Guest Post; The best things in life are Free

I  have the sweet, sweet Brooke from over at The pursuit of Wellness today hanging out in my space to discuss how she really has found that the best things in life are free. The post is packed full of delicious gratitude and when I first read it I found myself smiling madly and like I’d been enveloped in a warm hug, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

In my own words (about her blog); Brooke & I met through blogging and I have never let her leave my life ever since. Brooke was a burst of divine feminine sweetness in my life and you get that from her in all that she says and in all that she does. Her online spaces all ooze that energy and you can’t help but feeling better after a visit to any of her pages – the blog, facebook or Instagram. I am blessed now to be able to do some coaching with her through nutritional cleansing and can’t wait to see her hit some huge goals for the rest of this year. She makes the world spin a little faster just by being in it.

In her own words (about her blog); I am a Marketing Communications Coordinator with a passion for wellness. I recently decided to study a holistic health and wellness course so I could be educated on how to live a healthier life for myself and my family. I try to live by the motto ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ and I want to inspire others to live a life they love by nurturing their body and soul. I started my Facebook page and website to connect with like-minded people, learn from them and hopefully together we can all change lives. I hope my visiting my site people feel inspired to take the first step on their pursuit of wellness. 
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Introducing Brooke…

I’ve recently discovered that if I had a skill, and if I can call it a skill, it would be my ability to recite a motivational quote for most occasions in life. Probably more of an annoying habit to those around me, but I find something so comforting about hearing the words of wisdom from those who have lived before me, knowing that they have experienced what I’m going through, and I like to pass on such wisdom because they can say what I can’t.
Despite my love of quotes, I can confess that I didn’t actually understand some of the sayings I frequently heard while growing up. Sure I could deliver some of Ghandi’s words as though they were my own, but I didn’t understand them on a deep level.

I don’t know if the song or saying came first, but I often heard, “the best things in life are free” when I was younger and I initially thought “no they’re not!” or “point me to the nearest place handing out free lollies”.
Much like Anna’s love and enthusiasm for life, I have learnt to have such love and appreciation for my life that it’s bursting out of me. Such gratitude makes what I have enough and after realizing that comparison is the thief of joy, I learnt you need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you (see what I did there? Slight exaggeration as I don’t normally speak in quotes). By focusing on the little things I’ve found that they are some of the things that bring me the greatest happiness. And like the say taught me all those years ago, yes they really are free.  
While I’ve progressed from free lollies and now wouldn’t turn down a free new car, I find that snow capped mountains, hearing kids laugh, a walk to work with blue skies or holding hands with a loved one make me smile from the inside out. It warms my heart like no material possession could. I don’t know whether its fact that a lot of the things that are free in life are provided from Mother Nature with no involvement or manufacturing from us, or the fact they don’t cost a cent, but I love that every day we are given something to enjoy no matter our bank balance or possessions. And I take time to focus on that.

Some of the free things in life that provide me deep contentment and make my heart sing include;

      ·   Hugs from loved ones
      ·   Rainbows
      ·   Having my dog welcome me home with such excitement
      ·  Sunrises 
      ·  A nice walk
      ·  Surprise letters packed with my lunch from my husband
      ·  Seeing a butterfly

By focusing on what I have and being appreciative of (free) things such as a pretty moon, successive green pedestrian crossings or conversations with old friends, I find that I’m a happier person and can safely attest that money doesn’t buy happiness. Now that is a saying I understand.
      What are the free things in life you 
love most? 

Guest Post; Discovering your Solgasm’s

I  have the magnificent Emily from over at Bless this Mess Blog today dropping by to share with you on how to harness those moments of pure joy and authenticity and welcome them more in your life. I.e. How to have a solgasm. 

In my own words (about her blog); Em is one of the sweetest soulful of girls I have met in the online world. She shows up, ALWAYS, in her space, online, in my own more private group of girls I coach through cleansing and in life. We met through said nutritional cleansing and it has been a joy to have this beam of light be a part of my life ever since. She is the queen of intentions and we share a love for manifesting and gratitude journalling (not to mention Green Smoothies and all round wellness). Her blog rocks the blogosphere with amazing posts about nutritious food, amazing exercise and all round soulful goodness for the mind, body & soul. 

In her own words (about her blog); This little corner of the interweb started off as an outlet for sharing recipes and my thoughts with anyone who was interested and has slowly twisted and turned and amalgamated into a big, beautiful and bustling community of readers who all share the same vision – to live our best, healthiest and most kind lives imaginable. ‘Bless this Mess’ is my online diary of sorts – allowing me to acknowledge and appreciate every single blessing that graces my messy life each and every day. I hope you find something that inspires you, something that resonates with you and makes you shout ‘YES!’, or that it connects you with likeminded souls that share your passion for living. 

Find her: Blog, Instagram, Facebook

Psst; Before we begin, beautiful Em had this to say about this post – isn’t she a hunny? This post is dedicated to my number one. My mother and genuinely the most beautiful, kind, loving and compassionate soul I have ever met. This is my gift to you – a testimonial of utter belief in your dreams and a ‘permission slip’ to live YOUR life.

Introducing Emily…

Have you ever experienced that ‘buzz’? It’s the only way to describe it. A jolt of pure, unfiltered, unadulterated, raw, ecstatic happiness and bliss?

Get yo’ minds out of the gutter if you’re wandered into nasty territory – because today I’m talking Soulgasms. What exactly is a soulgasm you might ask? It is that exact moment in which your entire being lights up, you feel unstoppable, your potential seems immeasurable and you are absolutely glowing!
A few years ago these soulgasms were, for me, as elusive as unicorns and they occurred few and far between. Now, I get my hit daily. Whether it’s during a soulful conversation with a friend, sipping on a cup of green tea, running in the bush with my ever growing puppy or working solo on a project – these soulgasms are the universe’s way of telling you that you are on the right track. 

These moments of pristine clarity, inspiration and elation are your birthright and you deserve to experience them every single dang day. Soulgasms are the result of complete alignment within your universe – they tell us that we are exactly where we are meant to be. Epiphanies, bursts of motivation and great ideas are all ‘foreplay’ for the great soulgasm that awaits. When we are aligned with our divine purpose, when we utilise the skills that we have been blessed with and we act and behave as an instrument of the higher power (whatever or whoever you believe that may be) the world around you completely changes and everything occurs in total and incredible synchronicity.

So you’ve just had your first soulgasm (you lucky thang) – now what?

      1)  Identify what instigated this incredible feeling? And nurture it as much as you can. Whether it’s an idea for a new business; spending time with loved ones; during your travels to distant lands … trust that this is where you’re meant to be. This is how you’re designed to feel. This is how you will actualise your authentic self.
     2) Manifest this feeling and welcome it into every moment of your life. Do more of what makes your soul soar. Get your ‘gasm on every day.
     3) Put it out there. Write it out baby. Grab your journal and jot down how you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it and how you will grow and maintain this feeling until your dying day. My favourite way to do this is by writing a journal entry that is written by my future self (No I haven’t lost my marbles, just bear with me and hear me out). I get comfortable and connect with that perfect version of myself, my authentic and true self. Then I get writing and I get specific. I.e ‘It’s 2014 and I cannot believe how incredible I feel every single day. I wake up beside the love of my life every morning, sit in the sun and enjoy my morning tea and give thanks for all that’s around me. My clinic is booming and I’m currently managing two staff members who have helped to bring in a 6 figure annual profit for the practise. I am writing every day and have an audience of loyal, inspiring, supportive and determined readers…’ The real entries are much longer and go into much more detail. But these are personal and can be just for your eyes. There are no rights or wrongs, no need to be a Shakespere-esque wordsmith, no restrictions or limitations whatsoever. You, your dreams, your journal and a sprinkle of universal magic. Perfection!

      4)  Action steps. Set this thang in motion. Feel like a certain someone has sparked your soul? Then book in a regular phone or coffee date with them to make sure you are granted a weekly soulgasm. Inspired and invigorated by a certain idea or concept? Then follow your heart and chase that feeling. Had an epiphany? Trust your gut and act on it.

     5) Lucky enough to experience multiple soulgasms? Well you are onto a winner. Stay on that path, do not back down and do not accept ‘no’. When you’re experiencing life as your authentic self and following your divine path, nothing in the whole entire world can stop you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite really. Once you set your intentions and choose to live a certain way, the universe conspires to see you achieve just that.
Believe in yourself as much as your best friend does; as much as your mother does; as much as I do. And with that sense of belief and enlightened sense of self and alignment – you can do anything.

I’ll leave you with an incredible quote. One which I have read over a majillion (yes that’s a word) times and it still ignites my spark and keeps me believing that I can do anything. Recite it, believe it and achieve it.

Blessings, love, laughter and rolling soulgasms x

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Guest Post; Bowen Therapy & some advice

I  have the beautiful Anna from over at Seasons of Lust Blog today dropping by to share with you her most recent experience with Bowen Therapy. 

In my own words (about her blog); This girl is the kind of girl you want and need in your life – she quite literally will light up any room she walks in to and brings her energy to any encounter you have. I actually met her on Twitter – what can I say, it was love at first tweet – and after our first catch up being a 4 hour lunch date, the rest is history. Her blog is one of my favourites, and I have spent many an hour pouring over all her posts getting sucked in to all her travel and perth adventure posts. I call this call Miss Tourism Australia as she literally inspires me with her amazing adventures not just internationally, but within our own beautiful country. I can’t WAIT for you to ‘meet’ her and fall in love as much as I did. 

In her own words (about her blog); This is the blog of a 20-something year old, born in Russia, raised on the west coast of NZ and currently residing in Perth, Western Australia. As much as I’d love to settle one day, my veins are pumped with the genes of one indecisive & one free-spirited being. I like to keep myself busy, exploring every corner of the globe, learning about people and things. I blog about everyday life and anything that is on my mind- the places I’ve been, the places I’m going & the places I can only wish of visiting some day.
Find her: BlogTwitter, Instagram,  


Introducing Anna …

After hurting my foot, when I thought going for a big walk in thongs was a good idea, I came back to Perth in A LOT of pain. I was limping and each day spent not being able to walk or run made me very annoyed and frustrated. Luckily, I have a lady at work that is like my 2nd mother who is perfectly aligned with my holistic approach to life. She sent me a link about Bowen Therapy & within 30 minutes, I was all booked in with her Bowen specialist at lunch (gotta love cancellations!)

What is Bowen Therapy? It’s a holistic remedial body technique that works on the soft tissue. Bowen therapy helps the body’s own healing resources to achieve balance and harmony.

It’s something that can be noticed from the first session. I went in for an inflamed foot and I got a full body message; the lower back pain I mentioned to her before the massage was due to the muscle tightness I felt in my left quad in particular and my shoulders too.

I walked out of that room feeling like a whole new person. I couldn’t believe how tight my quads were until they were back to normal.
Like any where I go, I always ask as many questions as possible. In between working different parts of the body, the specialist stops for a few minutes and gives the body time. In these moments, I asked for some tips with walking & running and how to reduce injuries. What I learnt is pretty important.
Before doing any walking or running, one must always stretch; not like you would after a work out but a small stretch for 30 seconds each muscle. Any less than that and it is a waste of time. 
& doesn’t matter how much you’ve been told that your knees point in, you should stretch your left quad with left arm (something I’ve done all my life until the beginning of the year when someone advised me other wise- doh!)
So what else is Bowen Therapy good for?
  • Circulation
  • Lymphatic and venous draining
  • Assimilation of nutrients
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Joint mobility
  • Posture
  • Normalisation of cellular physiology and tissue integrity
And what can it help with?
  • Sports and accident injuries
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Stress disorders
  • Neck and head tension
  • Whiplash
  • Musculoskeletal pain and imbalance
  • Respiratory and asthma complaints
  • Acute and chronic fatigue
  • Stroke
  • Bed wetting
  • Digestive problems
  • Menstrual complaints
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Colic
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Hyperactive disorder
  • Learning difficulties
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
If you’re in Perth, you’re in luck! You will find this amazing specialist in Maylands (her name is Karen).
& if you want to be in the know about special offers from the spa, check out Gemma’s facebook page.