My new life; As a life enthusiast, coach & dream chaser

As I sit and write this it is 7:30pm on a Sunday evening. I have had a divine day of writing, reading, packing for another holiday with the love of my life and sending some love soaked emails to girls I coach through what I do with nutritional cleansing.
I have no anxiety over tomorrow being a Monday morning, no worry about what I will or won’t get achieved at work this week, or no sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach that between the hours of 8am – 6pm, I won’t get to be doing what I want to be doing I’ll be stuck in my florescent light, windowless office.
That’s because, I quit my job and as of Monday morning and every day after have officially committed to living a life by my own design.
It was only a mere few months ago I updated a few things in my spaces – physically and virtually. I wrote, with no real plan or idea in mind I was a “Life enthuiast & Coach” – I put words on my vision wall like “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt” and “Beyond Expectation” and “Retire my mum, & live a life of design, young, madly in love & excited”. Never did I put a date, never did I dwell on working my ass of to reach it or stress out over the how, it was just written, with good intention and love and stuck everywhere and anywhere I would see it regularly. 
That was 3-4 months ago. Today? I have a residual income big enough to cover what I need it to so I don’t have to work full time, from a nutritional cleansing (nc) company I adore and products I am so incredibly aligned with. I don’t work anymore. Yep, fo’ real. I get to live my life as I desire doing what I want, with who I want, when I want. I get to receive text messages and emails from girls I coach through my NC every single day saying what goals they hit from a health and mind perspective and how much their lives are changing too. I get to live. How I wanted to – and build from that to live with even more ease and abundance and giving as days and weeks and months pass. 
I had a secure job, with a 6 figure income and wonderful kudos and success for a 25 year old in the corporate world. So was leaving all of that behind to give living my idea life a red hot go scary? If I said yes, I think I would in fact be lying. It wasn’t. At all. With a weekly residual income I now receive and having as strong a desire as I did to align with my purpose – it was an alignment that I was supported by like never before. It helps I have beautiful family, friends, business partner & best fiance in the whole entire world that were all there pouring love support & confidence in to me as I was declaring that this is what I wanted to do. 
I knew that if I kept using my healthy constant income as the excuse I couldn’t leave full time work to try living my purpose and chasing my dreams, I would probably never leave. I came to realise that my dream was not for sale, and no price or income could ever be put on doing what I was born to do which is help and give and share and show up to those that need it most. To write, to coach, to inspire and to talk my talk and walk my walk and lead others to do the same. 
I have huge goals and dreams and plans and you know the beautiful part about it? I can pursue all of that now because I  have time. Time to live, to serve, to coach, to give, to write – and to launch all the exciting projects I haven’t had the time to properly pour the love and soulful attention it all deserved. 
My soul sista Peta Kelly – the creator of Life By My Own Design  & I among many other aligned goals loved talking about and aiming to live ‘a life of perfect days’ – simply, from start to finish, from waking up to falling asleep, working out what a perfect and ideal day would be, and living that. How would it feel, what would it look like? Below is a snippet of my perfect days, what I’m working towards living each and every single day – whilst earning my weekly residual income** and being able to then pour all the love and soul and time in to my businesses I’m about to launch. 

My perfect day begins and ends with the sun. I wake up as it streams through my big glass windows waking me next to my fiance in our beautiful big warm house by the beach (or with rain pattering against the glass in winter).

I get up and drink my breakfast smoothie and laugh and smile and feel energised about the day ahead. I go for my morning run or do some yoga, or even both – time is not against me so I plod along as I please smiling all the while at how overwhelmingly grateful I am for this day.
I then have some hours engaged with my clients – I show up in our space online or in the corner of an organic coffee shop – with love & ready to give all of me and my advice, buzzing with energy as we dig deep and work on carving out their life’s path and souls purpose. Each client walks away every time feeling aligned, excited and closer to living their own dream life.
I then get back to emails in my business partners (thats you pK!) & i’s dream office and we have our daily business meetings with natural sunlight streaming through the office, with beautiful views so we are constantly inspired and connected to our source. The meeting goes for however long we want to sit and talk about how we can give more, increase the love and good will factor and how else can we show up for our thriving community we’ve created. By afternoon I’m back at our dream home by the ocean with a big delicious green smoothie in one hand, my favourite book in the other on the balcony over looking the ocean  having some me time.

I have time every single night for date night with my hunk of a fiance Morgan and we eat by candlelit at home, or dine in our favourite restaurants with other best friends with no care for bed times  or tomorrows.

Every night I go to bed with a smile on my face knowing for that day, I left everything on the table. I loved with out wanting, I gave without expecting receiving, I showed up, I engaged, I laughed till my face  hurt & I made a difference in somebodies life (whoever I was connecting with for that day).

My ideal day is so fundamentally based around travel too. I will be in a position to look at Morgs (or call Peta or surprise my mum) and say ‘hey, let’s pack a bag and go to a tropical beach for a week or so to just unwind and relax. Or ‘lets escape to Melbourne for some shopping and restaurant hopping’ – having the freedom to do what I want, when i want with who I want – whilst always giving all of me in a loving and authentic way to inspire others to do the same encompassing my ultimate ideal days.


So here I am. I’m showing up, I leapt and allowed the universe to catch me and am now allowing all the magic and awesome and wonder joy and abundance flow in to my life that comes when you take the risk of following your purpose. 
It’s exciting, exhillarating, free’ing and I will be here showing up in this space more now to take you as I write the next chapter in my life’s story book. 
Thank you for all the beautiful love and incredibe words that were poured out to me in email and on Instagram over the weekend when I put my photo up and shared my little secret of dream chasing – it has been felt and beamed right back. 

Sending you huge beams of grounding, love, energy & light,
One very excited, aligned and blissed out Anna xx

** WHAT is this residual income I am talking about? It is an amount of money – however big I choose it to be from how ever much love and energy from the week before I have put in, that gets deposited in to my account weekly from my nutritional cleansing company. Not only did I end up falling in love with the products and program and am a total Isa girl now, it has allowed me to quit my full time job to focus a lot more energy in to it and grow that income even more WHILST winning free trips and getting my products all paid for. I am always here to help you with information or to give it a red hot go yourself so find me at xx

Why I know you’ll succeed

You know sometimes when you’re plodding along with a book, a website or even a magazine and all of a sudden you read something so powerful it almost slaps you in the face. The words instantly resonate, and resonate so hard you almost get emotional from excitement? 

It’s the kind of realisation where your bodies senses go in to overdrive knowing that it will inspire you a little more to work harder and your mind, well your mind is screaming “ohmygodyessssthisissomeantforme!!!” 

That happened to me not once, but twice this week, dished up from two of my favourite ladies – Danielle LaPorte & Tara Bliss.
Danielle’s sounded a little like this; Fuck practicality. Concepts of reasonability have no place in ground-breaking.”

And Tara’s went a little like this; “And I thought ‘Shit. That’s it. That’s exactly what this is all about. ‘Not giving a F$^& about the blueprint and doing it YOUR beautiful, badass own way” 

So how does this make me know you too are going to succeed…

Because gorgeous – trust me when I say, you are on the cusp of a break through. I mean it. YOU, yes you are paving the way for your own groundbreaking revolutionary break through in your life. I can feel it. Every-where. You are wanting more of yourself, seeking more, doing more, being more…

You’re starting to realise that you are responsible for your own life & you can change anything you want to about that. 

It’s beautiful to witness, to feel and to be involved in. 

You are bringing an energy to this space. An energy hungry for change, for more happiness, more free time, less stress .. I feel it with the emails, comments, visitor numbers, and here’s the thing.

You’re going to succeed.

You are truly going to succeed. 

You don’t need to compare your journey to others though…you’ll get their in your own beautiful bad ass way.

You don’t need to stress about where to start … just start, remember it’s your why that’s important, not your how.

You don’t need more money or more time to make a difference…just a burning desire to change.

You don’t need to remember practicality through your growth .. throw the rule book out the window.

You, the you who is waking with a clearer purpose, and working on increasing joy and calm and love in your life…

IS going to succeed – I’ll be right here along side you for the ride.

It’s exciting, incredibly inspiring, vastly powerful and I am loving and urging you to keep bringing the energy that you’re bringing. 

Remember that when you are on the cusp of breakthrough and figuring it all out –  dance the beat to your own drum, run on your own time and throw all self insecurities to the wind. 

You’re here, you’re living & your time is NOW.

Anna xx

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4 tips on becoming more Approachable

So by now you know my other little ‘job’ which I started recently is a Free dating website in Australia for 18 to 30 year olds (mentioned here, here, here and here) which I have been loving learning from and watching grow daily now which excites me to no end. On it however I don’t just have lovely singles, I have date ideas – think restaurant reviews and events around capital cities, but what I also have is dating advice, which has fast become a passion writing on. I’m no expert. I don’t claim to be. To be honest, I don’t think anyone can claim expert advice when it comes to anything on love or life, at the end of the day it really just comes down to life experience and personal opinion and like anything in life, you only need to take anything on board you want too. In light of that, today I wanted to share an article I wrote the other day for Possibly Maybe (you can find the original here) on being approachable.

Are you Approachable?

Chances are you’re not…

Over the weekend I spent some time with a good friend of mine who is (dare I say the S word?) … Single, and, for the purposes of this article, we will aptly name him Mr S.

Now big deal you might say. I’m single, I have heaps of single friends, it’s fine to be single & there’s probably a good reason as to why he is single anyway – to which I simply & honestly reply, I agree with you!! BUT there is more to it for Mr S & I’m sure most people can relate. To give everyone more of a background on the kind of guy my Mr S is I draw your attention to the following dot points:

  • He is, by all standards very good looking.
  • He owns property.
  • Is financially secure.
  • Has a healthy appetite for independence & hobbies.
  • Loves healthy eating & exercising (& this shows physically if you are following ..)
  • Loves his family, friends & is an all round great guy.

But this is where the crux of it is. Mr S has dated, is dating, does date but always has the same thing to say: “it’s so hard meeting nice girls because they’re all just so unapproachable”

How many Mr & Miss “S”s are you letting pass by because you have an un approachable demeanour & attitude when you’re out – probably a lot.
Let’s think a little crazy here (hold on to your hats boys & girls) and assume for a moment that not ALL guys or girls want to hit on you when they do say a cheeky hello (or possibly a lame pick up line) – maybeeeee they just want to see if you both hit it off.

Tips on Becoming More Approachable

  • Smile More
  • Don’t be rude to everyone that approaches you
  • Utilise your eye contact better
  • Be yourself

And who knows, you could meet your very own Mr or Mrs S!

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