Links I love

1. Energetic healing by the beautiful Amy Miller. Game Changer. Energy Changer. Word perfection.

2. This Quote Because gosh damn it screams truth & love. SHOW up beautiful. As YOU. There is no one else in the world quite like you & that is sexy.

3. Oh why hi there Baby Anything skull perfection. Awaiting to receive my chrome silver one in the mail p.s They rock some amazing dainty skull rings too. Check em out. 

4. 40 ways to feel more alive. HELLS YES. So many goodies in this article that will speak to your soul.

5. A really cool, really raw & really honest take on ‘being ok with being unpopular by Jess Ainscough over on Rach Mahagys space. Really amazing read if you’re on your initial path of authenticity truth seeking.

6. Some rocking Green Smoothies to help reinspire you in the kitchen with your own health goddess creations.

Happy procrastinating / mindset shifting gorgeous x x

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