My mum + her advice on love

Once a year, we get a day especially dedicated to the most important female influence in our life – our mums. 

And sure, we shouldn’t need just one day to tell our mums how much we love them and how special they are to us – we should be doing that – & I totally agree (which is why I do it as often as I can). 
But I still love – incredibly hard – that for one day, social media walls and accounts get flooded with love, restaurants book out with reservations and shopping centers go in to melt down as we all try to make our mums feel as loved and special as possible. 
I am no exception. 
My mum is without any hesitation THE biggest influence and inspiration in my life. Things haven’t always (if not ever) been easy for her. With 5 kids she raised us as a single mother (with an ex step father who chose to not work regularly she would become the emotional, physical and financial carer for us more times than not). When I was 14 when she really became a single mum supporting all of us she knew she had to earn more money to be able to provide for us as best as she could – so, she enrolled in uni to get a teaching degree to earn a better income. I still, to this day, will never know how she did it. 5 kids, 4 in school, all at home completely dependent on her, she got her university degree (with high distinctions the whole way through) whilst us kids never ever went without. 
She has taught me everything I know about determination, strength, resilience  always finding a way, self respect, setting goals, values, giving; but above all … she has taught me what it is to be loved and be able to give that love in return. 
Mum is my superhero. My inspiration and my best friend. So as another Mothers day rolls around, I couldn’t go without honouring her in my intimate space I love hanging out with you guys in. 
Mums big thing is giving though – and I thought to honour her most I would share with you some of her wisdom she has taught me on love (that she wrote down for me for our recent engagement). 
Advice from Jenny on love 
+ Never let the sun go down on your anger.
+ Don’t ever go to bed at night without sorting out any differences.
+ Have date nights where you only focus on yourselves.
+ Laugh alot, communicate often, don’t ever mention breaking up & always focus on the good in each other.
Mum – thank you for all that you are and all that you do. The world needs more of you in it.
Your daughter who loves you more than all the stars in the galaxy xx


  1. Nic Reply

    Beautiful Anna.

  2. Belinda Reply

    Gah! Yet another post that has bought me to tears. Jenny is the BEST! When is she going to write a book? She has so much wisdom to share 🙂 xxx

  3. Kavisha Reply

    Loooove this! my mum always use to say ‘never go to bed angry’ too 😉 xxx

  4. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, your mum should be a real inspiration to everyone. I simply must admire her for how brilliantly she managed to study and take care of you at the same time. Just amazing and incredible! My mum has a very different opinion on many things than I do but I can talk to her about almost anything openly and honestly and she always listens. Hope you´re doing good 🙂
    xx Eve.h

  5. Anna, oh my gosh this post is nothing short of beautiful! It made me all teary! Your mum is an absolute gem and has great advice! This reminds me a lot of my mum who went through something similar and I don’t know where I would be without her. We are so lucky to be able to call these amazing women our mums and I only hope when I have kids I can be half as wonderful as them xx Thanks for sharing another gorgeous post!!

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