss. 
I had time to breathe. 

To just… be.
So what was the lesson I took away from all of this? apart from the fact I really should listen to Morgs more often? 
+ That we don’t always have to have plans or be somewhere or doing something just because we have the time to.
+ That it’s ok to let go of the things we believe will make us happy, and follow that burning intuitive to find what will actually make us happy (less plans, more free time). 
+ To switch off and be totally ok with that. No plans, no to do’s, no burning responsibilities.  
+ To invest more in self love. Giving bodies sleep if it calls for it, a walk if it calls for it, a nap if it calls for it and some switch off time (like watching an old favourite movie) if it calls for it. 
The Challenge: 
I want this week for you to be about slowing down. 
I want you to listen in to your body and mind and giving it exactly what it’s asking for. We are in an age now where days, let alone months whizz by in blinks of our eyes – so this week is for you, and your precious hours to do exactly what you wish with them. 
Give yourself permission to say no to an event or a commitment if your body is calling for you to take a bath by candlelit instead. Maybe you’ve been in a bit of a funk recently and just can’t get on top of it all. Well you know what gorgeous (don’t tell your boss I said this) – but take a sick day for goodness sake. You’re given those days for when you need it most and sometimes, you just need a reset. 
I want this week to be about you – your favourite things, nourishment, self love and life catch up. 
Go dip your toes in the ocean, watch one of your favourite movies you haven’t seen in for-evah or dance in the rain because it will make you laugh. Fill a wholeeee day with your favourite things – a smoothie, a good book, a long bath and some quality time with your favourite person. 
I think we forget our easily we can choose our happiness – and this week is our beautiful reminder. 
Tune in deep this week – listen intently to what your mind and body is calling for and give it just that. 
With powerful intention and love for your best week yet, 
Anna xx
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    Lovely post and so inspirational! I have been feeling very stressed lately and those four days off were so great and appreciated that it reminded me too that it’s ok (and evn healing) to have that me time xo

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