What sincere authenticity is to me – and why I am obsessed with it.

Sitting on the ground yesterday in the beautiful Perth sunshine, I got chatting to one of Morgan and I’s friends on the street who’s clothes we are honoured to wash weekly. For the purposes of her privacy I am going to call her Sarah.

Sarah and I were catching up on each other’s week and she told me that she had just started to read 50 shades of Grey, and I was interested to hear what book she was up to as I too had read the series I told her. We started snorting with hysteria though as I went on to explain…

“Isn’t it funny though how you totally need your man around when you read it as they are absolute turn on books (*note, Sarah is in a loving relationship). Except you have just read about how wild and hot and steamy Christian and Anastasia are and then when you go to do it you’re still just Starfish”.

Cue tears streaming down our faces kind of laughing because we both knew it was true.

The conversation continued on just talking about the normal things of life, kids, family, relationships, you know – the usual kind of conversation you’d have with anyone.

Mid shift I walked over to the toilets laughing quietly to myself again about our conversation about the 50 shades of Grey books, which made me think about the countless other times I have had that conversation with so many women since reading the book in 2012 – women in parliament, good girlfriends over a wine, strangers when I used to see them reading it in parks.

And walking back over to where our friends and Morgan were sitting that sunny afternoon, it dawned on me that THAT is sincere authenticity.

Not the fact that I can talk about sex or ‘risky’ books with anyone – that’s not the point. But the fact that no matter who I am with, no matter what I am doing, no matter where I am – I can just show up as who I am and say the same thing in front of a friend on the street or a member of parliament.

Now – do not get me wrong. I am acutely aware that some conversations aren’t appropriate in front of a Priest (for respect) or a 4-year-old (due to age appropriateness) or a Prime Minister (for, well, I suppose for respect although I personally think they’re just normal human beings) – so I am not talking about that. I know that sometimes, sure what we say or how we can act does have to differ slightly person to person – but there is a huge distinction between managing respect and being sincerely authentic.

Managing Respect comes down to just knowing what volume to be at I believe, but still always living in to who you authentically. And by volume, I don’t mean that literally.

I’ll give you an example.

Back when I worked in Federal Politics, I used to always have to go in to what I called ‘the big boy meetings’ – with Ministers of portfolio’s, or CEO’s of big corporations (i.e Alan Joyce), you were constantly also meeting ex Prime Ministers (my favourite one being the time I got to have a chat with the Hon John Howard) and current Prime Ministers (who at the time was Opposition Leader – Tony Abbott).

Now. If you know me well, (or not even well, if you just follow me on social media recently or over the years), you know that I am a pretty crazy, cheeky, fun human who has an affinity for the word fuck, being silly and champagne, unicorns (yes, even at the age of 28) and hot chips– just to name a tiny aspect of me.

So when I would go in to these ‘big boy meeting’s’ I would always manage my respect, BUT I would show up sincerely authentically as myself.

What does that look like?

It means knowing that in some moments, sure, the word fuck is not the best option so to not use it. It’s listening more than talking sometimes, it’s showing the more mature side of you whilst ALL the while being wildly authentic.

So what does wild authenticity look like in a situation like that (parliament) whilst managing respect.

It looked like dressing up as a love heart on valentine’s day and handing out chocolates to all the federal members – because who doesn’t want a chocolate from a love heart on valentine’s day.

It looked like never ever taking myself too seriously at any and all ‘party’ functions and almost creating the loudest most fun, hilarious group situation where we could actually let our hair down, laugh and all show up with our sillier sides.

It meant having a drink with all the serious Shadow Ministers at the end of the sitting week and starting a “peaks and pits” of their week – going around in a circle sharing what we could do better, and what we did well that week (and for grown men & women who run our country to look forward to that session we used to do in the chairman’s lounge all waiting to fly home – was such a fun thing for me).

It meant telling Alan Joyce to his face that although I loved his airline, if we didn’t get chocolates back on the Thursday flight home I’d start a revolt (tongue in cheek) and get us all to start flying Virgin instead. (side note: guess who had chocolates back on the flight home by that Thursday night….. me.

You see – you can be respectful when you need to be – all huge examples above – but you can still ALWAYS, ALWAYS show up sincerely as yourself.

We are moving in to a world where authenticity is the new currency.

We are seeking authenticity over perfection.

We are asking for everyone around us to throw down their masks – and bare their souls.

We are obsessed with compassionate acts and unconditional love (well I am) – which is birthed from humanity stepping away from who they were told to be and stepping in to who they were born to be – authentic powerful beings.

We are hungry for freedom – authentic, delicious freedom.

The universe is calling forth a rebellion of a new kind – and more and more are listening to the call, not being able to resist the pull to put down their masks, light their own fire and step more in to their sincerely authentic selves.

And it’s beautiful and inspiring and extraordinary to watch.

Sincere authenticity IS the black and its here to stay, so don’t be afraid to step in to your own true divine self more and more.

It’s speaking up when your soul says to.

It’s owning who you are in front of a priest, a member of parliament or a homeless person.

It’s saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

It’s being exactly the same person as to who you are in ‘real life’ as to the person who you are showing up as online (side note; I always feel like I shouldn’t even need to say this one, but in 2017 I still do think that reminder needs to be in there).

It’s taking off every single last mask you have been holding on to, throwing it in to the fire and burning them once and for all.

It’s owning the bad ass extrovert parts of you along with the graceful and introvert parts.

It’s having the balls to live your boldest, grandest, most TRUE life – and if that means being the quietest librarian the world has ever seen or the most impactful world leader the world has ever known – BEAUTIFUL – just make sure you are showing up exactly as you are every.damn.day.

My only wish for you today though, is that you start somewhere – and I suggest that somewhere is in the next instance you go to crack a joke but don’t because you think it’s not ‘cool’ or you don’t speak up on a topic you’re actually red-hot passionate about – you actually DO instead, because THAT is who you are.






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How to (sustainably) change your life

Waking up to the alarm sound on a cold Monday morning, the first thought I had was “you know what Anna, you don’t NEED to be up at 5am, just give yourself this one morning of sleep in…”, and almost as soon as I thought it, I caught myself with that negative mind-set and reminded myself I am not here to live mediocrely and be defined by average, I am here to live extraordinarily – so off the covers went and up I got.

The session was like most others, most mornings. I felt good, I had energy, I smashed a PB (personal best) on at least one of the reps on at least one of the exercises, I laughed, I said hello to some of the other regular 5am gym go’ers and I pressed ‘end’ on my workout app by 6:20am.

The usual high-five from the app happened telling me the PB I hit that day and the count of how many workouts I had completed occurred.

Only today, when the number landed on its final count, I smiled ear to ear.

200 work outs with my amazing trainer Lochie who uploads my food plans and work outs in to an app that I use daily.

I went home feeling fulfilled and sore – and that particular morning doing my gratitude’s, I put “my health and commitment to having health & vitality as my #1 value”.

Jumping on FB for the first time that day, I celebrated my 200th work out with a status and checking my notifications I saw the memories notification Facebook has now – something I actually LOVE checking daily to see what I was doing on this day 1, 2, 3, 4 even 5 or 6 years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 1.03.11 pm

Except this time, a status made me stop dead in my tracks, and another smile ear to ear broke out.

It was the exact same day, July 25th 2010 – 6 years ago.

It read….


From celebrating having such a strong value around health and vitality, around moving my body every day and then honouring it with clean food and natural supplements – to this. Completely not honouring my body, and neglecting it for WEEKS with no exercise or clean / health / nourishing eating only a mere 6 years ago.

6 years to the day and I honestly don’t think I could be a more different woman.

Here is the thing though, something has been swirling in my heart for a while and this was just the slap in the face I needed to put hand to keyboard to write it for you.

That jump, from binge drinking, sleeping in, recreational drug use, no exercise (ever), choosing to skip meals and / or eat crap majority of the week to … rising at 5am daily, moving my body 7 days of the week, eating clean nourishing whole foods, complementing my food plan with natural wholesome incredible supplements …. DID NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT.

The other day, I was talking to my girlfriend in the kitchen about the life we get to live now and the advice or statuses that I write coming from that place of health and happiness now, and I said…. “you know what babe, I actually get that some of the stuff I say or write would piss people off, I bet they do sometimes sit there and say ‘what-the fuck-ever” … because they don’t know the story behind the work and sweat and blood and tears and sacrifice its taken for me to get to the place I can write and share like I do.

Point is…. I get it.

That was the moment I knew I wanted to write this piece. Then as fate and my life would have it Facebook put two of the most opposing statuses I have written next to each other on the same day, 6 years apart.

And here I am.

So back to the story of my journey not happening over night.

LONG before I started nutritional cleansing, back when I was the girl who’d sleep in, have a big glass of coke and a packet of kettle salt and vinegar chips in bed (yep, I uhhhh, I really did that) and never ever respected her body with exercise and in turn, getting my body to its heaviest… I knew that I had to change, and so I did.


Morgan and I went to a food information night 6 years ago, where we started to educate ourselves on food. We learnt how to read the back of packets, we learned the difference between good and bad sugars and good and bad carbs, we learned about portion sizes (hardest lesson of all to learn!) and learned about good wholesome foods.

And oh SO slowly, but most definitely surely …. We started to change our diets and way of life.

I went from eating white carbs (your rice, bread, pasta, white potatoes) from 7 nights of the week, to 5, then to 4 when we felt ready, then to 2…..then to none. That process alone took MONTHS and we never once felt like we were depriving ourselves. All the while dropping grams or kg’s as I went.

Whilst switching out the white carbs (andddd things like packet sauces and gravy of course) we were completely over hauling our diet to a clean healthy one. So lots of fresh veggies, smaller sizes of meat, 2 nights of no meat a week and good carbs like sweet potato or quinoa – so the cutting of food was also replaced by new healthy eating.

Then went the coke (a cola) addiction. I never tried to quit over night. WHY? Because I KNEW if I was going to change my health, I needed to make SUSTAINABLE changes and cutting everything I had been so used to wasn’t going to give me lasting sustainable change.

So with the coke, I went from drinking 600ml – 1L of coke a day, to just ONE 600ml coke zero a day (still bad I know, but less sugar). Then I cut down to 5 days, then 3 days .. then just one over the weekend to …. None.

I never felt deprived and I didn’t struggle as I allowed the change of habit to happen gradually.


Then came the exercise. If you had of told the Anna & Morgan back then they’d end up LOVING the gym and be in it daily in the years to come, they would have laughed you to another continent.

Instead, we woke up just a LITTLE earlier than 7am – 7:30am and went for a small walk around the block. Pretty soon, we loved doing it, and wanted to wake up even earlier, and increase our exercise .. so we got up just a little earlier again, and went for 2 – 3 blocks now. It got to the point we were up at 6am every morning going for a 5-7km walk before work and loving it. It THEN got to the stage we had both dropped just over 5kg from me, 7-8kg from Morgan, from this new way of life that we felt ready to join a gym … which we did, really close to our house and went and started running on the treadmill with a few little weights.

But again – see how it was gradual, it was slow, it was what was right for us.

I have ALWAYS been open and honest (of course) as well, and shared that amongst these years of change – I had a major jaw surgery which fundamentally changed my life. Top & bottom jaw broken and re aligned to fix a severe underbite. Whilst having my jaw wired shut for close to 4 weeks, I lost another 6kg’s.

Once I was cleared to exercise again, and was able to eat ‘normal food’ (aka not soup and mash potato) – our new habits were our new way of life and I knew I was NEVER going back to how we lived and ate before.

Upp’ing our training / exercise even more and REALLY living a life of clean eating, it’s when I lost my final 6kg taking my total weight loss over almost a 3 year period to 17kg. Which to this day I have maintained (which very long story cut short, the maintenance of that loss AND feeling a million dollars is thanks to nutritional cleansing – I am not going in to the last 3 years journey in this post though but if you want to read about that I have written about it here, here and here

So you see, when I share aspects of my life now, saying things like, you can either have results or excuses, but you can’t have both, or; it’s all just a choice, sleeping in and feeling like crap or getting up and showing up even if you don’t feel like it … understand that it comes from the deepest place of understanding, because I have lived and breathed both lifestyles.

And it has been a long and crazy journey to get to the place I own the advice I now give from a loving place.

The real point to this whole piece though is this ….


Change can be scary. I get it.

Change can be hard. I get it.

Change can be overwhelming. I get it.

Change can feel unsustainable. I get it.

But guess what?

It doesn’t have to be any of those things if you find your own rhythm and groove with it.

When I was trying to flip my life quite literally on it’s head I knew I couldn’t do it all at once. I knew the power was going to come from slower change, one step at a time, one day at a time kind of change.

And I am imparting the same wisdom on to you now .. with love.

Start Somewhere, start anywhere, start today … but don’t start it ALL at once.

You want to stop sleeping in so much, start eating healthier, move your body regularly and start an awesome morning routine??


But where can you start small and start today?

Could it be that instead of skipping breakfast, you start to just get up even TEN minutes earlier and have a healthy smoothie? Does it mean not putting on tv at night until you have also made yourself a yummy / healthy lunch to take to work the next day? Could that just be the ONE first SMALL change you can make?

Could it be that instead of putting off exercise because you’re a bit timid of the gym, you go for a big walk every day instead? Walking is a powerful powerful exercise for the body and an excellent start in building the confidence to eventually get in the gym. Could that just be the ONE first SMALL change you can make?

Could it be that instead of getting out of bed with dread because you had another late night, you hit snooze 5 times, and will be rushed to get to work again, you commit to an earlier bed time NO MATTER WHAT for just one week – and a NO SNOOZE option for JUST one week, and see how that makes you feel? The answer is of course you can, it’s all just a choice and this alone could literally transform your days. So could THIS just be the one first SMALL change you can make?

There is a quote I love and adore by Robin Sharma that says:

“Don’t live the same life 75 times and call it a life”.

And I couldn’t agree more.

That extraordinary health, love, sex, health and happiness you seek (and is your birth right just by the way) is all on the other end of your own habits your cultivating in your life and how you’re creating your world.

I absolutely believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind are connected and to get one the other follows naturally. That was the way for me and I have seen in countless others. And once you have those two major, key, fundamental aspects of your life in order – the rest DOES fall in to place.

So start anywhere. Start somewhere. Start small. But PLEASE start today, and start with ONE THING.


The coolest thing is, once you have that one thing nailed, the healthy nutritious smoothie for breakfast instead of skipping meals or the earlier bed time and no snoozing, or the walking every single day … you tackle the next area you are keen to change.

And slowly but surely, block by block, day by day, month by month – you start to design a body / mindset and LIFE you LOVE.

I’ll never say the road to making big changes in your life is easy, it’s not, if it was every body would be doing it – but I CAN say that it’s worth it.

The gap for you now, between the life you’re living currently, to the one you want to be living in terms of your health and fitness, is simply the action you choose to get in to from today onwards, or the action you choose NOT to get in to from this day onwards. And THAT is the difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones that stay stuck where they are blaming external influences and environments on where they’re stuck.

If you’re here though, reading this blog, and you have gotten this far – it tells me a lot about you, and it tells me you are one of those successful people wiling to put in the action to make the changes in your life you so desire.

So, start today – you don’t need to wait until Monday to start making incremental changes in your life nor wait for a new season to start a new life … you can start today, right now.

And as always, I will be cheering you on the loudest – and the proudest.

Anna xo

Tuning in to your soul; to live on purpose

It’s 7:30am here in beautiful Bali and I am currently sitting over looking the infinity pool that looks out over the ocean here at our divine hotel. There are no other souls in sight, and why would there be, I think I’m the only weirdo who still loves waking up really early on ‘holidays’.

It’s just me, my book, my gratitude journal, my conscious creating journal, my laptop and the energy of total and utter fulfillment.

I came to Bali to work by the infinity pool – Morgan and I have created a life for ourselves where we are location independent so can just pack up and go work from a pool instead of our home office whenever we feel like it and we did just that the last week – but I also had a deep desire to find a better groove and rhythm with my schedule. And I knew it would take a trip to Bali to ground and centre in to it.

Back on May 23rd 2011 I pressed publish on my very first post on my very first blog I created; lifesshinyprettythings. Back then no one really knew what a blog was, in fact most people absolutely didn’t know what they were and even more people didn’t do it. Blogs were big in the U.S but very few Aussie girls were creating spaces to share their daily musings online.


I loved the idea of it though, I was a young girl of 23 trying to find her mark in the world and was going through such massive transformation I wanted a space to share all of that – who I was, where I was headed, and the journey along the way. I also loved to write, ever since I was little I have loved to write, so it was like combining a sincere passion of mine with an awesome idea – and lifesshinyprettythings was born.

Every single day forever more, I came home from my full time corporate career, and spent every night in my zen den, writing for my online space.

It literally became the thing that kept me up late and got me up early and my love of writing only deepened. I was even viewing the world through new lenses as being an almost daily poster (aka, sharing one post a day) meant I needed to go through new experiences or emotions to share congruently and authentically.

Over time and love and sweat, I accrued a beautiful organic following of like minded women who too loved what I loved and resonated with what I shared.

It was thanks to that blog I knew that corporate REALLY wasn’t for me – I used to get so passionate about writing and wanting to grow that to videos, courses – whatever I could to empower women as I found empowerment through finding my own voice.


March 2013, so almost 2 years after starting the blog, I found network marketing through the worlds BEST company. I said a big excited yes to nutritional cleansing and everything that came with that and CANNON BALLED in to the business side of the company. Why? Because after years of blogging and knowing corporate wasn’t for me, I knew I had found the very vehicle that could allow more time AND financial freedom in my life.

Cannon balling in to something and giving it your absolute all – all of my spare time, waking moments, love and attention… other things in my life had to be put aside; and writing daily for the blog was one of them. And you know what, it had to happen. I had finally found the exact thing that was actually going to give me the time and financial freedom Morgan and I were so desperately looking for in our life, and with all great success stories, it had to take, and did take sacrifice.

I didn’t neglect it entirely of course, you can’t ignore your passion entirely after all, I even did the huge job of re branding my little ole space of lifesshinyprettythings to the new annaandmorgan dot com site that I pour my time and attention in to today.

Here is the thing though, for the last 3 years, I have built my business, and for at the very least 1 of those years, I have had the eternal tug of wanting to go back to writing and posting much more frequently, but I always had an excuse.

That I should be doing a call instead.

That I shouldn’t start my day with writing (when I’m most in my creative energy) because that is when I should be doing biz emails or biz ‘things’.

That I shouldn’t do something that makes me feel so GOOD when I am not where I want to be with our business goals yet.

That I don’t have the time.

These are just some – I could probably actually write a book on excuses as to why I hadn’t gone back to my daily writing practice.

But there it was still. That eternal tug at my soul, write Anna, write.

I started to talk to Morgan about it. Like I was almost seeking approval.

I told him I wanted to go back to writing again, and he told me I should. I told him though that my writing would have to be in the morning, when I normally do a lot of my big impact biz stuff and that he would have to step up – and he said he would. He also reminded me that there was another 10 hours of my day (more even) that I could hit the biz stuff in after I had filled my cup first with writing.

I said ok.

So here I sit, at 7:30am in the morning, poolside in Bali, flexing my writing muscle again – declaring I’m back. That is the thing as well, if I am accountable to you again, whoever this is, taking the time out of your busy crazy day to read this little space of the internet – then I hold myself extremely accountable.

And guess what?

It feels so.fucking.good.


And that’s the thing about following the eternal tug on your soul – following what your soul is asking of you (for me, that was to write), feels GOOD, and good feelings put you in flow, and being in flow, leads to an incredibly beautiful and divinely inspired life.

This is just my story. I want to know yours though. The greatest story yet to be told is always your own but I hope if you learned anything for my own, its that you have to start listening to your soul again (it’s not woo woo, it’s the same as if I wrote trust your gut, or listen intuitively to what your body or mind is asking for).

What is it in your own life you have kept putting off because you’ve been too busy, or because it feels GOOD which makes you feel guilty?

Is it making sure you have a bath husband / kid and phone free every single night?

Is it privately journaling about a new journey you’re on?

Is it taking a candle making course?

Is it colouring in with really loud music when you get home from work?

I don’t know what your own soul / intuition / gut instinct is telling you to do, but I know you’re ignoring it, and I know listening to mine and getting back to the thing I love makes me incredibly happy, and it will for you too.

We have one go at this particular life darling heart – and if we don’t do the things we love on a daily basis then we just aren’t doing this life thing right.

So today, I dare you to follow your gut, listen to your intuition, tune in to your soul, and do the thing that its asking for most.

I promise you – you won’t regret it.



My Happiness List

Why hello May you cheeky devil, didn’t you just sneak up on us out of nowhere. 
It’s May..MAY!! We are almost halfway through 2013 and I feel like it only was January the other week. This is life now though, I get it, I totally get it. It is fast moving and there is nothing any of us can do to slow it down, we just have to make sure we’re savouring every moment and enjoying the ride. 
Speaking of life enjoyment however, the past few weeks have been of splendor and wonder and I want to share just some of what’s making me head to toe happy (+ grateful) at the moment. 

This quote … 

You, yes you, you beautiful, wonderful extraordinary soul – were born with a purpose on this earth that is ready to be fulfilled. No matter where you’re from, what you’ve been through or where you’re currently at in life..YOU MATTER. So much. As long as your heart is beating, you have purpose. Your story is remarkable and your life is so sacred. You were born to make an impact. 
When I read this I smiled and instantly welled up and had goosebumps. Print this out, share it with your kids and friends…
Your life DOES have purpose – so live it. Your story is SO important – so share it and be proud. Your dreams count – so make them big and believe you can achieve them because you can. Your voice matters – so never be silenced. You were born to make an impact – so start living the life you were destined too. 
SO powerful & SO true – and it had to be shared x

These kick ass articles on Lorna Janes Move, Nourish Believe blog

So not only does Lorna Jane have some of the most hottest and amazing work out clothes on the planet (I don’t know what I’d do without her leggings for my workouts ) she also runs a hot blog full of inspiring articles to be in line with her mantra ‘move nourish believe’. I visit her online space – alot – and when I found these two gem’s on self love and positivity I knew I had to share. 

Exercise your self love muscle … Today 

In a nutshell?

1. Do things for yourself.
2. Quit knit picking.
3. Stop comparing.
4. Use mantra’s and quotes to inspire you daily.
5. Know your truths.

7 reasons to inspire positivity 

In a nutshell?

1. Keep moving forward.
2. Offer a lending hand to a stranger.
3. Smile & say hello.
4. Just breathe.
5. Believe in yourself – & that anything is possible.
6. Do one thing that makes you and your body happy everyday.
7. Practice the 3 R’s – relax, refresh and refocus.

Signs from my Angels 

If you are way in to your science “unless I see it I don’t believe it” stuff then maybe just skip on to the next happiness point because this is chock-o-block full of amazing signs I’ve been getting recently from my Angels (guardians/spirit/god/universe/whatever you believe in). p.s this is something I was toying with sharing but felt beyond compelled too which means somebody somewhere needed to hear it. If you’ve been having similar experiences just know that you’re supported & loved.
My lesson for 2013 was to deepen my level of instinct, to trust my gut explicitly and to work on myself as much as humanly possible so I could help others. Since starting this journey, the results have been phenomenal. My goosebump levels/moments have gone through the roof. I keep getting them when I am saying something to someone or about something – then BOOM..they’re all over my body like my spirits are saying “yes, so yes that’s right”. And don’t worry, I’m’a listening. The other amazing ‘ok I’m listening’ signs are the times when I look at the clock. For weeks, and weeks, and weekss now almost every day when I look at the clock it’s 11:11, 12:12 and 3:33. 
I have also started to have the most amazing experiences with feathers. This is brand new. Never in my life have I seen so many feathers. They have been crossing my path as I walk or flutter past as I am sitting having lunch or coffee and I always feel the most overwhelming sense of peace and one’ness when it happens. 
Totally tuning in, totally grateful for each and every one of these moments and loving the relationship me and my intuition are having. 
Sunsets (source of photos is my Instagram @lifesshinyprettythings)
Since I’ve been little I have never been able to choose when people ask the question “are you a morning person or a night person”? I’m BOTH. My most favourite times of the day are right before sunrise & as the sun sets. When Morgs & I were deciding where we wanted to have our engagement party we both knew the one caveat we wouldn’t budge on was having it by the Ocean. We wanted to just be, with each other, champagne in hand watching the sunset before all of our guests arrived and it got crazy and guess what? We got that moment. These are the pics snapped as the sun was setting over the ocean on our night of nights and it couldn’t have been anymore beautiful. Sunsets make me grateful to be alive. They bring beauty and peace to the world and my life is richer because of them. 
Your turn gorgeous. What is on your happiness list this week? The fact you had a special date night with your loved one? Or caught your own amazing sunset? I’d love to hear what’s lighting you up in the comments below so  we can share the love, happiness and gratitude around. 
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Straight from the heart; How do you want to see your life at the end of it all?

There I was, justtt starting to go in to the amazingly deep, peaceful place I go when lying in savasnah after my weekly yoga class, when something came in to my mind so bright and bursting with vivid colour I knew I had to pay attention.

It was me. Sitting there literally watching my life flash before my eyes. The key moments that had contributed so deeply and richly to my time on earth.

I was frozen. In savasnah. I literally felt like I couldn’t move, like something was pushing down on me and I was wrapped in so much heat and love.

I couldn’t look away. Iwas seeing me in my minds eye and I was just so happy. So fulfilled.

And I lay in that moment and allowed it all to wash over me.

I know where it had come from too – days before, I had woken at my normal 5am time and was SO full of amazing energy I had to share it (my cleanse and detox I’m currently on is to thank for that), and this is what came out (shared on Instagram and my facebook)

“I woke up this morning with so much love & gratitude I could burst. This is life. This is real life. We have a life to live Exactly how we Desire it to be. I need you to know the power of that. You don’t know when your time is up, you truly don’t. Are you driving to work wishing you didn’t have to go?? Stuck in an unhappy relationship? Are you unhappy with the person who stares back at you in the mirror? WHY?? You are totally in control of your life. Every second of it. What are you doing to bring as much love, joy & fulfilment in to your days? We have time, plenty of it – 24 hours a day to do one thing that scares us, makes us laugh, fulfils us, to smile at a stranger, laugh with our loved ones, cuddle the shit out of our favourite people or pick a new goal or dream to chase. Our time on this earth is sacred – use it wisely. I want to be screaming & laughing, tearing up & clapping wildly when it’s my life that has flashed before my eyes & I wish the same for you”

Days later when I had allowed my mind and body to rest I literally envisioned this exact moment – and you know, it was so emotional. My saw before me that my life had been lived exactly how I wanted it. I had loved, sohard. I had left everything on the table. I had given, travelled, laughed….the feeling envisioning this was unexplainable.
There was I, sitting watching my life crying and laughing and hooting and throwing popcorn at the scream clapping wildly.

And something clicked. Harder than it ever had before.

I had an uh-huh moment.

Instead of giving you direct advice today I felt it so strongly on my heart to instead just share my own uh huh moment so you can hopefully take something from it.

So here goes.

This is my life and I am in total control of how it can be lived. Im here. In these moments. Every day I wake up. Living. Alive. Breathing. Gifted day after day after day with more time.Time to connect to our source of love and fulfilment. Time to fill our days with things and people we love. Time to be in a moment so great and so full of love it doesn’t feel real. And I don’t ever want to get in the way of that. I don’t ever want to let the insecure me or the self doubting me or the un sure me or the fear me get in the way of the Real me. The me who believes in herself. Who wants to live every.single.day as if it really truly is my last ever day on earth. The me who gets to live life exactly as I hope, wish and desire it to be. And sure, they’ll be losses, disappointment, let downs, anxiety, complete uncertainity and deep deep moments of sadness– and I’ll surrender to those moments, honour those moments, mourn the moments – but know in my heart that I’m still here. Living.Alive. Breathing – and that is the greatest gift imaginable.

At the end of this life as I watch back over my life and take in the moments, the love, the travel, the laughs, the giving, the tears of the joy and sadness…I want to be so filled with love, so filled with joy, so filled with emotion knowing that I had lived those moments, lived my life by my own design, and know that I took control of that and had given ME those moments. I truly honestly want to be proud of the life I lived, emotional at the life I lived and be crying and laughing and hooting and hollering so loud remembering all of the moments I shared.

And giving me all of that starts NOW.

I want to help. To serve, to uplift, to inspire, to laugh, to love – I want to live. As though heaven is on earth and if I died today those who I loved knew it with all their soul and I had lived each and every day doing exactly what I desired with a heart full of love and a belly full of gratitude.

Your turn gorgeous; What is the one thing you could do today that would help you feel loved, happy, accomplished, excited? Share it with me below so you feel more accountable to go DO THAT THING 

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Why I know you’ll succeed

You know sometimes when you’re plodding along with a book, a website or even a magazine and all of a sudden you read something so powerful it almost slaps you in the face. The words instantly resonate, and resonate so hard you almost get emotional from excitement? 

It’s the kind of realisation where your bodies senses go in to overdrive knowing that it will inspire you a little more to work harder and your mind, well your mind is screaming “ohmygodyessssthisissomeantforme!!!” 

That happened to me not once, but twice this week, dished up from two of my favourite ladies – Danielle LaPorte & Tara Bliss.
Danielle’s sounded a little like this; Fuck practicality. Concepts of reasonability have no place in ground-breaking.”

And Tara’s went a little like this; “And I thought ‘Shit. That’s it. That’s exactly what this is all about. ‘Not giving a F$^& about the blueprint and doing it YOUR beautiful, badass own way” 

So how does this make me know you too are going to succeed…

Because gorgeous – trust me when I say, you are on the cusp of a break through. I mean it. YOU, yes you are paving the way for your own groundbreaking revolutionary break through in your life. I can feel it. Every-where. You are wanting more of yourself, seeking more, doing more, being more…

You’re starting to realise that you are responsible for your own life & you can change anything you want to about that. 

It’s beautiful to witness, to feel and to be involved in. 

You are bringing an energy to this space. An energy hungry for change, for more happiness, more free time, less stress .. I feel it with the emails, comments, visitor numbers, and here’s the thing.

You’re going to succeed.

You are truly going to succeed. 

You don’t need to compare your journey to others though…you’ll get their in your own beautiful bad ass way.

You don’t need to stress about where to start … just start, remember it’s your why that’s important, not your how.

You don’t need more money or more time to make a difference…just a burning desire to change.

You don’t need to remember practicality through your growth .. throw the rule book out the window.

You, the you who is waking with a clearer purpose, and working on increasing joy and calm and love in your life…

IS going to succeed – I’ll be right here along side you for the ride.

It’s exciting, incredibly inspiring, vastly powerful and I am loving and urging you to keep bringing the energy that you’re bringing. 

Remember that when you are on the cusp of breakthrough and figuring it all out –  dance the beat to your own drum, run on your own time and throw all self insecurities to the wind. 

You’re here, you’re living & your time is NOW.

Anna xx

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Advice from 110 year old me

Imagine if you were 110 years old, you’d lived all those years, living, learning, loving. Imagine all the incredible lessons you’d have learned, advice you’d have to give and love you’d have had to share. 110 years. That’s 110 years you’d have learned wisdom, forgiveness, love and happiness. 
Now imagine if you got to travel back in time as your 110 year old self, and share your deepest wisdom with your current self.
Just think about it
Well, that’s exactly what I did one sunny afternoon travelling on a long train ride between Spain & Germany. The idea came from the online course “Optimal Living” I was doing at the time. Brian Johnson said we got 5 minutes to sit and impart as much of our deepest wisdom we could share with our current self. 
I wrote, with no real idea of where my writing or advice would take me, but I wrote. With no inhibition, no concern that it would be wrong, just love and energy pouring on to the page, desperate to tell 24 year old Anna what the apparent 110 year old Anna knew. 
It wasn’t until I was going through my journal this week that I re discovered my private words. I instantly re connected, I remembered the moments and feelings I was going through when I was writing it. The advice was from the heart and uninhibited – and the advice was as follows – raw & unedited and yours for consumption. 
3 pieces of life advice from 110 year old Anna 
+ Live from a place of total love, not ego. Work hard at forgiving, daily and letting and accepting that all who come in to your life are meant to be there and all that happens to you is part of the greater plan so love fully, trust totally and enjoy the ride always. 
+ Listen to your gut, your instinct – that inner guide…daily. Give over all your worries and cares and trust the universe has your back 110% of the way. 
+ Show up. Fully & presently in life every single day by living your values and being your authentic self. By being true to this you will serve your greater purpose by serving others. 
There it is. 3 pieces of life advice that resonated with me hard when I was doing the exercise. I would highly encourage nay… implore you to try the exercise out for yourself….
What is the 110 year old wisdom you would impart to your current self if you ever got the chance? 
I’d love to hear it xx

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Dear 18 year old me

This feels like a week of reflection for me. Of seeing how far I’ve come, relishing and celebrating in how far I have to go but really deeply, just being excited by all of it. 
There is this overwhelming sense of change in the air that I feel just keeps magnifying as 2013 creeps on. Our higher selves are calling us out and egging our desires on and I am simply adoring the energy. The desire for feeling better is there, doing better, stepping up and stepping out. Out of comfort zones, out of shitty situations, out of our shadows.  
And I am here, believe me I am here beautiful – cheering you on as you go through your own change and desire chasing. 
I turn 25 in 2 weeks, just 2 weeks. I have been excited about turning 25 since my teens, and I really honestly couldn’t tell you why. 25 and I have just always had this bangin’ connection – and now I’m in the year of my impending 25th, I feel it. Feel the energy, the excitement. I feel like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to jump off in to ‘real life’ and pursue exactly it is that I want, day in, day out. Love. Writing. Travel. Sharing. Exploring. Helping Others. 
Like I said though, this week has been heavily reflective and after sharing 16 tips on what I have learnt thus far on living & letting go, I wanted to go deeper. So. I wrote a letter. A letter to 18 year old Anna…and it went a little something like this…
.. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___  .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ ..
Dear 18 year old Anna.
hey crazy girl. Slow down. You’ve got this.
Those insecurities that seem to be controlling you, that developing anxiety and that lack of self love and complete unsureity of who you are is in fact not who you are at all. It’s ok though, you’re going to figure it out…like you always do. Would you believe if I told you in just a few short years you’re going to be a girl who knows who she is and lives life with a fire in her belly and a sparkle in her heart? I know it sounds like you’ll never (everrr)get there. But you will. You’re going to love yourself, every part of your mind & soul – which is the exact opposite to right now.
You aren’t going to want to hear this but those tears you cry at night, sob in to your pillow in fact that self doubt that just won’t go away, they’re both trying to tell you something. Listen to that hunny. Pay attention. You can tell yourself you’re happy all you want but no amount of searching for love with guys, investing time in negative friends and denying your real truth is going to get you to the place you want to get to.
Genuine Peace. Self Love. Self Respect.  It’s all on the way.
You think you can’t be who you want to be without alcohol, fakeness or acceptance from others. But guess what lady, you can. You have this spark inside of you, simmering, just beneath the surface; that is so so ready to shine you just have to believe in yourself with all of your being to let it out.
You’ll get there though. I promise.
You need to start reading books, now. One’s that inspire you in unimaginable ways. Keep journaling. That spirit coming out through your private words is going to come out in big ways one day. Eat better, sleep more, trust your gut. And babe. I mean trust your gut. You need to keep your dream of travelling through Europe too. Oh the places you will end up seeing with the love of your life – it will change you, change you right to your core, for the very best. You will find yourself out there. In the streets of Spain, in the cafe’s in small French towns.
There’s a guy in your life that you are almost ready to give up on, hang in there though. My god hang in there. He IS worth it, his more wise than you’ll ever imagine, more supportive than could ever be possibly explained and truly utterly perfect. You’ll fight, sure, but your passion for each other is undeniable. Just remember that and your souls will find the connection that they’re dying to make.
You’re turning 25 in exactly 2 weeks. An age you’ve been excited about since you can remember. You’re healthy (17kgs lighter in fact), abundantly happy – not fake happy either, supercharged soulful ‘shit this feels amazing’ happy, engaged to the man of your dreams, and have found your passion and zest for life through writing, achieving big goals that make you feel good & helping others find their own spark, enthusiasm and radiance in life.
You’ve got far to go but please, just enjoy the ride. You’ve survived this far and believe me, there are bigger & more beautiful things ahead.
Keep shining girl,
Anna x

16 tips on living & letting go

I’ve learned … that life and everything you fill it with is worth fighting for. Every day.
I’ve learned … that even if you don’t have it figured out yet, the fact that you know you don’t is exciting. Why? Because you get to find that thing and pursue a new passion.
I’ve learned … that our pasts don’t define our present or our futures, but can be used to teach us beautiful lessons on strength, resilience and build character.
I’ve learned … that the shit day and the bad week you’re having, really truly will pass, and there will be better brighter more amazing days to come. No matter what.
I’ve learned … to trust myself. Inexplicably. That a gut instinct is worth it’s weight in gold & to listen, loudly when it’s saying slow down, speed up, let go, hang on and just be careful.  
I’ve learned … the true meaning of love. & I can’t wait to marry him.
I’ve learned … that each and every one of us has a powerful, incredible overwhelmingly beautiful gift that the universe is begging for – & I want to help people find it.
I’ve learned … that it is far better to fill your life with wonderful, loving, remarkable people than put up with negative ones. 
I’ve learned … that without our health, we have nothing. Our dreams, goals and bright ideas can’t become a reality without it. So to fuel my body with the good stuff, my mind with the better stuff and my soul with the best stuff. 
I’ve learned … that a genuine embrace and warm smile can be more to someone than you realise.
I’ve learned … that I am the controller of my own destiny & true happiness. 
I’ve learned …that if I’m not happy, wildly discontent, in a rut, packing on kilos or completely lost, I am the only one who can choose to change it, do better, be better & feel better. & that is so, SO powerful & beautifully exciting.
I’ve learned … to embrace life and realise that even the imperfections are what make it so…perfect. That even when things don’t go to plan, that is in fact exactly how it was meant to be. 
I’ve learned … that the universe truly, utterly deeply… has my back. 
I’ve learned … that nothing is ever personal, it’s how you react and interpret it. 
I’ve learned … that life is here to be lived. Completely. Hard. Fast. In love. Curiously. Your way….
So to live it. 
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4 Health tips to kick start your day

After sharing my own wellness story with you this week I thought it would be helpful to give you some guidance on little things you can do daily, “swaps” if you will that should hopefully assist you in making those little changes slowly that become daily life habits. 
I am certainly no saint when it comes to my own health either – I am potentially the most naughty healthiest person you might ever meet. Along with my healthy diet, smoothies, vitamins, yoga & exercise I still consume chocolate (not the organic chocolate either, I’m talking bad ass delicious cadbury marvellous creation style), drink a lot of wine and won’t say no to ice cream or a morning off exercise if my body is calling for it. 
That’s just my point though – don’t aim to be perfect, just find your own perfect balance. 

Health is a journey, your journey, and a journey you’ll be on for the rest of your life. It’s not a fad or something you can pick and choose to be interested in as you go along. It’s serious, real life shit. Without our health we really have nothing. No-thing. 
With all of this being said, it’s important to find what works for you to be interested in fueling your body and mind in ways that you’ll stay interested and motivated with it. Find your balance and your fun with it all. 
To help inspire a few little changes you can make today, without breaking any banks (I know some healthy options can be a tad more expensive than the less healthy options) I give you …
Anna’s 4 tips to implement daily to live a healthier life 
1. Start putting slices of Lemon in your water (p.s on that note, I hope you’re drinking at least 2L of water a day). 
The why: It helps Boosts your immune system (high in Vitamin C so great at fighting colds), Aids digestion (the lemon helps flush unwanted material from the body), Balances Ph (helps alkalize the body), helps with weight lose (lemons are high in pectin fiber which help you fight hunger cravings), Clears Skin (the vitamin C in it helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes whilst also purging toxins from the blood which keep your skin clean) and keeps you zen (Vitamin C is what is missing when you’re stressed so drinking it in your water will keep it stocked up in your body). 

2. Swap sugar in your tea with organic honey 
The why: Because anything better than 2,3 or 4+ teaspoons of sugar a day already puts you way ahead. The other bonuses are that natural honey contains 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and 5000 enzymes, which all help you keep healthy by boosting your immune system, fight disease and fight off colds. P.s it also helps you fight fatigue as organic honey is armed with carbohydrates that give you energy! This was part of when I was up’ing my wellness journey. I was having 3-4 coffees still a day with a teaspoon of sugar in each! Ca-ra-zy so on top of reducing coffee intake I swapped out my sugars with a small teaspoon of organic honey. 

3. Swap your commercial body moisturiser for organic Coconut Oil

The why: Apart from the fact that coconut oil kicks serious ass in every box – it is also awesome for your skin. Slather it all over your body for truly replenished, chemical free moisture. It can be used on all skin types (sorry guys/girls with conditions, not sure on that but good on the dry, normal, oily skin types) and gives you a beautiful shine. It is also known to delay wrinkles and sagging of skin and treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. I shudder thinking about what goes in to the commercial skin care products these days but the fact that your skin is still dry after you use it is never a good sign. You can pick up any good organic coconut oil from your local health food store (they range between $10 – $20 bux). Its great for your hair & for cooking too! HUGE Win/Win
4. Watch your words, we are what we say 

The why: Ok so this isn’t something for your body but it’s just as important if not more. One of the fastest ways to make a situation seem worse than it is, turn a positive in to a negative or start your day off on a bad foot is the choice of words you use. I am just challenging you to start small though with this; When somebody asks you how your day is, don’t say “not bad” “yeah ok” “boring” or anything that can be perceived as negative. Here me out. The universe is listening, always, so when you say “not bad” which we know means it’s been a good day, what the universe hears is still 2 negative words “not” and “bad”. Cut it out right now. Change your vocabularly. I LOVE it when people ask me how my day is as they always laugh at my response (because it’s so unusual to hear something different than good, ok, not bad); I use words like “wonderful”, “fantastic”, “amazing”, “extraordinary”, “fabulously good” – I put out to the universe that my day is GREAT (note: even if I don’t always mean it, it helps me smile and think hey things could be worse). I challenge you to just start using better words when someone asks how your day is and strike bad, not good and ok from your vocabulary. 
I suppose the biggest thing to take away with anything health related (& the same goes for life actually) is take what resonates, what’s do-able and what will affect change & leave the rest. This is just a guide, for you from me with a lot of love. I’d love to hear in the comments below if you have any other little health tips that others (especially me!) might benefit hearing about.
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