Making me happy

Here are a few things that I’m loving right now.

(My new MAC lipstick – “Snob”)
I have been wanting a pink lipstick for awhile now but couldn’t find the right colour pink to suit me. Then along came MAC and their amazing lipsticks. “Snob” is the perfect blend of subtle pink whilst still giving my lips a statement look.
(Fresh Flowers)
I absolutely love coming home & seeing a big bunch of fresh flowers in the house. Even after long or bad day I can’t help but smile (even if it’s on the inside) when I walk in the house and see them on the table. This is the one tradition (read indulgence) my boyfriend has allowed me to keep even though we’re saving mad for Europe. Finding places that sell cheap but lovely flowers has become a great pastime too. I have found so far Beaufort street in Mt Lawley to have the best selections for great prices!
(Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook)

Now I’m finding I have more time (since finishing my uni degree last November) cooking has been re introduced in to my things I love. This book was ordered online after watching just one of the shows from the same TV series and I’ve loved (along with my boyfriend who’s a fantastic cook!) re creating the meals on a weekend night.

(My beautiful 5 year old cat Tarzan)
I have had Tarzan since he was a tiny kitten but moving around a lot since I was 18 has meant I couldn’t always keep him with me. One of my amazing brothers became his adoptive dad and looked after him when I couldn’t. I’m just about to move in to a gorgeous new unit though & am allowed to take him with me so am SO excited & emotional I get him back! I imagine he’ll feature a bit in my blog – he is honestly like a person trapped in a cat’s body. Love him to death xx

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