Life in perspective


I’ve learned … that the best things in life, like love, family and watching sunrises and sunsets – really are free.
I’ve learned … that listening to advice from those who have been there and ‘done that’ before is worth it’s weight in gold.
I’ve learned … that when you’re in love, it consumes all of your being – from your cells to your thoughts to your heart.
I’ve learned … that the world owes you nothing. It was here before you, and it will be here after you, so don’t walk around with a chip on your shoulder or with a victims attitude, you’re doing no one, including yourself, a favour.
I’ve learned … that sending light and love to my enemies and wishing them no ill harm makes me feel far better than holding on to hate and anger.
I’ve learned … that sometimes, all people really need is someone to listen to them with an open heart and open mind and really understand what they’re going through.
I’ve learned … that it is far more classy and fulfilling to always be the bigger person when it comes to anger, jealously or hate directed towards you.
I’ve learned … that a kind word and a smile to a stranger can not only lighten up their day, but also yours.
I’ve learned … that no matter how old we get or mature we think we are, acting like a teenager again is still incredibly fun – and should be done on a regular basis.
I’ve learned … that it’s the small moments, the quiet moments, the unassuming moments that make my life spectacular and worthwhile.
I’ve learned … that life really does happen whilst you’re busy making other plans.
I’ve learned … that sometimes, as strong, loud, sure and confident as I am, I need to be vulnerable and looked after just as much as the next person, and that’s ok.
I’ve learned … to forgive. Really forgive. To not hold on to that angst, that anger, that stupid hate for anyone or anything. 
I’ve learned … that to not forgive doesn’t affect anyone but myself so I Forgive. I Let it go.
I’ve learned … that life may certainly not always be easy, or fun, or in my control, but how I deal with that and my attitude towards it is what counts.
I’ve learned … that I will never stop missing my Nanna & Pop any less no matter how many years go pass, but their lessons in love and life live on forever.  
I’ve learned … that you control your own destiny, and that you can make a huge impact on the world, you just have to choose to not live in the shadows of your own life. 
I’ve learned … that kindness is free to give away and should be done so at every chance you get.  
I’ve learned … just how important it is to live in the here and now – and try hard to live with no regrets.
I’ve learned … that life can be as easy or hard as you like dependent on how well you can make decisions, and that to easily make decisions you need a strong list of values. 
I’ve learned … that I can’t always do everything or be everything for everyone, and that is also ok.
And lastly,
I’ve learned … that life can be tough … but I’ll always be tougher.
Love Anna xx


  1. The Style Khaleesi Reply

    I love this post! It is so true. You basically summed up what I have learned in the past few years. It has taken me to 24 to learn a lot of these things, and I am a much better person for it 🙂 life is yours for the making, and you get out exactly what you put in! xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

    • Anna Reply

      I think if we’re even wanting to learn these things at 24 (my age as well) then that’s better than not trying to learn 🙂 You couldn’t have put it more perfectly though 🙂 Life really IS ours for the making and you get out of it what you put in xx

  2. Roselie Reply

    Wise words… Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Eve.H Reply

    Another great pieces of wisdom 🙂 Especially the part about forgivness. I hope you´re having a nice Tuesday.
    xo Eve.h
    PS: I responded on your comment on my blog. It´s about the book I reviewed. Take a look when you have a moment 😉

  4. Lari Reply

    So true!! And inspiring…
    This reminded me that not everything is either black or white but that you can add color to your own and other people’s life!


  5. O Reply

    Very inspiring and such an eye-opener! Thanks for sharing these wise words! xoxo

  6. Ali Reply

    You have such a nice blog!! I love it!
    I will follow you and if you like you can stop by to visit mine:



  7. Maryam Maquillage Reply

    always so inspiring and moving!! thank you for being such a positive light in the blogosphere :)) oxoxox

    • Anna Reply

      Oh Maryam you’re too sweet – the crazy thing is I never set out to write about things like this but I can’t help it haha so to hear you feel it’s a positive space for you to visit is an honour xx

  8. Sam Reply

    Hi Anna, you’ve penned down these thoughts brilliantly. There is so much here that I and I am sure everyone else can relate to. Loved what you wrote about kindness and forgiveness. There is so much that life has to teach us but whether we chose to follow those lessons or ignore them is up to us. Really beautiful and inspiring post, you should copyright this!

    • Anna Reply

      It’s so true Sam – and that is sometimes the biggest lesson of all. To be open and accepting to what the universe is trying to teach and show us. We can go against it all we want but it serves us no purpose p.s I was told to copyright the other day so need to really get on to that haha x

  9. Emmanuella Reply

    yeah thank you very much Anna for those wise words…

  10. Liv Lundelius Reply

    This Is so beautiful and so true. I feel there is a big trend back to basic values, friends and family.
    The best and most important things you can’t buy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    Anna, i love this post… you made so many great and inspiring points. I love:
    “I’ve learned … that life may certainly not always be easy, or fun, or in my control, but how I deal with that and my attitude towards it is what counts.”

    This was a refreshing post. Lately, I’ve been trying to reevaluate my life and find out what I want to do for myself and change my outlook a bit, and this definitely helped me. It’s wonderful to read such amazing blogs like yours!

    PS – I am following you on instagram (@juliascribs) and am obsessed with your photos. They are so lovely!

    xo julia,

    • Anna Reply

      Thank you so much Julia!! As long as it keeps inspiring anyone i’ll continue to write xx p.s following you back now! 🙂 x

  12. Courtney Reply

    you AMAZE me with every post you do young lady!! really enjoyed this one. you are one wise, wise lady! xoxox

    • Anna Reply

      Naw thank you so much sweets – your blog is a fav of mine now so its great to get such a lovely compliment xx

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