No.2 – Swim with Dolphins

I will never forget when I first started out writing my list. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was on the floor in the lady cave, favourite music blaring in the background with lot’s of beautiful warm sunlight all around me. It was just an awesome moment. And then, I started to write, on my board, with no inhibition. No regard for if I could do it, I didn’t hold back. 
That was the moment my 25 before 25 list was born. 
I had gotten to number 6 – ‘ride a camel’ – and stopped. I literally stopped and thought, “what am I even doing, there is no way no how I can actually get all of this done”. Luckily, before I had even begun my task I was compelled to find a quote to smack right at the top of the board so everytime I looked at it, I was inspired. I never knew what I was going to put there, maybe something about life, or dreams, or even goals, whatever it was I just knew that it was going to pick me, not the other way around so when I found the winning saying, I knew it was mine and up it went, on my board as big and bright as it could be…
“The only thing keeping you from what you really want is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t have it”
So it was when I was at the moment of being stopped in my tracks thinking I couldn’t achieve my list and having a “should I really even commit to this” moment – that I simply looked up, and was beautifully reminded right away, that in fact YES I could do it all, I just had to stop telling myself I couldn’t.
That was the last time I ever said that I wouldn’t be able to finish my ’25 things’ and today I write to share with you another experience gifted to me from following my Joie De Vivre and joyfully ticking things off the list. 
“No.2 – Swim with Dolphins”
There are literally, truly, deeply, honestly no words to sum up just how magical my experience swimming with ‘my’ dolphin was. The whole experience in the water went for just over 45 minutes and I got to learn everything there is to know about dolphins whilst getting to have full interaction. There was tummy rides, dancing, water fights, kisses – the lot, and I walked ran out of the water to Morgs an excited mess in complete shock it had realllyyyyy happened. 
Having my list was for no other reason than to have some fun focused goals of ‘little’ things I had said I’d always wanted to do but never quite got around to making in to big goals or realities. Since it’s small beginnings 15 months ago, I have now lived 12 of them and each and every single one has brought me new lessons, joy and the feelings that I actively pursue in life these days which is excitement, alignment and wonder. 
I want to turn this over to you though now…just in time for the weekend too!
It’s a challenge gorgeous and I just know you will kick ass at it, and don’t worry it’s an easy one too. I don’t want you to go crazy and write a huge long list of things you want to do and put un necessary pressure on yourself. No. I want you to plan your perfect day and live it, this very weekend. Have you been meaning to get to the beach but keep being to busy to get there? Well cut out the excuses, clear your schedule Saturday and just DO it. Have you been dying to get stuck in to a DIY craft project but haven’t had a sec to get to the shops to buy what you need to get started? Well, cancel your plans this Sunday and spend the morning jammin’ with your craft you’ve just purchased (after picking it up on Saturday). 
The more I am connecting with Danielle LaPorte’s desire mapping the more I am realising just how true she had it when she said we don’t chase things things in life, we chase the feelings that come along with those things – peace, excitement, accomplishment, it’s the feelings that make us alive….so that’s my challenge to you. DO the one thing this weekend that honours you and your desired feelings and just spend some time doing what you LOVE. It doesn’t take a list packed full of 25 things….
It just takes you, a bright idea and some time in your busy schedule for yourself.
Have a delicious weekend gorgeous soul and I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing weekend on Monday.

Love, light & abundance,
Anna xx

p.s here are some of my piccy’s snapped when my dolphin and I lived our experience. Unforgettable!!


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    Looks like you had a fabulous time! Where did you get to swim with dolphins?

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