Pumpkin Scones

I consider myself incredibly lucky that a) I was one of 5 growing up, and b) our mum was a ‘stay at home mum’ for most of our childhood. She was the most incredible baker and was constantly in the kitchen whipping up something delicious to feed 5 hungry mouths. My all time favourite recipe she made though was Pumpkin Scones. She would take them out of the oven and always put them in the same green container, wrapped in a tea towel so when we would run in the door from climbing tree’s or catching tadpoles – we were outdoor kids – and see the green container sitting on the bench, it could have only meant one thing …Pumpkin Scones. I had been craving them recently, out of the blue, having not eaten said scones since I was a child and I knew it was time to try to make them myself. I gave this recipe a go over the weekend and was happy with the results. Mr M & I devoured them straight out of the oven, smothered with Jam and Cream and I have to say, the feelings of my childhood did come rushing back…


  1. Cindy Reply

    These look so yummy! Not a good post to be reading on an empty stomach haha

  2. Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots Reply

    These photos are great! I’m new here… browsing around and decided to comment instead of lurk. 🙂 I LOVE the look and feel of your blog so far- off to check out some more! Happy week, sugar! xo

  3. Anne Reply

    I love scones! They look delicious!!

  4. Eve.H Reply

    I´ve never tasted a scone… Guess I will have to now 😉
    PS: Thank you for your advice. I´m trying to push through school as hard as I can. 🙂
    xoxo Eve.h

  5. tiny dancer Reply

    First off, have I died and gone to scone heaven?! I love scones (my fav is orange cranberry)….I’m really excited to test out this new-to-me recipe 😀 Growing up my mom was a homemaker too, its funny cause now I really appreciate it! Whereas before I definitely didn’t. Oh mums <3


  6. Sam Reply

    Wow, I’ve never even heard of pumpkin scones before…sounds delish! I am suddenly in a baking mood! thanks for sharing :))

  7. Mary Ann Reply

    These look delicious! If I wasn’t avoiding gluten right now, I’d totally try it.

  8. Nia Langley Reply

    These look amazing! I want one now ahaha

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