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There is really nothing worse than starting your week off feeling tired and exhausted which is where I’m currently at. I am still learning to listen to my body when it tries to tell me things like slow down or get some sleep but this week I am listening to it and will be focusing on early nights, relaxing, reading and slowing down a little. I have been reviewing my 25 things before 25 list recently too and am starting to give serious consideration to number 3 which was “Do something incredible for Morgs”, there are lots of ideas brewing but I’m hoping to have that organised before we go to Europe so I’m sure that will keep me occupied this week. As always I have been inspired by pretty things this week on Pinterest and here are my top 5 on Fashion, Home, Quotes, Recipes and DIY’s. You can follow my boards here
Naturally almost anything I am finding inspiration from is Europe related and this gorgeous outfit is no different – I would love to emulate this exploring the streets of Croatia. 
I love everything about this kitchen, from it’s mainly White design, the big feature light, blackboard on the wall, big wooden bench top and how it just feels lived in. Pure kitchen love.
I love this, just simply love this. I have dreams as long as my arm and back and like simple little reminders that tell me anything is possible – it is. 
I think this is just a great little idea to have in your fridge (covered of course) and even as a quirky and functional ‘thing’ to have displayed on your table for a dinner party
Hello sparkle and fabulous DIY glitter bottles, so glad to meet you – I think these would be so so handy to have on hand for any fun dinner party, high tea, event, anything really! It has been added to my long list of DIY to do when I am home from Europe 


  1. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, great inspiaration once again 🙂 I love the outfit with jean shorts and salmon shirt 🙂 I believe you come up with something awesome for Mr M. I like suprising my bf too, I think it´s important to let him know he´s the best thing that has ever happened to me. 😉 Have a nice relaxing Monday.
    xo Eve.h

    • Anna Reply

      Yes Eve thats a huge reason why I’m doing it 🙂 Ive been making sure lots of my loved ones have been looked after recently and his like always stepped up to make sure I’m looked after myself so its time that one on the list was fulfilled 🙂 xx

  2. Anya Volkov Reply

    Oh I am in love with the flavoured water idea & the sparkly bottles! You’ll be back just in time for summer & the flavoured water 😀

    • Anna Reply

      Ahhh tooshay Miss Volkov I didnt even think about that!! Perfect timing indeed 😉 xx

  3. Annie Reply

    Love these~ Those glitter bottles are SO pretty – and that flavored water looks so refreshing! And who wouldn’t LOVE a kitchen like THAT one 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray


    Those flavored waters look delish and refreshing and the glitter bottles are gorgeous! Hope you’re feeling better. You really need to take care. I wasn’t feeling well for over a month and then my sister mentioned that I need to really listen to my body and try to figure out what’s happening. Turns out I have Lyme’s Disease and had no idea. Now I’m resting and trying to get healthy again. xoxo

  5. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    I had a friend’s engagement party this weekend and i am SO beat from it! We ended up having some champagne when it started (3pm) and it went well into the night – needless to say, it’s hard for me to pull it together today. I am trying to slow down and take a breather.

    I am loving all of these links. That kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! I am loving the all white. And, i also am definitely making those glitter bottles – awesome.


  6. Morgan Reply

    LOVE that quote! And think I will be trying the flavored water in the jars! Such a cute idea! Have an amazing week!

  7. Cara Reply

    Have such a good time in Europe! I love that first outfit and totally agree with you on the kitchen, the main light in there is so striking!

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