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Me onlineIt was an amazing and exciting week for Lifes Shiny Pretty Things as the blog & I featured in a newspaper – a special edition Perth Now newspaper. The editor of Perth Now had found my blog & contacted me to do a story involving myself and 2 other Perth bloggers – who I was incredibly humbled to be alongside. When I started my blog a year ago I never thought of how far reaching it would ever get. It was here just for me and for any stranger who happened to stumble across it. I wanted to explain ‘the girl behind the dating website’ – the business I started at 22 – Possibly Maybe. To explain who I was meant showing that I do care about others achieving goals and finding love, sharing journeys and lessons that I go through, explaining that I really do love .. love with all its ups and downs and that I love writing and helping people be who they want to be with dreaming and loving along the way. That’s where Lifes shiny pretty things & I are at today and I’m excited for ‘our’ future. As long as people enjoy reading I’m happy to keep writing so thank you for readers who stop by each day and an extra thank you to those who leave thoughtful comments to let me know you have stopped by. It is all very humbling.
The extract from the article in Perth Now ..
written by Anthony DeCeglie
Professional blog photo“Another 24-year-old, Anna Ogilvie, is also creating a buzz online. Ms Ogilvie started lifesshinyprettythings this time last year. Essentially, the blog is her personal diary opened up to the world. She muses about love, recent holidays, what she’s eating for dinner and her personal goals. “Every day you’re getting comments from readers telling you how your blog is affecting them,” she said. “It’s really inspiring.” Ms Ogilvie tries to upload something new every day. She uses social media such as Twitter and Facebook to let her fan base know when she has written something fresh.  Nothing is of -limits or too personal, unless she thinks it could upset her family or friends – or her boyfriend. She recently blogged about a painful jaw reconstruction (with detailed photos). It was a moving piece about corrective surgery that she had wanted since she was a child. “I had lived my whole life with quite a bad under bite…though it didn’t dictate who I was, it was a major source of insecurity and general unhappiness when it came to who I saw when I looked in the mirror,” she wrote. “The process was long, and the surgery that resulted is major (they break your top and bottom jaw and realign them with bolts) but the final result is me today and the happiness and closure I feel from it all. “I’ve always been positive, but the best way I can put it is it made my outsides match my insides. I have ashamedly shied away from talking about it publicly in the past as after my surgery and subsequent changes physically and emotionally I had some negative reactions from ‘friends’. “Yes it made me look different, but it’s who I was meant to be, and, yes,  I have more confidence, but this is the life I was born to lead.” Ms Ogilvie has been online most of her life. She even founded a local dating website for Perth’s young people called Possibly Maybe. But, when she started blogging she found herself the victim of online bullying for the first time. “It was really quite confronting,” she said.  “I think a lot of people find it pretentious when you write about yourself and your life, especially when they think you’re being up yourself because you dare think that someone cares about the small things that make your day, like a cupcake recipe. “But, I think those people simply don’t get it. “Blogging is about sharing what you like and what you’re passionate about with the world. You’re not asking people to read it, or forcing them to. It’s just simply there and if someone likes it then that’s a nice bonus.” Ms Ogilvie said her blog receives about 200 views each day.”
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