Monday is your day

I saw this on a friend’s facebook wall last week & immediately knew it needed to be shared. We all suffer through Monday-itis every single week, but seeing this, learning that “Mon” actually meant “my day” gave me an idea – turning it from my least favourite day of the week, in to one of my favourite day’s of the week. How could I not? The word Monday means ‘My day’, which, by any definition, means I should be celebrating it, not dreading it. 
So here’s the thing. I want you to remember this from this day forward. That every Monday, you have permission to love it, it’s my day, your day, OUR day…relish in it. Do something you love – take a bath, 10 minutes sitting in the sun, eat some cake, read a gossip magazine, light some candles around the house … do whatever it is every Monday to make YOUR day special. 
Today, I am in Prague currently falling harder & harder in love with this beautiful city. For ‘my day’ I have plans to climb up Petrin hill & visit the highest point of the whole city, lounge around in the sun with my loved one on a comfy patch of grass, then stroll back down in to Old town to divulge in some coffee & cake. 
So Thank you Universe – for giving us all ‘our day’ Monday.
What are YOU up to on your beautiful Monday?
Love & Light xx


  1. O Reply

    My day sounds excellent! Too bad it starts after work :). Love this post xoxo

  2. Anya Volkov Reply

    Well LUCKILY it was a public holiday here so I got to do all the things I love like beach hangs at Swanbourne, lunch at The Naked Fig, then swim near Hillarys with another friend and then a family BBQ.

    Loveeeeee going to The Hangout on a working Monday though 😀 Every day should be filled with 10 minutes of ‘self’ time I reckon 😉

  3. Eve.H Reply

    Hey guys, I hope you´re having a good time in Prague and it´s actually really strange to know you´re here in my country. But like good strange 😉 If I may recommend, there´s Blanka Matragi´s exhibition in Besední dům. She´s an amazing fashion designer who makes gowns that look like from a fairy tale so if you have some spare time stop by there. Thank you so much for this wonderful Monday idea, because I usually hate Mondays 😀 I´ve just been at school today, nothing extraordinary. But I had a good nap when I got home.;)
    xx Eve.h

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