My Happiness List


I’m not sure you’re all aware of this crazy fact, but…It’s May. As in, the month of May. As in, we are already 5 months in to our year, as in, next month will be half way through 2014. I personally still feel like we’re in January (or should be) but as the old saying goes, time flys when you’re having fun. And fun is an understatement for my year so far in 2014. One thing that I will never get sick of doing in this here space of mine I’ve created is expressing and showing gratitude and although it’s a little scary we are almost half way through the year, there is still so much to be grateful for in each and every one of the days that is currently whizzing past us.

I have said for many many years now that an attitude of gratitude attracts abundance and the law of attraction works in powerfully divine ways. Take today to think of all the things, the little things, going on in your life at the moment that you are grateful for….here are a few of mine.

Morgys 30th Birthday Surprise 

The last week has seen my favourite human on the whole universe (and milky way and galaxy) turn a very young 3-0. His birthday also happened to coincide with the extra extra long weekend in Perth we had for Easter and then backed up by Anzac Day, so with that in mind I booked us for a few nights at the Crown Hotel in Perth. A mini holiday getaway right here in our beautiful home town. The report from the birthday boy himself was that he had the best time ever. Success. There was lots and lots of trying out all the restaurants there – including rock pool for our 7 year anniversary which was also over that weekend – baths, cocktails by the pool, work outs, movie watching and just general relaxing and laughs. I love the quote “sometimes, you just need a break. In a beautiful place. Alone. To figure everything out”. That was this for us. Just some time out for Morgs & I in an otherwise crazy hectic – but blessed – life where sometimes we aren’t always in the same state or country together more recently. We planned Morgs retirement date from his 9-5 more concretely, connected back to us, I got to spoil him rotten and we just enjoyed every second in each others company feeling like it was us against the world. We have also decided random trips to luxurious hotels like this in our own home town are going to become much more of a regular thing for us and our continuing love story. 

Breakfast Dates with favourite friends 

There are many, many things I love in life but breakfast with some of my divine soul sisters is always incredibly high up there on the gratitude list. I am extra blessed at the moment to have one of my nearest and dearest friends expecting her first baby so the catch ups are even more exciting and amazing as I get to watch her growing baby bump and glowing self. I am one of Perth Cities biggest advocates for loving my city I live in and when we have gorgeous little cafes like Moore & Moore in Fremantle serving up incredible breakfasts like the above – it’s no wonder I’m so in love. 

Babysitting this babe – my almost 3 year old niece 

Meet Delilah. She’s almost 3 going on whoevenhonestlyknowsbutshesadorablesowhocares. She loves my lei – obviously. Wearing my high heels. Dora the explorer. Sleeping – she’s slept from 7:30pm – 8:00am since she was 5 weeks old. Vegemite Toast. Babychinos. Being adorable. Counting. The colour Purple. And la la LOVES animals – especially her adopted dog “Jess”. Uncle Morgs & I got to babysit this little angel INCLUDING a sleep over a few weekends ago and had the best.time.ever. It might sound bias but she is honestly the sweetest, cutest, most polite, divine kid going around who says please and thank you’s any chance she gets and loves to tidy up. Notevenkiddngyou. I regularly tell my sister (her amazing mama) she has ruined her chance of me ever having my own babies as I swear there is no love left over in my heart as its ALL gone to Delilah. Can you tell I’m in love? 

Grounding at the beach  

There is a lot of things I love in this life but being able to lay on a towel soaking up Autumn sun on a warm early Saturday morning with my favourite book – ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’ by Danielle LaPorte ticks off a lot of things at the one time. Big time. Sun. Grounding. Inspiring words. The Beach. I remember picking this book up half way through 2012. And not putting it down until I had stopped. As I shut the last page, I was crying. It resonated with me that hard. I got to work very quickly on pouring these words out on a page and I honestly can pin point that being the beginning of me really owning who and what I wanted to be. That I knew I was destined to not be chained behind a desk working someone else’s dream and that I was born to live my own purpose – just like we all are. I have recommended the book to tens of girls all who also now credit it for the same shifts. If you are a soul centred visionary woman who wants more from life and yourself – to feel better and do better…. it’s time to gift yourself this book gorgeous and go and do some discovery and grounding of your own. 
Getting organised + Being a lady boss 

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know that I was blessed last July to be able to retire from my 9-5 and step in to full time entrepreneurship and living life on my own terms. I turned my 30 day cleanse in to a multiple six figure business and left my corporate career to help other fearless females do the same. A great mentor said to me around the same time however that with wealth, always comes great responsibility and I took that very seriously. From the get go, even when I was earning $500 a week from my home business on top of my corporate income I was recording my receipts, saving my tax and treating it like a multi million dollar business. Now that weekly pay can be anywhere between $5,000 a week and up to $7,000 a week and because I had my systems in place from Day 1, keeping on top of everything, remaining compliant and doing my business like a big grown adult is easy. If there is one thing I can pass on to budding entrepreneurs, is this – act like you have a multi million dollar business and you will GROW a multi million dollar business, and yes, that means even doing the notsomuchfunstuff like ensuring your across your tax and GST from day 1 (and having a fantastic accountant from Day 1 also).
Family time with my Fav Human


I don’t think it’s any real surprise that spending time with my favourite human is prettyyyy much my favourite of my favourite things to do. Did I mention favourite? Recently we got to have a long weekend together and managed to get down to see Morgans mum and Step Dad and the afternoon that followed was simply blissful. His step dad is an incredible cook (& Italian – so fantastic cook of Italian food, double yay) and whipped us up some home made spaghetti carbonara accompanied by a delicious white wine followed by an afternoon of cruising on the Mandurah Canals on their boat. Family + sunshine + home cooked meals + boats + water + him = a grateful blissed out girl. 

This quote – simple. truth. love 

Not much else needs to be said with this, but sometimes all we need to remember through the rush and hustle and bustle of a crazy but extraordinary life is to eat healthily, sleep well, breathe deeply and enjoy life. 


My wish for you today and everyday is just that. Have a divine week beautiful. 

My Happiness List

I struggle to actually put in to words at the moment exactly what it is I am grateful for and what’s making my happiness list when I feel like it’s just everything. Does that mean life is perfect? No, life isn’t meant to be perfect, it just means I am embracing more than ever every up and down and ebb’ing and flowing with life like nobodies business. There isn’t any secret to life, there really isn’t, you just have to be open to every failure as a beautiful lesson, wake with deep deep gratitude, chose to be happy and have FUN.

I have, at this point in time, fallen in love with the imperfect perfectness of life and all it’s beautiful joy and mess and that is what is making my life so rich. Here are just a few things that contribute to that wealth of love, joy and peace.

Beach days + Goal writing + Cafe hangs 

There is no doubt about it. Water is my muse. Being by the ocean or in the ocean is so fundamental to my Joie De Vivre and not being chained to a 9-5 desk anymore I spend a LOT more time by the water. I was doing my gratitudes on a weekly Monday biz call this week and my main one was dunking my head under the salty water at the beach for the first time this Summer. It’s not a lie when they say the best things in life are free, and being able to soak in the divine sunshine on a beautiful Perth beach is one of those ‘how lucky am I’ activities. Living in divine ole Perth with it’s delicious beaches certainly helps. The fabulous Bib & Tucker now being situated on my fav beach – Leighton – also helps oh so much….there isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t wander in for some champagne to toast life (p.s try the pulled pork and fish taco’s there – it’s my fav!)

Good books, but more specifically, my current read; The Secret … 

‘For someone who whole heartedly believes in manifestation, gratitude and law of attraction, I am almost ashamed to admit I had in fact never read the book the secret, that was, until recently when I popped the book in to my suitcase as we jetted off for Bali. It was d.e.v.o.u.r.e.d. SO enjoyable to read and lightbulb after lightbulb and aha moment after aha moment. The words leapt off the page to me and so much clicked. I also believe in reading the same book a few times to learn different lessons, so I am starting this one again in a few days, but if you have read it, I encourage you to go back to it with a new set of eyes, and if you haven’t ever read it – slap it high on your to read list. If you can truly believe that whatever you truly desire can be yours, then this is the book to solidify it even more.

This Guy + officially being business partners now 

So not only is this handsome guy my fiance and best friend, we have recently thrown business partners in to the mix. A mentor of mine said to me when I was 18 years old; “the man you marry won’t ever have to be like you, he doesn’t  have to like the same stuff you do, have the same drive that you do, or want the same goals that you want in life, (he knew I was driven even back then). What is required from him however, is he never stand in your way, he let’s you go after your goals and supports you whilst having his own interests in life”. I never really fully understood the weight of that until 2 years later, when Morgs and I had been dating for just a year, and I decided, at 20, still at uni, I wanted to get a business loan and start my first business ( my dating website Possibly Maybe). He didn’t tell me why it might not work, he embraced my desire to go after the goal and never once stood in my way. The advice started to make sense. He didn’t want to be a part of it, but he supported me with all he had. More recently, I found and ran with the extraordinary nutritional cleansing company I am now 100% aligned too. The same thing occurred. He didn’t fully get it at first, and it wasn’t something he seemed interested in but he supported me and let me fly none the less.

Now though? After never standing in my way the past 7 years and let me be the crazy person I am with huge dreams and a go go go energy, he has come front and centre in to the business and we have combined to be a business partnership. It is SO fun and we are learning so much more about each other even after 7 years of dating. He has is own goals in the business now and it’s my turn to never stand in his way, but this dynamic of adding biz partners to our list will be high on my gratitudes until we are old and grey I know it.

Breakfast dates with divine souls

It’s no secret that breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day, and not only my favourite meal, but even more favourite x infinity when its shared with the most divine souls on the planet. I always say it but it’s getting declared here again, I really am SO blessed with the kind of girlfriends I have surrounding me in my life and recently I got a double dose of gorgeous’ness when I met up with Deanne & “The other Anna O” in the same week to talk all things boys, business, goals, weddings, love, travel and just general juicy stuff of life. Deep, loving friendship is a key to happiness in life. Fill your life with shit, negative friends – and you’ll sure enough have a shit, negative experience. Fill your life with beautiful, supportive extraordinary friends, and you can guarantee you will have beautiful, supported and extraordinary experiences. These two girls are just part of my tribe I feel deep gratitude for daily. 

Dates at the beach drinking French Champagne

This was an extra special day as the divine soul pictured with me here is one of the girls I coach who has just been able to leave her 9-5 to pursue a life of her dreams. Does she know get to do her business meetings wherever she pleases now? You betcha. Does that also mean a little french champagne had to be involved? Ab-so-lut-ley!! This is why I do what I do, to be able to celebrate in incredibles women’s success and empower them to live a life of purpose doing whatever they please – with a residual income with an amount they decide they want. It’s exciting. It fills me up and it sets my soul on fire. 

Seeing Beyonce Live .. yep that happened

There are actually no words for this. Truly. Queen Bey has been an inspiration of mine for-ev-ah and so when I heard she was coming to Perth it wasn’t even an option. We were going! Beyonce was actually even one of the first posts I ever did on this blog; I look up to her for how she goes after all her big dreams and goals and lives up to the spirit within her. On a Saturday night, in little ole Perth, with my babes by my side, I got to dance and scream and smile my way through all of the songs I adore and see the Queen in action. It was surreal. It was something I’ll remember forever, and it’s certainly an experience I hope to re live again. So.much.FUN.

The fact that Summer is on the way … 

I am a lover of all seasons, I really am. I LOVE the smell of rain in Winter, I adore crunching leaves and rugging up in Autumn and I can’t help but fall in love with the colours that pop up in Spring – but there is something about Summer that captures my heart and soul. I don’t think anybody can be in a bad mood in Summer. The sun is shining, your skin does get darker, water at the divine beach gets warmer,, drinks get colder, nights get longer and life really DOES get better. One thing I have always been grateful for is the fact I get to live in a country, and Perth, where we actually experience all seasons. So Summer, you saucy, saucy minix – I am SO ready for you and your hot days, long nights and fun times. 
Love always, 
This eternally grateful human xx

Dear Life; Gratitude Overload

Dear life, 
You are pretty beautifully overwhelming at the moment. I feel at a stage where as soon as I open my eyes when my alarm goes off, and realise I’m alive, I’ve been given one more day, I am already at gratitude overload. I think there might be something to this as well. They say gratitude attracts abundance, and life, I so get that. Where gratitude goes, abundance and energy flows. I just really want to honour you at this present moment. Honour that we are here, on a planet that you support 6 billion human souls on, breathing air that you give us. If I had nothing and no one to be grateful for, that in itself is enough. That is just the thing though life, I DO have so much to be grateful for and I just wanted to say thanks. 
Thank you. No, I mean really, reallyyyy thank you. Thank you for Morgs, who shows me a love so deep I know it will last the ages and for loving someone enough to give that deep beautiful love back. For my mum – who at 25 still calls me pumpkin and darling heart and cooks me dinner if Morgs is away. For having a WHY in life so deep and so great nothing and no one will stop me. For butchers that do free taste testings. Thanks for Visionary’s. Thank you for books and words that inspire me to live harder, better, and stronger. Thank you for fresh flowers that are a staple in our household. Thanks for deliciously sexy weather with a little bit of rain and a little bit of sun all at the same time. For choice – to feel love instead of anger and hope instead of sadness. Thanks for peppermint tea and Winter sheets. For people that are fellow life enthuiasts – the ones that show up, engage; dig it, and just totally and utterly love life. Thank you for profanities, and being ok with saying the word Fuck when I’m crazy excited. Thanks for gratitude. Thank you for friends who make life so fundamentally extraordinary. Thank you for deep, deep belly laughs. For divine acoustic music, for jam donuts. For hugs and high fives – I just love a good one of each. Thanks for the invention of planes to take my love & I anywhere in this big beautiful world we desire. Thank you for the ocean. For Massages and for delicious dinners shared with your favourite people. 
There will never be enough words to truly show you how grateful I am that I am given day after day to live – but hopefully by living on purpose and living with passion and love – everyday – will show you my deep, deep appreciation for you. 
Now excuse me life, I’m off to live another day xxx
p.s I would LOVE to hear what you are grateful for in the comments below. As I said, Gratitude attracts abundance, so get to saying thanks for all the wonderful little (& big) things in your life x 

My Happiness List


Let’s all just stop and take a breathe and celebrate how amazing life is right now. My days have been pretty intense the past few weeks but since I wrote this post, and changed my language and choices with the word busy, my hours and ‘to do’s seem oh so much more manageable and nights a lot more relaxed and filled with things I want them to be filled with.

I truly believe we’re all going through a remarkable shift at the moment and I’m loving the energy all around me. There is a shift in thoughts – from resistance to powerful positive ones and a shift in control – from believing our lives are at the whim of external forces to taking full responsibility and shaping our lives to how we desire to live them.

2013 is our year. For everything. Transformative growth, letting go, pushing through, starting again – & I am here for the ride.

On top of all of this excitement about the above, here are a few of the other things going on in my life that are making me happy…

Signing up for Marie Foleos B School 

I did it!! & boy was it heart thumping’ly a scary/ huge decision to make. Considering I am saving for an engagement party a mere 7 weeks away & a wedding middle to late next year, making a financial commitment to B School was one I didn’t take lightly. Luckily, I have an incredibly supportive fiance’ (did I mention handsome too?) who said if it felt right to do – I should go for it and he’d support me. So I did! & I already feel like it’s paid off – & it hasn’t even started yet. I signed up through my beautiful coach Rach (from inspacesbetween) & another amazing lady Tara Bliss (from suchdifferentskies) and they have created an ah-maaa-zinggg private community for all the girls who also signed up through them. The result? A group full of 41 women all on the same path together, energised, inspired and excited – sharing what we do, what we want to do, and a whole lotta’ heart & cheerleading & help. Its soul defyingly awesome & I can’t wait to actually start with the B-School modules…

P.s over the next 8 weeks I’ll be learning about; Profit Planning, how to build THE best website, communication with your readers/customers, list building, Offerings, Marketing & then 2 whole weeks of guided implementation. Pretty kick ass right? If you have been wanting to do something like this for awhile (with or without a business) come join us!!! You can sign up here (registration closes today so be quick!!)   
Lunch dates with Old + New friends

You know those lunch dates and conversations you walk away from just buzzing? It’s a renewed energy, and excited spirit and a fulfilled belly & heart. You get to talk about good stuff, and just gel and vibe in a loving space. I was beyond blessed when an old friend I used to go to Primary & High School with reached out and wanted to catch back up, but also introduce me to one of her other girlfriends who she believed was like minded. That girl was Peta from Anatome – Integrated Wellness. We laughed, shared books and videos we thought the others might love, and had juicy conversation about health & wellness & I walked away feeling blessed beyond belief that old friendships were rekindled & new ones were forming. Check out Petas facebook page to see just what amazing things she is doing for health & wellbeing with Anatome – you will fall as in love as I did!

Engagement Party Invites are done + on their way

Soooo it turns out in 2013 you have GOT to be wayyy more organised with getting invitations out. I don’t mean 4-6 weeks either, nuh huh, I’m talking 3-4 months! Ca-ra-zy I know. Morgsy & I although organised with the venue, date and everything in between, didn’t think we would need to get our invites out until Middle of March (giving 6 weeks notice), but when friends and family started saying they needed the date to book it in as diaries were filling up as late as July (for hens parties and birthdays) so we got our butts in to gear & had these babies out by last week. The result is an invite we adore, that my super talented Graphic Designer brother did that we BOTH had huge input in to. I.e. I would have loved a salmon colour or lilac as the colour, but Morgs direct quote was “baby, salmon is a fish not a colour, and we’re not having pink on the invite”. Roger that! Roll on 20th April – we truly are jumping out of our skin with excitement for the party and can’t wait to share one too many champagnes with our beautiful family and friends. 

Vision Boarding + New direction for this future website

Goals + Passion + Wellness + Inspiration

I had a super fun & super productive day last Saturday when I sat down to start (& finish!) my vision board for my blog. My amazing coach Rachel Mahegy had set me some to do’s when it came to our coaching sessions and one of them was to do a vision board for this little space & fill it with pictures and words that connected with me and encapsulated the vibe & purpose of the blog. I had vision boards before, in fact, I LOVE vision boards, goal boards, boards of any variety that put your goals and dreams in big bright bold colours. I had never thought to do one for this blog though – but after doing it, I am so inspired and have so much more direction with what I want for me, but more importantly for you, the beautiful readers. When you land on this page, I want to help you with;

+ Feeling like you belong in this spacethat’s it’s your sanctuary as much as it is mine.
+ Setting your big beautiful goals & achieving them with ease and excitement.
+ Following your passionwhatever sets your soul on fire,burns you up from the inside. I want to get you there. 
+ Wellness – of the mind, body and spirit. Guide you from my own experience of changing my life, starting with loosing 17kg, keeping it off, changing my mindset & living a happier life full of love. 
Sound good? GREAT. It’s going to be a big year for us and I can’t wait to keep writing with this new zest & direction. 
This quote ….

“If you don’t know your purpose, discover it now. The core of your life is your purpose. Everything in your life, from your diet to your career, must be aligned with your purpose if you are to act with coherence and integrity in the world. If you know your purpose, your deepest desire, then the secret to success is to discipline your life so that you support your deepest purpose and minimise distractions and detours” – David Deida

Goosebumps, soul lifting excitement, realisations, inspiration – this quote gives me it all.


That’s this weeks round up gorgeous, I’d love to hear what’s lifting you up, lighting you on fire, making you giddy with love. Share in the comments below. 

Gratitude Journalling

[found here] 
Welcome back gorgeous! Did you take up the challenge from Friday? I hope you’re starting your Monday off fresh and ready for a new week full of possibilities. 
Grab a cup of tea though and settle in as I really want to talk to you about Gratitude Journalling. 
I had heard of Gratitude journalling for the first time about a year ago, and immediately loved the idea but felt like I didn’t really need to do it, nor had any huge desire to do it as I was already life’s biggest fan, I didn’t think writing it in a book would help me love it anymore. How beautifully wrong I was however. I started  just over 7 months ago now and I truly don’t think I’ll ever look back. 
So what is it and how can you get started?
You will need; a journal, a pen, and a willingness to want to commit to it. 
And then, you simply write. 
You write as little or as much as you like about things you are grateful for in your life. The thing I love about gratitude jouarnalling, is it’s your thing to commit as little or as much time as you like to it. I love to do it every day, but if you can’t comitt to that, just do it when you can. There is a beautiful thing that occurs when you do it though … whether you feel like it or you don’t, or whether you have a 30 minute jam session with you and your thoughts, or 5 minutes rushed just before work, once you’re done you really truly are grateful. Grateful for life and all it’s beautiful moments and things it offers to you.
It might be for the fresh flowers in the supermarket you get to smell as you do your shopping.
Or maybe for the amazing conversation you had with your girlfriend over dinner.
It could be for photos you have captured that you just recently went through, remembering all the amazing times you’ve experienced. 
Whatever you are grateful for – put it down. The warm sunshine? Loud music in your car? That text message you got from your boyfriend?  
Once you start finding so much to be grateful for in your life, you will discover that you end up finding so much more to be grateful for, you seek gratitude in all that you do and see and life just becomes more amazing. What you have is enough, and everything else is just an exciting bonus. 
If you’ve been thinking about starting and haven’t yet, then just do it. Or, if you had never heard about it until today but think you’d like to give it a go – start now! There is no time like the present to become more grateful and amp your life up a few shiny notches. 
Over to you … What are you grateful for today? I would love to hear from you in the comments x

6 weeks in to the adventure & gratitude

As another beautiful sunny morning greeted us in Greece and we excitedly ran to be by the pristine pool for almost 12 days running I realised something. Morgs & I are huge water people. As in, we love the water and most things related to it. I have realised that I am at my most peaceful and happiest by the water. Walking by the river, visiting the beach, lounging by the pool – life stops for me – which ordinarily is very rare. I don’t think about all the things I’ve got to do and time ceases. This is something that we’re loving about travelling though, the clarity that it is bringing us and the things that we’re realising we actually love & want, vs things that we were hanging on to believing we thought we wanted & loved.
We are on our way to Budapest after spending 10 days in Croatia and I am quietly reflecting on the 14 hour train ride. Both Morgs & I have been finding so much out about ourselves and each other on this trip even after being together for 5 years, it’s been incredible. I have been in a state of gratefulness the past few weeks however & in the spirit of not admitting I miss anyone or anything back home, I instead wanted to compile a list of things I’m so grateful for in my life – which has been amplified whilst travelling. 
  • Drinking a hot cup of Cappuccino & just good coffee in general. There is nothing better than taking that first sip of coffee and realising just how delicious it really is. 
  • The Seasons – Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring. It wasn’t until I was overseas that I love how in Australia we have clear & defined seasons. I can rely on Summer being hot, Winter being cold & rainy & Autumn & Summer being saucy minx’s with their in between weather. Although if I had to live somewhere where Summer was all year round I don’t know I’d object either.
  • My family .. I’ve always known this but being on the other side of the world to them makes me realise just how much I’m madly in love with them all. I am SO proud of my family.
  • Eating breakfast. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I love spending it with a good cup of jo, a loved one and some delicious food. It sets me off for the best day ever.
  • Yoga. My god do I love yoga. I didn’t realise just how much I loved it until I was over here not doing it anymore and it solidified just how much my mind, body & spirit love yoga. 
  • Reading inspiring books, affirmations and amazing quotes and fuelling my mind with endless possibilities, excitement & love of all things.
  • My home city – Perth. It’s not until you go away that you appreciate just how much you can love a place and this is particularly relevant for me at this moment. I adore Perth. LOVE it. Love it’s parks, the city, it’s gorgeous little cafe’s, it’s amazing small bars, it’s beaches – oh gosh it’s beaches. I have a new found love & appreciation for the city that I live in and I have no qualms about my return date as I know that I get to live in a city I adore so much – with some of the best coffee in the world!
So thank you Universe – for letting me travel your big far reaching world with experiences I’ll treasure forever…but especially for all that makes me so rich in life already.. including the above.
Photos below are all snapped from my current Europe adventure & were experienced as follows:
p.s you can follow me on instagram for all my holiday snaps at lifesshinyprettythings
1. Arriving in Santorini the first night & watching the sunset with this view.
2. Having the time of my LIFE on Sail Croatia – jumping off the top roof of the boat in to Crystal clear water
3. Morgan capturing an emotional moment for me. I had never felt more happy or content in that photo. Watching the most amazing sunset of my life, in beautiful Santorini. It was the moment I had realised I had followed & found my Joie De Vivre.
4. I had gone for a walk by myself to have my own time & sat on a big hill as the sun was setting…I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous old local man walk past me with his heard of donkeys. It was such a cool moment that I was lucky enough to snap.
5. Another stunning sunset in beautiful Santorini. The best way I can describe them is that they don’t seem real, you don’t seem like you’re in that moment as it’s THAT beautiful.
6. Our amazing, peaceful, deep pool in Mykonos that we spent 4 solid days by.
7. Sharing a little kiss with Morgs, or him sharing one with me in Croatia.
8. A gorgeous little spot we came by whilst in Mykonos right by the water. Fell in love with it immediately