Is your opinion hurting or helping?

Last night I couldn’t sleep.

 I tried, and tried and tried, but I had all these thoughts swirling around my head and on the rare occasions that this happens (not being able to sleep from thoughts) there is always something that I do…

“Morgan, hey baby are you awake”

 “hgnagogngoag” (his noise he makes to tell me sort of, but he would be more so if I didn’t just ask him if he was awake).

 “I need to talk about something so I can go asleep”

 “babeeeee. Is it important ??”

 “Everything is important” (haaaa – not really because sometimes I’d like to talk about unicorns and my affinity with glitter but recognise that probably isn’t important to Morgan at 11pm at night)

 “Ok baby I’m awake, what’s up”

 “I need to just talk about this whole notion around opinions vs empathy”

 “that’s what you woke me up for? To talk about your opinion on opinions”

 ….. and away the conversation went.

 You see, here is the thing, the older I get, and hopefully SOME the wiser, if there is one thing I am learning for sure it is this.

 There is absolutely no one person who is right over another when it comes to opinion. I believe, (and this is just my opinion of course – ha) that when it comes to opinions, who is honestly to say who is right and who is wrong. You are BOTH right.


 Because it’s all just perception at the end of the day.

 I know it’s a touchy subject, but I don’t care, as it’s SUCH a great example to use to articulate my point the best –  and that is, the global women marches that have recently happened (for whatever reason it happened, I am not getting in to semantics).

 As a HUMAN (not a woman, a human) I am super proud of all the women (and men) who marched showing unity and solidarity globally. I am also proud of women (and men) who decided to post their support of it on their social media and get behind something they believe in (aka have an opinion).

 But guess what?

 As a HUMAN (not a woman, a human) I am also equal parts proud of all the women (and men) who chose NOT to march and feel that that in itself was showing unity and solidarity globally for whatever they believed in. I am also proud of the women (and men) who decided to post their lack of support on their social media and not get behind something they didn’t believe in (aka have an opinion).

 BOTH of those decisions was based on their belief systems and values and PERCEPTION of what it stood for, making it their opinion.

I am not about to argue and get upset by someone elses opinion, what I WILL show however is empathy.

Neither was technically right but neither was technically wrong – it just is what it is. It is their opinion, and because that opinion is based off of their perception of what THEY believe in – really if you actually thought about it they’re BOTH in fact right.

THAT is why, you need not ever get upset or worked up over another person’s opinion. Its not YOUR truth, it’s THEIR truth and that’s ok.

 And I know what you’re thinking, (those that disagree with this sentiment because your opinion differs so you think you’re right …) “what a weak stance to have, she needs to grow a back bone and stand for what she believes in”.

 And to that I say;

 I have a backbone, and I have a range of opinions on a range of almost every topic, the difference is, I don’t get angry, spread hate or say things in the heat of the moment when someone has a DIFFERENT opinion to me.

 I simply recognise that my own opinion is based off my own belief set and values and perception of how I personally view the world which could be the polar opposite to someone else’s belief set and values and perception of how they personally view the world giving them a completely different opinion.

 That isn’t to say I am right and they are wrong. Or that they are wrong and I am right.

 That’s just the thing about opinion, we are both right because we both believe it with our whole soul.

 I swear on everything I love, the day I really fully truly actually understood this very sentiment – was the day my life became calmer, happier, less drama filled and did I mention happier?

 You are religious and have some super strong religious beliefs? Awesome.

You are atheist but believe in the amazing power of the universe? How beautiful.

You are a feminist and get angry about a lot of things? Good for you.

You are a woman who is anti feminists thinking they take us back 200 years. Bravo.

You are someone who vehemently argues for adopt over buying a dog from a breeder? I think that is beautifully noble of you.

You are someone that is an ambassador about buying a dog from a breeder vs a rescue as you know then you’ll have your forever dog and it won’t end up in a rescue shelter? All power to you.

 You see – it doesn’t matter what side of the argument you’re on, your both right, and there is not point getting angry and being mean or loosing sleep over someone elses opinion.

 What people believe and therefore stand up for is THEIR truth.

And what you believe and therefore stand up for is YOUR truth.

 Your truth is your truth and generally speaking, no one can take that away from you or change your mind on it, and I don’t think they should.

There are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule as well, I am not saying we just have to walk around and be zen to all opinions and accept them with no recourse. When I am talking about with all of the above I just have, I am talking about the opinions that obviously don’t hurt other members of society – every day stuff that is discussed far and wide in and offline. If someone has a violently differing opinion to you that is generally upsetting, by all means, use your internal indicators to know that that doesn’t bode well with you. You still however don’t have to get in a big debate with them, because I can almost guarantee its not going to change their opinion anyway – you just get the wonderful choice to unfollow, or unfriend or close that chapter with having them in your life. Simples.

The best part about this whole piece I have just written as well?? It’s just an opinion 😉 One you may agree or disagree on, but that’s just the best part, if you DO disagree, its your first chance to put in to place the whole idea of not getting upset or angry about someone having a differing opinion and simply accepting this as MY truth, and being ok with that.

The world doesn’t need more separation and arguments, it is crying out for more empathy, and it starts right here and now, with you.

And I promise you, truly deeply wildly promise you, that living in this way, will make for your most peaceful and calm life yet.

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I’m back

Hi. Hello. Aloha. Hola
It’s been a little (ok, a lot) quiet around here the past 4 months and for that, I am sorry. It wasn’t because I needed a break, or because I lost the passion for my corner of the web that expresses itself in this blog, it was just other areas of my life called for a lot more of my attention – they still do – but to not write from my heart and share it in this space doesn’t make me feel whole. So today, even though I have two A4 pages of ‘to do’ lists, meetings to book and calls to make, I sat to write my first piece back to you. 
And you know what? It feels good. No, it feels great.
I don’t come with any changes – I will still write exactly as I did before as I showed up authentically with any promises. I also don’t come back with any rules, I’m still a risk taker, life enthusiast, heart on my sleeve kinda gal and my writing will always reflect that. Full disclosure; There may also very well be a week that passes by that it goes a little quiet again and that  won’t mean anything other than life will have just gotten a teeny busy again.
Here is the thing for me though. I love to write. I love to sit and get emotion and feelings and words on to paper. It is part of who I am. So to not, just doesn’t feel right. So, although life is crazier now than ever, ever before – I don’t want to let go of writing and sharing the wild journey and lessons along the way. 
To me, this space has grown and evolved with me, in every which way. In fact, it was THIS space where it really all begun for me. It signifies the time I had just come through some major growth and had set out on a new journey of self love and discovery. I was the girl trying to figure it out and had no qualms sharing that in here as I went along. As I sit here and write this, March 2014 – a mere two days before my 26th birthday – I am still that same girl, I am just still doing more growing, and the last 6-12 months have been the craziest of my life. So to share that journey and continue to have this space grow as I grow is something I am committed to. 
So there it is. I’m back. To the beautiful readers who checked in regularly to see if another post had been put up – thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with it (I can see from the blog stats) .. I promise I will always honour the space I’ve created here with showing up, telling the truth, having fun and sharing from the heart and soul – my own words and words of others that inspire and uplift me. 
With gratitude, light & love as always, 
Anna xx
p.s there is some web designing currently underway for lifesshinyprettythings 2.0 where it will still be the same content and premise, just…shinier 

Blogs I LOVE

I am currently writing to you curled up on a beautiful sun lounge by the pool in warm & sunny Manila where you’ll find me the next 7 days relaxing with my mum. ‘But you only just got back from holiday?!’ I hear you mutter. I know, I totally know….but… I’m a shocker (plus I love to travel so making that a priority in my life always comes easily!) 

Chilling out here with cups of tea, face masks and afternoon naps though I have been able to absorb myself in all of my favourite crazily inspiring blogs which I absolutely adore. There have been a-LOT of life changes, health changes and spiritual changes the last 2 and a bit years now going on in my life but the last 6 months, these 5 incredible blogs have come in to my life and turned it upside down in every way – mind/body/spirit/soul/inspiration/call-it-whatever-you-like-I-adore-them. They inspire me, light me on fire, excite me, and make me want to be better, feel better, and do better in every way shape & form. 
I thought it time to share this goodness though. Maybe you already read one, or two or three or all of them, or maybe you read none, but whatever the case this round up o’goodness will be sure to spark some inspiration in your life in some shape or way (I hope, nay, I’m sure).
So in no particular order and cutting straight to my wordy point, here are my go to websites for inspiration in all areas of our crazy, wild, beautiful life. 
p.s Most of the sites have a newsletter subscription that will deliver amazing inspiration straight to your inbox and having signed up to them all, I can’t recommend it highly enough (plus you will generally get a kick back from it too like an amazing free e-book)…every time I’ve needed a boost of inspiration or advice I seem to get it right on time and I hope you will too. 
Co-inside Wellbeing 
For a fresh dose of healthy living you need to head on over to Curtis & Candices’ amazing space. Here they’ll share with you amazingly delicious healthy recipes and beautiful inspiring words as they want to help us  ‘get happy and stay happy’ 
Betty Means Biz
If you are looking for an ah-ma-zing website that will chock your days and minds full of inspiring stories of how other kick ass babes have been there, done that, succeeded and want to share their story then this is the site for you. Kate brings the perfect amount of everything to the table with her interviews and I just know you’ll find something for you when you stop on by to say hello. 
In Spaces Between
You’ll need a few hours when you first visit Rach’s site as if your experience will be anything like mine, then you’ll wonder where the past 4 hours went as you ‘swear you only just started reading her posts’. There is so much deep deep advice, love, inspiration and soul on her blog it’s hard to leave. From teaching you how to find more time to going through her experiences of planning a wedding her site always leaves you wanting more. Rach & and her blog inspacesbetween have also just been named by ProBlogger as one of 15 blogs to watch in 2013! 
The Wellness Warrior
After e-meeting Jess for the first time and taking a look around her site you’ll wonder how you ever got through your week without a visit to her space before. Jess walks her talk and is always there with the most soulful advice, fantastic healthy recipes and all round goodness in all her posts (not to mention youtube series she takes part in called ‘Health Talks’). I think Jess introduces herself much better than I ever could however so allow me to pull some words straight off her site … ” I’m Jessica Ainscough – a writer, holistic health coach, and green-juicin’, cancer-kickin’ Wellness Warrior”. You see…like I said, you’ll love her site (& her) to pieces! p.s Everybody asks me where I get my green juice recipes from? Well sign up to her weekly newsletters and you get a free e-book containing over 80 recipes. Fab-u-lous.
Leonie Dawson 
Oh Leonie <3 I actually found Leonies’ website through Co-inside Wellbeings facebook page (I adore how the universe works) and haven’t looked back since. Leonie is a shiny, beautiful, caring soul who just wants to share and give to this world (don’t we all?!) but oh my she does it so well. She writes honest, real stories about her own life that you will more than likely find incredibly relative to yours…she also has an incredible life planner for 2013 that I bought and is already making wave lengths in my world. 
Danielle LaPorte
You could call Danielle my guiding light from afar and the one who got me on to all the other blogs through my increased love of wellness, inspiration, self love, acceptance and awareness. Danielle is the amazing soul behind ‘Fire Starter Sessions’ and ‘Desire Map’. She was the one who inspired this post and set me on today’s path. I highly encourage you buy the books but in the meantime visit her site for loads of advice on living your best life. 
I know there are SO many beautiful, inspiring, soulful, exciting blogs and websites out there that I haven’t mentioned here (Danielle LaPorte’s for one, but for some reason you can’t connect to it from the Phillipines!) but this is just the’s your turn! I would love to hear your own favourite blogs or even YOUR blog so I can stop by and get to know you better, just leave the name below in the comments section – I can’t wait to (e)meet you!
Love, light & excitement,
Anna xx