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Sometimes, when you least expect it, a weekend comes along that is exactly what you needed without you realising it or having to plan it. It will be packed full of social events which don’t break the bank, long conversations with beautiful friends, amazing food and a satsifaction that only comes with feeling you got everything out of every moment from your two days off. This was exactly what my weekend consisted of just gone and I have gone in to this week ahead with a relaxed and refreshed attitude. There is so much to look forward to at the moment, including the fact we’re only 70 days away from our Europe adventure so I’m taking extra care to take each day as it comes and remind myself that as fun as it is to plan for the future – all we really have each day is the here and now. With that in mind, here is what is catching my eye right now on Pinterest.

I love…l.o.v.e maxi skirts, and know they’ll be a staple go to outfit when I’m frolicking through Europe so I am trying to find as much style inspiration as I can for them before we go.
I have just received a stack of books I’d ordered that are meant to keep me inspired for all my weekends in – & inspired in general, so I can’t help but daydream of big comfy chairs by big windows to read them in
Sometimes the best advice is as simple as this. You know, it really will be matter what
My niece’s 1st birthday is coming up and mum, my sister & I will be doing all the catering for it so I’ve been trying to find lots of finger food inspiration for it – Arancini balls have made the list
When I saw this wall art I knew I had to do it for one of my corners in my house. I think I’ll do this when we’re home from Europe and use my travel photos to do it with


  1. bgrace Reply

    i have just been thinking i need a maxi skirt and those in the picture are gorgeous!

    (p.s those arancini balls are making my mouth water and i cannot wait to eat them!)

  2. Lari Reply

    Love the maxi skirts, especially the yellow one!! so bright and shiny that it makes me feel summery although it’s not nice weather today… 🙂


  3. Eve.H Reply

    Maxi skirts are great I have one too 🙂 I´m almost done with my exams and I look forward to reading, I have my eye on some titles in book store, and also to some shopping of course 🙂

  4. Outside Looking In Reply

    Great stuff! I love the maxi skirts and the pix in the corner is a great idea! The party sounds so cute! Great post!

  5. tiny dancer Reply

    Oh my! That big comfy chair looks like a dream <3

  6. Anya Volkov Reply

    I loveeeee the yellow & purple maxi, esp teamed with a white top. Knee length floaty skirts were my work summer staples!

  7. Anthea Lau Reply

    I love arancini balls! golden and crunchy on the outside yet fluffy and hot in the inside! very beautiful maxi skirts too! xoxo
    Thank you for commenting my blog honey, would you like to follow each other?

  8. Sam Reply

    I love all the maxi skirts, want each one. Books are the best way to relax and keep busy on quiet weekends, can you recommend any new good reads? Love that quote, I think I need to stick it on my wall to remind myself sometimes. Wall art is a cute and modern idea. P.S Do you need visas to go to Europe from where you are?

  9. Dianna Reply

    So I just completly fell in love with your blog! New Follower!!!

    BTW Zara had lovely maxi Skirts not too long ago, I would think they still had!

  10. aki! Reply

    I just came back from China and I honestly saw so many maxi skirts there!

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