What sincere authenticity is to me – and why I am obsessed with it.

Sitting on the ground yesterday in the beautiful Perth sunshine, I got chatting to one of Morgan and I’s friends on the street who’s clothes we are honoured to wash weekly. For the purposes of her privacy I am going to call her Sarah.

Sarah and I were catching up on each other’s week and she told me that she had just started to read 50 shades of Grey, and I was interested to hear what book she was up to as I too had read the series I told her. We started snorting with hysteria though as I went on to explain…

“Isn’t it funny though how you totally need your man around when you read it as they are absolute turn on books (*note, Sarah is in a loving relationship). Except you have just read about how wild and hot and steamy Christian and Anastasia are and then when you go to do it you’re still just Starfish”.

Cue tears streaming down our faces kind of laughing because we both knew it was true.

The conversation continued on just talking about the normal things of life, kids, family, relationships, you know – the usual kind of conversation you’d have with anyone.

Mid shift I walked over to the toilets laughing quietly to myself again about our conversation about the 50 shades of Grey books, which made me think about the countless other times I have had that conversation with so many women since reading the book in 2012 – women in parliament, good girlfriends over a wine, strangers when I used to see them reading it in parks.

And walking back over to where our friends and Morgan were sitting that sunny afternoon, it dawned on me that THAT is sincere authenticity.

Not the fact that I can talk about sex or ‘risky’ books with anyone – that’s not the point. But the fact that no matter who I am with, no matter what I am doing, no matter where I am – I can just show up as who I am and say the same thing in front of a friend on the street or a member of parliament.

Now – do not get me wrong. I am acutely aware that some conversations aren’t appropriate in front of a Priest (for respect) or a 4-year-old (due to age appropriateness) or a Prime Minister (for, well, I suppose for respect although I personally think they’re just normal human beings) – so I am not talking about that. I know that sometimes, sure what we say or how we can act does have to differ slightly person to person – but there is a huge distinction between managing respect and being sincerely authentic.

Managing Respect comes down to just knowing what volume to be at I believe, but still always living in to who you authentically. And by volume, I don’t mean that literally.

I’ll give you an example.

Back when I worked in Federal Politics, I used to always have to go in to what I called ‘the big boy meetings’ – with Ministers of portfolio’s, or CEO’s of big corporations (i.e Alan Joyce), you were constantly also meeting ex Prime Ministers (my favourite one being the time I got to have a chat with the Hon John Howard) and current Prime Ministers (who at the time was Opposition Leader – Tony Abbott).

Now. If you know me well, (or not even well, if you just follow me on social media recently or over the years), you know that I am a pretty crazy, cheeky, fun human who has an affinity for the word fuck, being silly and champagne, unicorns (yes, even at the age of 28) and hot chips– just to name a tiny aspect of me.

So when I would go in to these ‘big boy meeting’s’ I would always manage my respect, BUT I would show up sincerely authentically as myself.

What does that look like?

It means knowing that in some moments, sure, the word fuck is not the best option so to not use it. It’s listening more than talking sometimes, it’s showing the more mature side of you whilst ALL the while being wildly authentic.

So what does wild authenticity look like in a situation like that (parliament) whilst managing respect.

It looked like dressing up as a love heart on valentine’s day and handing out chocolates to all the federal members – because who doesn’t want a chocolate from a love heart on valentine’s day.

It looked like never ever taking myself too seriously at any and all ‘party’ functions and almost creating the loudest most fun, hilarious group situation where we could actually let our hair down, laugh and all show up with our sillier sides.

It meant having a drink with all the serious Shadow Ministers at the end of the sitting week and starting a “peaks and pits” of their week – going around in a circle sharing what we could do better, and what we did well that week (and for grown men & women who run our country to look forward to that session we used to do in the chairman’s lounge all waiting to fly home – was such a fun thing for me).

It meant telling Alan Joyce to his face that although I loved his airline, if we didn’t get chocolates back on the Thursday flight home I’d start a revolt (tongue in cheek) and get us all to start flying Virgin instead. (side note: guess who had chocolates back on the flight home by that Thursday night….. me.

You see – you can be respectful when you need to be – all huge examples above – but you can still ALWAYS, ALWAYS show up sincerely as yourself.

We are moving in to a world where authenticity is the new currency.

We are seeking authenticity over perfection.

We are asking for everyone around us to throw down their masks – and bare their souls.

We are obsessed with compassionate acts and unconditional love (well I am) – which is birthed from humanity stepping away from who they were told to be and stepping in to who they were born to be – authentic powerful beings.

We are hungry for freedom – authentic, delicious freedom.

The universe is calling forth a rebellion of a new kind – and more and more are listening to the call, not being able to resist the pull to put down their masks, light their own fire and step more in to their sincerely authentic selves.

And it’s beautiful and inspiring and extraordinary to watch.

Sincere authenticity IS the black and its here to stay, so don’t be afraid to step in to your own true divine self more and more.

It’s speaking up when your soul says to.

It’s owning who you are in front of a priest, a member of parliament or a homeless person.

It’s saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

It’s being exactly the same person as to who you are in ‘real life’ as to the person who you are showing up as online (side note; I always feel like I shouldn’t even need to say this one, but in 2017 I still do think that reminder needs to be in there).

It’s taking off every single last mask you have been holding on to, throwing it in to the fire and burning them once and for all.

It’s owning the bad ass extrovert parts of you along with the graceful and introvert parts.

It’s having the balls to live your boldest, grandest, most TRUE life – and if that means being the quietest librarian the world has ever seen or the most impactful world leader the world has ever known – BEAUTIFUL – just make sure you are showing up exactly as you are every.damn.day.

My only wish for you today though, is that you start somewhere – and I suggest that somewhere is in the next instance you go to crack a joke but don’t because you think it’s not ‘cool’ or you don’t speak up on a topic you’re actually red-hot passionate about – you actually DO instead, because THAT is who you are.






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Owning your story .. & your power


I’m Anna. “I know that” – is how I imagine you’ll be feeling right now. “We knowwho you are. You know, that girl behind lifesshinyprettythings, you travel a-lot, love champagne and inspiring quotes”. And you would be right. More than right, deeply correct in fact. However, behind every single human walking this divine planet, there is a story, a story that although YOU might think isn’t significant, is YOUR story and one that you should never shy away from.
Back in January of this year, I heard a lady I deeply respect and admire on stage say the following; “you only ever see the glory, you never see the story.” Something about that sentiment made my whole being scream ‘yes’. 
Which brings me to my space today, it’s just you, and me, and some honesty time. I felt it time you got to know some more of me. 
Why? For a multitude of reasons, but the main reason I wanted to share some of my back story was for this reason; to inspire people to never, ever, EVER be ashamed of their past or who they WERE, or where they came from.
Who you were, what you have done to yourself, what others have done to you – means nothing other than the power YOU give it. This honest heart to heart, just between you and I is for you to draw the line in the sand, move forward with huge divine leaps and bounds and owning that your past IS your past and that is totally ok.
And here is some of mine. 
So let’s start again shall we? 
Hi. I’m Anna. I’m 26, and madly in love – with life, my soulmate, the universe, and just showing up, each and every day to the best of my ability. But I wasn’t always this way. At all. I have been angry, hurt, consumed by rage and unknowingly a victim of believing that life and emotions controlled me.   
And that is where my story from an age I’m ready to share begins.
If you were standing in a room with me 10 years ago, you would have been standing with 16 year old me. That girl. Ooph. That girl. Even if you hated her she still would have hated herself more. She was full of anger, hate, self doubt. She desperatelywanted to fit in but had years ahead of her to discover she was actually born to stand out. She was stuck in a world of fakeness, self hate and lack of believing in herself. She was vulnerable and sad. She had come from a childhood of love from her mother, but anger and physical and emotional abuse from her stepfather. She knew she wanted to do something big in the world but couldn’t at all see a bright future. Her diary was filled with self loathing, sadness, anger, total despair. She felt like a nobody and nothing and she felt the best way to be loved and fit in was to conform, be silent, go with the crowds and let everybody stomp on her dreams if they were ‘cool’. She did however have a fight in her and a desperate will to be a somebody and something – but it was a daily battle of survival in her head. This went on for years, and years, and years.
5 years would past much the same and I developed in to 21 year old me. She…. oh boy, she was feisty,  and she was still desperately trying to work it out – but so much closer to the truth of it all and herself. She had spent years giving herself to boys too easily and abusing her body with drugs and alcohol. She was anxious, severely anxious to the point she needed to be medicated, and was still so deeply desperate to fit in. From 17 – 19 she hated a lot of men and used them like she felt she had been used. She didn’t care for her health – at all, and would do anything and everything to fit in to and stay part of the popular crowd. Her anger led her to girl fights and just using angry words didn’t cut it anymore, she had to use her fists as well. She  especially used harsh words against those that loved her most and cried most nights in the shower.  She even cut herself once or twice. Stupid crys for help I suppose.
Of course that Anna didn’t stem from just nowhere – I wasn’t just a misguided teen who didn’t get her own way and listen to sad music. There is much more to the story that I will one day share. But for now – just know life hasn’t always been abundance and positivity, rainbows and good times.
So that was her. Angry. Hateful. Self loathing. Would use her fists and her words to hurt anyone that was a threat.. Gave herself up to boys with minimal self worth. She truly believe the world was against her and no one could of told her otherwise She had, in every way shape and form, completely handed over her power.
21. Age 21. Remember this as well, that was 5 years ago. Just, 5 years ago. But age 21 was incredibly poignant for me as it was the year that I decided I wanted more. I wanted to figure out who I was. I wanted some of my power back. I knew, I so knew, that debilitating anxiety, the hate in which I would deliver words, developing adult acne and being grossly uncomfortable in social settings although I was ‘popular’ wasn’t normal – and so, I started to massively challenge the status quo.
I started to read motivational books. The first book I ever picked up that fundamentally changed my life was Tony Robins ‘awaken the giant within’. I didn’t at the time even give any thought to the book title but now today, when I think back on that book and what it did for my life – it is the title that I think of. I did in fact, start to awaken my giant within.
I changed up my routines. Hell, I developed routines (morning routines, exercise routines, healthier eating routines, self love routines). I said no to the odd social invitation that was just full of bitching, spiteful conversations and comparing the latest who wore what, and I worked really, truly, deeply hard – on myself. I started a blog to diary it all – the blog you’re reading today – and I started to cut the ‘shit’ from my life … drugs, friends and bad habits.
A funny thing happens when you’re trying to change, or grow or develop or be a better human though – people from your ‘old’ life don’t understand. They push back. They cut you out. Hell, they even bully you. And beautiful you – I had it all. I was “that” girl who almost let the world break her again. BUT. I realized in that moment, that the ‘friends’ who hadn’t once blinked when I was who I was when I hated myself, didn’t want anything to do with me when I went on a quest for self love and playing bigger. 
That was the next phase for me though. I went through bullying because I started a blog. I went through bitching and loosing friends because I wanted to change – be better, feel better, do better. You have to understand as well, this was at 23, when you feel you’ve gotten through most of the ‘shit’ to have the friends you want in your life. They were the exact ones holding me back however and when I decided to break free and give this thing called life a better go – they didn’t like it one bit. 
Lucky I never listened to a word they said. Instead of remaining small to fit back in, I deleted every single one of them from my life. And to this day, it is still the best decision I have ever made. To say it was easy and something you can quickly move on from would be a lie. That whole phase was in itself another journey I had to go on and learn from and grow stronger in. But I did.
It’s been 5 years since I went on the journey of self love, growth and went on my quest to play bigger in the world. And what a 5 years its been.
So what’s my story now? I love who I am. I get that I control my emotions and choices and that can either make me happy or unhappy – but its MY choice. I honour self love. I have a deeply loving, fulfilled divine relationship to my soul mate (soon to be married in 4 months!). I am truly happy. And I mean, wake up with a smile, go to bed with a smile – deeply grateful for every waking second ..happy. I live an enriched, extraordinary life (on my terms). I retired at 25 to become an entrepreneur and have just retired said hunky fiancé above from the multiple six figure (& growing) business I have.
And do you know the secret to it all? I honour every part of who I was right up until today. 16 year old Anna was a girl I honour, appreciate and acknowledge. 21 year old Anna was a girl I honour, appreciate and acknowledge. And 26 year old Anna? Hell yes I honour, appreciate and acknowledge her.
Just know this though – the life I get to live now I wasn’t ‘born’ in to and more importantly WHO I am today, is a far, far cry from who I was a mere 5 years ago.
So why tell you all of this? Because I believe, no matter who you are, no matter where you have come from, no matter what you’ve done or not done – your story matters – YOU MATTER. And if you THINK you can’t have it all – I am here to tell you otherwise. You can. 
You, totally,fucking matter. SO much more than you are giving yourself credit for and if you think your story of your past might haunt you, is boring, sad, whatever else – then its time to know that it isn’t, and it won’t. 
I think a big part of living quite ‘out there’ as well is people really do only sometimes see your success, your ‘glory’, not your ‘story’ – and not for any other reason than there aren’t opportunities for you to share this deeply or honestly – but this was an opportunity I decided needed to be taken. And the shiny stuff isn’t always relatable. You might still be on some level stuck where I was 5 or so years ago. With the shit friends, total lack of self confidence, consumed by anxiety, angry, having handed over your power. And for some, THAT might be the relatable aspect. What you have to believe and understand though is even if you feel stuck, or not where you want to be yet – if you want it bad enough you’ll get there and create the dream life you desire. And if you don’t believe it just yet – borrow my belief because its exponentially HUGE for you. 
OWN your past. OWN your story. OWN where you’ve come from. LOVE your perfectly imperfect self.
All that you are, all that you were, all that you hope to be – that is your story so its your power. You are so significant and have so much greatness inside of you.
I want to see more women rise up and say this is who I am. Flaws and all. This is who I am. Not so pleasant past and all. This is who I am. That is who I WAS but this is who I now AM.
Let your story inspire and empower you. Your time on this earth is so damn precious and you don’t have to accept anything less than extraordinary for one more day.
I didn’t – and I feel like I’m doing ok.
And know this. That every day, no matter who you are, no matter where you are in your life journey – I send you love, I send you light, and I am cheering you on … always.
Just own it. Own who you are, but don’t let it stop you from being who you were BORN to be for another day. Please just promise me that.
Big love, Anna xx


P.s the top photo was something I put up on Facebook a few months ago with the following excerpt – in the spirit of this post, I thought it was apt to share – especially because this post even a year ago would have been too hard for me to share … This post is in honour of having a voice, a voice I’ve grown over the past 7 years. Read a little more here; 

Just a little visual of how much can change in 7 years. The photo on the left was Morgs & I’s first Christmas together in 2007, a photo I didn’t even know existed until his mum pulled it out on Friday over Easter lunch. The photo on the right is us a few months ago (me make up free minus a smidge of mascara). 7 years. 7 years and different people and different worlds. 7 years, and a jaw surgery, 17 kg loss from me and 21kg loss from Morgs. When people ask me how or why I’m so positive this is the perfect example in pictures. Because I went on one HELL of a journey with this incredible, extraordinary man beside me the whole time. There was many (there still funnily enough are) people / ‘friends’ who never liked the transition from who I was on the left to the girl on the right. The girl on the left (largely due to my jaw, and how I felt about myself) kept herself well well within her comfort zone. Conformed. Got in to fist fights (yep). Tried desperately to fit in. Had debilitating / medicated anxiety (I wonder why!!). Kept journals on self hate. Fought with the one man who saw the spark in her and used harsh words. Had a seemingly fun, but bad relationship with drugs & alcohol and was of no service to the world (or Morgs) as I didn’t love myself so how could I ever love anybody else. Then I had my jaw surgery. & as I always knew, I grew more in to the woman I knew was in there just masked by deep deep insecurities and trying to fit in and play small. I started my blog I suppose as a way to journal for myself the new journey I had begun. The week I started it I lost almost all of my friends (biggest gift ever given to me in this life was loosing them all though) because they literally, literally couldn’t handle the girl I was trying to break free from and the girl I was trying to become. Morgs, of course, just pushed me to keep going and play bigger and show the world who I was. That was 4 years ago now. You can’t imagine the bullying I’ve had, negative words directed towards me, either to or behind my back, and the level of misunderstanding that has gone on in my life in the past 7 years, all because I was moving towards being who I wanted to be. Fact. That is who I am today – the loud, heart on my sleeve, POSITIVE, tellyouhowitis with love always, don’t have time for haters or negative people, adventurous, over sharing girl….of which I am really proud of. So what is the point of me telling you all of this… there are many but the main one is this. A HUGE thing I realised over the weekend is this. I grew a voice. Something I want for everyone. We all have different volumes, and although mine is loud – it’s for good reason. There are SO many people coming in to Morgs & I’s life at the moment because of our new (amazing) path we’ve taken and are taking with Isagenix – but the biggest thing I realise amongst our generation is people have lost their voice. They are SO scared to live in to the person they were born to be instead, being the person the world has told them to be. So this is my promise to you (especially you females, and Morgs is the same for the men)….Isa or not, if you are wearing masks, scared to speak up, speak out, change, grow, be more positive, hit post on that positive status or give a new opportunity a go, BUT are open to dropping the masks, to live more impeccably, to not be afraid to be more positive and to have a VOICE…then we’re here, cheering you on, sharing in your courage, lifting you up. The world has enough problems and I want to encourage more people in being the solution….you might get a negative asshole along the way, I sure have, but for every one of those, there are hundreds more positive ones – TRUST me, that I know. If you are one of the negative people that bring those people down just trying to give something a go – you are the sad one, and just know, to judge anyone is to judge yourself. Go live BRAVELY…go live with love, go live with gratitude and come and be a part our fun crazy abundant world. I went on a 7 year journey to have a voice….and no one, will ever take it from me again
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Links I Love

1. The Best Break up I ever  had an article you HAVE to read right now. Em from Olive on Blonde got this piece so so right & I will be forwarding this to LOTS of girls who email me looking for where to start on their loving themself journey. 
2.  A life with no left turns – My bella friend sent me this and it is a darling story written from a son about his father. Read it. Just read it. Sweet, it won’t take much time and you’ll walk away warm and fuzzy. I took this away from it most;  nothing in life is so important it can’t be put off another day or another week.” 

3. 4 ways to connect with the Water element for WinterA post done by Rhiannon Griffiths (from website of the same name) posted on the beautiful Claire from This is Lifeblood blog. After spending most of my day at the beach yesterday in Winter’s sun when I read this post I felt it couldn’t have been more perfect. 

4. A recipe for Raw Chocolate Tarts – dished up on the divine Emily’s blog ‘Bless this Mess’. Let me just say, you’re welcome. These are going up HIGH on my to bake list. 

5. 7 ways (besides sex) to emotionally connect with your partner I wrote these out in my notebook when I found this article they are THAT good. If you are in a relationship…please read this, if you are a mum and have a younger daughter or son, send it to them! There is so much truthful amazing goodness in this article that has even helped mine & Morgs relationship (especially point number one) 

6. 20 things happy people never do You want a quick article on an idea on things you can do to be a happier you? This article is for you. It is unreal and incredibly true. Print it out and remind yourself daily. Happiness is yours, you deserve that. 


Have a wonderful weekend sweet souls. Make some time for you and do one thing that you have been putting off doing but you know will make you happy. 

My Happiness List

I have some big/scary/exciting/ohmygodamIreallydoing this news that I will be sharing in this space next week – I’m not pregnant mum sorry – and until I can ground this energy that I am feeling from it all and focus on pouring my heart and soul in to a post that explains my next steps on my self fulfilling purpose and journey I want to fill your day with other things that are incredibly high on my Happiness List. 
Breakfast date with soul friends

I consider myself incredibly, oh so mucho blessed with the beautiful woman (& men) I have surrounding me in life. They’re soulful, loving, supporting, kind, creative, funny – all the things you want your peeps to be like in your tribe, and I’ve got em. Mix those kind of souls with my favourite meal of the day – breakfast – and you have some of the best dates life could ever serve up. The past weekends I’ve packed my Saturday & Sundays full to the brim with soulful catch ups – & food – with my beautiful friends and it couldn’t make me more filled with love and utter gratitude for who I have in my life. A divine date on the beach on a sunny Winters day with my friend who is a shining beacon of love, warmth and light set my whole weekend off on the right foot, backed up with an overdue brekky date with my 3 girlfriends I went to uni with who rock my world – no wonder I wake with so much gratitude. 
For you: Book a breakfast date with some of your favourite people with no plans after so you can just sit and enjoy the food, the laughter and the company. Breakfast places in Perth I adore; Moore & Moore cafe Fremantle, CNR Cafe in Northbridge, and the above view in the left picture was served up from Bib & Tucker on Leighton Beach whilst the right yummy goodness can be ordered at the sexy as fuck Gordon St Garage (go the porridge with quinoa and maple syrup you know you want to) 

Being a speaker at our weekly Wellness Wednesdays 

I had this big goal plastered on my vision board that I always thought would happen, but would just come later. You know, once I had more experience, once I’d done more courses, when I developed my story more – just, later. As with all things of the heart though, the universe had other plans and the last 3 months has seen my dream on my vision board leap off the page and in to reality. I get to stand in front of 70 – 100 people on a Wednesday with other members of my incredible team and share my story on how I’m currently rocking it – how I earnt my residual income so fast, what nutritional cleansing is all about, and how if you choose for life to be easy it is. 
For you: If you’re interested in coming along one week, we hold them every Wednesday at Leighton Beach Surf Life Saving Club and best of all they’re FREE. So you have nothing to lose everything to gain and I’d LOVE to meet some of my readers (p.s I’m off to Vegas next week however so will be back on 14th August to speak at them again (more rev’d up than evahhhhh) 
My Angel Cards + Bang on Readings

I share very rarely in this space the side to me that is quite spiritually connected and in tune with messages and feelings from mine and others guides. The more I find I am aligning with my purpose the stronger the connection is getting. A beautiful beautifullll girlfriend of mine Lee – who has her own bangin’ space found here – bought me my very own pack of Angel Therapy cards to work with and I had some spare hours on Sunday to do some readings. As I said at the start of this post, there is a LOT going on in life that has come about from a huge decision I will share next week but sitting to channel some energy and asking the question “what is most important for me to focus on to get through this next phase” I pulled Base Chakra. BOOM. Thank you Angels, your Anna girl is listening. 
Base Chakra: Choose only positive thoughts to describe your home, career, and finances as your words determine your outcome. This card indicates that you’re focused on your material needs, such as desiring more money. It’s emperative that you use only positive words and phrases to describe your current situation. Affirm your desires as already being a reality, and avoid worry. The Base Chakra, located at the bottom of your spinal column, is the energy center that governs your feelings about your material needs. To open your flow of Divine manifestations, imagine yourself inhaling and sending healing light to the base of your spine. Since every worry is a prayer, drawing to you that which you’re worrying about, notice and replace worries with prayers and affirmations. Call upon the angels to boost your faith and confidence, which are two magical ingredients in conscious manifestations.
For you: Take some time to connect to who you are and what makes you truly happy. I suggest getting in a quiet space, lighting some candles and meditating or writing (or both) and just allowing whatever comes to come up. Imagine living a life of your perfect days. What does that look like? How does it feel? Write it down. Just take some time for YOU this week. Have a bath, eat dinner by candlelight, book a date with your loved one. Connect back to you and your source.

This quote from my girl Danielle LaPorte

Because I loved it so much it made my heart pound. Isn’t  it powerful? Beautifully raw and overwhelmingly powerful. It is through pain that we discover the JOY of living. I get, more than you’ll ever know that life can give you curveballs, hell, it can even be, dare I say it…shit. You will have off days, dark weeks and bleak months…but its what you do to get yourself out of those moments that shows true character and personal growth. 

To not be anything but soulfully grateful for every breathe that we breath and day that we have to live does life a dishonour. We are all powerful beyond measure. By living and being a part of this earth. Even on the days when you think you don’t feel like it, or are too tired, or can’t be bothered, or let sadness overcome you – be grateful. That you’re still here, a part of life, living, connected, resilient. 

I recently heard “If you are not making someone else’s life better, you’re wasting your time” and I adored it. 

How are you showing up in life?? Are you vibrating love? Connecting to a positive energy? Are you attracting abundance and love and success in to your life? If you’re not, look at what you’re thinking, what are your actions? What do you do in each day? 

We are all here to make a difference. I want you to be a shining example of love and happiness and it starts with working on YOU. 

Relaxing weekends / Wedding Venue Scoping 

There is much a buzz in the future Mr & Mrs Richards household (that’s us eep) as we are getting seriously serious about booking in our wedding venue. Morgs was starting to get confused (and I think a little worried) when I still hadn’t really started looking at where we were going to promise our forevers to. The thing is though, I just knew that when it happened it would happen and what is meant to be will always be. This past weekend was when it happened and as I always imagined it to be, it was. We made a relaxing day trip down south to look at a place – that also just happens to have been in my family for 6 generations. We think we might have just settled on our venue. Think rustic, romantic charm, barn, sprawling grass for games, 200 rose bushes and olive and oak trees surrounding the exact spot where we potentially will say our I do’s. It was a really surreal moment and having Morgs energy and excitement around me was such a beautiful moment for me. This whole wedding thing is exciting, but the fact I get to marry my souls other half and have him forever is the part that is really making me excited – and to be honest really quite emotional. I have welcomed and allowed calm, love, peace and flow in to any and all plans we make for the wedding and the day was just perfect. Laughs, looks of ‘ohmygodwearereallygettingmarried and moments where I had to pinch myself when Morgs was getting SO excited about exactly where we could get photos if here was where we get married. Let’s just say my heart is literally bursting from love.


Your turn beautiful. What are some of the things on your happiness list right now?? I’d love to hear whats lighting you up, engaging you in life and keeping your belly and heart full of gratitude. 

4 ways to live a happier life

Life, whether you are having a great day or a bad day, truly is a beautiful, overwhelmingly extraordinary gift. Here we are on planet earth, just far enough away from the sun to sustain life, living and breathing, being gifted day after day after day.

Whatever you believe in, whatever cards you’ve been dealt, it is our duty and obligation to full comprehend that life truly is a gift and is yours to honour and to live with gusto.

We choose what we feel, what we experience, what we interpret, so today I am challenging you to always choose happiness and here are some of my ways I seize my days.

Be more Grateful 

Did you know that? No, did you really reallyyyyy know that? Gratitude, and expressing gratitude is so fundamental to living a more joy filled existence. Starting every day with gratitude can solely change your life. As soon as your eyes open, smile, because you have a new day that is yours to fill with anything and everything that you love. 

Have you been able to wake in a warm bed? How incredibly lucky. Were you then able to jump in to a hot shower and wash your skin? Even more amazing. Do you have the love of your life living with you or some adorable kids you have brought in to the world? GIVE THANKS.

We get so caught up in what’s not going right for us these days that we forget to give thanks for what is going right – so much of our days and moments are things we take for granted, but it is all things to be grateful for. Once you start finding gratitude in the small things, like a hot cup of coffee, or a smile you got from a stranger, you will start to attract more wonderful things in to your life. Like attracts like, the law of attraction works in marvellous and beautiful ways. Like Shakti Gawain says –If we are basically positive in attitude, expecting and envisioning pleasure, satisfaction and happiness, we will attract and create people, situations, and events which conform to our positive expectations.” 

The more you strengthen your gratitude meter the happier you will become. Don’t ever let another day pass without at least writing either in the morning or at night, 3 things you were happy about. Buy a journal or even just scribble it on the fridge, but jot down what you are grateful for, your gains, little or big, significant or not, and watch your life change in an instant and the law of attraction welcome up some beautiful moments for you. 
& remember….

Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us be thankful – Leo Buscaglia

Quit Comparing

Does it feel like your girlfriend always seems to just be so flawless even on bad days? Or the places you hang out online recently all seem to be flooded with the same girls killing it? Or maybe you are not where you want to be weight wise and if you could just loose another 5kg like that girl you see at the gym? 

STOP IT. Right now. Don’t ever waste another minute or slice of your precious energy on comparing yourself to someone or something seemingly ‘better off’ than you.
We were all born as complete individuals in a vast and astounding world. We each carry a unique soul, a unique set of fingerprints and a unique dna code. We each value things differently, have been brought up with different values, and react to things differently. So why would you ever for a second compare where you’re at or what you look like to anybody buy yourself? 
They say the only person you should ever compete with is the person you were yesterday, and it’s so true. I also loved reading the quote up above – don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20. Let go of comparitinitis – and start living your own story, dance to the beat of that own amazing drum and start living your own life. You are so stunningly divine and have so so much to share with the world as yourself. As soon as you can harness that and start living that truth, that’s when you will grow exponetially and wonder how or why you ever compared in the first place. 
Where you’re at and how you’re doing it is just fine babe, perfect in fact. 
& remember…

“If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition” – Scott Stratten

Be of Service

One of the fastest ways you can improve your day is by improving someone else’s. The minute you take the focus off you and how you can help yourself, and instead shift your energy towards helping others, the minute your life will take a dramatic turn. 
We are here to align with our purpose and ultimately, each and every one of our purposes is to serve others. Through helping others we help ourselves. It costs nothing to smile at a stranger, to offer to carry an older person’s groceries to the car, to go and read books or paint nails in the local aged care homes. It costs nothing to give a genuine compliment, to give your time at a hospital or for a great cause and it costs nothing (in hindsight) to donate small amounts to great wonderful causes. 
Life is on fire when you serve,  it gels, it aligns, you vibrate at a higher frequency – it just it makes sense. So next time you’re having an off day, or week or month – give some time to a worthy cause, give an unexpected compliment or try to make a goal to make at least 10 people laugh in that day, not just because they’re worth it…but you’re worth it.

Exercise Daily 

That’s right, you have to get up, and get moving. We all know the benefits of exercise, you know, stuff like reducing your risk of getting heart disease, increasing your level of muscle strength, enhancing your sexual desire (yup) and helping you to more effectively manage stress, but it also just feels really fucking good

Endorphin’s are clever, amazing little things that kick in after a good solid work out, they really are a free high. Even if you can just get up and get moving for half an hour a day, be it on your lunch break, or even before and after work you will feel so so much better for it (not to mention start looking healthier and in turn happier as well). 

There really are no excuses. Winter is always going to come, so we need to just embrace the cold, if you’re tired in the mornings, go to bed earlier, if you complain you have no time, then we need to talk – there are 24 useable hours in a day and you might need to just look at how effectively you’re managing your time. Getting up and getting moving is so important to a happier and healthier body and brain function so make a promise to yourself that there will be no more excuses and if you do fall off the wagon, you don’t waste a minute in time getting back up again. 

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My Happiness List

I woke up on Saturday morning with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. A gratitude so deep I kept feeling like I was going to cry, in fact, I did have a few little tears as I was driving from appointment to appointment.
The tears weren’t from overwhelm or sadness though, but just from deep, deep appreciation for life and all that was in mine currently.
Don’t get me wrong either. Life isn’t peachy perfect. There are stresses from a day job, there are still petty arguments and there are still nights where I get minimal sleep – but none of that matters. There really is no secret to all of this, but if there is one thing to remember through your hours in the day and days of the week it is this. What we think about, expands, and what we focus on we attract. If I focused on what’s not right, on what is not making me super grateful at the moment – guess what I’ll be attracting more of? Bad shit of course.
Instead, I choose to engage in the positive, I allow myself to wake, with the deepest gratitude in my belly that just seems to be growing by the day and guess what happens? That gratitude expands more and more. Gratitude for the smallest of things, like your warm doona, Winters sun, hot peppermint tea, laughter from a loved one – that is what makes life worth living.
There is so much in my life at the moment I am grateful for. Wedding plans + new business launches + growing friendships + impending holidays + my beautiful online community + updating our home + amillionotherthings. But putting the big stuff aside, I wanted to honour the ‘little’ stuff – the moments and memories and words that are making my life so incredibly rich at the moment.

This article on ‘love in pictures’ by the beautiful Mary from ‘Mary & Justin’ 

Do you have those friends that catching up with them is like Christmas Eve and you know you won’t drag yourself away from the date for at least 5-6 years? I do. Her name is Belinda (B) and she not only fills my life with love and joy and glitter puffs, she sends me rad links she thinks I might adore – and this was one of them. Meet two strangers in love. Mary – who wrote the article – was waiting in a hairdressing waiting room next to the elderly gentleman when his wife came out from her appointment. He treated her with adoration and love and he was showing her off like they were giddy teenagers in love. Mary goes on to write a small love letter to her husband Justin and it is all just heart warmingly gorgeous. It’s stories like this that I know contribute to the good in the world.
Quality Time interventions with the man 
Because sometimes life gets so busy I forget that I need to stop and remember what it’s all about. 
Because sometimes I need a loving but forceful “anna you need to have some time for yourself away from the laptop. 
Because sometimes HE needs some time with just me. No phones, no laptops, no tv’s. Just us. 
Because sometimes there is nothing better to do on a warm Winters day in Perth than go back to your favourite walking spot that you haven’t walked in months. 
Because sometimes – you both just need some quality time. 
& he is the one that can do all of the above for me. Sunday afternoon saw us stroll hand in hand for 7km around Perth (Mt Pleasant) Bridges for some down time quality time and it was so just what the doctor ordered. Peace. Calm. Laughs. Catch up. I was ready to take on the world again (& he was ready to let me).

Breakfast with my gorgeous girl – & bridesmaid – Dee

My soul sista’ Dee & I have been breakfast dating for a couple of years now and it is a tradition that I cherish so much. There will never be enough hours in the day for our catch ups but it’s these kind of soulful hang outs – where there is laughter, love, support that make my days and life so SO rich and worthwhile.

Memories of travelling the world with my love 

If you have been a reader of this space for awhile, you’ll know my love & I took a 4.5 month trip of a lifetime through Europe last year and had THE time of our lives – it was also when and where he proposed! I am still getting around to putting photos up and this week had some spare minutes to put the Spanish part of our leg up. We travelled through Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Mallorca & San Sebastian and it was such an incredible part of our trip. 
I am SO for living hard in the moment, being present, putting the camera away at treasured moments to actually just ‘be’ but I truly can’t tell you just how important it is – and was to us – to get snap happy on our holiday, and I will be happy about that forever. Looking back over our photos I am literally transported right back to the exact moment on the exact day and can even remember what I was feeling or what Morgs and I were talking or laughing about. I’ll cherish the photos and memories for-ev-ah and it was so sweet being able to have this week to look back over some of them. 
Current books in my life 

There are few things that I consider necessary to live an abundant and happy life & reading amazing books is one of them. This is what I currently have on my bedside table and I make sure I read for 30 minutes in bed every night or at least 1 chapter of a book. Words can change a mindset, a mood, a life – even a nation. If you want other reading inspiration I posted the 10 books that changed my life here. 
I hope you are filling your happiness list this week with the small stuff and the big stuff – like phone calls from friends, excitement for dinner dates, coziness of your bed, the smile from a stranger and the fact we got to wake up for a new day with 24 beautiful hours before us. 

Gratitude List

Some days, you’re going to wake up and wish the hurt will go away. Or maybe you’ll think that there isn’t even any point trying anymore as the light at the end of the tunnel is too dim. Some days will be much, much harder than others and some days, there might feel like there’s nothing else good to hold on to, but what I want to make you believe to your core, is that there is always, always something to be grateful for. If you woke up that morning, that is the greatest gift you have been given and an amazing place to start. Hurt fades. There is always a point to fighting for your dreams, and goals and feelings and there is always good in this world to hold on to. 
You are a beautiful soul, seeking out what it is that makes you feel good and trying to find some purpose and fulfillment in this life. Don’t ever fret if you haven’t worked it out yet the fact you know that you want to is the most important part of it all. 
On your journey though, and in those moments of self doubt, fear, negative mind talk, total unsureness – be grateful, for even the tiniest of things, because gratitude makes your life full. 
The Challenge

I challenge you to buy a journal to carry around in your handbag, and when you get stressed out, when you have a negative thought or start to get stuck in an unhappy mood, pull out your journal and write one thing that you’re grateful for. It doesn’t need to be a big thing, it can be that your ipod happened to shuffle 3 of your favourite songs in a row that morning (because we all know how freaking amazing that is when it happens). The trick here is to just fully release that there is so much more positive energy you can commit to and be grateful for that serves you, instead of getting stuck in negative thoughts or attitudes that don’t serve you.
I actually do the above, and here is a small snippet of what was found in my ‘inspiration journal’ from my week. 
+ My hot shower this morning. The fact that I can trust when I wake from a deep sleep, I can have a hot shower to clean my body and have those minutes to relax. 
+ The cappuchino Morgs woke me up with on Saturday to let me sleep in an extra 10 minutes. 
+ My Morning rituals before this crazy stressful day – it offers me peace, energy, calm, a feeling of fulfillment and I am blessed that I am committed to my self love each morning to set me up each and every day to start my day right. 
+ The girl dancing away in her car this morning that made me smile and wave and remind me that life is too damn short to not dance to your favourite song, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. 
Gorgeous, when you’re showing up to life fully, the universe rewards you, you will be on purpose and that is the greatest gift you can reward yourself and others. Showing up means being mindful of your thoughts, being authentically you, having a heart that’s full of gratitude, being kind, sharing joy, giving. I implore you this week to show up. BE YOU. Shine bright, be grateful and when the negative anything creeps in – pull that journal out and counteract it with a positive thing you’re grateful about – if you commit to this fully, I warn you, your life may take a life changing turn for the best. 
With a heart full of love, and a belly full of gratitude,
Anna xx

Letting your you out – do it for YOU beautiful

I had every intention of sitting down tonight and sharing with you some of Morgs & I’s wonderful trip to Melbourne. Show you the food, and sights and laughs we shared, and I will, but there is something that won’t leave me alone that I feel needs to be poured out of my heart instead. 
Everytime I started writing the sentence to begin about something else, there it was, a gentle ebb and flow asking me to write this instead, pulling at me subtly, the words on my heart that needed to come out; so let’s go, you need to hear this, it needed to be heard.
Gorgeous. Please believe me when I say..
You can do this. 
And I mean you can honestly, really, actually, truly do this. 
Whatever your this is. You CAN do it. 
Write the book. Book the holiday. End the toxic relationship. Say Yes to that date. Cut the shit friends from your life. Start exercising. Start eating healthier. Smiling more. Loving more freely. Laughing harder. Seeing joy in more things. Being successful. Setting and achieving goals. 
Just CHOOSE it. I want you to honestly believe it. 
I did. I just chose what I wanted and I went for it. And I continue to do that every single day. I have moments, and you will too. There will be moments that you’re unsure. Tired. Wanting to be lazy. Wanting to pick the easier route. To Give up. To Let go. To blame external circumstances instead of looking inward. 
But you’re the one who chooses. 
When you understand that and believe it with your whole being that’s when you step in to your power. 
So choose to keep going. Choose to not give up. Choose to swap a bad day for an hour of laughs and love instead. Choose to forgive. Choose to push through. Choose to smile more. Choose a positive over a negative. Choose to fill your life with your tribe. Choose to love. Choose to live. 
Hold on to your why. And you’ll get there. You’ll get whatever it is you desire. 
You need to stop, for a moment, and breathe and believe these words. 
There is nothing in this life you can’t have. 
Our actions dictate our outcomes, our perception dictates our moods. Perceive better. Choose better. Act better. 
You are beautiful. 
You are worthy. 
You are an extraordinary being who DESERVES the life of your dreams. 
And you CAN HAVE IT. You have the same hours in the day as the great legends of the world like Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey or Michael Jordan. 
You can be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Have what you want to have. What are you doing to change your current circumstances to get closer to that? 
It’s not hard. Just believe in your self worth. Be authentic. Give freely. Honour your divine soul. 
Better your mood. Change your thoughts. Read better books. Make better choices. 
I just want you for today, to believe this with your whole soul – that you can do this. You can live the life of your wildest dreams you just have to believe it, act on it and choose to go after it. 
I’ll always be here for you. Cheering you on, sending you love and light as you make better choices, set and achieve your goals and declare your authenticity to the universe. 
You really are so beautiful – and I am glad we are sharing this world together. 
With so much hope, love and big beams of supportive light,
Anna xx
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How to get to where you want to go; Tips on living the life you DESIRE

Oh gorgeous. Where do I even begin??
A mind shift happened to me over the weekend. A huge one and it came like no other shift has ever come before. It was exciting, calming, exhilarating, truly overwhelming.
The mind shift?
Pure and utter belief.
In goals. In knowing that anything a mind sets itself too, it can achieve. That we CAN be who we want to be, do what we want to do, have what we want to have.
Of course, I have felt that before. Totally.Utterly. BELIEVED it with my whole heart….but this was different. Like something unlocked, and it was a turning point in my life and there wouldn’t be any more doubt surrounding belief in goals and myself ever again.
It all started by being given the most extraordinary opportunity on the weekend to attend a conference with the company I do my nutritional cleansing through (if you haven’t read it yet, my review on it is here). I went excited, knowing I would walk away at the end of the 2 days with a mind full of confidence in product knowledge. Never did I imagine though I would have walked away with how much more than I did though.

Belief. Fear busting confidence. Support.Love.Next level motivation.New strengthened friendships.
The biggest take home for me though was 2 things.
First it came from a beautiful & inspiring friend Peta Kelly who got up and ROCKED the stage (did I mention she’s only 24). She spoke about your WHY. She left her heart & soul on that stage & it was HUGE turning point for me. In fact, my biggest take away quote from the whole event that resonated hardest for me was her own …..
“When your whys are bigger than your why not’s, you will succeed”
What IS your why? So you want a million dollars by the time you’re 30?? (let’s use my goal as the example) … but WHY?? You need to emotionally connect to that. So when you are tired, when you don’t see much light at the end of any tunnel, when you have doubts, overwhelming fear, can’t be bothered…whatever it is that is holding you back from getting one step closer … you just need to remember your WHY.
Me? I want a million dollars to retire my mum and support Morgans and my own family. My why is to buy my mum that cottage house on the big block with the wrap around verandah, big beautiful oak tree out the front and enough rooms for the grandkids and walked her to the front door hand her the keys and say…I love you, more than you’ll ever know, thank you for all that you’ve done our whole lives – this is yours. To gift her the life she has gifted me.
As I wrote that, I started crying. In fact, as I am still writing this, I have big tears streaming down my face. I’m THAT emotionally connected to my why. I’ve had my why since I was about 12. SO you can imagine how committed I can stay to my goals with an emotional connection like that.
The other huge take away I took which is so in tune with that came from Australian 5 time Olympian & gold medal winner Natalie Cook.
She shared her 5 P’s in life. HOW she got to compete for 20 years (5 Olympics) in the Olympics. HOW she won her Gold Medal for Australia (it just gives you shivers doesn’t it??)
In ALL that you do, in ALL that you want to achieve, in ALL that you set your mind to you have to have the following:
A Purpose
A Plan
The right People
A purpose so clear there isn’t a doubt in your mind, THIS is exactly where the emotional connection to your why comes back in. GET TO KNOW YOUR WHY GORGEOUS.
A set plan on how to then get there (remember my post onchunking your goals down? GREAT place to start).
The next step is filling your life with the right people – cut the shit from your life. Today is a better day than ever to do it. Has one of your ‘friends’ been holding your truth back because you’re worried they might not get the change you’re about to go through?? DELETE them from your life. A friend, true friends, inspire, uplift, support, encourage, cheerlead the shit out of your empowering decisions. Any one who isn’t doing that isn’t worth your energy. (note; I get a lot of emails from girls asking for advice on being more positive, living happier lives, achieving goals….THIS IS ONE OF MY BIGGEST HINTS THAT I JUST SHARED)
You have to have PASSION. For life. I always say it. Life is a gift. A big, beautiful, vivid, overwhelming gift. HONOUR THAT!!! Have passion because of it. You’re here, you have gifts, you can share them, you can inspire, be inspired, follow goals and be happy – let that passion be set on FIRE.
And most importantly, with all of it. Have perseverance. No matter what. Keep going. And going and going. And going. And just when you want to give up or you feel your disconnecting from your why, dig deeper and KEEP GOING. As Natalie Cook said “courage is your willingness to fail over and over and over again without ever giving up”. 
When you have those moments of doubt though. Of fear so debilitating it holds you back. When you watch what you’re saying because you’re scared of what people might think. When you’re sad. When  you feel like there’s no point. When you just can’t be bothered. It means ONE OF YOUR P’s IS OUT OF BALANCE…go back, re address, re align and get back on your souls purpose track. 
You see beautiful. YOU CAN DO THIS. With the right purpose, with the deep deep connection to your why.
YOU CAN DO THIS. With the right plan that fits you. Your purpose, your goals, gifts. Make it soulfully yours. Don’t plan to society norms or what you think you should be doing it. Set the plan with your whole gut and believe in it like nothing else.
YOU CAN DO THIS. With the right people. Cut the shit from your life. Fill it with real friends, soul friends, true friends, like I always say – grow that tribe, that big beautiful, overwhelmingly supportive tribe.
YOU CAN DO THIS.With Passion. Passion set on fire. Kick it up a notch gorgeous. LOVE what you do, and if you don’t love it, change it!!!  A day not doing something you love with someone you love is a day wasted.
YOU CAN DO THIS. With Perseverance. Don’t ever, ever, ever give up. The difference between you and somebody else who WILL succeed is they won’t give up when it gets a little tough. They’ll keep going. No matter what. And you will too.

The challenge? I really want you to share your why. WHY do you want what you do? WHY are you going after your goals? It can be anything. It could even be “because I finally want to after all these years start taking care of me” OR… “ because I need to look hot” WHATEVER it is, let’s get to your why…the sooner you connect to it, the sooner you can start on your own path to success.
I can’t WAIT to hear from you in the comments below xx
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The Secret to happiness; You get to CHOOSE how you feel.

I want to get a little personal here. Maybe even step on a few toes, but it’s been something that is on my heart and sneaking in to a shit tonne of my conversations recently.
I want to talk to you about Choices. Your choices in fact.
You have power beautiful. In fact SO much power I don’t even think you understand.
At any given moment, on any given day, for any given event…you, you vast & brilliant soul, have the power to choose.
Choose how you react. Choose how you feel. Choose how you want to interpret what is happening. Choose the outcome of the whole situation.
We have at the tips of our fingertips an incredibly powerful tool that wants to support us in every given second. Our Minds. THAT is what gives us the power of choice.
You choose anger over happiness. You can just as easily choose happiness over anger instead.
You choose frustration over remaining calm & peaceful. You can just as easily choose calm & balanced state of mind over frustration.
You choose stressing out instead of knowing you WILL get through it & you ARE ok. And guess what? You can just as easily choose believing you will get through it and that you are ok instead of stressing out.
You choose guilt & suspicion over trust and love. You can un choose it just as fast and choose love and trust instead.
You just have to CHOOSE.
Choose happiness.
Choose love.
Choose being ok.
Choose not feeling stressed. Breathe. Think with perspective.
Choose Peace.
I swear to you gorgeous it’s that simple. Caught in a traffic jam and running late? You are the only one working yourself up over it. Nobody is forcing you too. Nobody is making you get angry, but you. Your boyfriend hasn’t done something that you really wanted him to? (well you should communicate better but that’s a whole other post) Choose understanding & calm instead of blame and anger and moodiness.
There is honestly no secret to my positivity and happiness – I CHOOSE these feelings every.single.day. I am so very aware at how I have the power to pick how I want to feel, that how I interpret a situation is what gives me my outcome so I just ensure I choose better feelings. There is no point, ever, to choose negativity over happiness, or stress over calm. EVERY time I read this quote I literally yell YES so loud on the inside as it is speaks it’s truth so loud…
“Actually I just woke up one day and I decided I didn’t want to feel like that anymore, or ever again, so I changed. Just Like that.”
Your challenge then beautiful if you choose (there’s that word again) to accept it…
This week be consciously aware of your feelings – and choose the better option. CHOOSE to not get stressed out over silly things that are going to pass anyway. CHOOSE to not get angry over little insignificant moments that worth aren’t negative or bad energy. CHOOSE love over judgement. CHOOSE positive thoughts over negative ones.
We are the creators of our own universe, we are what we think and we can CHOOSE at any given moment to feel better and pick a thought or feeling that serves us over one that doesn’t.
I want you to choose Love. Happiness. Peace. Belief. Hope. That it will be ok. That you will get through it. That there is so much more to life than the negatives you might be going through. 
Above all – I want you to choose a life that you love living, and that starts with the choice of your thoughts.
Light & love,
Anna xx
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