My Happiness List

I struggle to actually put in to words at the moment exactly what it is I am grateful for and what’s making my happiness list when I feel like it’s just everything. Does that mean life is perfect? No, life isn’t meant to be perfect, it just means I am embracing more than ever every up and down and ebb’ing and flowing with life like nobodies business. There isn’t any secret to life, there really isn’t, you just have to be open to every failure as a beautiful lesson, wake with deep deep gratitude, chose to be happy and have FUN.

I have, at this point in time, fallen in love with the imperfect perfectness of life and all it’s beautiful joy and mess and that is what is making my life so rich. Here are just a few things that contribute to that wealth of love, joy and peace.

Beach days + Goal writing + Cafe hangs 

There is no doubt about it. Water is my muse. Being by the ocean or in the ocean is so fundamental to my Joie De Vivre and not being chained to a 9-5 desk anymore I spend a LOT more time by the water. I was doing my gratitudes on a weekly Monday biz call this week and my main one was dunking my head under the salty water at the beach for the first time this Summer. It’s not a lie when they say the best things in life are free, and being able to soak in the divine sunshine on a beautiful Perth beach is one of those ‘how lucky am I’ activities. Living in divine ole Perth with it’s delicious beaches certainly helps. The fabulous Bib & Tucker now being situated on my fav beach – Leighton – also helps oh so much….there isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t wander in for some champagne to toast life (p.s try the pulled pork and fish taco’s there – it’s my fav!)

Good books, but more specifically, my current read; The Secret … 

‘For someone who whole heartedly believes in manifestation, gratitude and law of attraction, I am almost ashamed to admit I had in fact never read the book the secret, that was, until recently when I popped the book in to my suitcase as we jetted off for Bali. It was d.e.v.o.u.r.e.d. SO enjoyable to read and lightbulb after lightbulb and aha moment after aha moment. The words leapt off the page to me and so much clicked. I also believe in reading the same book a few times to learn different lessons, so I am starting this one again in a few days, but if you have read it, I encourage you to go back to it with a new set of eyes, and if you haven’t ever read it – slap it high on your to read list. If you can truly believe that whatever you truly desire can be yours, then this is the book to solidify it even more.

This Guy + officially being business partners now 

So not only is this handsome guy my fiance and best friend, we have recently thrown business partners in to the mix. A mentor of mine said to me when I was 18 years old; “the man you marry won’t ever have to be like you, he doesn’t  have to like the same stuff you do, have the same drive that you do, or want the same goals that you want in life, (he knew I was driven even back then). What is required from him however, is he never stand in your way, he let’s you go after your goals and supports you whilst having his own interests in life”. I never really fully understood the weight of that until 2 years later, when Morgs and I had been dating for just a year, and I decided, at 20, still at uni, I wanted to get a business loan and start my first business ( my dating website Possibly Maybe). He didn’t tell me why it might not work, he embraced my desire to go after the goal and never once stood in my way. The advice started to make sense. He didn’t want to be a part of it, but he supported me with all he had. More recently, I found and ran with the extraordinary nutritional cleansing company I am now 100% aligned too. The same thing occurred. He didn’t fully get it at first, and it wasn’t something he seemed interested in but he supported me and let me fly none the less.

Now though? After never standing in my way the past 7 years and let me be the crazy person I am with huge dreams and a go go go energy, he has come front and centre in to the business and we have combined to be a business partnership. It is SO fun and we are learning so much more about each other even after 7 years of dating. He has is own goals in the business now and it’s my turn to never stand in his way, but this dynamic of adding biz partners to our list will be high on my gratitudes until we are old and grey I know it.

Breakfast dates with divine souls

It’s no secret that breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day, and not only my favourite meal, but even more favourite x infinity when its shared with the most divine souls on the planet. I always say it but it’s getting declared here again, I really am SO blessed with the kind of girlfriends I have surrounding me in my life and recently I got a double dose of gorgeous’ness when I met up with Deanne & “The other Anna O” in the same week to talk all things boys, business, goals, weddings, love, travel and just general juicy stuff of life. Deep, loving friendship is a key to happiness in life. Fill your life with shit, negative friends – and you’ll sure enough have a shit, negative experience. Fill your life with beautiful, supportive extraordinary friends, and you can guarantee you will have beautiful, supported and extraordinary experiences. These two girls are just part of my tribe I feel deep gratitude for daily. 

Dates at the beach drinking French Champagne

This was an extra special day as the divine soul pictured with me here is one of the girls I coach who has just been able to leave her 9-5 to pursue a life of her dreams. Does she know get to do her business meetings wherever she pleases now? You betcha. Does that also mean a little french champagne had to be involved? Ab-so-lut-ley!! This is why I do what I do, to be able to celebrate in incredibles women’s success and empower them to live a life of purpose doing whatever they please – with a residual income with an amount they decide they want. It’s exciting. It fills me up and it sets my soul on fire. 

Seeing Beyonce Live .. yep that happened

There are actually no words for this. Truly. Queen Bey has been an inspiration of mine for-ev-ah and so when I heard she was coming to Perth it wasn’t even an option. We were going! Beyonce was actually even one of the first posts I ever did on this blog; I look up to her for how she goes after all her big dreams and goals and lives up to the spirit within her. On a Saturday night, in little ole Perth, with my babes by my side, I got to dance and scream and smile my way through all of the songs I adore and see the Queen in action. It was surreal. It was something I’ll remember forever, and it’s certainly an experience I hope to re live again. So.much.FUN.

The fact that Summer is on the way … 

I am a lover of all seasons, I really am. I LOVE the smell of rain in Winter, I adore crunching leaves and rugging up in Autumn and I can’t help but fall in love with the colours that pop up in Spring – but there is something about Summer that captures my heart and soul. I don’t think anybody can be in a bad mood in Summer. The sun is shining, your skin does get darker, water at the divine beach gets warmer,, drinks get colder, nights get longer and life really DOES get better. One thing I have always been grateful for is the fact I get to live in a country, and Perth, where we actually experience all seasons. So Summer, you saucy, saucy minix – I am SO ready for you and your hot days, long nights and fun times. 
Love always, 
This eternally grateful human xx

My love soaked love letter to you; Your Permission Slip to live

Find your story & tell that 

Dear beautiful souls, 

I had something huge on my heart the last few days and it all came out this morning as I sat and wrote in my diary. I want to start living your truth. Finding your story & telling that. Living loudly, and with love. But I think so many of us are still so scared of consequences – friends reactions, societys acceptance, that we don’t even take the first steps to live that truth and follow our purpose. 

So here is your permission slip that I know so many people are still waiting for. If you think you don’t need a permission slip to LIVE either then answer me this. 

Are you still someone who worries about what people think about you? What people might be saying? What a group of your friends might talk about when they get together without you (you need to dump those friends by the way if this is still happening in 2013) Do you wear certain things or not wear certain things to be ‘in’ or normal. Are you careful about what you say or do or how you might come across because of how you might be perceived? Do you still walk in to a room and think ‘I wonder if they like me’ instead of thinking ‘ I wonder if I’ll like them?’ Do you have anxiety? Are you really sad a lot of the time? Stressed? Un aligned? Do you resent aspects of your life??

WHY? I could not pour ANY more love in to these words. WHY?? WHYYY would you try so hard to dampen your spirit and not live your truth when you have been gifted this life and you were born to stand out? Your heart was made to love and for you to live a life of purpose. 

If you didn’t wake up this morning (tragically) and yesterday was your last day on earth…are you proud of what you did? Who you were? What you said? How you loved? How you lived? No?? The only person you are doing a disservice to is yourself.

YOU ARE ALIVE & YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Wake up. For goodness sake wake up. 

Why live a life anything less than extraordinary?? You weren’t born to fit in. You weren’t born to be a bitch either. Or judgmental. Or angry. Or jealous. Or spiteful. Your purpose isn’t to align with shit friends that hold you back from being you. That anxiety & depression that is so devastatingly rampant in our generation today? It’s our bodies way of giving us a clue that the normal way of living isn’t right. 

So here is your permission slip. 

You are beautiful. Incredibly worthy. You have a voice. You have a heart that pumps so you can give of yourself in this world. You should go and live. Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Wear what you want to wear. Travel where you want to travel. LIVE. Don’t give your power away … Find your voice. Light your spirit back on fire. HAVE FUN. Dream a little bigger & just truly understand and honour your worth.

You are an INCREDIBLE human being. I just needed you to know that as you started your new week again. 

I’ll be here, cheering you on as ALWAYS, 
With a huge amount of love & light. 
Anna xx

Dear Life; Gratitude Overload

Dear life, 
You are pretty beautifully overwhelming at the moment. I feel at a stage where as soon as I open my eyes when my alarm goes off, and realise I’m alive, I’ve been given one more day, I am already at gratitude overload. I think there might be something to this as well. They say gratitude attracts abundance, and life, I so get that. Where gratitude goes, abundance and energy flows. I just really want to honour you at this present moment. Honour that we are here, on a planet that you support 6 billion human souls on, breathing air that you give us. If I had nothing and no one to be grateful for, that in itself is enough. That is just the thing though life, I DO have so much to be grateful for and I just wanted to say thanks. 
Thank you. No, I mean really, reallyyyy thank you. Thank you for Morgs, who shows me a love so deep I know it will last the ages and for loving someone enough to give that deep beautiful love back. For my mum – who at 25 still calls me pumpkin and darling heart and cooks me dinner if Morgs is away. For having a WHY in life so deep and so great nothing and no one will stop me. For butchers that do free taste testings. Thanks for Visionary’s. Thank you for books and words that inspire me to live harder, better, and stronger. Thank you for fresh flowers that are a staple in our household. Thanks for deliciously sexy weather with a little bit of rain and a little bit of sun all at the same time. For choice – to feel love instead of anger and hope instead of sadness. Thanks for peppermint tea and Winter sheets. For people that are fellow life enthuiasts – the ones that show up, engage; dig it, and just totally and utterly love life. Thank you for profanities, and being ok with saying the word Fuck when I’m crazy excited. Thanks for gratitude. Thank you for friends who make life so fundamentally extraordinary. Thank you for deep, deep belly laughs. For divine acoustic music, for jam donuts. For hugs and high fives – I just love a good one of each. Thanks for the invention of planes to take my love & I anywhere in this big beautiful world we desire. Thank you for the ocean. For Massages and for delicious dinners shared with your favourite people. 
There will never be enough words to truly show you how grateful I am that I am given day after day to live – but hopefully by living on purpose and living with passion and love – everyday – will show you my deep, deep appreciation for you. 
Now excuse me life, I’m off to live another day xxx
p.s I would LOVE to hear what you are grateful for in the comments below. As I said, Gratitude attracts abundance, so get to saying thanks for all the wonderful little (& big) things in your life x 

Links I love

1. In the midst of Chaos – Do this by Jia Ni Teo … amazing article, gorgeous girl, a must read. 
2. This photo – because she encapsulates the feeling I want everyday. Free. Empowered. Fun. Exciting. 
3. These ridiculously gorgeous stackable rings – I have ordered m & a to wear on my right ring finger. YES
4. A daddy’s letter to his little girl – Read it with huge emotion. Every little girl needs this letter. What a dad x
5. Paid to exist article – Great video for budding entrepreneurs + learning how to stay focused. BOOM.
6. Top 20 Coco Chanel quotes – ever classy, ever darling, ever Chanel .. she always got it SO right. 
Happy internet browsing o’beautiful one xx

Inspiring Babe of the week: Peta Kelly from Anatome Integrated Wellness

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this babe’in soul she is just THAT amazing. If you haven’t already heard of Peta or been inspired by her incredibly amazing page it would be my honour to introduce you both. 
Peta & I were introduced through a mutual friend (check out her amazing Pinterest here). She had seen we were posting similar positive ‘stuff’ on our facebook walls and connected us in a message. We had caught up for a ‘blind date’ lunch and almost 3 hours later I was walking away buzzing, inspired, excited & connected – I felt like we had the start of a soul sista love story.

Her energy, infectious. Her goals can’t help but inspire & love of life unparallelled. She can walk in a room and by the end of a talk shift mindsets and inspire you to live better and be better. She quite literally changes lives.  

She is quite possibly the most energetic, loving, soulful, INSPIRING girl I know. Hands down. Fo’ real. She lives her truth, walks her talk, and has taught me about living life with ease and abundance. (We also share the same dream to retire our mums – soon!!) 
She is the wonderful soul behind “Anatome Integrated Wellness” that aims to “Embody all aspects of Wellness ~ Wellness of the body, the mind, the soul and one’s finances. Anatome aims to nourish and encourage people all over the world to live a life purely by their own design”

See what I mean? You’re going to LOVE her so grab yourself a cup of herbal tea and settle in for some serious soul’spiration x 

+ So what do you do Peta? What is your big life vision & where did it come from?
I work with a team of AMAZING young people who are creating a life purely by their own design, while helping others do the same!
More specifically, I have a wellness business called Anatome Integrated Wellness. The vision of Anatome is to help people achieve complete wellness in their lives through an integrated approach with health, nutritional cleansing, personal development, spiritual development and wealth creation. I’m going through a bit of a transformation/evolution with Anatome and it will soon fall under the umbrella of ‘Life by my Own Design.’ 
I’ve always had a massive passion for everything health and wellbeing, and in particular, obesity! I grew up in a very active family of 4 kids and we played every sport under the sun. To me, we were the most blessed kids on the planet, enjoying lives in healthy bodies with the love and support of our amazing single Mum! 

I decided early on in life I was going to get rich and retire my Mum. How? I had no idea. But I knew it’d come. Anyway, after graduating from UWA with a BSc (Hons), and having my research on exercise and appetite published, I started a phD to continue more of the same. I soon realised in my own life though, that there was so much more to learn about the body, the mind and the soul that I needed to discover myself. Every Monday it was ‘a thing’ for my friends to be hating work, feeling gross, and just wishing the week away so that the weekend would come. It didn’t make sense to me. Why are we wishing away 5 amazing days, just to enjoy two? Around the time I came to this realisation, I was being given signs from the universe to change direction slightly so I listened to this ‘calling’, deferred my phD and started my own business aged 23. It started as a weight management business, integrating personal training and nutrition. I was learning more about the body at a deep level than ever before and slowly more pieces of the puzzle came together.  I still always felt that there was a missing link though. There was something that separated us from feeling great, to feeling AMAZING… I was on a hunt to figure it out. Raw foods, vegan, organic, juicing, you name it I was doing it. 
Surely enough, a few short months later, the universe nudged me on the shoulder and I I was introduced to the wonderful world of nutritional cleansing and ZING!  There it was… The missing link. I could write forever about the details of this discovery, the synchronicities that followed and how FREAKISHLY perfectly timed it all was. I started to feel incredible like never before, so did my clients, my family and my friends. I thought YES! This is life!  We’re meant to wake up every day feeling amazing, full of energy, clear mind, feelings of joy, happiness endlessly and with ease. I also discovered an amazing new business model which allowed me to empower people to take control of their own lives on the inside, but on the outside too, financially. 
It all clicked. Now THIS is complete wellness. My vision is to revolutionise the way young people view their health, their potential for wealth and in turn empower people of all ages live a life purely by their own design. I now lead a team of incredible young, inspiring leaders who want to change lives, starting with their own. By creating complete balance and alignment at the deepest level physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually we allow ourselves to live to our full potential. The business structure within our team allows us to dream big, live our life however we want to and help others do the same. Once I decided on my ‘WHY’, the ‘HOW’ came to me… 
I now have both the WHY and the HOW.

Tell me where you draw your own inspiration from? What lights the fire in your belly?
      My Mum!!
      The most hard working, selfless, brave and strong woman on the planet. She is my ‘why’ and she has taught me that giving selflessly with no boundaries is the only way to live. 

      I draw huge inspiration from books and audios. ‘ The Strangest Secret’ By Earl Nightingale is single handedly the 30 minute piece that picked me up from a road of mental and physical burnout at one stage, to putting me firmly on my path to freedom and joy. My wonderful team inspires me more than I can put into words. Being amongst young people who want more for the world and for themselves makes my heart sing.  AHHHHHH (Heart singing)

     + Is there a favourite book (or two!) and video that inspired you in big ways that you would love to share to inspire others?
   The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is a MUST READ for everyone no matter what you do or who you are!
      The Go Giver- By Bob Burg. I live by the above two books. 
You inspire me so much to ‘live life by my own design’ but not everybody knows what that means – can you explain to my readers what you mean when we say that? 

 Living a life by your own design means doing WHATEVER you want with WHOEVER you want WHENEVER you want to do it! It means being physically FREE, waking up feeling amazing, and going to bed feeling amazing too. It means earning more so you can GIVE more, with no limitations. It epitomises ABUNDANCE in all aspects. Love, happiness, prosperity, growth, health… It’s being able to design your ideal day, from start to finish. It’s being able to live from a place of love, while dreaming SO BIG that it’s scary, KNOWING that you will live your dreams. It’s a choice. We choose.

  + Being a girl who lives her life by her own design, describe to me your perfect day from start to finish?

My perfect day starts with waking up EARLY feeling amazing, with the first thought that comes into my head one of gratitude. I open up French doors that overlook the ocean and meditate for halfa. I have a yummy cleanse and then I get amongst nature, whether it be a run through a beaten track or a swim in the ocean. 

Then I’ll get comfy on a hammock, or a bean bag on the balcony, inside or outside and read a book or listen to an  audio while drinking a super food smoothie and connecting all the senses. Then my ‘work’ day will begin and the real fun starts. I connect with my team, answer emails, make phone calls, have meetings. Throw some planning exciting events, holidays or trips in there too. 

For lunch I will have some yummy organic food from one of my fav raw food/wholefood cafes in Fremantle or down south. After lunch, it’s more planning, more beautiful conversations including some success stories whether it be to do with health or wealth. At night we have a wicked team meeting/presentation with lots of newbies joining us!  My family is all there too 😉  As I write this I’m on the plane to Broome to spend a super fun week in the sunshine, connecting with people. My ideal day also involves being able to jump on a plane if I want to!

+ What are the 3 tips you can share to help others live their dream life. Where can they get started? 

1)      Decide exactly what it is you want in your life and broadcast it. Vision board it and look at it every single day. Be clear on your ‘why’
2)      Nourish your body at the deepest level. If you get the inside right the outside will fall into place.
3)      Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Always be learning.

+ What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My Mum has given me plenty. So had my dear late Nanna.  One thing that sticks with me every single day is this… You are never deprived when someone else gains. It makes life that much more glorious to realise that and live it every single day


Inspiring Babe of the week; Nikki from Sunshine for the soul

I had the pleasure of ‘e’meeting Nikki a few months ago through the wonderful world of blogging  (and all things social media). We instantly connected and were excited to share our life’isims, inspirations and just generally connect. 

Her energy is infectious, support is uplifting and message super inspiring and so when I wanted to start a new section on the blog interviewing gorgeous souls I knew Nikki was the girl to kick it off with. 
Below, learn her insights on starting a blog, what inspires her and how she wants you to feel when you visit her site, with a delicious recipe thrown in for good measure. Psst – I also asked her some juicy questions on how and why she started a blog for those of you on the verge of starting your own to hopefully kick start your fire. 
p.s This will be a regular feature in this space from now on – I want to bring you inspiring babes who are rocking it hard in life to bring you inspiration in every way shape and form.

p.p.s Have a wonderful weekend I will see you back here on Monday xx

Nikki from Sunshine for the soul 

+ Tell me how you got in to blogging?

I’d love to! I have always loved writing things down like my thoughts, plans, goals and to do lists in journals, notepads, scrap bits of paper floating around, anywhere really. I wanted to create a bigger and brighter space for all of these things but wasn’t quite sure what that would be or look like.

When I started my health coaching studies, I began to get a lot clearer on my passions and vision for the future and I knew a blog would be the perfect outlet for my ‘bigger and brighter space.’

I didn’t know how I would get started so I started reading more blogs, books and articles until it got to the point where the voice inside my head said ‘ok, it’s time to do this.Start your blog now,’ and so I did. 
I started Sunshine for the Soul late 2012 and it has been growing organically ever since and I hope will continue to do so.

+ Do you have any advice for guys/girls wanting to start a blog?

Yes. DO IT! The sooner you do,the better.

A beautiful line that Sarah Wilson once said about blogging, ‘Enter the fray’ has always stuck with me. 
It took me a long time to muster the courage to actually launch my blog and put it out there for the world to see because of caring so much what other people would think, for fear of judgment and for thinking to myself ‘do people really want to hear or care what I have to say, especially when there are so many other people out there with wonderful blogs?’

That’s when I realised that as much as blogging is for sharing and communicating with other people, first and foremost,it’s for myself. I write for myself, it’s a creative outlet, a form of self-therapy and self-expression.
I believe that everyone has his or her own unique gift to share with the world so put it out there. Enter the fray. Once I did, I realised it wasn’t so scary after all and wish I had started sooner. You will attract the right people to your blog when it is right for you and for them. If my writing doesn’t connect or resonate with certain people, that’s ok too. 
I would highly recommend Darren Rowseand Chris Garrett’s book, ‘ProBlogger: Secrets for how to blog your way to a six figure income.’ It is wonderfully informative, effective and simply breaks down the steps you need to take to create and build a profitable blog.  

 + How do you come up with your blog ideas? 
I listen to my heart. I look at the world around me; the things that present themselves to me in day-to-day life that I know other people could benefit or take a lesson from too.

Other times, ideas will come to me when I’m having a conversation with someone and I feel something inside of me spark.
I don’t like to force ideas; if I am really struggling to come up with content (which is rare) I don’t push it or write something just for the sake of publishing something. When I write it comes from the heart, so therefore authentic and meaningful. When you aren’t present in your writing or don’t connect with it from within, your readers won’t connect with it either.I believe the best posts are the ones that come naturally. 

+ What are 3 things you want your readers to feel when they visit your site?
Inspired, positive and loved. 
At a high level my blog is about health and wellness but on a deeper level I really want to encourage people to seek and embrace the things in life that truly bring a fire to their soul, touch their heart and inspire them to live the happiest, healthiest and most abundant life they can. 
My blog is a creative and safe space full of positivity, love and nourishing things for your mind, body and soul so grab yourself a coconut water, sit back and enjoy!
What inspires you?

SO much! Authenticity – Kindness – Self-love – Selflessness – ‘Female-preneurs’
Seeing people not only following their dreams but also chasing them. We only get one shot at this life and I am so inspired and uplifted when I see people seeking opportunities to make their life the very best that they can by going after what rings true for them instead of living in fear and in the ‘what ifs,’ and ‘one day I will…’ world.
Having beautiful heart felt conversations with like-minded people who are positive, encouraging and uplifting. When I not only communicate but also connect with another person, I feel my soul come alive and that is such a wonderful and inspiring thing.
 + Describe your perfect day?
I would start the day off with some fun movement, whether that was some strength training, going for a run or doing yoga, as I believe that exercise in the morning sets your entire mood for the day. 

I’d follow that with a relaxed breakfast at one of my favourite cafes whilst enjoying some entrepreneurial reading or writing for my blog, or perhaps a catch up with a friend.

Then onto some coaching sessions with my clients as it is such rewarding work and helping others is the quickest way to make you feel good too.
Time spent outside to soak up the sunshine would be an absolute must as that makes me sublimely happy.
 In the evening I would relax over a nice home cooked meal and glass of red (yes Health coaches still enjoy wine) and spend time with my beautiful man talking about life, dreams and my vision for the future.
So you’re a health coach? Tell us a little about what you do & what clients can expect working with you?

Yes I am and I LOVE it. Working (if I can call it that) with people to support, help and guide them make their life bigger and brighter is so rewarding. I work with people from a holistic approach, which means I look at four key areas in their life: Relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality. I assess these core areas and work with my clients to identify where things may be off balance or not working for them, set agreed goals and action plans.
Many people think that health or being ‘healthy’ is just about the food they put in their mouth, which does play a large role of course, however, the real crux of health is about how we feed our body, mind and soul. When the above four key areas are in harmony and in balance, the food we eat is secondary.

Are you feeding your body beautiful nutrients or garbage? Are you feeding your mind negative thoughts or uplifting ones? Are you doing things to feed your soul or to shrink it?
These questions are so important.
Clients can expect a coaching program that is tailored to them and their individual needs. 
My clients’ get a coach who is 100% focused and committed to them.  When I am with my clients, I am present; I am there for them.
I work with the individual to address any or all areas of their life that are off balance and holding them back from living a healthy, happy and abundant life. I work towards goals, actions, personal recommendations and so forth.
+  Do you have a yummy healthy recipe for us?
Oh tough choice… but I’ll chose this one because these are so simple to make, use only a few ingredients and are absolutely delicious and nutritious. They make the perfect little treat or I’ll often whip up a batch to give to a friend as a gift.



*1 Cup Dry Roasted Almonds
*1 Cup Dates (preferably organic) pitted
*1/3 Cup Raw Organic Cacao powder
*1/3 Cup Coconut Oil – melted
*½ Cup Organic Shredded Coconut Flakes + little extra to roll balls in
Step 1: Soak pitted dates in a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes.
Step 2: Whilst dates are soaking, combine cacao powder, almonds, coconut oil and flakes in a food processor (does not work as well in a blender)
Step 3: Feed dates in one by one for a smooth consistency.
Step 4: Depending on how moist you want to balls you can add a few drops of water
Step 5: Allow mixture to rest for 5-10 minutes and then roll into a ball.
Step 6: Roll mixture into small bite size balls then roll in coconut flakes
Step 7: Allow setting in fridge for 1 – 2 hours before gobbling these little goodies.
Step 8:ENJOY and try not to gobble in one sitting!
Note: Do not consume late at night as cacao is quite high in caffeine and will keep you awake longer than you wish (trust me, I know from personal experience)
Raw cacao is a great source of four neurotransmitters; serotonin, dopamine, anandamine (the bliss chemical) and phenylethylamine, which are associated with feelings of well being and also help to alleviate depression. Not only that, it is the primary source of magnesium which is vital for a healthy functioning heart and is the most deficient mineral in Western civilisation.
What’s not to love? 



Images: All taken from her delightful Instagram. Follow her at nicole_perhne