Sugar, Stress & Sleep – what you need to know

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I was beyond excited when I got a special invitation to attend Gwinganna’s recent wellness event in Perth. The evening was an hour of power with the General Manager and lifestyle specialist at Gwinganna, Sharon Kolkka discussing tips and latest research to how all three essential elements, when unbalanced, will prevent you responding to situations effectively. 

In a nutshell, they wanted to get down to business and talk about the serious affects that Sleep (or lack there of), (too much) Sugar & Stress has on our mind and bodies. 

And oh boy did I love, adore and get so much out of the power hour of information. 

I felt empowered by the information I learnt though – inspired to lead an even more balanced and stress free life and wanted to share the important things I learnt from the evening with you guys though of course. 

So here it is; in plain black and white…

When you aren’t getting enough sleep, it causes you to make bad choices when it comes to reaching for sugary foods throughout the day (helloooo 3pm chocolate bar) but the reason why you aren’t getting enough sleep, is to do with the bad food choices (& alcohol choices you make) which ultimately results in a stressed out, overwhelmed you. 

Sound familiar? Of course it does, because in this day and age we can all relate to it. 
The biggest take home lesson for me however was more to do with this; 
Just how powerful our THOUGHTS truly, deeply, really are. Stress, it would seem, has become such a common practice for us these days, managing stress isn’t just about managing our time anymore .. we have to manage our thoughts. 

Sharon went on to say that being stressed today has almost become like a badge of honour – that our work has bled in to our home life and that we feel if we aren’t stressed or busy, we aren’t doing enough, achieving enough or plain and simply – we’re not good enough. 

Ouch. It struck me right to the heart. But I was open to learn more and try to shift from not feeling good enough if I wasn’t crazy busy to a place of quiet and content.

& this is what I learnt…

I learnt that there is a difference between being stressed vs being busy & productive. 

I learnt that we are not our minds, we can choose what we wish to think at any moment of any day.

I learnt a new favourite saying “watch what you’re thinking, because you are listening” (isn’t that so powerful?)

I learnt that stress can be as easily managed as choosing a good thought over a bad thought. (seriously it can be that simple)

I learnt that we need to start asking ourselves better questions (not what is wrong with me? How about we start asking what is right with me?) 

I learnt that our bodies really do have psychological responses to emotional thoughts ( our thoughts reallllllllllyyyy do become our reality).

I learnt that whatever our mind perceives, our body believes (if you think you are stressed, tired, worn out and can’t go on, then your body is going to feel stressed, tired, worn out and like it can’t physically go on).

I learnt – that we really, seriously do control our own universe and world with our thoughts. 

I learnt that we are good enough, in charge, and need to take SO much better care of our bodies. Sooo much. 

I pledged even harder than ever before to really start taking the best of the best care of myself. We all need too. To Sleep more, eat better, shift our thoughts to change our world and be the best version of ourselves we can be. 

My wish for you is the following though (after such an amazing shift in my own thoughts & knowledge from the night) …

I hope you start sleeping more, stressing less, taking power of your thoughts and loving your beautiful self fully and completely.

After that session (& a recent detox I have embarked on I will be sharing) I pledge to you more strongly than ever that I will do everything in my power to make this space a space to help you with all of that, every visit to the site. 

Today though it’s as simple as this – make a promise to yourself that you will get to bed a little earlier, and think even just a few more positive thoughts in your day today.

You totally owe it to yourself – & your mind and body will love you for it. 

Yours in peace & a de stressed zone, 
Anna xx 

P.s Never one to keep good things to myself I also found out Gwinganna are doing a month of Wellness tips in April ..Its a free month online project that will inspire you to live a more balanced healthy life. You’ll get tips, delicious recipes and simple ways to help you on your own wellness journey. You can sign up here. 

P.p.s You’re welcome! 

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  1. This sounds wonderful Anna! I’m not too big on sweets so that’s not too much of an issue for me. Neither is stress, even though I do have a lifestyle that could potentially be stressful. I think the reason I’m able to deal with stress and sugar is because I guard my sleep jealously. It’s something I refuse to compromise. And I nap when I need to, and I don’t feel bad about it! 🙂 I love the direction your blog has taken over the past few months!

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