Our day trip to Capri

Arriving in to Naples via train Morgs & I were ready for a relaxing afternoon and an early night ready for our big day trip to Capri the following day. We were doing 2 nights in Naples purely for Capri, but wanted to make sure we also had enough time in the city itself to try out it’s famous food – pizza!! – Which we managed to do & film but that is staying just for us!
All our plans came together perfectly though and at 9am the next morning, we were bound for Capri cruising smoothly along on a fast ferry. 
Docking, we had no plans. Like always. The plan everywhere we’ve gone so far is to arrive, go for a walk to get comfortable with the town, stop for a cappuccino to relax & people watch – steal some wifi from a cafe, scope out what’s groovy to do around town & go from there. This normal plan didn’t change much at all for Capri and so we found a great path leading up to the main little town in Capri called Ana Capri to tick off the walk part & the ‘find the great coffee part’. As we reached the top of town there was a gorgeous little square with 4 small cafe’s in each corner – the beautiful thing about being on holidays we realised this particular day is that our biggest problem for that day was choosing which cafe to sit at, but rest assured we managed to solve this problem & got in our first coffee for the morning. 
Feeling ready for the adventures we very casually mapped out our day and off we went. 
We walked down to Via Krupp – a private beach with spectacular views of the clearest ocean waters I’ve ever seen we were stopping every few metres to stare in awe at what surrounded us. When we finally got there you actually had to pay to go on to the beach – Note: Capri we found was the biggest tourist trap so far on the trip – so we opted to sit at the private restaurant right on the beach for lunch & wine instead which turned out to be the best decision as we ate the best seafood risotto of our lives. I adored the story behind the restaurant too. It has been owed by the same family for 70 years and the current chef (owner) is the grandson of the original owners. Every day they get their seafood fresh from 2 elderly local fisherman & you can see how much pride they take in their cooking. The views from here were simply unbeatable.
From Via Krupp we walked back up in to the Gardens of Augustus for even more amazing views of the island, it’s surrounding waters & incredible cliff faces. 
Now here is where the lesson is for the day. We had heard of/been told to do/read up about a place on Capri called the Blue Grotto – I posted the video of our experience here.  We hadn’t gone to Capri with the full intention of doing it, & hearing about how it cost to go on the boat out there, then cost again to get rowed in to the actual grotto we were almost not going to do it thinking it wasn’t worth it. BUT ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT whilst travelling & mine wasn’t settled that we weren’t going to do it. I felt like I’d regret it if we left without seeing it. 
So off we went. 
We booked a boat tour around the whole island, which took us not just to the Blue Grotto, but also the Green grotto AND the white grotto and through the ‘kissing cave’ which is a huge rock just off shore in the ocean with a natural archway carved in to it. All up it cost us $28 euro each to go on the boat tour (2 hours) + entry in to the blue grotto and was worth every cent. 
We LOVED it. 
If you ever do Capri don’t be put off by bad reviews – the Blue grotto on Trip advisor has some shocking reviews but it was actually the most amazing, fun, insane experience of the day! – find your own fun & adventure & like with all travel….trust your gut.
One thing we’re learning is if you’re un sure about something on holiday ask yourself if you DON’T do it will you regret it. That simple question alone helps us dictate most of our touristy decisions – and it has worked to our advantage every time. 
Capri was a magical experience & we may have even said we’ll be back!
{ The pathway leading down to Via Krupp }
{ Left: Morgs & I both went with the Seafood Risotto’s and it was one of the yummiest things I’ve ever had – apart from mums Lasagna’s & Savoury Lamb… Right: The restaurant we wined & dined at at Via Krupp }
{ Via Krupp – the private beach in Capri – the view from the restaurant over the water }
{ Being blow away in the Blue Grotto }
{ On our boat tour about to go through the ‘kissing rock’ }


  1. Michelle Reply

    That boat tour looks like so much fun you guys are living the dream 🙂
    When I was in Capri we hired a convertable and drove around the island feeling like superstars. That was one of my most memorable days of travleling in Europe 🙂

  2. Anouka Reply

    Such a beautiful place! Enjoy your travels. What are your next stops?


  3. Eve.H Reply

    Italy is such a romantic country I´d love to visit Capri too. Keep having fun guys 😉
    xx Eve.h

  4. Anya Volkov Reply

    Look at your glowing faces!! Haha don’t think I’ll ever stop making that call!

    Can’t get over how many beautiful places you guys have gone to x

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