My list: 25 things before 25

[My 25 before 25 list hanging in my office – great addition to my inspiration board]

I can’t tell you what it was or is about the age 25 that I always had a good feeling about, but since I cared about birthdays, so forever, the age 25 and I have always had a connection. I can’t predict what will happen, & who knows, the year might come and go with nothing spectacular, but I just have an excitement and anticipation about the age. Looking back a few weeks now, I believe it is that fact that led me to come up with the idea of wanting to compile a list of 25 things I want to do before I’m 25. I had first thought of doing a similar thing for 24, but realised that is merely 3 months away. So when I said I would then do the list of 25 before 25, I realised, this in fact coincided what I’ve always believed to be ‘my year’. I have had so much fun thinking of things I’ve always said I’d love to do but never put them as a goal or worked at achieving them and I want to share with you the journey! I’m only at 14 things so far as I don’t want to rush the list and put things on there for the sake of it so am slowly finishing it as things I love come to me. If you’ve ever wanted to do something but never thought you could or had time or just not thought to write it down – DO IT! We’re all in control of our dreams and the fun we can have with life.

Here is my list so fare compiled: (in no particular order)

1. Have a trip of a lifetime to Europe
2. Swim with Dolphins
3. Do something incredible for Mr M
4. Ride in a hot air balloon
5. Sky dive
6. Ride a camel
7. Holiday to Melbourne with Mr M
8. Start my book on “…….” (good business people never share ideas until they’re started!)
9. Write a letter to everyone I love about why they’re so amazing
10. Start my 2nd business
11. Run a half a marathon
12. Obtain another certificate in education (Training & Assessment or equivalent)
13. Sponsor a child in Africa
14. Be earning $100,000+

& that’s where I am up too. Your turn though! What are some things you’ve always wanted to do but just not gotten around to doing them. I want to hear your ideas and who knows, they might make it on to my list!

p.s After posting on my Facebook the other day about the plan I had with this 25 before 25 thing, I awoke on Saturday morning after Mr M’s best friend Master R had crashed at ours Friday night to find a little present he’d left me on the bench – “50 things to do once in your lifetime”. I just love it and loved the thoughtfulness of it. Some good ideas in there too!

[ Some of the 50 things that are suggested “Stage dive, Skinny dip, Go for a midnight picnic”


  1. Danielle and Trev Reply

    Love this list! I should make one like this! Running a half will definitely be making my list as well!

  2. aki! Reply

    You know, I used to hate these lists in middle school and high school but I get it now. I want to do one!

  3. Eve.H Reply

    Great idea, I´m going to be 25 next year and as I was reading this post I realised that except from finishing school getting the master´s degree I don´t really have any other goal. I should probably think about that as you did. And thank you very much for your supportive comment. Made my day 😉

  4. Niki of Red and Purple Reply

    I love your plan, and can’t wait to hear how your goals succed in the next year! No.9 is something I should do too!
    In my case, the only thing that came to mind so far is that i always wanted a tattoo (with and important meaning to me), so i finally should go, and make it happen,:)

  5. Sarah Lewis Reply

    This is an amazing idea, just what I need right now. I’ll seriously think about it. One thing is sure : I would also love to swim with dolphins, my dream !!

    Come visit my blog if you have time.



  6. Cindy Reply

    Great list and good luck getting everything done before the deadline. I might do something similar 🙂 I’ve always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride

  7. tiny dancer Reply

    ah! sometimes I really want to make one of these lists, but I’m not sure I’d ever complete them. I definitely couldn’t do the 25 before 25 – I’m turning 25 this month! eppp!

    p.s. you should totally try a bright red lip! I think you’d definitely rock it 🙂

  8. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    Thanks for the comment, love!!

    It’s so awesome that you’re doing this. 25 was one of my favorite years, and it makes it all the better if you are looking forward to making things happen. Good luck and happy early birthday!


  9. Maryam Maquillage Reply

    It’s great that you’re putting it out in the universe. I firmly believe that sharing your desires will help them manifest :))) great blog!!

  10. Whitney Cosgrave Reply

    this is a great idea! I want to make a board like this…tough for me 25 is in just a few months! ahh!

  11. Pop Champagne Reply

    lovely list, haha I’ve always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon too 😀

  12. Mangotatoes Reply

    I love this idea, but I’m a bit too late being almost 23 and all, maybe 30 before I’m 30 lol. Thank you so much for the thoughtful and heartfelt comment, it made my day ;] I can definitely see similarities in our lists too!


  13. Carol Reply

    wow ! great idea! I’ll do it too!

  14. Jayme and Mendi Reply

    Great idea!! I love your list and hope you get to cross all of them off of your list!! I want to travel more!!,
    We have some fun giveaways starting on Wednesday and hope you will come back and enter!,
    Jyme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  15. Aliya Reply

    This is so great! I wish you all the best in achieving these! And something I’ve learnt, don’t spend aaaages just planning to do something, just do it! 🙂

    x Aliya

  16. Bang and Buck Reply

    love the list! esp no.9 how wonderful!
    what is your current business? we are currently looking at starting our own!


    Bang & Buck

  17. Emmanuella Reply

    this list shows what kind of person you are, I really love your personnality find myself in you :))

  18. JEAN-PIERRE Reply

    ahhh this great! I should do a list like this

  19. Anna Reply

    @Bonnie – I might hold you too that! 🙂

    @Mangotatoes – I’m already 23 too, I’m 24 in 3 months so I’ve got 15 months to complete everything. I’ve put it out to the universe though so if I want it bad enough, which I do, I’ll do it all 🙂

    @Bang & Buck – I started my own free dating website for 18-30 year olds so am having fun growing that at the moment! If you’re thinking about starting a business I say go for it (of course with some research and so on first)

  20. Ylenia Reply

    that’s an interesting list! if you come to Europe, you must come to Italy and to visit me 😉

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  21. hope in high heels Reply

    Fantastic list… I love that you have one. I have a general awareness of what I want to achieve, but never sit down and write it out – which would be much more motivating!

    I went hot air ballooning in the Avon Valley in Perth and it was wonderful… don’t think I have the courage for sky-diving!

  22. Natasha Reply

    I usually do something similar. Each birthday I write a list of goals that I want to achieve before my next birthday. They more or less read like new years resolutions, but set in November. This year, for some reason I forgot. I am now thinking I will do a ‘before 25’ list, that way I’ll have two years to complete it!

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