Changing my world, to change THE world…with you

I was never going to be the girl who accepted an ordinary life. It just wasn’t in my blood.

I knew that if I wanted a life different from others, especially a life way different than what society tells us is ‘normal’ (go to school, get a degree, get a good job, get married, own a house, work until you’re old, then die) then I was was going to have to always find the courage to live a little bolder and work a little harder.

That journey for me started early on in my life.

At age 11, I got my first job, delivering newspapers / junk mail to 80 houses around our neighbourhood for a few dollars a week, and thanks to that, I had saved my first $100 before I was 12.

At age 13, I got my second job, working weekend nights (whilst friends got to party earlier than me) at Dominos saucing pizzas.

I worked there for over 3 years and by 16 was working big part time hours (every other night and weekends) whilst juggling high school obviously full time.

At age 17, I left Dominoes to help another pizza business launch in our area and worked long part time hours finishing year 12.

At age 18, I got my first Full Time Job as a junior admin assistant in an Accounting firm (who are my Accountants for Morgan & I’s biz today!)

At age 19, I started my degree in Commerce, and continued to work full time and study full time over the next 3 years (graduating being offered honours – thanks but no thanks) graduating with a Double Major in Human Resources, and Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

At age 21, I got my job in Federal Politics and spent the next (almost) 4 years working my ass off having the time of my LIFE in our Perth based office & Parliament House in Canberra.

At age 22, I launched my first REAL business, Possibly Maybe – a dating website for 18 – 35 year olds. I wrote out a comprehensive business plan, got a bank loan and spent over $12,000 setting that biz up supporting myself through uni, and working full time.

At age 23, I launched my first blog (lifesshinyprettythings- which is the re branded annaandmorgan dot com today).

At age 25, I started my Network Marketing Business. And this is the year we are planning on hitting Millionaire.

Here is the thing though.

Between the ages of 11 and 25 (so that’s some 14 years), I have absolutely been looking for that ‘thing’ – that thing that I have been looking for since I was born, that was going to allow me to create the life that we ALL deserve, that I knew a traditional job was never going to reward me.

You know, things like…

Travelling the world – not having to request leave for 4 weeks a year.

Earning an uncapped income based on effort – not being told what I was worth from a boss or corporation.

Working with who I want, where I want, when I want – not in an open plan office with negative co-workers in a tiny cubicle.

And achieving big goals and dreams – like retiring my mum and living life on our terms.

So at age 25 – when I found my current company and feel in love with the model of Network Marketing, imagine how excited I was to know that I had just found ‘the thing’, that thing being the vehicle to reward me the life I had looked for since I was a little girl.

But something else happened when I found this profession and decided to, and successful did, go for it.

People, not all, but a good few, couldn’t understand my choice, and I realised that there is still MUCH education required around this profession to change that, which I am more than ok with and willing to be a voice to.

Because here is the thing, I know I’m ‘only’ 28 – but I have done a lot, tried a lot of things, and spent YEARS trying to find ‘the thing’ I am most passionate about – and ultimately – it’s what I do now – helping people fall back in love with themselves and their health and helping people become financially independent and or free.

And yes, I recognise that some people still misunderstand this profession and business model – but I know it’s the one profession that I am so madly passionate about, one thing I love the most is you can be a Harvard graduate or a stay at home mum with no degree, but as long as you are passionate about the product and have commitment to hard work, you can succeed. 

You might think network marketing is crazy (or I have heard the word scam thrown around which makes me laugh), or not for you, but I am here to say whether you’re a raging fan of it, or someone who doesn’t fully understand it, or someone who actually talks bad about the profession, in 2017 I am going to humbly suggest its time that you started to properly educate yourself on it.

My paper round, my years working for a franchise, starting an online ‘traditional’ business, my working full time, my degree – although all PHENOMENAL things – were never going to give me the life I now get to lead…. and THAT is why, I can’t be stopped and won’t be stopped.

I really do believe I have spent 18 years getting ready for this next chapter in Morgan and I’s life where we play bigger, show up more and REALLY start to make some noise about what we do and what we love – so you can keep watching and wondering, or you can reach out and see what it is we ACTUALLY do vs. just assuming.

My mission is to help women step in to their true power, and realise they can wear all hats if they want to – be it a mum, entrepreneur, humanitarian,  a { insert your dream title here } – and do that whilst absolutely loving the skin they’re in and earning an income that will change their world which in turn changes THE world.

And please don’t think this is the be all and end all for me or has to be for you either. It’s the VEHICLE. 

I have passion projects ready to be launched now because I have the time and financial freedom to pursue them – including womens & couples retreats and womens weekend events.

It’s just that at 28 years of age, I have found the ‘thing’ that I get to demonstrate my courage with to live that bolder life and work a lot harder – and I couldn’t be happier.

For me now though, it’s about helping other women (and Morgan feels the exact same way when it comes to helping Men) find the courage to do the same.

If you were like me, and have tried a tonne of different things, and worked incredibly hard on someone else’s dream – but know that 2017 is the year you find the ‘thing’ for you too, then it’s absolutely time we had a little chat.

Answer the question at the bottom of this other page and let’s chat. 

I GET that network marketing isn’t for everybody, but I DO get that health IS – and what we have with our company IS the perfect storm.

No one, no doubter, no bump in the road is going to stop me (or Morgan of course) – THAT for sure is what I can promise you.

I want the same kind of women around me though – one’s that want to build a legacy, an empire, ones that are so certain of the life they want to lead that nothing and no one can stop them. If that sounds like you – you’re the woman I 100% want to work with and I can’t wait to have a chat with you.

You know your time is now.

You know you’ve spent your whole life getting ready for this.

You know you’ve got it in you to change your whole life.

And I’m here ready to show you how.

Chat to you soon beautiful lady.


How to (sustainably) change your life

Waking up to the alarm sound on a cold Monday morning, the first thought I had was “you know what Anna, you don’t NEED to be up at 5am, just give yourself this one morning of sleep in…”, and almost as soon as I thought it, I caught myself with that negative mind-set and reminded myself I am not here to live mediocrely and be defined by average, I am here to live extraordinarily – so off the covers went and up I got.

The session was like most others, most mornings. I felt good, I had energy, I smashed a PB (personal best) on at least one of the reps on at least one of the exercises, I laughed, I said hello to some of the other regular 5am gym go’ers and I pressed ‘end’ on my workout app by 6:20am.

The usual high-five from the app happened telling me the PB I hit that day and the count of how many workouts I had completed occurred.

Only today, when the number landed on its final count, I smiled ear to ear.

200 work outs with my amazing trainer Lochie who uploads my food plans and work outs in to an app that I use daily.

I went home feeling fulfilled and sore – and that particular morning doing my gratitude’s, I put “my health and commitment to having health & vitality as my #1 value”.

Jumping on FB for the first time that day, I celebrated my 200th work out with a status and checking my notifications I saw the memories notification Facebook has now – something I actually LOVE checking daily to see what I was doing on this day 1, 2, 3, 4 even 5 or 6 years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 1.03.11 pm

Except this time, a status made me stop dead in my tracks, and another smile ear to ear broke out.

It was the exact same day, July 25th 2010 – 6 years ago.

It read….


From celebrating having such a strong value around health and vitality, around moving my body every day and then honouring it with clean food and natural supplements – to this. Completely not honouring my body, and neglecting it for WEEKS with no exercise or clean / health / nourishing eating only a mere 6 years ago.

6 years to the day and I honestly don’t think I could be a more different woman.

Here is the thing though, something has been swirling in my heart for a while and this was just the slap in the face I needed to put hand to keyboard to write it for you.

That jump, from binge drinking, sleeping in, recreational drug use, no exercise (ever), choosing to skip meals and / or eat crap majority of the week to … rising at 5am daily, moving my body 7 days of the week, eating clean nourishing whole foods, complementing my food plan with natural wholesome incredible supplements …. DID NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT.

The other day, I was talking to my girlfriend in the kitchen about the life we get to live now and the advice or statuses that I write coming from that place of health and happiness now, and I said…. “you know what babe, I actually get that some of the stuff I say or write would piss people off, I bet they do sometimes sit there and say ‘what-the fuck-ever” … because they don’t know the story behind the work and sweat and blood and tears and sacrifice its taken for me to get to the place I can write and share like I do.

Point is…. I get it.

That was the moment I knew I wanted to write this piece. Then as fate and my life would have it Facebook put two of the most opposing statuses I have written next to each other on the same day, 6 years apart.

And here I am.

So back to the story of my journey not happening over night.

LONG before I started nutritional cleansing, back when I was the girl who’d sleep in, have a big glass of coke and a packet of kettle salt and vinegar chips in bed (yep, I uhhhh, I really did that) and never ever respected her body with exercise and in turn, getting my body to its heaviest… I knew that I had to change, and so I did.


Morgan and I went to a food information night 6 years ago, where we started to educate ourselves on food. We learnt how to read the back of packets, we learned the difference between good and bad sugars and good and bad carbs, we learned about portion sizes (hardest lesson of all to learn!) and learned about good wholesome foods.

And oh SO slowly, but most definitely surely …. We started to change our diets and way of life.

I went from eating white carbs (your rice, bread, pasta, white potatoes) from 7 nights of the week, to 5, then to 4 when we felt ready, then to 2…..then to none. That process alone took MONTHS and we never once felt like we were depriving ourselves. All the while dropping grams or kg’s as I went.

Whilst switching out the white carbs (andddd things like packet sauces and gravy of course) we were completely over hauling our diet to a clean healthy one. So lots of fresh veggies, smaller sizes of meat, 2 nights of no meat a week and good carbs like sweet potato or quinoa – so the cutting of food was also replaced by new healthy eating.

Then went the coke (a cola) addiction. I never tried to quit over night. WHY? Because I KNEW if I was going to change my health, I needed to make SUSTAINABLE changes and cutting everything I had been so used to wasn’t going to give me lasting sustainable change.

So with the coke, I went from drinking 600ml – 1L of coke a day, to just ONE 600ml coke zero a day (still bad I know, but less sugar). Then I cut down to 5 days, then 3 days .. then just one over the weekend to …. None.

I never felt deprived and I didn’t struggle as I allowed the change of habit to happen gradually.


Then came the exercise. If you had of told the Anna & Morgan back then they’d end up LOVING the gym and be in it daily in the years to come, they would have laughed you to another continent.

Instead, we woke up just a LITTLE earlier than 7am – 7:30am and went for a small walk around the block. Pretty soon, we loved doing it, and wanted to wake up even earlier, and increase our exercise .. so we got up just a little earlier again, and went for 2 – 3 blocks now. It got to the point we were up at 6am every morning going for a 5-7km walk before work and loving it. It THEN got to the stage we had both dropped just over 5kg from me, 7-8kg from Morgan, from this new way of life that we felt ready to join a gym … which we did, really close to our house and went and started running on the treadmill with a few little weights.

But again – see how it was gradual, it was slow, it was what was right for us.

I have ALWAYS been open and honest (of course) as well, and shared that amongst these years of change – I had a major jaw surgery which fundamentally changed my life. Top & bottom jaw broken and re aligned to fix a severe underbite. Whilst having my jaw wired shut for close to 4 weeks, I lost another 6kg’s.

Once I was cleared to exercise again, and was able to eat ‘normal food’ (aka not soup and mash potato) – our new habits were our new way of life and I knew I was NEVER going back to how we lived and ate before.

Upp’ing our training / exercise even more and REALLY living a life of clean eating, it’s when I lost my final 6kg taking my total weight loss over almost a 3 year period to 17kg. Which to this day I have maintained (which very long story cut short, the maintenance of that loss AND feeling a million dollars is thanks to nutritional cleansing – I am not going in to the last 3 years journey in this post though but if you want to read about that I have written about it here, here and here

So you see, when I share aspects of my life now, saying things like, you can either have results or excuses, but you can’t have both, or; it’s all just a choice, sleeping in and feeling like crap or getting up and showing up even if you don’t feel like it … understand that it comes from the deepest place of understanding, because I have lived and breathed both lifestyles.

And it has been a long and crazy journey to get to the place I own the advice I now give from a loving place.

The real point to this whole piece though is this ….


Change can be scary. I get it.

Change can be hard. I get it.

Change can be overwhelming. I get it.

Change can feel unsustainable. I get it.

But guess what?

It doesn’t have to be any of those things if you find your own rhythm and groove with it.

When I was trying to flip my life quite literally on it’s head I knew I couldn’t do it all at once. I knew the power was going to come from slower change, one step at a time, one day at a time kind of change.

And I am imparting the same wisdom on to you now .. with love.

Start Somewhere, start anywhere, start today … but don’t start it ALL at once.

You want to stop sleeping in so much, start eating healthier, move your body regularly and start an awesome morning routine??


But where can you start small and start today?

Could it be that instead of skipping breakfast, you start to just get up even TEN minutes earlier and have a healthy smoothie? Does it mean not putting on tv at night until you have also made yourself a yummy / healthy lunch to take to work the next day? Could that just be the ONE first SMALL change you can make?

Could it be that instead of putting off exercise because you’re a bit timid of the gym, you go for a big walk every day instead? Walking is a powerful powerful exercise for the body and an excellent start in building the confidence to eventually get in the gym. Could that just be the ONE first SMALL change you can make?

Could it be that instead of getting out of bed with dread because you had another late night, you hit snooze 5 times, and will be rushed to get to work again, you commit to an earlier bed time NO MATTER WHAT for just one week – and a NO SNOOZE option for JUST one week, and see how that makes you feel? The answer is of course you can, it’s all just a choice and this alone could literally transform your days. So could THIS just be the one first SMALL change you can make?

There is a quote I love and adore by Robin Sharma that says:

“Don’t live the same life 75 times and call it a life”.

And I couldn’t agree more.

That extraordinary health, love, sex, health and happiness you seek (and is your birth right just by the way) is all on the other end of your own habits your cultivating in your life and how you’re creating your world.

I absolutely believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind are connected and to get one the other follows naturally. That was the way for me and I have seen in countless others. And once you have those two major, key, fundamental aspects of your life in order – the rest DOES fall in to place.

So start anywhere. Start somewhere. Start small. But PLEASE start today, and start with ONE THING.


The coolest thing is, once you have that one thing nailed, the healthy nutritious smoothie for breakfast instead of skipping meals or the earlier bed time and no snoozing, or the walking every single day … you tackle the next area you are keen to change.

And slowly but surely, block by block, day by day, month by month – you start to design a body / mindset and LIFE you LOVE.

I’ll never say the road to making big changes in your life is easy, it’s not, if it was every body would be doing it – but I CAN say that it’s worth it.

The gap for you now, between the life you’re living currently, to the one you want to be living in terms of your health and fitness, is simply the action you choose to get in to from today onwards, or the action you choose NOT to get in to from this day onwards. And THAT is the difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones that stay stuck where they are blaming external influences and environments on where they’re stuck.

If you’re here though, reading this blog, and you have gotten this far – it tells me a lot about you, and it tells me you are one of those successful people wiling to put in the action to make the changes in your life you so desire.

So, start today – you don’t need to wait until Monday to start making incremental changes in your life nor wait for a new season to start a new life … you can start today, right now.

And as always, I will be cheering you on the loudest – and the proudest.

Anna xo

How to get to where you want to go; Tips on living the life you DESIRE

Oh gorgeous. Where do I even begin??
A mind shift happened to me over the weekend. A huge one and it came like no other shift has ever come before. It was exciting, calming, exhilarating, truly overwhelming.
The mind shift?
Pure and utter belief.
In goals. In knowing that anything a mind sets itself too, it can achieve. That we CAN be who we want to be, do what we want to do, have what we want to have.
Of course, I have felt that before. Totally.Utterly. BELIEVED it with my whole heart….but this was different. Like something unlocked, and it was a turning point in my life and there wouldn’t be any more doubt surrounding belief in goals and myself ever again.
It all started by being given the most extraordinary opportunity on the weekend to attend a conference with the company I do my nutritional cleansing through (if you haven’t read it yet, my review on it is here). I went excited, knowing I would walk away at the end of the 2 days with a mind full of confidence in product knowledge. Never did I imagine though I would have walked away with how much more than I did though.

Belief. Fear busting confidence. Support.Love.Next level motivation.New strengthened friendships.
The biggest take home for me though was 2 things.
First it came from a beautiful & inspiring friend Peta Kelly who got up and ROCKED the stage (did I mention she’s only 24). She spoke about your WHY. She left her heart & soul on that stage & it was HUGE turning point for me. In fact, my biggest take away quote from the whole event that resonated hardest for me was her own …..
“When your whys are bigger than your why not’s, you will succeed”
What IS your why? So you want a million dollars by the time you’re 30?? (let’s use my goal as the example) … but WHY?? You need to emotionally connect to that. So when you are tired, when you don’t see much light at the end of any tunnel, when you have doubts, overwhelming fear, can’t be bothered…whatever it is that is holding you back from getting one step closer … you just need to remember your WHY.
Me? I want a million dollars to retire my mum and support Morgans and my own family. My why is to buy my mum that cottage house on the big block with the wrap around verandah, big beautiful oak tree out the front and enough rooms for the grandkids and walked her to the front door hand her the keys and say…I love you, more than you’ll ever know, thank you for all that you’ve done our whole lives – this is yours. To gift her the life she has gifted me.
As I wrote that, I started crying. In fact, as I am still writing this, I have big tears streaming down my face. I’m THAT emotionally connected to my why. I’ve had my why since I was about 12. SO you can imagine how committed I can stay to my goals with an emotional connection like that.
The other huge take away I took which is so in tune with that came from Australian 5 time Olympian & gold medal winner Natalie Cook.
She shared her 5 P’s in life. HOW she got to compete for 20 years (5 Olympics) in the Olympics. HOW she won her Gold Medal for Australia (it just gives you shivers doesn’t it??)
In ALL that you do, in ALL that you want to achieve, in ALL that you set your mind to you have to have the following:
A Purpose
A Plan
The right People
A purpose so clear there isn’t a doubt in your mind, THIS is exactly where the emotional connection to your why comes back in. GET TO KNOW YOUR WHY GORGEOUS.
A set plan on how to then get there (remember my post onchunking your goals down? GREAT place to start).
The next step is filling your life with the right people – cut the shit from your life. Today is a better day than ever to do it. Has one of your ‘friends’ been holding your truth back because you’re worried they might not get the change you’re about to go through?? DELETE them from your life. A friend, true friends, inspire, uplift, support, encourage, cheerlead the shit out of your empowering decisions. Any one who isn’t doing that isn’t worth your energy. (note; I get a lot of emails from girls asking for advice on being more positive, living happier lives, achieving goals….THIS IS ONE OF MY BIGGEST HINTS THAT I JUST SHARED)
You have to have PASSION. For life. I always say it. Life is a gift. A big, beautiful, vivid, overwhelming gift. HONOUR THAT!!! Have passion because of it. You’re here, you have gifts, you can share them, you can inspire, be inspired, follow goals and be happy – let that passion be set on FIRE.
And most importantly, with all of it. Have perseverance. No matter what. Keep going. And going and going. And going. And just when you want to give up or you feel your disconnecting from your why, dig deeper and KEEP GOING. As Natalie Cook said “courage is your willingness to fail over and over and over again without ever giving up”. 
When you have those moments of doubt though. Of fear so debilitating it holds you back. When you watch what you’re saying because you’re scared of what people might think. When you’re sad. When  you feel like there’s no point. When you just can’t be bothered. It means ONE OF YOUR P’s IS OUT OF BALANCE…go back, re address, re align and get back on your souls purpose track. 
You see beautiful. YOU CAN DO THIS. With the right purpose, with the deep deep connection to your why.
YOU CAN DO THIS. With the right plan that fits you. Your purpose, your goals, gifts. Make it soulfully yours. Don’t plan to society norms or what you think you should be doing it. Set the plan with your whole gut and believe in it like nothing else.
YOU CAN DO THIS. With the right people. Cut the shit from your life. Fill it with real friends, soul friends, true friends, like I always say – grow that tribe, that big beautiful, overwhelmingly supportive tribe.
YOU CAN DO THIS.With Passion. Passion set on fire. Kick it up a notch gorgeous. LOVE what you do, and if you don’t love it, change it!!!  A day not doing something you love with someone you love is a day wasted.
YOU CAN DO THIS. With Perseverance. Don’t ever, ever, ever give up. The difference between you and somebody else who WILL succeed is they won’t give up when it gets a little tough. They’ll keep going. No matter what. And you will too.

The challenge? I really want you to share your why. WHY do you want what you do? WHY are you going after your goals? It can be anything. It could even be “because I finally want to after all these years start taking care of me” OR… “ because I need to look hot” WHATEVER it is, let’s get to your why…the sooner you connect to it, the sooner you can start on your own path to success.
I can’t WAIT to hear from you in the comments below xx
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How to; create your dream vision board

It’s time to get real. & I mean real. Dream life creation, business dreaming, life designing kinda real. I’m talkin’ about …
Vision Boards + Living your ideal days. Amazing, soulfully creative, goal leaping Vision boards, and intention filled dream days.
Have you ever looked at the successful people in life and tried to work out how they are where they are so you can do the same? I do. Frequently. I read books, I work on myself and I try to find the common threads  so I can emmulate that in my own life. Over the years however I feel I have found a few things that I truly believe I can credit people’s success to. Their motivation, their drive, the way that things just happen for them … and you want to know one of their secrets?? They all have a vision. A big, bright, happenin’, rad vision.
I set out, many years ago to put my dreams down in big bold pictures, colours and words and no matter what I went through, it was there. Reminding me, gently pushing at my subscionous to think positively, travel, surround myself with beautiful memories and people.
Since then, my vision boards have grown. I set out yearly to do a new one but this year it’s come off the vision board and up my wall. To me, having a phsyical ‘thing’ staring back at you every day is the very essence of dream creation and the most amazing and creative way to remind the universe – and yourself of course – every single day, of your WHY.
I want you to dream. To be inspired. To create your dream day, your dream life, to have a space you can be in that motivates  you to be the best YOU.
Below I am going to map out the Two core things in visualising and bringing to life your Dream life.
1. You are going to create yourself the best vision board you could have dreamed possible.
2. You are going to write out your ideal day / environment / life (which I first learned in Tony Robbins book!)
So let’s get to it shall we gorgeous.
+ A board (or a wall – whatever works for you)
+ As many magazines as you can get your hands on (8+ is good, but just work with whatever you’ve got)
+ Scissors
+ Pins (or blue tack if it’s a wall)
+ Pens, textas, paper
+ Quote cards (if you’ve got them, I had some ah-ma-zing Inspiration cards from KikiK that I used)
+ Photos that you love from previous travel / your partner / you resonate with.
Step One: 
Before you even begin you need to connect with your inner you. We are about to do some serious magic creation in the law of attraction. Your vision board is there to attract in to your life whatever your heart desires so you need to think about what it is exactly it is you want. Think about words that you connect with, that resonate with you. Dig deep, let go, and get real. We want to go to your source. You need to be in the most ideal creative mood to start so you open the flood gates of abundance and attraction. Think about how you’d feel with all of what you desire in your life. Success, love, happiness, health…
Step Two:
It’s time to work out what you want on your board. It is your board and your board alone so it can be as messy or organised, full or empty as you like it. It is good however to have a defined goal in mind. Write on a piece of paper what will be going on your board. Things like what you want in your life when it comes to;  Travel, Career, Finance, Wellness, Love, Business, Spirituality, Family & Happiness.
Step Three: 
Creating time! Now comes the fun part beautiful. It’s time to go through magazines and rip out any words, pictures, sayings that connect with what you want. Words like “A life well lived”, “Super Woman”. Pictures of your dream house, bedroom, study, car … whatever it is you’re looking for. Use other sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Images and any other site you love that dishes up words or pictures that align with your dream life. Use whatever sites or magazines or photos you have that you cherish (i.e a postcard or picture of your dream destination) until you have whatever it is you desire cut out and organised. Then put it all together!! Organise it on the table or floor before you start pinning or sticking it to the board or wall. Then once you love how it looks, assemble it as a final product.
Step Four:
Display it where you are going to see it everyday at least a few times a day. I have put mine in my lady cave as I spend my mornings before work in there then my time after work in there but if you don’t have a study area you spend a lot of time in, put it in your bathroom or kitchen or whereverrrr it is that you are going to see it most times of the day. You are about to start the powerful, extraordinary journey of law of attraction so you want to manifest the life you have just created on the board every day you awaken.
Step Five:
Ok, now you have your big bold physical goals all laid out to look at daily, (well done gorgeous!) next comes dreaming up the DAYS you wish to be living as you go about creating this dream life. Tony Robbins in his book, Awaken the Giant Within, talks about creating a compelling future, and although there are goals to dream up like the adventures, toys, financial and so on, he was the one to get me thinking about the days I wish to live whilst I achieve all of that. Where do I want to wake up? Who with? In what house? What can I hear? What can I smell? How does my day then pan out? Do I work from the beach? Or a big company office? And for how many hours? THIS is the magic juicy stuff. This is where you call in every little detail of your life you want to create, and remember, just like the BIG goals, don’t think about the HOW, just think about the WHAT. And get it all out on paper!!
Extra tips whilst you’re creating
+ Let go of self doubt and don’t hold back. Do not for a second in your creation stage let negative self talk
or doubt creep in. This is YOUR life, your DREAM LIFE and nothing can stop you from getting it. Dream BIG..if you’re dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough. You want that expensive car and beautiful house? Slap it on there hunny. You want to travel the world but have no savings? You’ll get there with enough determination and planning trust me. Don’t hold back when you’re dreaming and scheming’ – put everything your heart desires on there.
Now go gorgeous .. DREAM BIG & INSPIRE YOURSELF. If you do create your own vision board or vision statement for your life, I’d LOVE to see it (& you should share it as your declaration to the universe + start the law of attraction) … take a pic of it and upload it to your Instagram and tag me at @lifesshinyprettythings
Can’t wait to see all of your dream lives in big, bright bold ways.

Creating your own Dream list of goals

15 months ago, when I sat there writing my 25 before 25 list, music blaring, heart thumping…
I never knew my how.
I just sat and I wrote.
No inhibition, no doubt, no insecurities about what if I didn’t achieve it. I just wrote.
The secret though? Is that I knew my why.
I knew I wanted to feel excited, engaged, aligned, accomplished,  soul defyingly happy. That was my why. I wanted to have little goals to chip away at to live with purpose and to give me those feelings I hope to feel every day.
And because the universe had my back and I so willingly trusted in that – I had opportunity after opportunity to fulfil each goal.
I want to hand it over to YOU though. 
Today is the day that I want you to wake up your desire, help your soul whisper a little louder to your heart and make you work out your WHY before you sit and write out your big, small and in between goals.
Having big BOLD colourful exciting goals are what make you, you, what keep your spirit on fire and help make life interesting.
So here is what I propose.
Your own xx before xx list.
Let’s do this gorgeous!
What have you always wanted to do that you have just never thought as putting as a goal? What would you love to do? What would go on a list that would make you fulfil your why.
It doesn’t have to be scary – just make sure they’re aligned with you. Don’t put anything on your list just to fill it. Take time with this process. It’s a list that will serve as a  dream deadline and that is so exciting – don’t rush it, you are about to put down things that will light you up, fuel you, excite you … lead you to awe inspiring moments and that is a process to be honoured.
I chose 25 before 25, but go for whatever works for you. Maybe it’s 30 before 30 or or even 21 before 21. Another amazing idea 2 girlfriends came up with after some inspiration from the 25 before 25 was ..13 in 2013 (but you can even say 14 for 2014…do you get where I’m going with this?)
WRITE THEM DOWN!!! Pin them where you can see them everyday. Take a photo and put it as a screen saver on your phone.
But maybe most importantly … SHARE THEM. This is your big beautiful declaration to the universe. You’re here and you have some kick ass not to mention FUN goals to tick off – the universe has your back, your heart & soul are cheering you on to succeed and your family & friends will want to help with your journey. Sharing them just makes it more real and you more full and utterly supported.
And gorgeous – I would LOVE to hear them…even just some. Consider this your first little task of declaring them, even just 2 or 3 of the ones you resonated with the hardest. This is our space of inspiration and I’d be honoured to be a part of your list. Share them in the comments below.
Sending you big warm rays of love & light,
Anna xx
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Learning to let go

As I sit and write this, the sun is shining through my lady cave’s window, I have my favourite music playing in the background, and I am thankful for how energised, content and relaxed I feel. It’s day 4 of our Easter Long Weekend and it has been 4 days of blissful life catch up. 
I hadn’t wanted to be in Perth though, nuh-huh.    
You see, for weeks, I had been hounding asking Morgs to puh-lease get on board the idea of mine to pack our car and escape down south for the 4 day weekend we are gifted over Easter. 4 wholeee days of relaxing in a country town by the beach. Sounds perfect right? I know. The thing was though, he just wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was and said to just relax and allow this weekend to come and go, and for me to just absorb some me time, I think his words in fact were “just relaxxx honey, you don’t always need to be doing something or going somewhere 100% of your time”. 
I felt like my body was aching for it though, and yet deep down, I knew if I really wanted it – I would have booked and organised it regardless (better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission right?)
So what happened? 
I took my handsome man’s advice and let it come – and go. 
Simply – I let go of the plans I wanted to make way for the plans I didn’t realise I really needed. 
I slept in. I cooked delicious food. My love & I relaxed on the couch together. I went on soul nourishing walks. I spent quality time with my mum. I was present. I Relaxed. I caught up. 
Detoxing. No alarms. Bliss. 
I had time to breathe. 

To just… be.
So what was the lesson I took away from all of this? apart from the fact I really should listen to Morgs more often? 
+ That we don’t always have to have plans or be somewhere or doing something just because we have the time to.
+ That it’s ok to let go of the things we believe will make us happy, and follow that burning intuitive to find what will actually make us happy (less plans, more free time). 
+ To switch off and be totally ok with that. No plans, no to do’s, no burning responsibilities.  
+ To invest more in self love. Giving bodies sleep if it calls for it, a walk if it calls for it, a nap if it calls for it and some switch off time (like watching an old favourite movie) if it calls for it. 
The Challenge: 
I want this week for you to be about slowing down. 
I want you to listen in to your body and mind and giving it exactly what it’s asking for. We are in an age now where days, let alone months whizz by in blinks of our eyes – so this week is for you, and your precious hours to do exactly what you wish with them. 
Give yourself permission to say no to an event or a commitment if your body is calling for you to take a bath by candlelit instead. Maybe you’ve been in a bit of a funk recently and just can’t get on top of it all. Well you know what gorgeous (don’t tell your boss I said this) – but take a sick day for goodness sake. You’re given those days for when you need it most and sometimes, you just need a reset. 
I want this week to be about you – your favourite things, nourishment, self love and life catch up. 
Go dip your toes in the ocean, watch one of your favourite movies you haven’t seen in for-evah or dance in the rain because it will make you laugh. Fill a wholeeee day with your favourite things – a smoothie, a good book, a long bath and some quality time with your favourite person. 
I think we forget our easily we can choose our happiness – and this week is our beautiful reminder. 
Tune in deep this week – listen intently to what your mind and body is calling for and give it just that. 
With powerful intention and love for your best week yet, 
Anna xx
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Your guide to the ultimate affirmations

I don’t think it’s really any surprise when I say I love, cherish and adore affirmations. My love affair with positive words of course doesn’t stop there either, it also extends to quotes and intentions, but for this posts purposes, I wanted to to stick with dishing up some juicy affirmations that I use and adore to you with love. 
It can be said, always, that words hold power – in fact, more power than you can ever, ever imagine. My mum brought us kids up to believe in the power of words, our words, and she could frequently be heard saying things like “be careful what you say” or “don’t speak that in to being” – if we were being negative.
Affirmations are a natural extension of my powerful love affair with words. Words, positive words, powerful words help us manifest what we want in our life, shed positivity over doubtful moments and guide us every step of the way as we transform, change and grow in this life. 
This post is intended to help you transcend those negative beliefs, to lift you up, build your soul and all that juicy word stuff that you need to keep your mind fueled with the best stuff. 
So without further adue  below are my round up of my affirmations for you to refer back to, print out, share, write on your mirror or do whatever it is you wish to do with them to inspire you to live more positively every day. 
p.s the trick with affirmations is to believe it oh gorgeous one. Say the words with conviction. You ARE worthy, you DO deserve everything you desire, every aspect of your life IS fulfilled – because hey guess what, you are here, living, breathing and loving – and that in itself is a wonderful miracle. 
For your dreams + Goals

I am worthy of every single thing I desire and go after in this life. 

Everything that happens in my life perfectly prepares me to achieve my dreams

I am in charge of my life, in charge of my future and in charge of my choices. Everything that is in my life I have invited, and I can choose to change anything that I don’t like at any given moment. It is my choice, and my choice only. 

I am an unstoppable force of nature, I am at one with my goals and my goals are at one with me. 

Today I listen deeply to the goals and dreams that are speaking to me right now.

Each day my life unfolds with absolute purpose. 

Every action I take moves me towards my greater purpose.

Every aspect of my life is fulfilled.

Each day my life unfolds with absolute purpose. 

Every action I take moves me towards my greater purpose.

Every aspect of my life is fulfilled.

I am here, and because I am here I am here for a reason.

I have all that I need in my life to achieve my goals and purpose, I am well on my way to having it all, I take complete responsibility for my life. 

A new sense of purpose is taking over my being. I am positive and moving towards my goals every day no matter how small a steps I am taking.

Today and every day, all the pieces of my life are falling together perfectly and as they are meant to

Everything I need to know is always revealed to me at the perfect time. I don’t need to stress if I haven’t figured it out yet. 
For when you’re at work 

I am doing work that I enjoy and find fulfilling even if it isn’t what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I know that I have a choice in the work that I do in this world, and I am choosing to show up 100% and be thankful for the opportunity to receive a wage to pay for the fun and wants in my life.

My work has meaning, fulfills me and lights me up.

I believe in my ability to change the world on a small scale with the work that I do. 
For relationships + love

I am worthy of love. I invite love in to my life and give love with ease.

I have more love than I ever imagined possible & am so grateful for all the incredible relationships in my life.

I attract only healthy, loving and positive people in to my life. I am surrounded by those that love me and I love and support everyone around me. 

I always come from a place of love and genuinely listen and care with understanding when others talk. 

Unconditional love is the greatest gift I can give myself, I am powerful, beautiful and capable of achieving my wildest dreams. 

Everyone surrounding me in my life loves and supports me unconditionally. 

I know I cannot change others or one’s I love, I allow them to be who they are and love them as a whole. 

I am a magnet for my perfect, loving match. 

I am always connected to my highest and best good. I am whole. 

I forgive daily, so I can move from anger and ego to love and so that I can move from the past in to the present. 

For health

When I wake up everyday, I am full of pure energy, joy and vitality. My mind is calm and peaceful and I am ready for my day. 
I love and accept myself exactly how I am and am grateful for how healthy I am as I am breathing and here.
I control what goes in my mouth, I have the will power to say no, I love and respect my body like a temple and know that it deserves only good, healthy foods. 

I think only positive thoughts that are beneficial for my mind. When I allow negative thoughts to creep in, I can become aware and stop them from developing. I honour my mind and all that I think is positive. 

I always feel good from what I eat and feed my mind with. I radiate this love and health to others.

Every day I wake up I have a new opportunity to start again and that fills me with hope and happiness. 

Today I will breathe deeply and fully, rewarding my body with the breathe and energy it deserves. 

I am totally free of unwanted stress. When I feel overwhelm creep up, I take control and remind myself I control my moods, thoughts and actions, therefore I am not stressed if I choose not to be.

Perfect health is my divine right and I claim it today and everyday.

Do you have any affirmations that you have up around your house or in your diary that help you when you need some guidance and motivation? Have you ever tried affirmations before? I would love to hear in the comments below (I believe I can never have too many affirmations and positive words guiding my life).
Anna x
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My wellness story + 4 tips to kick start your own wellness journey

I wrote and re wrote this post 3 or 4 times, keeping out where the idea had come from, the personal side to why I’m sharing this particular subject and it just didn’t flow freely, at all. I knew what I was trying to say and why, but keeping out the personal side to it didn’t feel right. So I scrapped the whole thing, and started again with no inhibition – sharing the personal story before I give you some advice and this is the result; 
My health and wellness journey started just over 3 years ago now, in fact, if we wanted to be really specific, it started for me on February 23rd 2010. You might ask how can I remember such a specific date or maybe more importantly why was it such a specific date, which are both valid questions. The answers to both can be answered with this. 
It was the date of my major corrective jaw surgery. 
I won’t re hash everything again, as on the anniversary last year I shared the very personal story right here on the blog which you can read above. 
What I can say is this though; before that date, I didn’t take responsibility for my own health; I ate rather unhealthily, didn’t feed my mind with positive words or books and wasn’t in a place of complete truth or joy. And don’t get me wrong. I was happy. There was just sign after sign that something wasn’t quite right – developing anxiety & adult acne were just the start. 
After my surgery however, and consequent emotional and physical changes and finally feeling like I was on the outside who I connected with on my insides – things changed. 
I did a complete life overhaul. C.o.m.p.l.e.t.e

I changed my whole diet – out went pastas, breads and rice every day of the week in came smaller portions of meat and big healthy servings of salads and vegetables. Out went skipping breakfasts every day and in came an extra meal that should have been there from the start. Out went fizzy drinks and 7 coffees a day (yes you read that right) and in came 5L of water, green smoothies and only 1-2 coffees.
I changed my whole lifestyle – out went bad and toxic friendships and in came the most loving and supportive tribe of women that is still growing today. Out went negative mind sets, negative words and limiting beliefs and in came positive affirmations, problem solving questions, inspirational books, value and goal setting and intentions. 
I changed my whole routine – out went mind numbing tv watching every night of the week and in came starting and writing this blog, out went no exercising and in came 4-5 1 hour exercise sessions a week, out went the belief I didn’t have time for anymore in my life and in came weekly yoga sessions (with my beautiful mum no less). 
And then….it came. The anxiety disappeared, the adult acne just went away, the weight dropped off and stayed off*, it was huge and obvious transformative growth that helped me to start living that truth and joy and love I was searching and yearning for through all those years of self doubt and insecurities. 
It was there the whole time I just needed to fuel it with the right stuff to help it shine. 
This is where my advice kicks in though. Love soaked, purest intention advice. 
We ALL have an incredibly unique set of gifts powerful enough to change our world. You just have to let them out. The world is in fact depending on you to set your gifts free gorgeous, and it’s up to you to make that happen. 
I know it can be a little daunting and you will have moments of overwhelm – but just start small. My overhaul didn’t happen overnight, hell it didn’t even happen within weeks – it has been quite literally a 3 year journey. 
Here are a few little suggestions to help you start your own wellness journey … 
+ Let go of worrying what other people might think. If you’re living authentically and from a place of love (which is what happens when you start to live your truth) that is a beautiful and positive thing. There is nothing negative about it. People aren’t going to judge you for being more positive and making some required changes – in fact it’s the quickest and best way to work out who should be in your life and who shouldn’t. Those that do judge and bring you down need to be cut. Worry less, live more. It’s that Simple. 
+ Start small & don’t let overwhelm stop you. If there is one thing I can’t emphasize enough it is to not try to do it all and change it all at once. Start with one thing and implement it until it’s a new habit. Remember it takes 30 days to make or break a habit  so stick at it, everyday. It might mean reading a book you have heard is amazing for 10 minutes before bed each night or cutting down vs stopping all together drinking fizzy drinks. And if you feel like you stuffed up, honour that it’s a lesson, not a failure and use the following day as a beautiful gift to start again. 
+ Be grateful. For all that you have experienced in your past that has helped shaped you today, for all that is to come in the future and for every other day in between. Life got a lot sexier and extraordinary for me when I started to become grateful – & I don’t mean grateful for just the big stuff. Be grateful for the little stuff – like hot cups of tea, the uplifting word you just heard a parent give their child, hot water, clean water, your breathe. Being grateful even if you can’t change all the other stuff puts you in a remarkable position of love – for life and it’s blessings. 
+ Practice self love everyday. This is by far and large the most crucial step in your own wellness. Love starts at ‘home’ which means directly with yourself. Letting go of limiting beliefs like “I can’t” It’s impossible” “I’m not good enough” “I don’t have the time” and instead telling yourself “I’m worthy” “I can” “It’s totally possible” “let’s do this” “I have time” will slowly change the way you view yourself and ultimately your power and world. Give your body what it needs – sleep, nutrients, water, and your mind what it needs intention, positivity, nourishment – but do this 
Just remember that the fact that you’re here, on this earth, breathing, means you have a purpose – the world is waiting for you to share your gifts and shine your light. You don’t need to figure it all out instantly, start small, run your race slowly and you’ll get there. I promise. 
Go on though – What are you waiting for?

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Taking a stance on busyness

I think it’s time we had a little chat, got real you know, looked at the honest and truthful side of…
Being Busy. 

actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime: busy with her work.

not at leisure; otherwise engaged: He couldn’t see any visitors because he was busy.

full of or characterized by activity: a busy life.
Here is one thing I’m learning about busyness as time goes on that I think is incredibly important to discuss as 2013 really get’s going in to full swing – everybody is. Being busy is not unique to certain people or stereotypes, it applies to all of us, majority of the time. So why does that even matter? Because I think we need to start taking charge of that word, get control back on our work / life balance and start using ‘busy’ a lot less frequently in our lives whilst getting clear on a couple of little things (me included!). 

We choose to be busy, so we can just as easily unchoose it
“I have 3 events this weekend, a full on week at work, I have to find time for my gym sessions & yoga, 2 dinner dates and I don’t even know where I’m going to find the time to catch up with my best friend I’ve been needing to talk to let alone find the time to hang out with my boyfriend”

Sound familiar  Of course it does, because in today’s fast paced, where has the time gone‘ world – we are all guilty of thinking, feeling, saying the above. 

And you know what? You’re right. Yup, I totally agree that with all’o’that going on, you would be super busy, but how much of it is busy by choice? A-lot of it I’d say. 

Here’s the ouch part though; sometimes, saying how busy we are is like implying the other person isn’t, or worse still, that they’re not a priority in your life. Not true (x a million) of course, but it’s all about perception beautiful, we have to remember that. 
There is a difference between being busy & doing too much 

Let’s define the difference before we go any further because I am as guilty as the next person in big ways when it comes to this. 

Busy – Busy means a packed diary, little spare time and a tonne of fun stuff mixed in with the not so fun stuff. Perfect example is working full time, but making sure there is lot’s of social fun going on during the week and weekends with lot’s of exercise thrown in for good measure. 

Busy makes me feel good, it keeps me motivated, focused, lights my fire and ignites the time manager in me who wants to do it all whilst not burning out. 

Then there’s ….

Overwhelmed (doing too much) – means burn out, tiredness, moodiness, loss of control of what you want vs. what you’re doing, sadness. It means complete and utter ‘help me, what the hell have I done to take on so much at once and when the eff am I going to get the time to do it all”. It’s the “I am so exhausted, run down and truly don’t have time” line you pull out from time to time. 

See the difference? Because it’s huge. Busy should be manageable, it should light you up, not bring you down, it should inspire you, not burn you out.

Make sure you’re not overwhelming yourself with too much – all the time, keep your to do’s in check and manage your Yes’s better when you feel you’re close to overwhelm. 

Every single week my calendar includes 5 days of full time work, 1 night volunteering, 4-5 gym sessions, 1 yoga class and blogging. It’s my choice though and I have to make sure that doing all of this whilst taking on too much other ‘stuff’ doesn’t turn me from good busy, in to tired and overwhelmed. 

Keep it in check sista’!

Saying “I’m busy” makes you feel a lot more busier than you actually are

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” – Gandhi 

Gandhi always gets it so right doesn’t he? If you are what you eat, then you are ab-so-lutley what you think and what you say. Your words become your reality, they shape your feelings and can make or break you during extra stressed out times. Don’t believe me? Try this on for size…

Say the following allowed…

“I’m so busy, I’m never going to find time to fit all of this in” 

How did you immediately feel? Did you get taken back to a time when you have actually uttered those words? (I did, and it was as recent as last week). Did it remind you of how stressed you usually are when you say it? How overwhelming it all feels? How you really believe you won’t actually fit it all in?

Now change it to this (& say it allowed)…

“Sure I have some stuff going on right now but I am managing it beautifully, will get it done, I always do, and I am blessed I even have the opportunity to live the life that I lead” 

Now how did you feel? Did you smile? Did you believe it? You should have, because it’s true. Simply changing our words can change our lives. I always remember whenever I’m going through a stressful time the saying “This too shall pass”. It does, it always does, so remember next time you’re feeling you’re about to utter those negative busy words, switch it up – be grateful, remind yourself you will get through it, because you always do. 

We control our lives, therefore we control what we fill it with

You better believe it honey, because we do. We control our days, our weeks, our months, our years. We control our lives, hell, we control our universe. How many times have you referred to your crazy schedule or busy week as something beyond your control? Like it owns you?  Want to know something super powerful and true? It doesn’t. 

You choose to work where you work, say yes to what you say yes to, give up what you give up in order to appease other people. YOU are choosing what you are filling your life with.

Don’t fill it with s.h.i.t that you can’t even remember how you let in to begin with… schedules you don’t like (hello early morning starts, late night finishes), negative people and events you really don’t even like attending.  

Make it count, make it bright & make it YOU. 

Negotiate better working hours with your boss and if need be, get a new job. Find events you’d actually love to attend and start taking the positive  amazing, good soul filling friends you have in your life along for the ride. 

My own personal pledge for 2013…

+ Stop saying “I’m busy” & start saying “I’m grateful for the fun and fulfilling life that I lead”

+ Make time for my beautiful family & friends whenever they need me. Not ever feel or be too busy that I can’t fit them in. 

+ Fill my life with what I WANT to fill it with, not let overwhelm creep in and let busy take my life over. 

+ To make time for me, and continue to nourish my mind with positive words and books, my body with whole and nutritious food and my soul with choosing love everytime. 

and finally…

+ To live, with fulfillment, control over my life and days that contain my favourite things.


Over to you now … What are some of your own personal pledges for 2013 now we have cleared up that we’re not as busy as we think we are? I’d love to hear it in the comments!

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My Happiness List

Happy Friday beautiful! We have made it through another week and are just looking at a weekend full of things we love (I am anyway so I hope you are too).
My week has been a little hectic but it was still chocked full of people, things and moments I loved.
Here is a little list of things currently keeping me happy…
My first interview as a blogger (hooray!)

I was SO excited to get asked by the amazing girls – Ash & Tahnee, over at Eclectori if they could interview me for their website. I had so much fun answering the questions and putting together some pieces from their site to show my style and you can check the interview out here. Have a look at their website I have linked above as well, they are doing HUGE & amazing things over there with promoting local Australian Designers. The girls say that ‘believing in yourself is the beginning of something big’ – and I have to agree!!

Melissa Ambrosini’s new ebook – “12 steps to wellness”
There are some powerhouse Australian women who I follow earnestly for mind/body and spirit wellness tips, so when I had heard Mel’s new book – 12 steps to wellness had been realeased I immedatley went to buy it to download. I was meant to sit and send some personal emails Tuesday night, but instead couldn’t tear myself away from the book. It goes through 12 amazing, detailed steps to kick start you on your own wellness journey and I have found it incredibly inspiring. Can’t wait to finish it off and start applying some of the principles to my own life (like resting more and detoxing my space!)
Crossing more of my “25 before 25” list 
With a mere month and a bit to count down until I turn 25 I was very excited to cross more off my 25 before 25 list this past Sunday. I had left lot’s of things un crossed off that had been accomplished but I felt it appropriate to finally cross them all off! I am now 12 down, with 13 to go and a very solid plan under my belt. There is offically now only one thing on there that I can’t do due to it being a seasonal thing, which is swim with whale sharks, but Mum & I are booking and paying for it before my birthday which is as officially complete as it will allow me to be. P.s when mum saw my board one afternoon she got SO excited saying one of her longest goals since she was my age was to also swim with whale sharks. I am now beyond excited that we’re living this dream together!!
Marie Foleo’s ‘B School’ videos 
I found out about Marie last year through the beautiful divine timing that the universe so deliciously offers up. There was a handful of websites and blogs I stumbled upon at the exact right time that led me to others which has inspired me extraordinarly in where I’m at in my journey today and Marie’s was one of them. 
She runs something yearly called “Rich, Happy, Hot B School for aspiring entrepreneurial women who want to do what they love and make money from it. Hells Yes right? I KNOW! I felt this was as good a year as any to manifest it in to making doing her course a reality (it’s about $2k – but oh SO worth it) and last week I got not 1, not 2 not 3 but FOUR emails all from bloggers I love in, all in one morning, and all directing me to her new video series that I urge you to watch yourself. 
I’ve watched the first 2 videos – “the 6 pillars” and “13 keys to killin it online” and already have learnt SO much. It’s just a taste to her amazing course but if you’ve been thinking about starting an online anything (business, blog, website) then click away and be prepared to be inspired. It has freaking ROCKED my whole week. 
You can sign up to the videos here. 
My fiance’ and my Niece = heart melting adorable’ness
So I tryyyyy as hard as possible to not bombard all of my social media with melt your face kinda’ cuteness that is my niece and my ah-maa-zing Finace’ also known as Morgs BUT … when I got home after a long day and saw him helping my sister out by feeding her dinner I of course had to slap it on my Happiness List this week. Hearing them both laughing and chatting away (well Morgs trying to get Delilah to say words and her gurgling back) put my day from about a 6 to a 100 instantly. 
So that’s it beautiful! So much love flying around this week for amazing books, videos and amazing people in my life. I’d LOVE to hear what’s made it on your Happiness List this week, what’s sparking your fire, lighting you up and all that jazz – leave me a comment below!