Spring brings new Intentions

There is a certain energy in the air at the moment. A call of spirit. A sense of calm. An excitement of new beginnings and strong intentions and I can’t help but think it has all be inspired by a change in seasons. 
Yesterday in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring Sprung and with new seasons comes fresh change, and I’m not just talking about the return of our warm sun or delicious sunny weather. I’m talking about energy shifts and big bold intentions. 
We are currently in September, a mere 4 months off from the end of the year, and as I woke this morning, I was overwhelmingly inspired to sit and pour some love in to setting my own intentions for the final leg of the year and this beautiful new season that is upon us. 
So what is an intention? If you’re new to them, they aren’t goals. To me, they are love soaked promises to your soul and being of how you want to feel, act and love. To live, with intention. Living with intention, Setting your intentions, it all creates wonderfully powerful magic in your life. At that moment, when purpose and intention align, the universe screams YES and life flows. Synchronicity is abundant and you gel with life with gusto and love. 
Intention is sexy. It’s real. & if done right, with love and authentic energy – it will catapulte your life next level. An incredibly wise man named Buddha once said; “The mind is everything; what you think, you become” – and Buddha you were so, SO right. 
So grab a pen and paper, and let’s get down with intention setting to live the rest of this year out with an incredible bang. 





an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

the end or object intended; purpose.

the act or fact of intending.

Dear Universe, 

+ I operate constantly from a deep place of love. I give love freely, radiate love and connect to my source of love at all times. 

+ I wake with incredible energy deeply grateful for each day from the moment I am awake. 

+ I live on purpose and with purpose. I am aligned to my souls calling and I will help all others I come in to contact with do the same if they choose that. 

+ I attract loving, supportive, successful, divine, authentic people in to my life who bring the best out in me and I give those qualities back. 

+ I go through my days with ease and love and attract abundance at all times. 

+ I am the healthiest I have ever been and that fills me with love and joy. 
Your turn gorgeous. There are 4 months of 2013 left. Let go of the anxiety about not yet hitting some goals you might of set at the start of the year and instead live with love and intention (& don’t ever forget gratitude).You see, intentions aren’t about what you will try to do or achieve goals wise, or pushing yourself – it’s about living your truth and attracting more of the energy you want in your life. 

Your intentions will set you off on a path of attracting who and what you need in your life and will see your life become aligned and your spirit live on purpose. 

I would love to hear some of your intentions in the comments below. 

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Working out your ideal day + Living that

Everyday is another chance to change your life 
The sun starts streaming through the cracks of your blinds, you wake, and roll over next to the love of your life, your eyes are barely even open but you’re already smiling for the day. You don’t know what time it is, but it doesn’t matter, you don’t work, you haven’t for months now, and life is bliss. 
You roll out of bed when you’re ready and begin your morning routine. You hit the gym, not because you have to, but because you love to move your body and starting your day this way is what makes you happy. You wander home when you’re ready, never worrying about what time it is, and make yourself a delicious nutritious smoothie, do some dry body brushing, take care of your skin with coconut oil, have a long hot shower, you do whatever it is that sets your day off right. 
Then the day is yours. You do your coaching calls or you don’t. You go to the beach and write out your goals and gratitudes that you do every single day. You eat delicious salad and organic goodness for lunch in the Winter sun. You stop for an impromptu coffee at your favourite cafe back on the beach, because, well, because you can.
Time is not against you. Life is yours to live. 
You are, in every sense of the word, living your ideal day. You are doing what you want, with who you want, when you want. 
What I just explained above, is my current life. I was 20 when I first heard of this idea through Tony Robbins, in a nutshell, he said, work out your perfect day – what it looks like, what it feels like, what it tastes like. He then challenged if you were living it? No? Why not? Find your why and then your how will come. 
So this is my challenge to you today. What does YOUR ideal look like? What does it feel like? Taste like? What are you doing? Who are you with? Where are you in the world? I want you to start living that. You don’t have to not work either. We can get you to that stage, but you can still allow aspects of an ideal day in to your busy lifestyle starting straight away, & here are some of my tips how; 
1. Get clear on exactly what your ideal day looks like 
It’s writing and creative time. Get a new page up on the computer or grab a paper and pen and start writing what your ideal really does look like. It doesn’t need to be grand, remember, this is your every day life. For me, it began and ended with the sun, and it involved ALL of the above. Notice how a lot of it is what I wanted to feel. I was always so stressed about time – I had none, so my ideal day I wanted freedom of choice, to not worry about time, and to spend it where I wanted – like one day at the beach, the next at the zoo. It was freedom and joy and space in my life for me. What’s yours? Write. Write for no-one but you. It might be sleeping in until 11am everyday, and that’s fine if that’s YOUR ideal day. Who is in your ideal day? Where are you? Just keep writing. 
2. See what comes up from that & start being more concious of those things in your life
Go back and read it a few times now. See what is coming up a lot for you. Is it family time? Freedom? Not rushing? Financial freedom? Work out what are the categories that come up the most for you and identify why those are most important to you. We can never have what we want if we don’t even know what it is we want. So get clear, crystal clear – this all forms part of your why. 
3. Start small but start today
Don’t think you have to quit your job and rush out immediately to start living your ideal day – because although I would love for you to be able to do that, it needs to be realistic. You would be surprised however just how much of your ideal day you can start incorporating in to your current lifestyle before living it fully. Do you want to just have 30 minutes to yourself every morning to sit and write goals? It might mean that you just have to get up a little earlier and you can actually start doing it. Think of it like this as well, say daily yoga is on your list, why not just start doing a half an hour class once a week. Like attracts like, you manifest what you think about and do, so if you start living aspects of your ideal day in your everyday life you will attract more of that a lot faster than  you realise. 
4. Visualise how it feels to live your ideal day & Write out your goals & gratitude’s every single day 
If you do one thing on the path to manifesting and living your ideal day, Visualising living said day, and writing your goals and gratitudes without fail, every.single.day will get you there and attract what you need in your life with so much ease and abundance. You don’t need to write out your ideal day every day, but what is your ideal day going to give you. More time to spend with the kids? Write that. A more loving, passionate, calm, extraordinary relationship? Write that. Complete financial freedom with $x,xxxx rolling in residually each week? Write that. Never write that you WANT it either. To want something means you are in a state of lacking. Come from a place of having. Write that you already have it. This is what your daily goals should look like; 
+ I have a residual income of $3,000 a week or better with ease that allows me to live incredibly comfortable.
+ I have a loving, passionate, wonderful relationship/marriage with (insert persons name here) and we love, adore and support one another unconditionally. 
+ I have a successful business that touches millions of lives yearly and allows me to express myself freely and live on purpose.
See the difference between wanting something and having it. My gorgeous soul sister and business partner Peta Kelly said to me the other week “How on earth is the universe going to know what you want if you aren’t telling it daily” – and she’s right. 
5. Work towards it daily. Little by little, day by day.  
Never ever ever stop working towards it. Your birth right is a life filled with love, joy and peace. I am going to say that again. It is your birth right, to live a life that is filled with love, joy and peace. So go get it. I won’t take any excuses from anyone that they can’t do this. If you work on getting there, every single day, incorporating things that are part of your ideal day little by little – creating more space, more time, more calm, more happiness, more presence – you will get there. 
I have shared in this space before my ideal day. It was the week I shared I was leaving my job because I was in a position to do so financially and work on my other purpose and passions in life – like coaching and  chasing down dreams. I had an incredibly powerful week though this week – this is only my 2nd week not working and being home – as every single day, really was me living my ideal day. Why am I sharing this? Because I want you to see that you CAN do this. I don’t write about it and have no experience or idea. I did the above steps, over and over and over and now get to reap the benefits. The travel part too – Since quitting I have bought tickets to Sydney, Bali and soon to be Singapore and booked a big romantic weekend down south. 
So here it is again, in all my soulful truth – my ideal day. CHOOSE YOURS. & let’s make it happen for you.

My perfect day begins and ends with the sun. I wake up as it streams through my big glass windows waking me next to my fiance in our beautiful big warm house by the beach (or with rain pattering against the glass in winter).

I get up and drink my breakfast smoothie and laugh and smile and feel energised about the day ahead. I go for my morning run or do some yoga, or even both – time is not against me so I plod along as I please smiling all the while at how overwhelmingly grateful I am for this day.

I then have some hours engaged with my clients – I show up in our space online or in the corner of an organic coffee shop – with love & ready to give all of me and my advice, buzzing with energy as we dig deep and work on carving out their life’s path and souls purpose. Each client walks away every time feeling aligned, excited and closer to living their own dream life.

I then get back to emails in my business partners (Peta Kelly) & i’s dream office and we have our daily business meetings with natural sunlight streaming through the office, with beautiful views so we are constantly inspired and connected to our source. The meeting goes for however long we want to sit and talk about how we can give more, increase the love and good will factor and how else can we show up for our thriving community we’ve created. By afternoon I’m back at our dream home by the ocean with a big delicious green smoothie in one hand, my favourite book in the other on the balcony over looking the ocean  having some me time.

I have time every single night for date night with my hunk of a fiance Morgan and we eat by candlelit at home, or dine in our favourite restaurants with other best friends with no care for bed times  or tomorrows.

Every night I go to bed with a smile on my face knowing for that day, I left everything on the table. I loved with out wanting, I gave without expecting receiving, I showed up, I engaged, I laughed till my face  hurt & I made a difference in somebodies life (whoever I was connecting with for that day).

My ideal day is so fundamentally based around travel too. I will be in a position to look at Morgs (or call Peta or surprise my mum) and say ‘hey, let’s pack a bag and go to a tropical beach for a week or so to just unwind and relax. Or ‘lets escape to Melbourne for some shopping and restaurant hopping’ – having the freedom to do what I want, when i want with who I want – whilst always giving all of me in a loving and authentic way to inspire others to do the same encompassing my ultimate ideal days.

I would love to hear what your ideal day looks like, start to finish. Share it in the comments. Let’s declare it for you, tell the universe what you want and start making it happen. 

You are beautiful, you really are

I had grand plans this morning to sit and write to you about living a life of your ideal days but instead, my heart and spirit kept pulling me towards these divine quotes about loving yourself, all of you, and I feel like there are instead women out there who needed this message today. So here is the thing gorgeous;

You are beautiful. More than beautiful. 
Even your flaws and those imperfect parts about yourself in fact even just make you more perfect. 
Your beating heart and that exquisite soul that you have, that is what makes you so beautiful. 
Not friends unfair critisicim, or societys unrealistic body and beauty pressures. Or asshole comments on social media or anything that isn’t your own truth. 
YOU are beautiful. Your smile. Your laugh. Especially in those moments when you can’t see your true beauty, you are. If only you could see yourself the way those that see your essence see you. 
& on off days, or bad days or dark weeks, know your power. Trust your purpose. Keep the spark flickering inside you and just KNOW how beautiful and worthy you are. 
You are a divine being of light, a life participant, a universal being with love & light to give. You have a unique purpose you were put on this earth to live. YOU MATTER. 
So next time someone trys to dim your light, or you feel defeated, or stressed out or like it doesn’t matter anymore… come back to this. You are beautiful. Your heart matters, your soul matters and you matter. 

Guest Post; The best things in life are Free

I  have the sweet, sweet Brooke from over at The pursuit of Wellness today hanging out in my space to discuss how she really has found that the best things in life are free. The post is packed full of delicious gratitude and when I first read it I found myself smiling madly and like I’d been enveloped in a warm hug, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

In my own words (about her blog); Brooke & I met through blogging and I have never let her leave my life ever since. Brooke was a burst of divine feminine sweetness in my life and you get that from her in all that she says and in all that she does. Her online spaces all ooze that energy and you can’t help but feeling better after a visit to any of her pages – the blog, facebook or Instagram. I am blessed now to be able to do some coaching with her through nutritional cleansing and can’t wait to see her hit some huge goals for the rest of this year. She makes the world spin a little faster just by being in it.

In her own words (about her blog); I am a Marketing Communications Coordinator with a passion for wellness. I recently decided to study a holistic health and wellness course so I could be educated on how to live a healthier life for myself and my family. I try to live by the motto ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ and I want to inspire others to live a life they love by nurturing their body and soul. I started my Facebook page and website to connect with like-minded people, learn from them and hopefully together we can all change lives. I hope my visiting my site people feel inspired to take the first step on their pursuit of wellness. 
Find her: BlogInstagram, Facebook

Introducing Brooke…

I’ve recently discovered that if I had a skill, and if I can call it a skill, it would be my ability to recite a motivational quote for most occasions in life. Probably more of an annoying habit to those around me, but I find something so comforting about hearing the words of wisdom from those who have lived before me, knowing that they have experienced what I’m going through, and I like to pass on such wisdom because they can say what I can’t.
Despite my love of quotes, I can confess that I didn’t actually understand some of the sayings I frequently heard while growing up. Sure I could deliver some of Ghandi’s words as though they were my own, but I didn’t understand them on a deep level.

I don’t know if the song or saying came first, but I often heard, “the best things in life are free” when I was younger and I initially thought “no they’re not!” or “point me to the nearest place handing out free lollies”.
Much like Anna’s love and enthusiasm for life, I have learnt to have such love and appreciation for my life that it’s bursting out of me. Such gratitude makes what I have enough and after realizing that comparison is the thief of joy, I learnt you need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you (see what I did there? Slight exaggeration as I don’t normally speak in quotes). By focusing on the little things I’ve found that they are some of the things that bring me the greatest happiness. And like the say taught me all those years ago, yes they really are free.  
While I’ve progressed from free lollies and now wouldn’t turn down a free new car, I find that snow capped mountains, hearing kids laugh, a walk to work with blue skies or holding hands with a loved one make me smile from the inside out. It warms my heart like no material possession could. I don’t know whether its fact that a lot of the things that are free in life are provided from Mother Nature with no involvement or manufacturing from us, or the fact they don’t cost a cent, but I love that every day we are given something to enjoy no matter our bank balance or possessions. And I take time to focus on that.

Some of the free things in life that provide me deep contentment and make my heart sing include;

      ·   Hugs from loved ones
      ·   Rainbows
      ·   Having my dog welcome me home with such excitement
      ·  Sunrises 
      ·  A nice walk
      ·  Surprise letters packed with my lunch from my husband
      ·  Seeing a butterfly

By focusing on what I have and being appreciative of (free) things such as a pretty moon, successive green pedestrian crossings or conversations with old friends, I find that I’m a happier person and can safely attest that money doesn’t buy happiness. Now that is a saying I understand.
      What are the free things in life you 
love most?