Overcoming resistance … I’m back (daily – almost)

It’s 8:44am and I am sitting here looking out over the beautiful marina in my cozy little neighbourhood about to start this blog piece with a fresh new commitment to writing, every.single.day.

But immediately, the inevitable happens, what happens every time I go to write. Resistance slowly and sneakily takes over – and without even realising it, just under 10 minutes has passed and I realised I have been sitting here scrolling Instagram.

I silently tell myself ENOUGH in my mind, put my phone down and start to write.

And here I am.

Back to my happy place. Writing. And here you are, back at maybe your happy place of exploring the internet, reading it. Which I am so eternally grateful for. Always.

I started writing on my blog – ‘this’ blog (it’s had a major re brand from lifesshinyprettythings to annaandmorgan is all) in May of 2011, so on 23rd May of this year, I will have been sharing my life in this space for 6 years. Back when I started, I had a commitment to write almost daily. I would work 10+ hour days in Federal Politics, (sometimes 18+ hours if it was a Parliamentary sitting week), but every night, still get home and go in to my home office which I still so lovingly dub my zen den, and write in this space. Why? Because I love to write, it was and is writing that makes me happy.

You know those books and quotes and eye catching phrases that talk about finding the things where you can be doing it for hours and hours on end but have barely even noticed the time? That is writing to me. It’s of showing up to a blank piece of paper and just beginning to type or write and seeing what comes out.

And yet, somewhere along the way in this last 6 years, my commitment to daily writing has become almost non existent. I journal, sure, privately and almost daily – but it used to be those journal pages that I would share online, instead of writing in a book privately, I would write it on this blank white paper on the screen, in this space, and that is what made this space (in my opinion) so special.

So I am back.

Because I am done with the excuses of I don’t have time, or every.other.tiny.little.excuse that I throw up in my mind daily when I keep telling myself to sit and open that laptop with no wifi and just write. With no interruptions and before I do anything else in my day.

I can’t promise it will be every day, well actually no – I can. I can promise it will be every day, but I can’t promise it’ll be published every day.

My commitment is to show up to my blank pieces of paper on my screen and write NO MATTER WHAT – some days it might be absolute verbal vomit on a page – other days it might be the most profound or craziest thing I have shared. Most posts will make the cut I am sure, but some won’t. Either way we are back on this journey together.

Gone (finally) are the feelings that every single thing I write has to be a lesson for you or 5 steps to blah or content that you NEED to take something away from.


Now I so fully understand that the very practice of just showing up, daily, is a lesson for you in itself, to show up to the ONE thing YOU love, every single day, no matter what.

And the magic, the real magic of my writing and this space, is just that also, the fact that I DO show up as myself, always, and just share what’s on my heart – some days it may be lessons, other days I might be sharing the craziest day that happened whilst travelling the world, or hell, even talking about sex.

Just know this, I will write for as long as you show up to read, and even then, I will continue to write when you don’t.

I am so excited to go back on this journey with you, and can’t wait to see where it takes us both.

The discipline of letting go

Last week, I let go.

I let go of everything.

Sitting by the infinity pool looking at the infinite ocean feeling infinite love – I handed over ALL the B.S that has been holding me back because I’ve been letting it be centre stage for awhile.

I let go of fear around playing bigger (because playing bigger opens you up to bigger failure right? WRONG). I let it go.

I let go of the thought I actually was playing small (sense a theme here?) and realised I AM doing and being exactly what and who I am meant to be. So I let it go.

I let go of trying to figure it all out and accepted the fact that right here and now – all is as its meant to be. I had my breathe, my health, my happiness and realised a life of living in the present FEELS far more delicious than trying to figure out the future. I let it go.

I journaled and journaled and journaled and released that EVERYTHING is exactly as its meant to be as all my choices have lead me to this exact moment, and that exact moment was perfect.

MY job was just to keep expanding in to love and success and abundance (did I say love?) and inspire those around me to do the same.

Even the healer I see when I am in Bali got it. He tapped me in my heart space and said “ahhh, you have let go, you have realised that you finally can stop looking and start realising you’ve always had the answers” (there may have been some happy tears).

I have realised that all the things I focus on in my moments of doubt or uncertainty – like playing small or constantly thinking about what next what next (‘feelings around ‘not ever feeling stuck’) – were the exact things I was calling in to my life because I WAS focusing on them.

So to have truly let it all go, I can tell you that I honestly felt a clarity and lightness that I have never had before.

A TRUSTING – my soul letting me know ‘hey beautiful, finally you have let go and NOW we can have some fun, NOW we can unleash your true power and remember you never have to feel again the feelings that have been keeping you stuck”.

And that’s all great for me – but what about YOU?

What can YOU let go? What have you been focusing on in your life (consciously or subconcisouly) that energetically and physically has been holding you back.

Because I assure you, to let it go brings a grace and softness and lightness to your life like nothing else.

Trust that;

You are exactly who you are meant to be in this moment.

You are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment.

Once you accept that and let go of trying to CHANGE that – is when change actually comes.

So today – I wish you love and lightness as you let go of the things that have been consuming your thought and heart space – because I assure you, it feels really damn good.

Soulful Suggestions

There was a quote I heard many moons ago that has always stuck with me…”respond to every call that excites your spirit”. Some might resonate straight away, some might wonder what it even means, and some, well some of you are just here wondering what this space is all about (welcome). This is what I know though. Rumi had it so right. Life is about living. Crazy I know. But to live goes much deeper than just living. 
Living, to me, means to follow our heart, soul & spirit and doing what makes us FEEL good. It means leaving everything you’ve got on the table every single day. It means telling everyone you love just how much they mean to you. It means laughing with no inhibition. It means to love with no titles. It means to be free. To be a spirit on this earth responding to every call your heart and soul ask of you. 
Sometimes we get lost though, we forget what it means to live and laugh and love. Truly. To truly live and laugh and love. We forget that life isn’t about being ruled by time, or schedules or societal norms which we never should have accepted in the first place. 
Your goal this week is to just live a beautiful life. A life you’re proud of. With your favourite things and favourite people. Don’t worry about bed times or work deadlines. Focus on how many strangers you can say hello to, and hugs you can give out. Don’t worry about the number on the bathroom scales or in your bank account – instead, focus on the beautiful free things of life. Your breathe. Your bed. The clouds in the sky and your favourite music. 
And if you’ve forgotten just what excites your soul and spirit, I have a few little reminders for you with love below …

Working out your ideal day + Living that

Everyday is another chance to change your life 
The sun starts streaming through the cracks of your blinds, you wake, and roll over next to the love of your life, your eyes are barely even open but you’re already smiling for the day. You don’t know what time it is, but it doesn’t matter, you don’t work, you haven’t for months now, and life is bliss. 
You roll out of bed when you’re ready and begin your morning routine. You hit the gym, not because you have to, but because you love to move your body and starting your day this way is what makes you happy. You wander home when you’re ready, never worrying about what time it is, and make yourself a delicious nutritious smoothie, do some dry body brushing, take care of your skin with coconut oil, have a long hot shower, you do whatever it is that sets your day off right. 
Then the day is yours. You do your coaching calls or you don’t. You go to the beach and write out your goals and gratitudes that you do every single day. You eat delicious salad and organic goodness for lunch in the Winter sun. You stop for an impromptu coffee at your favourite cafe back on the beach, because, well, because you can.
Time is not against you. Life is yours to live. 
You are, in every sense of the word, living your ideal day. You are doing what you want, with who you want, when you want. 
What I just explained above, is my current life. I was 20 when I first heard of this idea through Tony Robbins, in a nutshell, he said, work out your perfect day – what it looks like, what it feels like, what it tastes like. He then challenged if you were living it? No? Why not? Find your why and then your how will come. 
So this is my challenge to you today. What does YOUR ideal look like? What does it feel like? Taste like? What are you doing? Who are you with? Where are you in the world? I want you to start living that. You don’t have to not work either. We can get you to that stage, but you can still allow aspects of an ideal day in to your busy lifestyle starting straight away, & here are some of my tips how; 
1. Get clear on exactly what your ideal day looks like 
It’s writing and creative time. Get a new page up on the computer or grab a paper and pen and start writing what your ideal really does look like. It doesn’t need to be grand, remember, this is your every day life. For me, it began and ended with the sun, and it involved ALL of the above. Notice how a lot of it is what I wanted to feel. I was always so stressed about time – I had none, so my ideal day I wanted freedom of choice, to not worry about time, and to spend it where I wanted – like one day at the beach, the next at the zoo. It was freedom and joy and space in my life for me. What’s yours? Write. Write for no-one but you. It might be sleeping in until 11am everyday, and that’s fine if that’s YOUR ideal day. Who is in your ideal day? Where are you? Just keep writing. 
2. See what comes up from that & start being more concious of those things in your life
Go back and read it a few times now. See what is coming up a lot for you. Is it family time? Freedom? Not rushing? Financial freedom? Work out what are the categories that come up the most for you and identify why those are most important to you. We can never have what we want if we don’t even know what it is we want. So get clear, crystal clear – this all forms part of your why. 
3. Start small but start today
Don’t think you have to quit your job and rush out immediately to start living your ideal day – because although I would love for you to be able to do that, it needs to be realistic. You would be surprised however just how much of your ideal day you can start incorporating in to your current lifestyle before living it fully. Do you want to just have 30 minutes to yourself every morning to sit and write goals? It might mean that you just have to get up a little earlier and you can actually start doing it. Think of it like this as well, say daily yoga is on your list, why not just start doing a half an hour class once a week. Like attracts like, you manifest what you think about and do, so if you start living aspects of your ideal day in your everyday life you will attract more of that a lot faster than  you realise. 
4. Visualise how it feels to live your ideal day & Write out your goals & gratitude’s every single day 
If you do one thing on the path to manifesting and living your ideal day, Visualising living said day, and writing your goals and gratitudes without fail, every.single.day will get you there and attract what you need in your life with so much ease and abundance. You don’t need to write out your ideal day every day, but what is your ideal day going to give you. More time to spend with the kids? Write that. A more loving, passionate, calm, extraordinary relationship? Write that. Complete financial freedom with $x,xxxx rolling in residually each week? Write that. Never write that you WANT it either. To want something means you are in a state of lacking. Come from a place of having. Write that you already have it. This is what your daily goals should look like; 
+ I have a residual income of $3,000 a week or better with ease that allows me to live incredibly comfortable.
+ I have a loving, passionate, wonderful relationship/marriage with (insert persons name here) and we love, adore and support one another unconditionally. 
+ I have a successful business that touches millions of lives yearly and allows me to express myself freely and live on purpose.
See the difference between wanting something and having it. My gorgeous soul sister and business partner Peta Kelly said to me the other week “How on earth is the universe going to know what you want if you aren’t telling it daily” – and she’s right. 
5. Work towards it daily. Little by little, day by day.  
Never ever ever stop working towards it. Your birth right is a life filled with love, joy and peace. I am going to say that again. It is your birth right, to live a life that is filled with love, joy and peace. So go get it. I won’t take any excuses from anyone that they can’t do this. If you work on getting there, every single day, incorporating things that are part of your ideal day little by little – creating more space, more time, more calm, more happiness, more presence – you will get there. 
I have shared in this space before my ideal day. It was the week I shared I was leaving my job because I was in a position to do so financially and work on my other purpose and passions in life – like coaching and  chasing down dreams. I had an incredibly powerful week though this week – this is only my 2nd week not working and being home – as every single day, really was me living my ideal day. Why am I sharing this? Because I want you to see that you CAN do this. I don’t write about it and have no experience or idea. I did the above steps, over and over and over and now get to reap the benefits. The travel part too – Since quitting I have bought tickets to Sydney, Bali and soon to be Singapore and booked a big romantic weekend down south. 
So here it is again, in all my soulful truth – my ideal day. CHOOSE YOURS. & let’s make it happen for you.

My perfect day begins and ends with the sun. I wake up as it streams through my big glass windows waking me next to my fiance in our beautiful big warm house by the beach (or with rain pattering against the glass in winter).

I get up and drink my breakfast smoothie and laugh and smile and feel energised about the day ahead. I go for my morning run or do some yoga, or even both – time is not against me so I plod along as I please smiling all the while at how overwhelmingly grateful I am for this day.

I then have some hours engaged with my clients – I show up in our space online or in the corner of an organic coffee shop – with love & ready to give all of me and my advice, buzzing with energy as we dig deep and work on carving out their life’s path and souls purpose. Each client walks away every time feeling aligned, excited and closer to living their own dream life.

I then get back to emails in my business partners (Peta Kelly) & i’s dream office and we have our daily business meetings with natural sunlight streaming through the office, with beautiful views so we are constantly inspired and connected to our source. The meeting goes for however long we want to sit and talk about how we can give more, increase the love and good will factor and how else can we show up for our thriving community we’ve created. By afternoon I’m back at our dream home by the ocean with a big delicious green smoothie in one hand, my favourite book in the other on the balcony over looking the ocean  having some me time.

I have time every single night for date night with my hunk of a fiance Morgan and we eat by candlelit at home, or dine in our favourite restaurants with other best friends with no care for bed times  or tomorrows.

Every night I go to bed with a smile on my face knowing for that day, I left everything on the table. I loved with out wanting, I gave without expecting receiving, I showed up, I engaged, I laughed till my face  hurt & I made a difference in somebodies life (whoever I was connecting with for that day).

My ideal day is so fundamentally based around travel too. I will be in a position to look at Morgs (or call Peta or surprise my mum) and say ‘hey, let’s pack a bag and go to a tropical beach for a week or so to just unwind and relax. Or ‘lets escape to Melbourne for some shopping and restaurant hopping’ – having the freedom to do what I want, when i want with who I want – whilst always giving all of me in a loving and authentic way to inspire others to do the same encompassing my ultimate ideal days.

I would love to hear what your ideal day looks like, start to finish. Share it in the comments. Let’s declare it for you, tell the universe what you want and start making it happen. 

I’m back + a little update on life

1// Mr M & I pinching ourselves as we party in the Hugh Hefner suite in Vegas 
2// Fiance Morgs, Soul sista’ Peta & some of the gorgeous guys on our team before a VIP night out in Vegas
3// Meet the 12 other entrepreneurs I spent the last 2 weeks with learning & growing & loving
4// My office for the day in Cabo. Living a life by my own design means I get to travel the world & work from anywhere with ease and love.

Hola gorgeous souls. I’m back, and I really mean I’m back. After a 2 week holiday packed full of business + pleasure + life changing events I am home after a 36 hour transit including 3 countries and 6 flights – oh so worth it though and I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. I wanted to touch base quickly with a few little updates and just let you know what’s going on around here and in my life.

With the 16 hour time difference, 18 hour days from just wanting to soak up every.little.bit of these cities and lack of amazing wifi, there was no time for posting so I had 2 weeks of learning to let go of feeling bad about not getting to spend much time in my online space.

You have me back though – for the next ever, so stay tuned for the upcoming weeks of posts brimming to come out of my mind and on to paper.

+  I just spent the last 2 weeks living my Joie De Vivre travelling Vegas & Cabo, Mexico with my beautiful hunk of a fiance and 12 other inspiring under 30’s entrepreneurs all on track for financial freedom and purpose alignment. I had won the trip through the incredible nutritional cleansing company I’m aligned with and it was literally 14 days of jaw dropping experiences, opportunities and memory creation that will last my lifetime.

+  This little space here is getting a big update. I started this blog 2 years ago in May and it truly has been on a life changing journey with me. I have grown though, in exponential ways and I want this blog to reflect that growth, so watch this space for a big upgrade and some soulful additions coming your way with love.

+  My soul sista Peta and I are collaborating in big ways to bring you a new online space with love, soul, spunk and life changing opportunities. That is going to be taking up large chunks of time to get that launched but when it does, I want you all along for the ride.

+   The next few weeks will be all about writing for me. Content for the new site, finishing off my new ebook, putting together limited coaching packages and starting the huge content for the collaboration project. Most importantly though, hanging out and pouring love in to this space so I am looking forward to getting ‘back to basics’ and spending my days doing the stuff that makes my soul fulfilled.


There is so much more to share but I want to save it for a big post to pour some life lessons and blessings I’ve experienced recently in to you so stand by for that. The next 3 days are going to be all about honouring some other beautiful and incredible woman and bloggers I know, Anna, Emily & Brooke who will be guest posting whilst I get my feet back grounded on Australian soil so I can’t wait to share the amazing posts they have written with love for you. 

4 ways to live a happier life

Life, whether you are having a great day or a bad day, truly is a beautiful, overwhelmingly extraordinary gift. Here we are on planet earth, just far enough away from the sun to sustain life, living and breathing, being gifted day after day after day.

Whatever you believe in, whatever cards you’ve been dealt, it is our duty and obligation to full comprehend that life truly is a gift and is yours to honour and to live with gusto.

We choose what we feel, what we experience, what we interpret, so today I am challenging you to always choose happiness and here are some of my ways I seize my days.

Be more Grateful 

Did you know that? No, did you really reallyyyyy know that? Gratitude, and expressing gratitude is so fundamental to living a more joy filled existence. Starting every day with gratitude can solely change your life. As soon as your eyes open, smile, because you have a new day that is yours to fill with anything and everything that you love. 

Have you been able to wake in a warm bed? How incredibly lucky. Were you then able to jump in to a hot shower and wash your skin? Even more amazing. Do you have the love of your life living with you or some adorable kids you have brought in to the world? GIVE THANKS.

We get so caught up in what’s not going right for us these days that we forget to give thanks for what is going right – so much of our days and moments are things we take for granted, but it is all things to be grateful for. Once you start finding gratitude in the small things, like a hot cup of coffee, or a smile you got from a stranger, you will start to attract more wonderful things in to your life. Like attracts like, the law of attraction works in marvellous and beautiful ways. Like Shakti Gawain says –If we are basically positive in attitude, expecting and envisioning pleasure, satisfaction and happiness, we will attract and create people, situations, and events which conform to our positive expectations.” 

The more you strengthen your gratitude meter the happier you will become. Don’t ever let another day pass without at least writing either in the morning or at night, 3 things you were happy about. Buy a journal or even just scribble it on the fridge, but jot down what you are grateful for, your gains, little or big, significant or not, and watch your life change in an instant and the law of attraction welcome up some beautiful moments for you. 
& remember….

Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us be thankful – Leo Buscaglia

Quit Comparing

Does it feel like your girlfriend always seems to just be so flawless even on bad days? Or the places you hang out online recently all seem to be flooded with the same girls killing it? Or maybe you are not where you want to be weight wise and if you could just loose another 5kg like that girl you see at the gym? 

STOP IT. Right now. Don’t ever waste another minute or slice of your precious energy on comparing yourself to someone or something seemingly ‘better off’ than you.
We were all born as complete individuals in a vast and astounding world. We each carry a unique soul, a unique set of fingerprints and a unique dna code. We each value things differently, have been brought up with different values, and react to things differently. So why would you ever for a second compare where you’re at or what you look like to anybody buy yourself? 
They say the only person you should ever compete with is the person you were yesterday, and it’s so true. I also loved reading the quote up above – don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20. Let go of comparitinitis – and start living your own story, dance to the beat of that own amazing drum and start living your own life. You are so stunningly divine and have so so much to share with the world as yourself. As soon as you can harness that and start living that truth, that’s when you will grow exponetially and wonder how or why you ever compared in the first place. 
Where you’re at and how you’re doing it is just fine babe, perfect in fact. 
& remember…

“If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition” – Scott Stratten

Be of Service

One of the fastest ways you can improve your day is by improving someone else’s. The minute you take the focus off you and how you can help yourself, and instead shift your energy towards helping others, the minute your life will take a dramatic turn. 
We are here to align with our purpose and ultimately, each and every one of our purposes is to serve others. Through helping others we help ourselves. It costs nothing to smile at a stranger, to offer to carry an older person’s groceries to the car, to go and read books or paint nails in the local aged care homes. It costs nothing to give a genuine compliment, to give your time at a hospital or for a great cause and it costs nothing (in hindsight) to donate small amounts to great wonderful causes. 
Life is on fire when you serve,  it gels, it aligns, you vibrate at a higher frequency – it just it makes sense. So next time you’re having an off day, or week or month – give some time to a worthy cause, give an unexpected compliment or try to make a goal to make at least 10 people laugh in that day, not just because they’re worth it…but you’re worth it.

Exercise Daily 

That’s right, you have to get up, and get moving. We all know the benefits of exercise, you know, stuff like reducing your risk of getting heart disease, increasing your level of muscle strength, enhancing your sexual desire (yup) and helping you to more effectively manage stress, but it also just feels really fucking good

Endorphin’s are clever, amazing little things that kick in after a good solid work out, they really are a free high. Even if you can just get up and get moving for half an hour a day, be it on your lunch break, or even before and after work you will feel so so much better for it (not to mention start looking healthier and in turn happier as well). 

There really are no excuses. Winter is always going to come, so we need to just embrace the cold, if you’re tired in the mornings, go to bed earlier, if you complain you have no time, then we need to talk – there are 24 useable hours in a day and you might need to just look at how effectively you’re managing your time. Getting up and getting moving is so important to a happier and healthier body and brain function so make a promise to yourself that there will be no more excuses and if you do fall off the wagon, you don’t waste a minute in time getting back up again. 

Images; here, here, here, here & here 

Links I Love

1. This photo. It’s pure perfection. The water. The feeling. The calm. Perfection.

2. How to create purpose in your life by setting intention. Oh so much yes in this. “Discipline your mind to think in a positive light” – was just one of the amazing things of goodness in there.

3. How to step in to your future now – There is nothing like a fresh dose of reality served up exactly when you need it and this is what this article did for me.

4. This Green Smoothie Recipe over on Lorna Janes blog – so delicious, so good for you, so apt for Green July.

5. Some freaking amazing quotes on living your best life – because quotes are what inspire my mind all day every day.

6. 19 successful people who had a rough time in their 20’s – if you want some inspiration to know that it’s ok to have bad days, or off weeks or hell, bad years, then this goes through other people who went through their own troubles in their 20’s to come out on the other side.

Life lessons from people staring death in the face

I don’t think there is anything quite more motivating in this life than death. 

I know there has been many (many) people before me say it, and there will be many (many) people after me say it but we really truly don’t know when our time is up. 

I’m not saying this on the blog to be morbid, I’m not saying it to be uber “you never know when your time is up babe so quit your job and spend all your money” either. No. 

I’m saying it because I think knowing that our time on earth will come to an end is a beautiful reminder to show up and engage and simply, live with no regrets. 

There was an article I shared last year on regrets of the dying. I thought it was so raw and powerful – stuff came up like; 
“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”


“I wish that I had let myself be happier”

Even this quote by Steve Jobs after hearing he had terminal cancer still stands out strong and loud to me;  

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.

Almost everything–all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure–these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

But it was yesterday, when a gorgeous girlfriend of mine Gem, emailed me a link that I was so inspired by again. It was some humbling advice by a man called Denis Wright who is dying for an incurable brain tumour. He shares this journey on his blog but it was this little snippet of life lessons he shared once he knew his time was limited that brought me to tears on the spot.  

1. Don’t spend your life in a job you hate. Life is too short to live it only in the evening and at weekends.

2. If there’s something bad happening in your life you genuinely have no control over, learn all you can about it and how to live with it. Beating your head against a brick wall is unproductive.

3. If you think you can change it, then go all out to do so. Try to understand its nature and work with it where you can.

4. There are no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ decisions. If you made what you think might have been a poor choice in life, learn from it, and you might make a better one next time. You don’t know what’s going to turn out good or bad in the long run, so regrets are a waste of time.

5. Don’t agonise about the past, in the sense that you can’t change it. Live in the slice of time that’s the now. You can’t live in the moment; it’s too short. The slice is richer. It contains a little of past, present and future.

6. Apologise as soon as you can when you think you’ve hurt someone. Don’t try to pretend you’re perfect. Accept responsibility where it’s due.

7. Keep your options open for as long as possible. Don’t close them unnecessarily.

8. Try to keep your sense of humour if you can, though it’s not always possible.

9. Carpe Diem … Or, for a change, seize the day!

And there’s one more.

10. Do not be afraid of death. “If you’re not more afraid of your own death than you need to be, then you need have little fear for anything life can hand out.”

The lesson I take from all of this is to just live your life. Live it hard. Live it authentically. Live it with happiness. Live it with Love. Live it through giving, by engaging and when your day does come and you have to leave the earth, make sure there are no regrets and you left everything on the table. 

Carpe Diem my beautiful readers xx

Image: here

My weekly round up + Lifes lessons & blessings

I have it on my heart to apologise this week. I tried to start this post a million other ways but kept getting pulled back to just being raw and honest with you and admitting this space, my space, our space has been a little quiet of late and I am re committing to turning that around. 
You see, no matter where my current life journey takes me, with new business ventures, company launches, beautiful friends, crazy work loads – this space is where it all began for me. I came, almost nightly, and could share a journey, piece by piece, experience by experience, moment by moment, as I found my self through self love and wellness and mind/body spirit betterment. I will never ever forget that. 
Life can take us on crazy, wild, delicious rides and I really think I am in a pivotal moment of my life where I am learning to release and just let it throw me where I need to me – growing and learning and expanding. One thing that will always remain important to me though is this space. 
This week as I’ve rushed from place to place or from person to person, I have stopped to honour all that is happening right now in my world and soak up every tiny little moment. It was in these moments I have been open to some little lessons and blessings that I wanted to share with you with love… 
There is no point in getting stressed, being rude or letting overwhelm control you. Breathe through any moments like this and watch the feelings that do nothing for you fade away. 
Life is always, always better with a hot peppermint tea.
Release release release. Release on everything. Let go on any and all feelings that don’t honour or serve your current situation or life. 
Sometimes, all you really need is a night off, with your favourite person, some yummy food, a glass of red & a good book. 
Letting someone you know at least once a day how amazing they really are, how much they mean to you and how much you love them, is more fulfilling than any number in a bank account. 
Life is too damn short to not eat the damn chocolate bar (organic of course). 
I Sending you love and light and oodles of good intentions as you embark on your day or task at hand, and would love to know your own little life lessons that came up this week as you were rushing through life. 

My Happiness List

So a lot has been happening in Morgs & I’s life at the moment but even with all the mayhem, we really are loving every second. One of the big big things we have 100% committed to is that within 5 years we will be living our life as we please – with a comfortable passive income and a lifestyle we desire. That leaves us with 1,826 days to work our butts off to reap the rewards for the rest of our life. Don’t think we don’t strive for that every day either – a life full of what we love, because we have that everyday. This is deeper than that though. To set ourselves up to live comfortably and not have to have a job again. Yep, big goals, but it’s going to happen.
We are stretching ourselves at the moment, pushing boundaries we haven’t yet pushed in our 6 year relationship but are growing along the way – both independently and as a couple. It’s exciting, and sure there are moments (after 3 weeks of night having 1 night off) that we / I am tired – but I know, in my heart of hearts it will be oh so worth it. 
With all of this in mind, I have a bucket load, as always to be incredibly grateful for, and below are just some of the things on my current happiness list (and mainly the lessons I’m learning from them. 

The Millionaire Mindset conference 
I spent my last weekend (we’re talking Friday night all day Saturday & Saturday night, all day Sunday & Sunday night) at THE most amazing, energy filled inspirational conference called Millionaire Mindset . It was an intense weekend filled with learning about how to shift your mindset to abundance and ease when it came to money, how to earn a passive income (hello never working  as an employee again) and how to let go of old programs that you have about finance that don’t serve you any longer. Did I also mention I got to do it with some of my inspiring team?? It was mind blowingly awesome and along with all of the above I also took so much more away – want to hear some of it?
“Don’t argue with the universe, that’s how struggle happens”
“Be integral with your word. ALWAYS. If you say you’re going to do something DO IT. Don’t say it otherwise. If you say you’ll call – call, if you say you’re going to show up, show up”.
“Where you spend your time and money is where your priorities lie – if you SAY your relationships (bf/kids/growing your business) is important to you but instead your spending 60 hours at work (in a 40 hour job) then your job is your priority. Balance is a myth but be integral with your word, if family/bf/business growing really IS your main priority then MAKE them a priority”
“When your WHY is HUGE then your how doesn’t matter”
“We teach the universe how to treat us”
“How you do anything is how you do everything” 

“We’re worthy because we’re alive RIGHT NOW. You’re here for a reason whether you know it or not”

…See I tolddd you it was amazing – this was just the surface of what we touched on, so so much learnt and so so much gained. 

This adorable little girl aka my niece

I know I have honoured my niece Delilah – even her name is divine – in this series before but honestly? She is ALWAYS on my happiness list. Miss D literally changes the way I view the world and has taught me so so much about presence. When I come home from my long day at work knowing my real ‘work’ has only just begun (emails, coaching, writing, phone calls) but Delilah is waiting for me to walk through the door – my world stops. Nothing else matters. She truly has taught me to just be in the moment. Totally, utterly, present. She is at a stage where everything is “what’s that” and I can’t think of anything more precious in the world than pushing every ‘to do’ aside and answering every single question or query she has. She teaches me to stop, to slow down, to laugh, to take joy in the smallest of things and really does have a gift of taking my mind off anything even remotley stressing me out. I love this little one with all my heart and soul and truly am honoured to be her Auntie LaLa.

My amazing & awe inspiring team of young leaders

Welcome to what is currently filling my life with joy, love, purpose and fulfillment & the revolution I am a part of that I couldn’t be more excited about. You would have seen recently in my virtual spaces (facebook, Instagram & right here) me talk about the nutritional cleansing program that is now a huge part of my everyday life. With signing up to it, came with it a connection with like minded amazing humans and some real incredible leaders and new friends. There are now around 15 of us, leading over 500 Gen Y’s (that number is growing exponentially daily) who are wanting to change their lives, earn more wealth, feel amazing and who are setting big BIG intentions and goals – the revolution is to live life exactly as we please with who we want doing what we want, when we want, and our vehicle – Isagenix, is allowing us to do that. We now hold Weekly “Wellness Wednesdays” and have a steady number of 80-90 people coming every single week. In fact, it has gotten too big for the house we were doing it at, so we’ve just moved it to a new bigger venue. It is the most exciting, amazing, inspiring group to be a part of and I still can’t believe how I got so lucky to get involved when I did (p.s it’s not to late for you if you want to see what on earth this is all about – drop me a line at anna.ogilvie@hotmail.com and we can chat! Come along to one of our meetings if you really want to see what all the hype is about) 

Because it’s so true. YOU ARE SO MONUMENTAL. Just show up. Show up every single day as the beautiful soul you are. It’s ok if you don’t know your purpose just yet, you’re living so that is already enough purpose in itself to live with love and joy and fulfillment. You deserve to be loved, to be happy, to be seen, to be heard, to tell your story … You deserve everything you want in this life and more and I will never stop reminding you of that. 
Your turn gorgeous. What are some of the things on your happiness list this morning? What’s lighting you up, making you feel like the luckiest person in the world?? Share your gratitude in the comments below I’d love to hear them.