My weekly round up + Lifes lessons & blessings

I have it on my heart to apologise this week. I tried to start this post a million other ways but kept getting pulled back to just being raw and honest with you and admitting this space, my space, our space has been a little quiet of late and I am re committing to turning that around. 
You see, no matter where my current life journey takes me, with new business ventures, company launches, beautiful friends, crazy work loads – this space is where it all began for me. I came, almost nightly, and could share a journey, piece by piece, experience by experience, moment by moment, as I found my self through self love and wellness and mind/body spirit betterment. I will never ever forget that. 
Life can take us on crazy, wild, delicious rides and I really think I am in a pivotal moment of my life where I am learning to release and just let it throw me where I need to me – growing and learning and expanding. One thing that will always remain important to me though is this space. 
This week as I’ve rushed from place to place or from person to person, I have stopped to honour all that is happening right now in my world and soak up every tiny little moment. It was in these moments I have been open to some little lessons and blessings that I wanted to share with you with love… 
There is no point in getting stressed, being rude or letting overwhelm control you. Breathe through any moments like this and watch the feelings that do nothing for you fade away. 
Life is always, always better with a hot peppermint tea.
Release release release. Release on everything. Let go on any and all feelings that don’t honour or serve your current situation or life. 
Sometimes, all you really need is a night off, with your favourite person, some yummy food, a glass of red & a good book. 
Letting someone you know at least once a day how amazing they really are, how much they mean to you and how much you love them, is more fulfilling than any number in a bank account. 
Life is too damn short to not eat the damn chocolate bar (organic of course). 
I Sending you love and light and oodles of good intentions as you embark on your day or task at hand, and would love to know your own little life lessons that came up this week as you were rushing through life. 


  1. Michelle Reply

    I love that quote, so true 🙂 Who wants to think like a man pfffft my brain works just fine thanks very much!

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