My week, with Instagram

As I reflect back over a wonderful week that was captured through the lens of my camera I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Mr M & I are now only 20 sleeps away from our trip of a lifetime. If I was to be completely honest with you though, we’re not actually even counting days until we leave, we’re more going by how many sleeps until we finish work – which is 16 for those wanting to know – which I’m sure is no one. To give you an idea of how fast time is going however, for us anyway, it feels like only mere days ago I was counting down with 50 sleeps left to go. That was a whole month ago – and it honestly feels like last week. Now here we are, with 20 sleeps ahead of us, big dreams in our heads and hearts and a tonne of excitement all around us. Trying to listen to my own advice though, I truly am relishing in all of my moments leading up to the departure date and am soaking in as much of life in the here and now as ever even if it means taking 10 minutes out to catch up on some reading, or sitting outside with my morning coffee & enjoying the fresh air. I am living my life more Joi De Vivre than ever and here are just some of the reasons why … 

1. A delicious breakfast with 2 of my best girlfriends on a gorgeous Saturday morning.
2. Snap of Photo a Day July – Best part of my day? Coming home to Mr M every night.
3. Soaking up the sun with loved ones with new sunnies & a new necklace
4. Drinking on a surprisingly warm sunny Winter’s day with all of my family
5. Chocolate + Coffee + my problem solving questions make any problem easily fixed.
6. Some of my new purchases not yet packed away sitting on my wardrobe floor.
7. My new morning ritual – drinking a big green healthy smoothie (more on that next week).
8. Some of the most delicious coffee ever shared with my nearest and dearest.

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  1. Anya Volkov Reply

    That breakfast looks absolutely divineeeeee!

    • Anna Reply

      So it’s a MASSIVE call – but I’m putting it up there with the best breakfast I’ve had in Perth to date (not to mention their coffee!!) amazing. It was at Moore & Moore cafe in Fremantle so we got to sit in the gorgeous little courtyard and check out the art gallery after breakfast. Perfect morning 🙂 x

  2. It must be so exciting with your trip drawing closer. I’m also trying to enjoy my time ‘alone’ instead of counting sleeps until Patrick gets back. I’m so glad I follow you on Instagram, it always feels like you’re connected to so many wonderful people. I hope you’re feeling much better now?

    • Anna Reply

      Vanisha I read a quote this morning that was made for us!! “If you’re living for all your future moments what happens to your now moment?” .. I thought of you, as I count down for my trip and you count down until Patrick gets home. I can’t imagine how exciting it will be when he IS home, but I love that you’re filling your time with him gone with all things fun and creative and for you (like catching up with gf’s etc). xx

  3. Sam Reply

    Hi dear, these are such lovely snippets of your life. Your anticipation for your trip makes me feel like taking another holiday lol! I can imagine the excitement, I’d be counting down the sleeps too. Ohhh I also need a cup of the most delicious coffee, especially in this cold weather.


    I would be jumping out of my skin with excitement if I were you! And I do the same thing as you and count down the number of sleeps, funny enough. I’ve been doing that the past week because next Friday is my birthday and the following week I’ll be in the Bahamas so the countdown is on! 🙂

    Love these photos and I have a green smoothie every morning too. Been doing it since January and I can’t imagine starting the day without it. xoxo

    • Anna Reply

      Oh Dawn how amazingggg – Bahamas?? OMG YES PLEASE. That is like my dream honeymoon location! In fact just a dream location really 🙂 🙂 I LOVE that you count down until your birthday, I do too when its mine, birthdays are so special and fun no matter what the age I believe (I’ll still be excited when I’m 60 mark my words). Green Smoothies have changed my world for the better so I’m glad you understand 😉 xx

  5. Miss Laia Reply

    Great pictures that breakfast looks yummy, I’m sure you are counting days anyway, lucky you for your trip,this sunner will be only short road trips for me.

  6. Diana Marks Reply

    You took some amazing pictures there! Thanks for your sweet comment. I love your blog very much.

    Please support my up and coming blog about life and fashion in Los Angeles by following it on Bloglovin 😉 I can follow you back if you want 😉

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  7. OMG that breakfast looks so good! I can imagine your excitement for the trip dear, that trip is definitely a trip of a lifetime! Every country in Europe is so unique, I am sure you will love it! Anna I have nominated you for ‘The Illuminating Award’ because your blog is oh so illuminating 🙂

    • Anna Reply

      Naw Martha I’m so touched!! 🙂 xx

  8. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, that so cute counting sleeps until something, reminds me of my childhood. 🙂 We have the same new sunnies, like you said it´s really amazing to have so much in common with a person who is so far away. I´m glad you´re spending your week in such funny and enjoyable way.
    xo Eve.h

    • Anna Reply

      hehe Eve I’m a big kid at heart and ALWAYS will be 🙂 🙂 You know I saw that myself on your blog!! That we even bought the same sunnies to go away with. We are two girls across the globe with very similar tastes and attitudes – I love it 🙂 xx

  9. ylenia Reply

    Following you on Instagram now =)
    Thanks for your sweet comment!

    • Anna Reply

      I followed you back Ylenia! Love your pictures 🙂 🙂 xx

  10. Cara Reply

    Counting sleeps is so adorable, I hope you are dreaming of your trip when you enter the land of Nod. Love your new sunnies and necklace and all of that coffee has me craving a cup. Nothing beats a good quality cup of coffee!

  11. O Reply

    My friend suggested to count sheep as they imaginary jump over your bed one by one! I get the giggles every time I try it, but it helps! The grene juice looks delicious! xoxo

    • Anna Reply

      Oooo I have tried counting sheep before but I get really dizzy! haha (I’m such a loser). I just slow everythinggggg down in my mind, like its going in slowwww motion, and it gets me to sleep in no time 😉 xx

  12. Emvi Ivana Reply

    instagram fotky ma vždy bavia 😀 ta kavička vyzera super 🙂

  13. Maryam Maquillage Reply

    this post reminded me about how much I loved shopping in Kookai when I lived in Europe… too bad we don’t have it in the states :((

    • Anna Reply

      hahaha LOVED this comment 🙂 I hope we remember it when we’re old and bent and still have a giggle about it when we’re sitting on our porch together old and grey xx

  14. Fashion-Bridge Reply

    Oh I love Instagram pics! They are always so inspiring, beautiful and real! Yours are truly amazing and 100% prove my words. Your statement necklace is a divine piece! And I’m curious what did you buy?:) are you gonna show us?:)



    • Anna Reply

      Thanks Alexandra!! I follow you too – you have such gorgeous & inspiring photos 🙂 xxx

  15. hope in high heels Reply

    I always love your instagrams… They’re such fun to look at. I always get super jealous when I see your shots of coffee – after more than a year we still haven’t found the perfect latte in NYC. Luckily, we’re heading back to Australia in 3 weeks so I will be well caffeinated by the time we leave as I try to make up for all the bad coffees I’ve had x

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