There I was.

16 years old, a wild child and ready to party at a moments notice. Which is where our story begins. It was March 6th 2005, a date I remember as I had just gotten busted for leaving Mums birthday to go to a party with my high school girlfriends. The party turned out to be an open house in Willetton, and as all good parties go, ended up on the news.

I still recall as clear as it was yesterday the first time I saw him as he was standing with a mutual friend Carlos who one of my best friends instantly fell for. “WHO is that guy??” “Oh! You mean Carlos?” … and as all mature 16 year olds do, we walked past cool as cucumbers to catch his attention for Najette.

It was an hour or so later (full disclosure; the time may be a bit hazy, I may have been 2-3 cruisers deep, like the 16 year old bad ass I wasn’t)) when I was walking through a grassed area and walked past him. I stopped him, KNOWING I had seen him before. Like I knew him like an old friend, but didn’t know him at all at the same time.

“I recognize you from somewhere” I squealed out. “Really? Where from?” He said back. We then spent the next few minutes trying to work out where we did in fact know each other from. Brothers? Yep but no connection. Same age? Nope. Maybe from a job? Nada. We agreed to disagree that maybe I didn’t know him and left it at that.

Here is the thing though, you know that saying, and then my soul saw you and it kind of went, “oh there you are, I’ve been looking for you” – I truly believe that is what happened the moment I saw Morgs. I still maintain it was dejavu and in that moment, without realizing I had just found my other half.

A few more hours after that, Najette had managed to strike up a conversation with Carlos – who was in fact, without us realizing Morgans best friend at the time. Najette hadn’t known I had chatted to this ‘random’ guy morgs, and neither had Carlos. So when Morgs went over to his ‘best mate’ to enquire in to ‘who that chick with the nice ass was up over there’ (ehem. It was me) najette (& Carlos) were both like Anna!!!

And how does it go? The rest as they say is history. We hadn’t exchanged numbers (of course not, he was 20 and I was merely 16 – so total kids) but after some detective work by Carlos my number was tracked down and we were on our first date, my first official date quite a number of months later.

That was 9 years ago. Although there were a good almost 2 years of not being officially each others – you know how kids are – it was the 25th April 2007, on a Wednesday night that Morgs rocked up on my doorstep where I was living on Glamorgan st (what are the odd’s I know!) with a bunch of flowers and a cd, and officially said the words “will you be my girl”. The answer was yes.

I fall more in love with him as every day goes past and although it took us awhile to realise we were each others forever – the journey and every challenge and crazy adventure we’ve had along the way has been worth it and part of our story.

I know we’ll grow old and grey till the end of our days together and I will NEVER forget that first time I laid eyes on him and my soul just knew – it was him all along.


I first met Anna at a party not to long before my 21st birthday.

It was a at a party on Sunday of a long weekend which had been a non stop raging party weekend for me (as was the fashion at the time). This party was absolutely cranking, one of those parties that required a massive show of force from the boys in blue (including the police chopper). I was there doing my thing, chilling with my boys and doing my best to look cool (think Matthew Mcconaughey in dazed in confused).

I was on my 6th beer and feeling pretty happy about where my life was at, when all of sudden a group of girls walked in the party. One of them caught my eye immediately and as luck would have my best friend at the time happened to know one of the girls in said group… Cue morgs, activate peacocking mode and set phasers to stun.

I wish I could say that the old Richards charm made her weak at the knees and thus became putty in my hands, but this girl was stubborn, elusive and hard work. Action man remained action less that night…

Several months went past and we bumped in to each other at a few a parties, but alas, nothing had eventuated (can I also add that this was not due to lack of trying on my behalf). When one day, out of the blue, I received text message (Facebook hadn’t really taken off then) from a random number saying “ hi its Anna, how are you, what have you been up to?” to which I replied “I’m well, which Anna is this??” (Right fellas?).

Long story short, we were very, very young and commitment to a monogamous relationship wasn’t high on either of our agendas. We remained close and stayed in contact over a period of 18 months. Just around the time of Anna’s 19th birthday (which was almost a month before my 23rd birthday) we decided to get serious making it official on the 25th of April (which I feel is very symbolic, a lot of good men died that day during world war 1… maybe we shouldn’t look to closely at that?? ☺).

I have never looked back once since that day, in knew it was right, I knew that one day I would ask Anna to be with me forever to be my wife. Her love for me (us) never changed throughout the good and more importantly the bad time times, that how I knew she was the one for me.