Stop accepting Shit Behaviour

This weeks dating advice is one of the first articles I ever wrote for my website Possibly Maybe .. It’s something I believe a lot of girls won’t admit or they allow to happen as it’s a lot easier to make excuses to stay in a relationship than to get out. So why would I write an article about getting out of a less than ideal relationship when I own a dating website so want you in a relationship? Because I truly care about women being the best they can be and never staying in something or with someone when they know that they shouldn’t. It’s a slightly in your face read but sometimes that’s what it takes.

Don’t Accept Sh*t Behaviour

Regardless of age, gender & sexual preference, this rule applies for everybody. If right now, in whatever relationship you’re in, be it booty call, bit of fun or serious and you’re one of those people accepting this so called shit behaviour – WHY??

Sure it’s hard to hear, harder to admit & probably hardest to then change, but NOT putting up with shit behaviour is SO beneficial to your health & happiness.
If you are one of these people that are accepting shit from others I have 4 words for you – You’re wasting your time.

You could be allowing this to happen for a number of reasons, and no one is here to judge that. What you do need to work on though, is finding out why you stick around when there is someone else out there wanting to treat you like the amazing person you are.

You know very well what is the right way or the wrong way in how people treat you, so why then allow someone to treat you in a way than is less than what you deserve.

Talk a walk with me for a moment to fully understand the scope of the point trying to be made. You’re in your mid twenties and seeing someone who you think is your ideal partner. Then tiny cracks start showing – they’ve hooked up with someone & blamed it on you not having set boundaries, they constantly blow you off for their friends or just simply talk down to you one too many times. To some, this is enough evidence that this person isn’t right & certainly not worthy, so they leave. For many of you though, you make excuse after excuse somehow convincing yourself that’s not the person they really are or that you can change them (gasp!) Why why why? Leave and don’t look back.

And I mean….DON’T look back.

You’re an amazing person, you know this you might just have forgotten how amazing with the busyness of life & every day demands. And of course let’s not dismiss the fact that we all do want someone special to share things with so you can be forgiven for needing to be reminded this once to NOT accept behaviour you don’t deserve.

So why would you settle for anything less than exactly what you’re looking for? There’s really no excuse, and if there is an excuse, well then there is qualified people who are able to help you with those problems – so go & get that help!

There’s someone out there wanting to treat you like the Kings & Queens that you are, so stop accepting shit behaviour in your life & expect better from others….and from yourself.

Yours in light & love xo



  1. Heather Reply

    oh how sad, I’m too old for your site 🙁

  2. Eve.H Reply

    I think this is a great problem in the Czech rep. A lot of girls here are in not very ideal relationship and instead of looking for somethnig better they get married and have a baby because they think that it´s going to make everything better. And they hurt the baby the most in the end. Sad but true 🙁 Beautiful article though 😉

  3. alicia Reply

    this is amazing advice. there are a lot of people, i think, who need to hear this.

  4. Mangotatoes Reply

    thanks for the thoughtful comment, I love those! And yes Miller is pretty controversial, but I love it ;] I love this no taking shit behavior, I hate it when women dumb themselves down and accept being treated like trash!


  5. Bonnie Reply

    When it comes to dating advice, it’s always good to spread the knowledge. No matter what, everyone needs this advice — dating advice even works with friendships and family relationships.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. hannahstiff Reply

    I love your line “why would you settle for exactly what you’re looking for.” I’ve been catching flack lately for not making an honest man out of my man, but I’m just not ready or sure about marriage. Great post! So glad I found you. XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  7. tiny dancer Reply

    Such a fantastic post Anna! I completely agree with you – so glad you wrote this to share with others. I have been single for a while for this exact reason – I don’t like to deal with shitty people…so I don’t! So many of my friends are in bad relationships but claim they are better off. At the end of the day I am very happy with my decisions. Besides I’m waiting for my prince charming: Ryan Gosling 😛 hahahaha

    Hope you’re doing well 🙂

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