Mums the word

I’ve been lucky the past couple of nights, as I’ve been spending lot’s of time with my Mum. Now I know everyone claims that their mum is in fact the best mum in the world but I would have to say that mine really takes the cake, so this post is just for her. We both love yoga but she has been going on at me for quite awhile to go to her class she does (vs my packed, rush classes I do at the gym), and last night I finally got there and me oh my it was amazing. I swear the instructor at this class is the master of soft talking and helping you find zen. If you’ve never done yoga it’s something I would encourage you to try out like my mum encouraged me! Tonight, I then backed up my ‘I need some more mum time’ style, and went over to hers for an amazing home cooked roast meal and some red wine drinking by the fire.

So mum, thanks for supporting me in everything I do, everything I want to be and all my hopes and dreams. You’re my wonder woman and someone I’ll eternally look up too. Love you to the moon & and back xx

[ Mum & I at my University Graduation 2010 – she cheered the loudest! ]

[ Mum & I at my “when I grow up 21st 2009 – me, a ballerina, her, Marion Antoinette ]

[ I had to put this pic up from dinner at Mums tonight. This is Possum who mum got us kids 12 years ago when we first moved to Perth! She sits at the table thinking she’s a human. So cute. ]


  1. Bri Reply

    Love your birthday pic, costumes are always a great way to celebrate things!

  2. Anna Reply

    Thanks 🙂 I think the appeal is you can be whoever you’re dressed as for that one night! who said grown ups couldnt act like kids right?!

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