Memories in Milan

{ Duomo Cathedral – such an incredible sight }
So here we are….out of Italy! We had an amazing time the past 3 weeks exploring all the towns we’d dreamed of for many many months (& years in my case) and had some expectations exceeded, and some not met – a la Florence being one not met. I shouldn’t be so mean about Florence. It was actually really beautiful and had some gorgeous sights, fab-o allyways, and we even loved our morning runs snaking down the big river….it just lacked that za za zu I was hoping for? Expecting? I suppose what I mean to say is it just felt like any other city. Rome for example blew our socks off – that’s not entirely true we didn’t wear socks, but it blew us away. Amalfi Coast was indescribable, Capri was beautiful … but when we got to Florence it did just feel like ‘another city’. A gorgeous one at that I will absolutely give it credit where credit is due. Morgs & I bucked every trend in Florence as well and didn’t even go to see the Statue of David. Shocking, outrageous and poor form I know….in our defense however we did go to the museum and line up for about 10 minutes but knowing that we were in for a wait as long as the day is long plus having already seen plenty of nude men with chiseled bodies & their man bits out in the Vatican Museums – we opted instead to find the best ice cream in Florence – which by the way we did – it was the biggest scoops we’ve come across. 

So why bring up Florence in a post about Milan? Because that’s the only mention Florence is going to get. We came, we saw, we conquered. Don’t get me wrong either we did enjoy Florence. We ate, we drank, we explored, in fact we clocked up over 22km of walking on our 2nd day there…and don’t ever let someone’s opinion of a place put you off from going. Florence till your hearts content I say!! Just give me a few extra days in Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast …
Our opinon of Milano then you ask? Well. Milano impressed. 
Think about all the stereotypes you can of Milan … high fashion shops, gorgeous restaurants, every person dressed impeccably, clean city, great sights – and they’re all true. I really loved the vibe of this place and enjoyed just walking and walking seeing as much as we could. 
We ventured in to the high fashion areas and even dined in the Martini Bar which is inside the Dolce & Gabanna store. Morgs & I really did try so hard to be polite & posh … but clearly our subconsciousness couldn’t handle the faking and we both ordered meals that can’t be eaten any other way than with your hands … Hamburgers. HA! We considered for 0.2 seconds that we might attempt to eat a hamburger with our knife & fork but laughed it off & tuckered in to those suckers like nobodies business. It was all so unglamourous in an exceptionally glamourous restaurant but it was US and we had a ball.
The highlight had to be Duomo Cathedral though & Duomo Square. It’s a short metro away from Centrale station & as you come up the metro stairs it is there right in front of you in all it’s glory. It’s just a mammoth gothic looking building in a great area – the square itself reminded me a little of St Marks Square in Venice as the pigeons are friendly and it’s packed with people. 
Not wanting to see Museums & Cathedrals in every city we venture to though we do try to do something a little different and Milan dished us up the weirdest tourist attraction yet … A cemetery!!  Morgs had read up on it from Trip Advisor – it was number 6 of things to do in Milan which is pretty much a ‘must see’. We didn’t spend too much time in there but it is worth a visit for the sheer size & over the top’ness of the statues & graves – some that are the size of a small house. 
Speaking of Trip Advisor – best Travel tip I can give you that we’ve learnt? Download the free app they do called ‘City Guides’ before you hit each new town. It is ahh-mmaa-zzinggg. It basically lets you look up all the tourist attractions, plan your days, map you to places, gives you restaurants nearby, bars nearby, the list goes on. We go through and hit ‘save’ on everything we think we might like to do, where to eat, where to buy ice cream – worked out ice cream is our Achilles yet? & then you can map your ‘saves’ – so the app works out the most efficient route for you to see everything you want to see and maps you there. It is honestly brilliant and has helped us SO much. 
I have Venice to share with you next & then recount our adventure in Cinque Terre which has been heralded as a highlight of the trip – up there with Santorini & Sail Croatia. 
Morgs has kept me in hysterical fits of laughter our whole 3 weeks with his running commentary about Italy & what it has to offer so I have asked he share what we will call his ‘letters to Italy’ soon. 
We are still unaware of days/weeks/times and are still relishing in every one of our moments. 
Love & Light xx
psst – Morgs & I did try to go to see Leonardo Da Vinchi’s ‘The Last Supper’ original painting whilst in Milan but as our unfortunate luck would have it…the workers were on strike!! So we didn’t get to see it. Bought the postcard though 😉 
{ Waiting for our food to come – being lavished with the little extras that come when you order wine though – one thing I love about Europe!! }
{ In the cemetery – it’s ok we weren’t the only ‘tourists’ there and we were very respectful }
AND JUST TO GIVE FLORENCE SOME CREDIT…. here is a pic of me & the end of my amazing ice cream in Florence exploring their local markets (which oh me oh my had some insane shopping, I wanted to buy every bag in sight!! 


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    So you like tapas? Are you coming to Spain? In southern Spain will put incredible tapas with every beer or wine you order, you have to try…

  2. Anya Volkov Reply

    Hahahahah you look mega impressed in the Florence snap! I only stopped over in Florence a few hours so looks like you’re not the only one that wasn’t wow’ed!

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