Relationship Advice on Change

I am so passionate about this particular subject I’m sharing with you today that I know everyone of any race, religion or age can relate too. Change. My mum brought me up to believe that you can never change anyone, but more importantly you shouldn’t ever want to change anyone. You have your life’s destiny, I have mine, as long as you’re living true to yourself, and not hurting anyone then you have the key ingredients for a healthy happy life. In honour of my weekly Friday dating advice post though this particular dating advice is relative to change in people you’re involved with. I hope you’ve all had an amazing week – it was particularly perfect for me xx

Change – It’s not always for the best

Change. That 6 letter word that people are either afraid of or embrace. And with good reason too. The problem with change though is in relationships or dating – it really isn’t always for the best.

Of course, change in general can be a good thing. In fact, I’m a big believer in embracing change when it comes to personal growth, what I am against however is trying to change a person, within a relationship.

What people forget in relationships & love is that you have to love and be solely committed to who that person is, not who you want them to be. Never get in to a relationship thinking that you can change someone, as chances are – you can’t and even if you can, the person you’re trying to change may resent you for it. Even if it is for the best, that choice however is not up to you, and nor should you want to change the person you love.

It’s up to an individual to assess their own flaws and work at changing them, IF they want to. It’s not up to us as the other person in the relationship to point out their flaws and try to change them ourselves. It’s like most things in life – people have to want to help themselves before real change can happen.

So before you decide to date someone next, and feel that“they’d be perfect if I could just change that habit” (or size or hobby) … then DON’T date them. You’re doing both yourself and the other person a favour as you’re both going to find people who love everything about you – flaws and all!

p.s besides, why waste you’re time changing others when you can change the world with acts of love & kindness … think about it xo



  1. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    Agreed, this post is great. I think so many people just want the partnership and get lonely, that they’ll sacrifice too many important things. You can’t count on someone changing… but I know too many people who have that mindset. Seriously, I love this post!


  2. Emmanuella Reply

    aw your posts are so true and helpful you’re very good at giving advices!
    I hope I can talk to you if I got a problem 🙂

  3. Eve.H Reply

    great great post, Anna I agree completely 🙂 xx Eve

  4. Lola Reply

    This is so great! Keep the advice coming, found it useful!

  5. Nicole Daisy M. Reply

    Great advice, Yes, we cannot change anyone. My boyfriend ask me not to change him, lol which I did. I just love him of who he is and what he is.

    Brandy Melville

    Nicole of Immigration Direct

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