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If I told you this past weekend was filled with quiet nights in and not spending any money (which I should be doing as Europe is a mere 51 days away) I would indeed, be lying to you. Instead, it was booze fueled (with hangovers that followed) and packed full of dinner dates, lunch dates, breakfast dates and nights out. My gf & her partner are off to Canada for the next few years so we said farewell to them Saturday night – so exciting for them, but sad for me as I love having them here in lil ole Perth. I also caught up with a lovely blogger also named Anna (her blog is Seasons of Lust) who I hadn’t met before and loved finding out about how alike we really were whilst swapping stories and conversating over everything from dating to our favourite travel places. Mr M & I have said no more big nights out until we leave – as if that will actually happen – which I am looking forward to trying to attempt anyway and swap my nights out for nights in all of which will include baths, reading, cooking, movies & relaxing. Here are my weeks round ups of what is catching my eye, keeping me inspired and what I’m lusting after on Pinterest – you can follow my boards here.
I have a new current obsession which I can see lasting long in to even my European travels – Nude nails. So chic, so versatile and so easy to rock any big colourful rings with. Love love love.
With Winter well underway I crave nothing more than being cuddled up with a coffee by a fireplace – my dream home will include several, all closely surrounded by big comfy chairs (& a view)
As soon as I read this I knew it was one of those quotes that I would print out and hang up in my study. So simple, but so powerfully true. I think if we all followed the advice happiness would be that much more achievable
Mr M is the cook in our relationship and has taken recently to use our slow cooker so when we get home from work dinner is ready, delicious, and the house smells divine. When I spied this recipe though I knew I had to request him to make it. YUM
My gorgeous little niece’s 1st birthday is coming up and I want to help my sister make it as special as possible for her – when I saw this photo I knew I wanted it for inspiration – love to try to DIY some of the things for Delilahs upcoming party


  1. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, I hope you´re fine 🙂 I always like pics you pick from pinterest 😉 Enjoy all the things you planned baths, reading and cooking etc. I sometimes consider these things more fun and relaxing than nights out but… 😀 Anyway have a good start of a new week.
    xo Eve.h

  2. Anya Volkov Reply

    I’ve saved that quote to my desktop to print out & put it everywhere. Just what I needed today! x

    • Anna Reply

      So simple but fantastic huh? I thought you might like it you know when I read of how it basically emulates living simply which I know you’re trying and loving to do. It was a struggle for everyone today I think so I hoped it came at the right time as you said 🙂 x

  3. O Reply

    Love the nude nails! You had a weekend filled with fun, so spending money on that is to be ignored as really spending…and you still have 51 days left before the trip 🙂 xoxo

  4. Simone Reply

    The 5 rules are perfect! Nothing more to add!
    I hope you will have a good time in Europe- are you visiting Austria as well?

    Kisses from Vienna,

    geewrite! | Follow me | Twitter

    • Anna Reply

      I thought the same thing Simone 🙂 Loved it!!
      We sure are! We are spending 6 nights in Salzburg and 4 nights in Vienna – I have heard Austria is one of the most beautiful places in Europe so I can’t wait (I have a whole post on our trip tomorrow) 🙂

    • Simone Reply

      You will like it a lot! I don’t know what to do in Salzburg so long, but 4 nights for Vienna and the surroundings are perfect!

  5. Outside Looking In Reply

    Sad about your friend moving but sounds like you’re already meeting new people which is fun! LOVE those pictures!

  6. How exciting about your trip? How long will you be away for? I remember saving like mad for my very first 3.5 month trip to Europe. Goodness, I was on such a skint budget but while others were living on cheese and onion sandwiches for weeks on end (blech!), I had great meals, picnics etc etc and came home with money to spare too!

    • Anna Reply

      Well todays post is actually allll about Europe so you can read about it all then but Ill still reply to this personally 🙂 We’re away 4 1/2 months!! We have saved like maddd for 18 months and are way way way ahead of our savings needs and wants so are just beyond excited 🙂

  7. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    You’re comments on our blog are always so thoughtful and lovely! Thank you so much!! I know how frustrating it is to have restful plans for a weekend and it all go to booze : ) But let’s not kid ourselves, at least it was fun!

    I’m so glad you shared the Happy Rules. I’m soo bogged down by work right now. I needed it!!


    • Anna Reply

      Well Venessa & Julia I love your blog! My sister and I were having a coffee the other day both talking about your blog and laughed because it felt like we knew you! This weekend will be spent rugged up inside with the man and I can’t WAIT!


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