Fiji – Girls Trip of a Lifetime

I’m sitting here completely alone in a beachside cabana in tropical paradise, the sun lapping at my feet, and the ocean kissing the sandy shore a few metres in front of me – overwhelmed with emotion at the last 6 days I have just gotten to experience with my beautiful sister and niece.

This trip truly has been an experience of a lifetime. Not because we are in literal heaven at our 5 star resort here in Fiji, or the fact it was one I had won for us 3 thanks to the ridiculous generosity of our company, but because of the memories I have been able to create with Beth & Delilah the last 6 days (with still 2 full days to go – today and tomorrow).

Yesterday it really all hit me. Isagenix had hired out an entire island for us – yes you did read that correctly, they hired out an entire island for us, and to even experience that for just myself (again!! I had been gifted with this exact experience 2 years ago on another all expenses paid trip to Fiji with Isagenix) was unfathomable to me and one of those ‘this is the best day of my life moments’. You add on top of that however, that I got to experience that with my sister, a woman who as a single mama to Miss D works so incredibly hard to just keep food on their table and a roof over their head who would never otherwise get to be shuttled across on a private boat to an exclusive island where it was free for all all day (water activities, food, drinks) – that was other worldly bliss and dream day for me.

The moment it all REALLY hit me and I shed some tears was a few hours in to the day. I had taken myself for my thousandth dip in the crystal clear Fijian ocean water, whilst Beth & D had decided to take a Kayak out and paddle the entire island – they couldn’t see me bobbing away in the water but I could see them, and they were squealing and laughing their heads off, and I had tears down my face. Here we are, in Fiji, all together, on a private island, enjoying the sun, the sand, the sea, having the most fun ever – all thanks to Isagenix.

From the sleep in’s, to the lazy relaxing days, to the ocean and pool swims, the horse riding on the beach at sunset, the island living, the beautiful luxurious dinners, the long lunches, the cold champagne, the wine over music, the water sports, the snorkelling and every little moment in between – this trip truly will go down as one of my favourites, just seeing how lit up and how much fun 2 of the most important people in my life got to experience and have.

It all started with the giddiness of being able to surprise them with the news that I had in fact won the trip, and they were coming with me. I live in Gold Coast whilst they’re in Perth so mum helped me with the surprise – I sent them a pop out confetti box with “YOU’RE GOING TO FIJI” along with a set of bathers each. I face-timed mum who was at their house with some “mail I had sent them” – and so I got to secretly be watching them as B opened this package – as soon as she opened it the box popped out with confetti and the memory of her and Delilah’s squeals will forever be in my memory banks. I just remember they both kept saying “are you serious?? We really get to go?? Are you serious??” And I remember thinking, I will happily work hard the rest of my entire life to be able to keep surprising my family like this and watch and hear the pure joy and delight in their voice.

So when the time finally came, where we were all IN Fiji, aka THIS week, it’s truly been a dream come true.

We have been wine’d and dine’d and spoiled beyond belief – from the minute we arrived, and the beautiful Fiji’an staff put necklaces around our heads with their warm Fiji’an “BULA” I knew we were in for a treat.

All I wanted was for Beth and Delilah to feel as amazing as they deserve to feel, and be spoiled like they deserve to be spoiled, and as I listen to the ocean in front of me and the birds around me, the sun starting to sneak in to my cabana, I know in the deepest parts of my heart and soul they have.

So here is my commitment. I LOVE to travel, it is something that lights my entire soul on fire. I love travel even MORE when I am with my love Morgan, tasting new foods and exploring new sights, but I have realised this trip, being able to spoil family on a trip, a trip or holiday they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to take, is a new goal I have that I want to do at least every year.

I am heading in to my final Two days here in Fiji with the fullest of hearts and the biggest of smiles. Isagenix has not only changed my own entire physical and financial health, but its gifted now Two of the most important people in my life, an adventure and holiday of their dreams, and for that I am not only eternally grateful, I am hungrier than ever to build my roots in this company even deeper, and build a legacy for myself and my family (and inspire our team to do the same) like never before.

Fiji – you are something SO divinely magical – now excuse me as I sign this off to order my first coconut of the day and deep dive in to this book beside me.