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Somehow, and I would like to think it wasn’t my fault, life has managed to get 10x more hectic since returning home from Bali and from the time I’m up around 5am until the time I put my head on the pillow around 10pm  everyday, I haven’t been able to find the time to just stop and have ‘me’ quality time. Work has been incredibly busy and stressful in a totally ok way and it’s only about to get worse as Parliament is in a mess and I fly out this Sunday to tackle the week with my boss head on hello 18 hour days and sleepless nights. 

It got me thinking however, about what helps when life does seem to be pulling you in different directions and when you feel like you have a million things on your plate, none of which are really for you. We lead busy lives, we have crazy schedules, we become so un sure of ourselves, and I am just as bad as the next person when it comes to getting life right, but here’s what I have been realising over the past few hectic days.
It’s about never loosing site of the bigger picture. Whatever that may be.
Its about remembering that your goals are there to remind you of what your really working toward. So make them, review them and stick to them. 
It’s about having a strong set of values to always call on to guide your decision making and actions.
It’s about never getting mad and taking out your stresses on your spouse or partner, but loving them instead.
It’s about keeping perspective and remembering that whatever your stresses are, they’ll pass.
It’s about remaining grateful for all that you have and all that is to come.
It’s about knowing what makes you happy, and doing that thing that makes you happy to change your mood.
It’s about not reacting in any situation but seeking to understand and know its ok. 
And that, is what helps me remember that life is a gift to be lived and enjoyed even through moments of doubt, stress and hurt. Love to hear what helps you through your more hectic times. 


  1. QT Reply

    Lovely post!

  2. hope in high heels Reply

    Oh, this is so timely. I’m about to go back to work where 16 hour days at least are the norm week in and week out.

    Your advice is so right – I’m bookmarking this so I can come back to it. The other two things I do – make time for exercise, even if it’s 30 mins on a treadmill or 15 mins stretching… I need to do it for my sanity. The other thing is remembering to smile every day even over the smallest things, like when you see someone on the street brimming over with joie de vivre, or thinking about a moment from your holiday.

    ps. can imagine you are flat out, have been watching the political situation evolve from over here in NYC and it looks like it’s going to be a circus. Goodluck x

  3. Anna Reply

    Oh gosh 16 hours as a norm – you are wonder woman! The above is really what I have been doing and it worked for me so I hope it helps when your days seem to start blurring and tired doesnt even begin to explain your state!
    The exercise thing is SOOO true as well. Morgs and I are up at 5am week days to go and do exercise and its mainly for the sanity factor as you said! I love the smiling every day too 🙂 …
    p.s Its crazy to think that a Government that can’t even manage itself, is meant to be running our Country! Insanity. Watch the news headlines Monday (or Sunday night your time) as its when the action is all happening!


  4. Belinda Reply

    Great post and very wise words Anna. You are truly blessed to have such a grasp on what’s important in life at such a young age. Wonderful! xoxo

  5. O Reply

    It is so true, you can easily find yourself running through the days without some personal space or time. I always take a break from work, by simply checking my schedule for at least a free 20 minutes and just walk outside, clearing my head. It helps and gives you the perspective of life as you snap out of work. Hope you can relax this weekend xoxo

  6. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    I love this post, and definitely needed to hear this. I love your blog… I love what you share!


  7. Mary Reply

    That is so true!

  8. Sam Reply

    Great and inspiring post hun. Your life is sounding so stressful at the moment, I hope that it all clears up and you find some time to take a break and have ‘you’ time. I loved all your declarations

  9. Eve.H Reply

    Great post, Anna and even though we really are oceans apart I have had the same thoughts lately as I have trouble with a former friend and it causes me a lot of pain and stress… I know that work stress and this kind of stress can´t compare but… I´m getting to know that the only thing that helps me get through this is just to hug my boyfriend or best friend… Try to keep the strength you absorbed on Bali 😉 xoxo Eve.h

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