Saving whilst spending – the new black

I am a busy bee at the moment with work being utterly crazy, Europe plans and savings well under way but most excitedly my business is taking two major steps forward. I have just contracted a major marketing company to start assisting me with that aspect of the business and am also about to have some meetings with advertisers to sell marketing space on the site – exciting/nerve wracking all at the same time. In light of my new steps forward though, it means I have to be extra careful with my spending at the moment which was terrible news for the Anna who loves online shopping a little too much. In light of needing to tighten the purse strings to pay for aforementioned new business projects I have been doing some bargain hunting online and thought I’d share with you some recent purchases I got for a steal! Because after all, a girl can’t give up everything she enjoys in life right? (I’ll share the links & prices of everything at the bottom of the post!)
[ COTTON VEST: Purchased this as I crushed hard my fur vest in Winter and thought why not translate that to a Spring trend with a cute cotton vest in warmer months? ]
[ FLORAL TOP: So I am excited for Springs trends of bright colours / staple whites / bold patterns – but I couldn’t go past this cute floral top that I want to pair with chunky accessories and my own pair of denim shorts for Spring ]
[ SLEEVELESS SHIRT: I’m crushing the sheerness of some tops at the moment and this one was no exception – plus I wanted to add some navy to my wardrobe ]
[ BOYFRIEND SHIRT – because we all know I loved bf shirts this passed Winter. I first wrote about them  here, and so when I saw this gorgeous mint green one I couldn’t resist. Pairing this with a pair of denim mini’s some statement necklaces and bangles & a cute not at the front ]
[ MAXI DRESS – Because it was Erin Louise and it was on sale .. do I need to say anything else? ]
[ DETAILED DRESS: I am expanding my work wear wardrobe to include much more dresses – this will have to have a shirt underneath but I loved it at first site. It came today and it’s even better in real life! ]
[ BLACK HEELS – My new staple heel for running the halls in parliament ]
1. ο»ΏErin Louises, Luv Lou label – $40
2. Azaria – Lexy Top – $39
3. Cotton On – sleeveless top – $20
4. Beginning Boutique – Boyfriend shirt – $45
5. Erin Louise label – Lavender Maxi Dress – $20 (on sale from $110)
6. Beginning Boutique – Ladakh Serpintine Dress – $50
7. Runway Boutique – Lorane Black – $51.95


  1. Blue Reply

    Those are amazing deals! Love the cotton vest!

  2. tiny dancer Reply

    Fabulous finds! I totally understand what you mean about the fur vest – I wanted on sooo badly this winter but was unable to find one that was reasonably priced….and still nice. Adore that you were able to find something similar and translate it to your summer waredrobe! Great job πŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by my blog <3

  3. Kashaya Reply

    All of these are amazing! Would love for it all to move in to my wardrobe.=)

    Response>> I’m not very good at using eyeshadow my self either but I’m trying to be better at it.=)

  4. CotΓ© Writes Reply

    Congratulations on your happy business news and what sounds like a sweet European adventure you’ve got on the horizon there, Anna! What kind of business do you own? I just love meeting young, motivated women who are boldly chasing after their dreams. You are now one of these women. πŸ™‚

  5. Anna Reply

    Thanks girls!! They’re my new favs in my wardrobe πŸ™‚

    @TinyDancer – I just went and had a look online for you for a fur vest as I bought one a few weeks ago from Erin Louise and it was so gorgeous and I thought decently priced – $50 .. BUT it had sold out πŸ™ This is the link to her page if you want to have a look at some of her other ones though they’re simply gorgeous

    @Cote’ Writes – That is very sweet of you. I started a free online dating website for 18 – 30 year olds! I didn’t feel like there was a healthy space just for “us” out there to go and meet singles and not be trolled by 40+ men/women etc. I started it to write encouraging articles too on Confidence, being the best you and a whole bunch of other stuff πŸ™‚ If you wanted to have a looksie the web address is: πŸ™‚

  6. Bravoe Runway Reply

    I am definitely going to check out your new business venture! Congratulations and that dress was $50? It looks waaay more than that, and I love the cotton vest as well!

  7. Jen Reply

    I love shopping too and it’s hard to cut back! I understand the pain. Making a list is great, great pics πŸ™‚ Look forward to seeing what new venture you have to share!

  8. Katie Reply

    I think I need a boyfriend shirt!

  9. Style, She Wrote Reply

    Amazing finds at great prices. Nice work! xo style, she wrote

  10. Aprilia Reply

    Great finds! I love boyfriend shirts too! They are so comfy and perfect if you don’t feel like getting all ‘dressed up’!


  11. Belinda Reply

    That cotton vest is to die for! I def see some potential rockin’ outfits for our Oct photoshoot πŸ™‚

  12. Anna Reply

    @Belinda – YESSS I’m so very excited. I have picked up some cute nerd glasses too which I feel could feature in the photoshoot πŸ™‚ xx

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