My love soaked love letter to you; Your Permission Slip to live

Find your story & tell that 

Dear beautiful souls, 

I had something huge on my heart the last few days and it all came out this morning as I sat and wrote in my diary. I want to start living your truth. Finding your story & telling that. Living loudly, and with love. But I think so many of us are still so scared of consequences – friends reactions, societys acceptance, that we don’t even take the first steps to live that truth and follow our purpose. 

So here is your permission slip that I know so many people are still waiting for. If you think you don’t need a permission slip to LIVE either then answer me this. 

Are you still someone who worries about what people think about you? What people might be saying? What a group of your friends might talk about when they get together without you (you need to dump those friends by the way if this is still happening in 2013) Do you wear certain things or not wear certain things to be ‘in’ or normal. Are you careful about what you say or do or how you might come across because of how you might be perceived? Do you still walk in to a room and think ‘I wonder if they like me’ instead of thinking ‘ I wonder if I’ll like them?’ Do you have anxiety? Are you really sad a lot of the time? Stressed? Un aligned? Do you resent aspects of your life??

WHY? I could not pour ANY more love in to these words. WHY?? WHYYY would you try so hard to dampen your spirit and not live your truth when you have been gifted this life and you were born to stand out? Your heart was made to love and for you to live a life of purpose. 

If you didn’t wake up this morning (tragically) and yesterday was your last day on earth…are you proud of what you did? Who you were? What you said? How you loved? How you lived? No?? The only person you are doing a disservice to is yourself.

YOU ARE ALIVE & YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Wake up. For goodness sake wake up. 

Why live a life anything less than extraordinary?? You weren’t born to fit in. You weren’t born to be a bitch either. Or judgmental. Or angry. Or jealous. Or spiteful. Your purpose isn’t to align with shit friends that hold you back from being you. That anxiety & depression that is so devastatingly rampant in our generation today? It’s our bodies way of giving us a clue that the normal way of living isn’t right. 

So here is your permission slip. 

You are beautiful. Incredibly worthy. You have a voice. You have a heart that pumps so you can give of yourself in this world. You should go and live. Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Wear what you want to wear. Travel where you want to travel. LIVE. Don’t give your power away … Find your voice. Light your spirit back on fire. HAVE FUN. Dream a little bigger & just truly understand and honour your worth.

You are an INCREDIBLE human being. I just needed you to know that as you started your new week again. 

I’ll be here, cheering you on as ALWAYS, 
With a huge amount of love & light. 
Anna xx


  1. kellie brown Reply

    Thanks Anna that was amazing as always and was really uplifting.

    love reading the blog always feel better and more positive after


  2. Ruth Balcke Reply

    Thanks Anna much needed you brought a joyous tear to my eye! and a huge OMG yes!!!

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