My weekend “off” & why you need one too

It cut through me like a freezing cold splash of water over my body, words that no person in a couple should ever be let said twice… “I feel like I’m going to have to schedule my own time with you this week just to see you”. 
It was Morgs letting me know he felt a little disconnected from my seemingly mayhem’ish ‘to do’ and ‘to see’ list for my week ahead. I felt terrible. No matter how busy I can seem (remember this post though? We’re only busy because we choose to be) I never want anybody, let alone Morgs to feel like I don’t have time for them or like they’re not a huge priority in my life (because if you’re in my life – you are). 
So, I took immediate action. I cancelled (with love & good intentions of course) every.single.’thing’ I had booked for the weekend just gone and spent every waking minute with the man (minus a special breakfast date with my soul sista Morgs made me keep as he knew how special it was to me). 
The result? 
A weekend of bliss. Of laughs. Of relaxing. Of life catch up. Deep Sleep. Of ‘being’. Of re-connection. Of Understanding. Of new motivation and love. Of Japanese eating, coffee drinking, furniture buying, movie watching bliss. 
I slowed down, right down and got to just be in every moment. I rush. A lot. So to not have to rush anywhere or finish something to go somewhere else was a nice reminder of how life should be and I am setting a new big shiny intention each and every week to revert back to managing life a little slower and better. 
The extra goodness from the weekend just gone? As Morgs sat and laughed our little heads off in a small cafe we connected with 2 couples seated next to us in their late 70’s. Never one to shy away from learning from in love couples who have 50+ years of marriage under their belt, I had the opportunity to ask them what their secret to love & marriage was…& this is what the said: 
“respect each other as an individual as much as you do together as a couple. Don’t ever become clones – always honour the others differences, hobbies & uniqueness, & never stop laughing together” 

So beautiful, your mission this weekend (you have the time to plan this now) is to disconnect from crazy schedules, mayhem’ish ‘To Do’s’ & ‘To See’ and Reconnect with some soulful time with yourself (+ a loved one who you want to remind you love so so dearly). Go for a long walk. Get lost in a cup of your favourite hot drinks. Lounge comfortably and watch a movie. Whatever it is, be present. Make them feel like they’re worthy of your time, your presence and your words – because after all, our relationships in this life are what make it all the richer. 
Wishing you love, peace and warm hugs as you embark on your own weekend of soulful wellness. 

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  1. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, it´s so true. My grandma was married to my grandad for over 50 years and even though they often had a different opinion on various things they never lost their humor. I miss their little giggles and cute jokes. Good for you you found some time for your love. We are so often swept by things we think matter but at the end of the day people we care about are our most important business.
    xx Eve.h

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