Fiji – Girls Trip of a Lifetime

I’m sitting here completely alone in a beachside cabana in tropical paradise, the sun lapping at my feet, and the ocean kissing the sandy shore a few metres in front of me – overwhelmed with emotion at the last 6 days I have just gotten to experience with my beautiful sister and niece.

This trip truly has been an experience of a lifetime. Not because we are in literal heaven at our 5 star resort here in Fiji, or the fact it was one I had won for us 3 thanks to the ridiculous generosity of our company, but because of the memories I have been able to create with Beth & Delilah the last 6 days (with still 2 full days to go – today and tomorrow).

Yesterday it really all hit me. Isagenix had hired out an entire island for us – yes you did read that correctly, they hired out an entire island for us, and to even experience that for just myself (again!! I had been gifted with this exact experience 2 years ago on another all expenses paid trip to Fiji with Isagenix) was unfathomable to me and one of those ‘this is the best day of my life moments’. You add on top of that however, that I got to experience that with my sister, a woman who as a single mama to Miss D works so incredibly hard to just keep food on their table and a roof over their head who would never otherwise get to be shuttled across on a private boat to an exclusive island where it was free for all all day (water activities, food, drinks) – that was other worldly bliss and dream day for me.

The moment it all REALLY hit me and I shed some tears was a few hours in to the day. I had taken myself for my thousandth dip in the crystal clear Fijian ocean water, whilst Beth & D had decided to take a Kayak out and paddle the entire island – they couldn’t see me bobbing away in the water but I could see them, and they were squealing and laughing their heads off, and I had tears down my face. Here we are, in Fiji, all together, on a private island, enjoying the sun, the sand, the sea, having the most fun ever – all thanks to Isagenix.

From the sleep in’s, to the lazy relaxing days, to the ocean and pool swims, the horse riding on the beach at sunset, the island living, the beautiful luxurious dinners, the long lunches, the cold champagne, the wine over music, the water sports, the snorkelling and every little moment in between – this trip truly will go down as one of my favourites, just seeing how lit up and how much fun 2 of the most important people in my life got to experience and have.

It all started with the giddiness of being able to surprise them with the news that I had in fact won the trip, and they were coming with me. I live in Gold Coast whilst they’re in Perth so mum helped me with the surprise – I sent them a pop out confetti box with “YOU’RE GOING TO FIJI” along with a set of bathers each. I face-timed mum who was at their house with some “mail I had sent them” – and so I got to secretly be watching them as B opened this package – as soon as she opened it the box popped out with confetti and the memory of her and Delilah’s squeals will forever be in my memory banks. I just remember they both kept saying “are you serious?? We really get to go?? Are you serious??” And I remember thinking, I will happily work hard the rest of my entire life to be able to keep surprising my family like this and watch and hear the pure joy and delight in their voice.

So when the time finally came, where we were all IN Fiji, aka THIS week, it’s truly been a dream come true.

We have been wine’d and dine’d and spoiled beyond belief – from the minute we arrived, and the beautiful Fiji’an staff put necklaces around our heads with their warm Fiji’an “BULA” I knew we were in for a treat.

All I wanted was for Beth and Delilah to feel as amazing as they deserve to feel, and be spoiled like they deserve to be spoiled, and as I listen to the ocean in front of me and the birds around me, the sun starting to sneak in to my cabana, I know in the deepest parts of my heart and soul they have.

So here is my commitment. I LOVE to travel, it is something that lights my entire soul on fire. I love travel even MORE when I am with my love Morgan, tasting new foods and exploring new sights, but I have realised this trip, being able to spoil family on a trip, a trip or holiday they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to take, is a new goal I have that I want to do at least every year.

I am heading in to my final Two days here in Fiji with the fullest of hearts and the biggest of smiles. Isagenix has not only changed my own entire physical and financial health, but its gifted now Two of the most important people in my life, an adventure and holiday of their dreams, and for that I am not only eternally grateful, I am hungrier than ever to build my roots in this company even deeper, and build a legacy for myself and my family (and inspire our team to do the same) like never before.

Fiji – you are something SO divinely magical – now excuse me as I sign this off to order my first coconut of the day and deep dive in to this book beside me.

Hi I’m Anna and I just want to clear a few things up when it comes to what I do.

All day everyday I am grateful and genuinely adore answering women’s questions in my inbox about what I do, the profession I am in and sometimes the misconceptions they have about both. So I thought I’d bring some of my answers out of the ‘shadows’ and in to the ‘light’ in case YOU have always wanted to ask these questions also but never had the courage … Here we go….

And if you fist pump or go “huh that is literally what I have wanted to ask” then it’s time you & I had a chat gorgeous … so dive in to my inbox and let me know which question! xo


Awesome, you’re one of many women who feel that way don’t stress! Just reach out and say hello, that’s a great start, and I can always ask you some questions from there and will know what info to guide you to.


Biggest misconception. This is what I do. Full Time. And I am more than happy to chat to anyone sincerely interested in learning more, even if you say no that’s completely ok, you need to be happy and ready to give this a go and how will you ever know that if you don’t at least reach out.


And that is totally totally cool as there is 0 pressure (I mean that) to do the business, never has been, never will be (certainly not in our team anyway). This is about your health first and foremost and THAT is my main focus coaching you over the first month & beyond. And besides, you have to LOVE these products before you even look at doing the biz.


That’s perfectly fine too, and that’s when I can help you share those rad health results you’ve just experienced in an authentic and organic way.


One of the most common myths in Isa & I am exceedingly pleased to dispel it. You aren’t locked in to ANYTHING. Ever. That “auto” shipment you might have heard of, is controlled by YOU and you can turn that off or not even start with that if you don’t want.


That’s ok too – sometimes people don’t but you wanna know the raddest thing about our company? They have a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try all the products you get and on day 30 with empty tubs if you still decide it’s not for you (which I would never be upset over) you just send the tubs back and get a FULL refund. So it really is quite literally, risk free.

And lastly…


Beautiful. I so hear you. Louder than you can imagine. But the problem with not doing something that could change your life because you’re scared of what people will think is going to hold you back in EVERY area of your life (not just this). Just remember, people’s opinions aren’t going to pay your bills (try it, next phone bill send it to the friend that is negative about people trying to make a go of their life and see if that opinion will pay that bill  ) .. The advice I have though is just try it, quietly at first if you have to, get the results I KNOW you will get, and then go from there. But just know if that friend doesn’t support your decisions that you’re making to improve your health and lifestyle then it’s time to re think who you’ve allowed in your life. The other thing is, you will gain a hundred new friends who WILL support you & have your back with our extraordinary team of humans all there to cheer you on. So just know, NOT doing it because of that is going to get you nowhere but feeling the fear and doing it anyway – is going to get you EVERYWHERE.

I would SO love to work with you beautiful or just help answer any of the above questions if you’ve got them, you need only reach out on either our Facebook (found here) or on email at

Changing my world, to change THE world…with you

I was never going to be the girl who accepted an ordinary life. It just wasn’t in my blood.

I knew that if I wanted a life different from others, especially a life way different than what society tells us is ‘normal’ (go to school, get a degree, get a good job, get married, own a house, work until you’re old, then die) then I was was going to have to always find the courage to live a little bolder and work a little harder.

That journey for me started early on in my life.

At age 11, I got my first job, delivering newspapers / junk mail to 80 houses around our neighbourhood for a few dollars a week, and thanks to that, I had saved my first $100 before I was 12.

At age 13, I got my second job, working weekend nights (whilst friends got to party earlier than me) at Dominos saucing pizzas.

I worked there for over 3 years and by 16 was working big part time hours (every other night and weekends) whilst juggling high school obviously full time.

At age 17, I left Dominoes to help another pizza business launch in our area and worked long part time hours finishing year 12.

At age 18, I got my first Full Time Job as a junior admin assistant in an Accounting firm (who are my Accountants for Morgan & I’s biz today!)

At age 19, I started my degree in Commerce, and continued to work full time and study full time over the next 3 years (graduating being offered honours – thanks but no thanks) graduating with a Double Major in Human Resources, and Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

At age 21, I got my job in Federal Politics and spent the next (almost) 4 years working my ass off having the time of my LIFE in our Perth based office & Parliament House in Canberra.

At age 22, I launched my first REAL business, Possibly Maybe – a dating website for 18 – 35 year olds. I wrote out a comprehensive business plan, got a bank loan and spent over $12,000 setting that biz up supporting myself through uni, and working full time.

At age 23, I launched my first blog (lifesshinyprettythings- which is the re branded annaandmorgan dot com today).

At age 25, I started my Network Marketing Business. And this is the year we are planning on hitting Millionaire.

Here is the thing though.

Between the ages of 11 and 25 (so that’s some 14 years), I have absolutely been looking for that ‘thing’ – that thing that I have been looking for since I was born, that was going to allow me to create the life that we ALL deserve, that I knew a traditional job was never going to reward me.

You know, things like…

Travelling the world – not having to request leave for 4 weeks a year.

Earning an uncapped income based on effort – not being told what I was worth from a boss or corporation.

Working with who I want, where I want, when I want – not in an open plan office with negative co-workers in a tiny cubicle.

And achieving big goals and dreams – like retiring my mum and living life on our terms.

So at age 25 – when I found my current company and feel in love with the model of Network Marketing, imagine how excited I was to know that I had just found ‘the thing’, that thing being the vehicle to reward me the life I had looked for since I was a little girl.

But something else happened when I found this profession and decided to, and successful did, go for it.

People, not all, but a good few, couldn’t understand my choice, and I realised that there is still MUCH education required around this profession to change that, which I am more than ok with and willing to be a voice to.

Because here is the thing, I know I’m ‘only’ 28 – but I have done a lot, tried a lot of things, and spent YEARS trying to find ‘the thing’ I am most passionate about – and ultimately – it’s what I do now – helping people fall back in love with themselves and their health and helping people become financially independent and or free.

And yes, I recognise that some people still misunderstand this profession and business model – but I know it’s the one profession that I am so madly passionate about, one thing I love the most is you can be a Harvard graduate or a stay at home mum with no degree, but as long as you are passionate about the product and have commitment to hard work, you can succeed. 

You might think network marketing is crazy (or I have heard the word scam thrown around which makes me laugh), or not for you, but I am here to say whether you’re a raging fan of it, or someone who doesn’t fully understand it, or someone who actually talks bad about the profession, in 2017 I am going to humbly suggest its time that you started to properly educate yourself on it.

My paper round, my years working for a franchise, starting an online ‘traditional’ business, my working full time, my degree – although all PHENOMENAL things – were never going to give me the life I now get to lead…. and THAT is why, I can’t be stopped and won’t be stopped.

I really do believe I have spent 18 years getting ready for this next chapter in Morgan and I’s life where we play bigger, show up more and REALLY start to make some noise about what we do and what we love – so you can keep watching and wondering, or you can reach out and see what it is we ACTUALLY do vs. just assuming.

My mission is to help women step in to their true power, and realise they can wear all hats if they want to – be it a mum, entrepreneur, humanitarian,  a { insert your dream title here } – and do that whilst absolutely loving the skin they’re in and earning an income that will change their world which in turn changes THE world.

And please don’t think this is the be all and end all for me or has to be for you either. It’s the VEHICLE. 

I have passion projects ready to be launched now because I have the time and financial freedom to pursue them – including womens & couples retreats and womens weekend events.

It’s just that at 28 years of age, I have found the ‘thing’ that I get to demonstrate my courage with to live that bolder life and work a lot harder – and I couldn’t be happier.

For me now though, it’s about helping other women (and Morgan feels the exact same way when it comes to helping Men) find the courage to do the same.

If you were like me, and have tried a tonne of different things, and worked incredibly hard on someone else’s dream – but know that 2017 is the year you find the ‘thing’ for you too, then it’s absolutely time we had a little chat.

Answer the question at the bottom of this other page and let’s chat. 

I GET that network marketing isn’t for everybody, but I DO get that health IS – and what we have with our company IS the perfect storm.

No one, no doubter, no bump in the road is going to stop me (or Morgan of course) – THAT for sure is what I can promise you.

I want the same kind of women around me though – one’s that want to build a legacy, an empire, ones that are so certain of the life they want to lead that nothing and no one can stop them. If that sounds like you – you’re the woman I 100% want to work with and I can’t wait to have a chat with you.

You know your time is now.

You know you’ve spent your whole life getting ready for this.

You know you’ve got it in you to change your whole life.

And I’m here ready to show you how.

Chat to you soon beautiful lady.


Corporate 9-5 Vs Network Marketing- A Former Skeptics Take

Hey everyone,  Its Morgan here!

Slight change of plans from the normal today. Its been some time since I posted on this blog, in fact, the last time was when I gave my account of our time in Amsterdam back in 2012!!  Anyway, Some recent events really got me thinking about this topic and prompted me to write this short post.  It started out as Facebook post and then the next thing I knew I had a couple of thousand words.  So I figured hey why not share it here?  I hope you enjoy it and find some value in it, i know it’s a little off topic from what you may to be use to but its something I’m really passionate about…… ENJOY!

Working from a café today I couldn’t help overhear a conversation going on behind me.   Some poor girl was being grilled in a job interview, to be fair she was doing a good job and holding her own.  She seemed bright and very bubbly, but sitting here listening to the language, the tone and general vibe of the convo made me feel a bit anxious.

One person trying so hard to Sell themselves  the other revelling in their self-perceived position of power.  Out comes the “Work Voice”, you know the one?  It’s similar to the one you put on as a kid when you’re answering the home telephone but you are in earshot of mum…….  “Hello Richards residence, Morgan Speaking!”  just the most fake thing you can think of.

The reason it made me feel so anxious though is because that was exactly how I felt working in corporate, going to corporate meetings and talking the corporate talk all day long.  Trust me, there is nothing more soul-destroying than working in a profession where you can’t really show up as yourself or say what you truly mean without fear of what your “boss” might think.  I would often think I wonder what would happen if I spoke honestly to my boss’s even for 30 seconds, how would they take it if gave them  an honest appraisal of their performance as a leader.   The answer being that most employers wouldn’t take it well and it would be reflected in my pay review and promotion prospects.


I feel the same type of anxiety in airport lounges when high-flying harry big balls is sitting next me talking on the phone or talking to his staff.

Actually that just reminded me of a story.  A few weeks back Anna and I were waiting for a flight in Melbourne, we used our points to upgrade to business (we aren’t flashy dickheads, but when we can we upgrade).  Subsequently we were given access to the business lounge and we were sitting there on our laptops enjoying a red wine before our flight (Anna of course a Champagne) when a few moments later this guy in a suit comes in and sits just near us, entourage in tow.  This guy thought he was Harvey spectre (watch the show suits to understand that example) and he wanted everyone to know it.  Berating his staff for asking questions, talking down to them like they were dirt.  Not just quietly either, loudly, he didn’t just want the staff to know how important he was, he wanted everyone to in the room to.  I always try my best to be impeccable with my word whenever I can, not to judge people  but after listening to this guy for over an hour it was fairly safe to assume that this guy was, well, a massive dick.

I thought about John Maxwell’s 5 levels of leadership as I often do when I’m around this type of person. This guy was the definition of level 1-  TITLE.  People (his staff) only tolerated him because they believe they had no other choice because of his rank in the company.  But you know what I honestly felt? I honestly felt sorry for him, because one day his time and position of power will end and along with it his own self-worth.  When your own self-importance comes before developing others you can’t create legacy, once the power of your title is gone you are left with nothing.

But most of all I felt sorry for his staff, I knew that feeling of being made to feel second-rate by some A-hole on a power trip.

It made me wonder, why do people put up with that? Seriously, in any bar across any country in the world if one person spoke to another the same way as this guy did to his staff, fists would probably fly.  But because there is an exchange of time for money (that’s basically what a job is right?) we tolerate the worst people in world and we do this by choice?

I’m not saying that pursuing a traditional career is a bad idea, in fact I was speaking to a friend of ours the other night who has just landed his dream job in an incredible company.   He is super passionate and excited about the work he will be doing and the people he will be doing it with.

What I am saying however, is if you don’t love what you do, change it or at least takes steps to do something about it.


Casual Friday AKA the day i left corporate and became a full-time Network Marketer

As I sit here in this café today listening to the girl being interviewed and reflecting on high flying harry big balls display in the lounge I found myself filled with so much gratitude for our chosen profession.  Anna and I are so fortunate to able to say that we love what we do now. Not only is it important to be our authentic selves, its critical for success.  We treat our team with respect and in turn we get it back in droves, but most importantly we treat people exactly the same when they enter our team, as when they are working in our team or if they decide to leave our team.  Yes network marketing isn’t perfect, and yes you still get the occasional knob but I ultimately have the say on whether or not I choose to work with them.  There are no high pressure interviews where you need to have a shiny CV full of qualifications and pre requisites that (lets face it) you probably lied about anyway.  It’s often said that it doesn’t matter if you have gone to Yale or come from Jail to have success in our profession.  Ultimately your success is measured (and paid on) the amount of people you help be successful and rise through the organisation, which is completely the opposite in the corporate world.


Working from our local cafe in Fremantle

Now, I can already tell what some people will think as they read this “but morgan I had a friend who was involved in network marketing once and they were let down really badly”.  Which is a totally valid statement, yes in the past and even today people are let down by network marketing companies.  They are let down in the same way they are let down by bad restaurants, Taxi drivers who take the long route, publicly listed stock, airline companies, telephone companies, Investing money in the wrong shares,  mechanics and of course trades people and contractors who rip off their clients.  The worst by far are Plumbers! They show up late, they overcharge and not to mention the dreaded plumbers crack (what’s up with that?).  I remember a plumber charging me $1000 to fix my hot water system, I then found out from a friend a few months later it was an $180 job. The difference is 3 years later at 3am one morning, the toilet began overflowing. Now like most sane, rational people I didn’t throw my hands up in the air, tar all plumbing companies with the same brush and allow the turds to flow through my house.  I called any plumber that was available to come out and help fix the problem regardless of my past experience.

It frustrates me why people think that our profession and industry is somehow immune from the same type of stuff that happens in  any other industry?

Yes, unscrupulous companies come (and very quickly go), yes sometimes people with poor ethics find their way into our profession, but what profession doesn’t have the exact same problems?  If you pick any profession across any industry you will find the exact same thing, in the medical industry with dodgy doctors, in the legal system with corrupt judges and what about the people we trust to run our governments?  I’m not trying to make excuses for these companies, in fact I get as angry as the next person when people get let down by our industry, what I am trying to point out is that network marketing is just like any other industry.  There is the good and the bad.

Finding a good network marketing company is like finding a good plumber or mechanic.  Difficult, but not impossible, provided you know what to look for.  There is a whole swag of things to be mindful of that will help you cut through any BS, but that’s a whole other post for another time but its something I’m also really passionate about.

The common thing for many people is they seem to believe that if they purchase a product from a network marketing company they somehow are being duped or they are a sucker? Common sense time guys…….  If you pay for a membership at cost co and all you receive is a trolley full of groceries that you love every single month, are you being ripped off? If you are a member of a wine club and all you pay for and receive is a case of wine each month are you being taken for a ride? The answer of course is a NO!  Your membership allows you to purchase products at the best possible prices, you get products that meet your needs and you consume them on a regular basis.

Quality Network marketing companiess are no different! You find a product you love (MASSIVE HINT), make sure it has a money back guarantee (any decent company would back their own product, our company certainly does)  you pay a membership fee to receive the best possible price, you order the products and you consume them.  There never is an obligation to pursue the business (if there is run the other way), that’s because legitimate NWM companies MUST HAVE REAL CUSTOMERS in the exact same way that cost co does.

But for some reason when there is an opportunity to earn rebates and/or commissions by making referrals, peoples scepticism seeps in?  Like it sounds too good to be true?  The truth is, it’s not to be good to be true because it requires hard work, dedication and commitment just like anything where the rewards are high.  It’s no different to sharing a movie you love, a restaurant you had good service at or hotel that went above and beyond.  In fact most of us are doing it don’t even realise it!

Big companies like Apple and Samsung are already leveraging your networks, you just aren’t being paid for it.


No thanks, Sounds like a pyramid scheme.

Network marketing has come of age, It’s no longer a question of viability or if it works, it does……. It’s the people who don’t.

The industry will continue to grow with or without you or me being a part of it, people will continue to buy quality products and distribute them to friends, families and total strangers.  My hope is that eventually common sense will prevail when it comes to the everyday person looking at our profession and even though it may not be for them, they understand that’s it is just another profession.  I’m not saying that’s its perfect, but if you hate working for knobs who treat you like dirt it’s a bloody good option.

Of course this is just an opinion post,  it’s up to the person reading this to make a decision on what they believe about network marketing. It may or may not be for you, but there is only one way to find out….

Image: here & here.

Summer is on its way – are you ready?

As I sit here and write this on a beautiful sunny 26 degree day in Perth, we are on an excited countdown to Summer; 40 day countdown to be exact. 40 more sleeps until we can officially welcome Summer (and let us never forget the honourable mention to Christmas considering December 1st also brings a 24 sleep countdown until Santa arrives, my favourite day of the year).

Summer Cleanse PROMO

With any warmer weather brings a new level of commitment to some people as they know that soon, they will be back on the beach or holidaying over Christmas, and if they haven’t been as careful in Winter, then this month or two pre December becomes the months gym memberships start getting used again, healthy eating recipes are getting googled and fitness instagram accounts are being followed.

Here is how I know this too – because my current amazing gym has gone from late cancellations and no shows every morning (I attend an F45 where you have to book in for classes) to booked out classes with no, no shows 2 weeks in advance.

I get it; Summer is coming and we all want to get ready.

Something that I am extremely passionate about however and is right up there as #1 on my values list is health. So when I see this happening, Summer coming and people fired up to get their health back I always get a little deflated that their health or looking and feeling great wasn’t their priority the whole year.

You see, without our health, we have nothing, and until we lose our health, that saying is frustratingly just that… a saying. It’s not until we are sick or feeling like absolute sh*t that we stop and go ‘whoa ok, I need to take better care of myself, without my health I have nothing.’

The above reasons (not just Summer but let’s stay on that the whole time as it’s why I’m here, writing this) are what lead me 2 years and 7 months ago to nutritional cleansing (Isagenix). Because health IS my #1 value and I didn’t want to just look good when Summer rolled around, in fact it wasn’t just about looking good for me …

it has ALWAYS been about feeling good.

I shared it on this blog as soon as I had felt and seen the results for myself – my original 30 day cleanse experience can be read here.

I started on Isagenix because I was an exceptionally clean eater and I was an avid exerciser, a keen water drinker and got my recommended 8 hours of sleep a night. In short; I did everything by the book for optimal health – and although what all that got me was looking great, sure! It didn’t have me feeling great. I was still headed in to every day lethargic, had digestion issues, poor sleep, bloating, poor skin health and the list goes on.

Alas I am digressing, if you want to read why I started and what my initial results were, as I said – click on that link to hear all about that.

Here is what I most wanted to share though. That that 30 day cleanse was 2 years and 7 months ago, and for 2 years and 7 months I have continued to put the products in my body and continued to get phenomenal results. I have also continued to have health as my #1 value and truly live in to that. So when Summer rolls around, instead of having to kill myself in the gym or change up my diet, I roll on in to it healthy and feeling and looking great. Thanks to the products AROUND my exercise daily and clean eating (of which I am also an ambassador for and will never stop) I have maintained incredible results of looking great (which I am proud of, more women, in fact ALL women should love the skin they’re in) but most importantly in my eyes, I have FELT fantastic the whole time.

My first 30 days

B&A - 30 day

1 year of using the products

1 year

2 years of using the products

2 year


So yes, Summer IS coming and I know many of you will be looking for ways to get healthier yourself, to look good (and hopefully feel good in the process) – and Morgan and I want to help.

We know what this nutritional cleansing program has done for us and our lives and we know what it can do for you.

But what I most want to get you excited about or impress upon you – is that with this system it doesn’t have to end when Summer does or after you are starting to look and feel great – it is so a system that you can incorporate in to your lifestyle around how you live and eat (but as an ambassador for clean eating, I always encourage that!)

I want to be a part of a society who looks after their health all year around, who loves how they look all year around, and who FEEL fantastic all year around – I know to change the world we have to change our world first, and to impact world health (and world health is in a LOT of trouble) we have to impact our OWN health first.

So if you are ready to at least learn some more about the program and how you can incorporate it in to your life and how it can get you some phenomenal results health wise – then drop us a line at:

Or visit our vision page and fill in the contact us details at the bottom.

We are always here cheering on your choices no matter what, but I just know how good it feels….to feel good – and I want that for you too.

Loving the skin you’re in

A real woman

Has Curves

Is Skinny

Has Muscles 

is whatever the hell she wants to be

Anna Richards - Kick Boxing w words

I remember the first time I ever read this quote, I was absentmindedly scrolling Instagram and there it was, a quote so simplistic in it’s message but made me stop in my tracks and fist pump the air silently screaming yes. The message I had tried so hard to convey for the past 5 years of my life, right in front of my eyes. The power was in it’s truth, and it’s simplicity.

A real woman – IS whatever the hell she wants to be.

No truer words could be spoken.

So why am I choose to share this with you now? Well because I want to share some recent photos I had taken of myself that came about after me completing a 6 week body challenge where I was just simply a little more behaved with my eating (and drinking of champagne)  and strict with my training, i.e. I did more hot yoga in between my F45 sessions. I want to share them though because I’m really, really proud of them, but being proud of them, means I’m proud of me – and you know what? I’m proud of myself for that fact. I’m proud of myself that I am PROUD of my body and my photos because it has taken me a really long time to get to this place.

I was also called to share these photos and title this; loving the skin you’re in, because there are some devastating statistics that I think need your attention..

The stats? 

  • Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful (up from 2% in 2004)

  • Only 11% of girls globally are comfortable describing themselves as ‘beautiful’

  • 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful

  • 80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but do not see their own beauty

  • More than half (54%) of women globally agree that when it comes to how they look, they are their own worst beauty critic

Another huge thing happened to me the other day that came about whilst at a leadership event on the Gold Coast sitting next to my husband. The 1,500 strong crowd was asked by the amazing relationship coach and speaker Beth Hanishewski what kind of qualities would our partner have if we had a 10/10 relationship. I based my qualities (of course) around my husband Morgan and listed things like; attentive, sincerely loving, conscious, romantic, and when I looked at his list, although many of our qualities matched, there was one right in the middle that took my breathe away;
“Loves her body and beauty”
I (naturally) immediately questioned him over this saying hey, but I DO love my body and don’t have that negative self talk around my image to which he replied “yeah baby but you yourself still don’t even realise how much you can put yourself or your body down”. It actually made me deeply emotional in the best of ways. Here was a man, I love more than life itself, wanting a quality in his wife where she honoured and loved herself more. A quality that I dare say is not unique to him alone, I believe most men, if not all men would honour this in a woman and yet here we are barely able to honour ourselves.
I realised that if someone who talks on love, self love, and being an ambassador of both, still has moments of weakness around seeing her beauty, loving the skin she’s in and self worth issues, then I am underestimating just how rampant this issue is amongst other women also.
So I want to remind you again with the quote that helped me understand that it didn’t matter if I chose to be bigger, smaller, musclier, curvier, whatever ….

A real woman is (whoever) or whatever the hell she wants to be

You are beautiful and it is your prerogative to look inside and find what it is you need to realise that. I know for me, getting to this moment, and loving the skin I’m in (and believe me I still have bad hours* don’t worry!) it took me developing healthier eating habits, exercising every day with movement that I love and finding self love rituals that worked for me.
We all have work to do on ourselves when it comes to this self love thing, I just shared honestly above that even I do but in the spirit of flexing that muscle and owning that I am becoming more proud of the skin I am in (through lot’s of hard work and sweat and dedication) it would be an honour to share these photos with you to try to start increasing that statistic of 11% of women who are comfortable calling themselves beautiful.
P.s how I achieved these results is as I said above, dedication and commitment to my health. Health and vitality is my #1 priority so everyday I eat right and move my body. Food wise; it’s clean eating around my Isagenix and training wise, I incorporate F45 sessions (5-6 times a week) with Hot Yoga 3-4 times a week also. F45 for my body and Yoga for my mind. Isagenix for my overall healthy wellbeing and nutrition. If you want to talk about Isagenix (what is it and more information) you’ll find me to chat about it at
Anna Richards - Two Dumbells Smiling w words
Anna Richards - Side Arm Pull w words
Anna Richards - Kick Boxing Shadowed w words
Anna Richards - Dumbell Front w words
Anna Richards - One arm dumbbell Front w words
Anna Richards - Lat Pull Down Front w words

Owning your story .. & your power


I’m Anna. “I know that” – is how I imagine you’ll be feeling right now. “We knowwho you are. You know, that girl behind lifesshinyprettythings, you travel a-lot, love champagne and inspiring quotes”. And you would be right. More than right, deeply correct in fact. However, behind every single human walking this divine planet, there is a story, a story that although YOU might think isn’t significant, is YOUR story and one that you should never shy away from.
Back in January of this year, I heard a lady I deeply respect and admire on stage say the following; “you only ever see the glory, you never see the story.” Something about that sentiment made my whole being scream ‘yes’. 
Which brings me to my space today, it’s just you, and me, and some honesty time. I felt it time you got to know some more of me. 
Why? For a multitude of reasons, but the main reason I wanted to share some of my back story was for this reason; to inspire people to never, ever, EVER be ashamed of their past or who they WERE, or where they came from.
Who you were, what you have done to yourself, what others have done to you – means nothing other than the power YOU give it. This honest heart to heart, just between you and I is for you to draw the line in the sand, move forward with huge divine leaps and bounds and owning that your past IS your past and that is totally ok.
And here is some of mine. 
So let’s start again shall we? 
Hi. I’m Anna. I’m 26, and madly in love – with life, my soulmate, the universe, and just showing up, each and every day to the best of my ability. But I wasn’t always this way. At all. I have been angry, hurt, consumed by rage and unknowingly a victim of believing that life and emotions controlled me.   
And that is where my story from an age I’m ready to share begins.
If you were standing in a room with me 10 years ago, you would have been standing with 16 year old me. That girl. Ooph. That girl. Even if you hated her she still would have hated herself more. She was full of anger, hate, self doubt. She desperatelywanted to fit in but had years ahead of her to discover she was actually born to stand out. She was stuck in a world of fakeness, self hate and lack of believing in herself. She was vulnerable and sad. She had come from a childhood of love from her mother, but anger and physical and emotional abuse from her stepfather. She knew she wanted to do something big in the world but couldn’t at all see a bright future. Her diary was filled with self loathing, sadness, anger, total despair. She felt like a nobody and nothing and she felt the best way to be loved and fit in was to conform, be silent, go with the crowds and let everybody stomp on her dreams if they were ‘cool’. She did however have a fight in her and a desperate will to be a somebody and something – but it was a daily battle of survival in her head. This went on for years, and years, and years.
5 years would past much the same and I developed in to 21 year old me. She…. oh boy, she was feisty,  and she was still desperately trying to work it out – but so much closer to the truth of it all and herself. She had spent years giving herself to boys too easily and abusing her body with drugs and alcohol. She was anxious, severely anxious to the point she needed to be medicated, and was still so deeply desperate to fit in. From 17 – 19 she hated a lot of men and used them like she felt she had been used. She didn’t care for her health – at all, and would do anything and everything to fit in to and stay part of the popular crowd. Her anger led her to girl fights and just using angry words didn’t cut it anymore, she had to use her fists as well. She  especially used harsh words against those that loved her most and cried most nights in the shower.  She even cut herself once or twice. Stupid crys for help I suppose.
Of course that Anna didn’t stem from just nowhere – I wasn’t just a misguided teen who didn’t get her own way and listen to sad music. There is much more to the story that I will one day share. But for now – just know life hasn’t always been abundance and positivity, rainbows and good times.
So that was her. Angry. Hateful. Self loathing. Would use her fists and her words to hurt anyone that was a threat.. Gave herself up to boys with minimal self worth. She truly believe the world was against her and no one could of told her otherwise She had, in every way shape and form, completely handed over her power.
21. Age 21. Remember this as well, that was 5 years ago. Just, 5 years ago. But age 21 was incredibly poignant for me as it was the year that I decided I wanted more. I wanted to figure out who I was. I wanted some of my power back. I knew, I so knew, that debilitating anxiety, the hate in which I would deliver words, developing adult acne and being grossly uncomfortable in social settings although I was ‘popular’ wasn’t normal – and so, I started to massively challenge the status quo.
I started to read motivational books. The first book I ever picked up that fundamentally changed my life was Tony Robins ‘awaken the giant within’. I didn’t at the time even give any thought to the book title but now today, when I think back on that book and what it did for my life – it is the title that I think of. I did in fact, start to awaken my giant within.
I changed up my routines. Hell, I developed routines (morning routines, exercise routines, healthier eating routines, self love routines). I said no to the odd social invitation that was just full of bitching, spiteful conversations and comparing the latest who wore what, and I worked really, truly, deeply hard – on myself. I started a blog to diary it all – the blog you’re reading today – and I started to cut the ‘shit’ from my life … drugs, friends and bad habits.
A funny thing happens when you’re trying to change, or grow or develop or be a better human though – people from your ‘old’ life don’t understand. They push back. They cut you out. Hell, they even bully you. And beautiful you – I had it all. I was “that” girl who almost let the world break her again. BUT. I realized in that moment, that the ‘friends’ who hadn’t once blinked when I was who I was when I hated myself, didn’t want anything to do with me when I went on a quest for self love and playing bigger. 
That was the next phase for me though. I went through bullying because I started a blog. I went through bitching and loosing friends because I wanted to change – be better, feel better, do better. You have to understand as well, this was at 23, when you feel you’ve gotten through most of the ‘shit’ to have the friends you want in your life. They were the exact ones holding me back however and when I decided to break free and give this thing called life a better go – they didn’t like it one bit. 
Lucky I never listened to a word they said. Instead of remaining small to fit back in, I deleted every single one of them from my life. And to this day, it is still the best decision I have ever made. To say it was easy and something you can quickly move on from would be a lie. That whole phase was in itself another journey I had to go on and learn from and grow stronger in. But I did.
It’s been 5 years since I went on the journey of self love, growth and went on my quest to play bigger in the world. And what a 5 years its been.
So what’s my story now? I love who I am. I get that I control my emotions and choices and that can either make me happy or unhappy – but its MY choice. I honour self love. I have a deeply loving, fulfilled divine relationship to my soul mate (soon to be married in 4 months!). I am truly happy. And I mean, wake up with a smile, go to bed with a smile – deeply grateful for every waking second ..happy. I live an enriched, extraordinary life (on my terms). I retired at 25 to become an entrepreneur and have just retired said hunky fiancé above from the multiple six figure (& growing) business I have.
And do you know the secret to it all? I honour every part of who I was right up until today. 16 year old Anna was a girl I honour, appreciate and acknowledge. 21 year old Anna was a girl I honour, appreciate and acknowledge. And 26 year old Anna? Hell yes I honour, appreciate and acknowledge her.
Just know this though – the life I get to live now I wasn’t ‘born’ in to and more importantly WHO I am today, is a far, far cry from who I was a mere 5 years ago.
So why tell you all of this? Because I believe, no matter who you are, no matter where you have come from, no matter what you’ve done or not done – your story matters – YOU MATTER. And if you THINK you can’t have it all – I am here to tell you otherwise. You can. 
You, totally,fucking matter. SO much more than you are giving yourself credit for and if you think your story of your past might haunt you, is boring, sad, whatever else – then its time to know that it isn’t, and it won’t. 
I think a big part of living quite ‘out there’ as well is people really do only sometimes see your success, your ‘glory’, not your ‘story’ – and not for any other reason than there aren’t opportunities for you to share this deeply or honestly – but this was an opportunity I decided needed to be taken. And the shiny stuff isn’t always relatable. You might still be on some level stuck where I was 5 or so years ago. With the shit friends, total lack of self confidence, consumed by anxiety, angry, having handed over your power. And for some, THAT might be the relatable aspect. What you have to believe and understand though is even if you feel stuck, or not where you want to be yet – if you want it bad enough you’ll get there and create the dream life you desire. And if you don’t believe it just yet – borrow my belief because its exponentially HUGE for you. 
OWN your past. OWN your story. OWN where you’ve come from. LOVE your perfectly imperfect self.
All that you are, all that you were, all that you hope to be – that is your story so its your power. You are so significant and have so much greatness inside of you.
I want to see more women rise up and say this is who I am. Flaws and all. This is who I am. Not so pleasant past and all. This is who I am. That is who I WAS but this is who I now AM.
Let your story inspire and empower you. Your time on this earth is so damn precious and you don’t have to accept anything less than extraordinary for one more day.
I didn’t – and I feel like I’m doing ok.
And know this. That every day, no matter who you are, no matter where you are in your life journey – I send you love, I send you light, and I am cheering you on … always.
Just own it. Own who you are, but don’t let it stop you from being who you were BORN to be for another day. Please just promise me that.
Big love, Anna xx


P.s the top photo was something I put up on Facebook a few months ago with the following excerpt – in the spirit of this post, I thought it was apt to share – especially because this post even a year ago would have been too hard for me to share … This post is in honour of having a voice, a voice I’ve grown over the past 7 years. Read a little more here; 

Just a little visual of how much can change in 7 years. The photo on the left was Morgs & I’s first Christmas together in 2007, a photo I didn’t even know existed until his mum pulled it out on Friday over Easter lunch. The photo on the right is us a few months ago (me make up free minus a smidge of mascara). 7 years. 7 years and different people and different worlds. 7 years, and a jaw surgery, 17 kg loss from me and 21kg loss from Morgs. When people ask me how or why I’m so positive this is the perfect example in pictures. Because I went on one HELL of a journey with this incredible, extraordinary man beside me the whole time. There was many (there still funnily enough are) people / ‘friends’ who never liked the transition from who I was on the left to the girl on the right. The girl on the left (largely due to my jaw, and how I felt about myself) kept herself well well within her comfort zone. Conformed. Got in to fist fights (yep). Tried desperately to fit in. Had debilitating / medicated anxiety (I wonder why!!). Kept journals on self hate. Fought with the one man who saw the spark in her and used harsh words. Had a seemingly fun, but bad relationship with drugs & alcohol and was of no service to the world (or Morgs) as I didn’t love myself so how could I ever love anybody else. Then I had my jaw surgery. & as I always knew, I grew more in to the woman I knew was in there just masked by deep deep insecurities and trying to fit in and play small. I started my blog I suppose as a way to journal for myself the new journey I had begun. The week I started it I lost almost all of my friends (biggest gift ever given to me in this life was loosing them all though) because they literally, literally couldn’t handle the girl I was trying to break free from and the girl I was trying to become. Morgs, of course, just pushed me to keep going and play bigger and show the world who I was. That was 4 years ago now. You can’t imagine the bullying I’ve had, negative words directed towards me, either to or behind my back, and the level of misunderstanding that has gone on in my life in the past 7 years, all because I was moving towards being who I wanted to be. Fact. That is who I am today – the loud, heart on my sleeve, POSITIVE, tellyouhowitis with love always, don’t have time for haters or negative people, adventurous, over sharing girl….of which I am really proud of. So what is the point of me telling you all of this… there are many but the main one is this. A HUGE thing I realised over the weekend is this. I grew a voice. Something I want for everyone. We all have different volumes, and although mine is loud – it’s for good reason. There are SO many people coming in to Morgs & I’s life at the moment because of our new (amazing) path we’ve taken and are taking with Isagenix – but the biggest thing I realise amongst our generation is people have lost their voice. They are SO scared to live in to the person they were born to be instead, being the person the world has told them to be. So this is my promise to you (especially you females, and Morgs is the same for the men)….Isa or not, if you are wearing masks, scared to speak up, speak out, change, grow, be more positive, hit post on that positive status or give a new opportunity a go, BUT are open to dropping the masks, to live more impeccably, to not be afraid to be more positive and to have a VOICE…then we’re here, cheering you on, sharing in your courage, lifting you up. The world has enough problems and I want to encourage more people in being the solution….you might get a negative asshole along the way, I sure have, but for every one of those, there are hundreds more positive ones – TRUST me, that I know. If you are one of the negative people that bring those people down just trying to give something a go – you are the sad one, and just know, to judge anyone is to judge yourself. Go live BRAVELY…go live with love, go live with gratitude and come and be a part our fun crazy abundant world. I went on a 7 year journey to have a voice….and no one, will ever take it from me again
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Making every day count

You know sometimes, there are those moments of chance that you act upon and the simple act alone can change your life dramatically? Those moments that you’re not expecting, and the lesson doesn’t come immediately, but from the act alone. Thosemoments. 

It happened to me a mere 2 days ago as I was rushing to catch my plane to Bali. I normally always come prepared with soul defyingly good books tucked neatly away in my carry on luggage, but for some reason, this trip I had forgotten. So as I rushed past the newsagent steps from my gate, I took a risk and dived in to the aisles to make a hasty choice on a book I could devour by the pools. 

Best decision ever. 

I picked up a book by a favourite inspiration of mine – Robin Sharma titled “Life Lessons from the monk who sold his Ferrari” thinking it might hopefully be as good as the first book I had read from that series ‘the monk who sold his ferrari’. Not only was it ‘as good’, it exceeded every expectation. 

I am an inspiration junkie. I am attracted to any words, pictures, movies, or seminars where I think I could burn my passion a little brighter or become more connected to something far greater. And this book delivered that. 
There was 101 life lessons – all of which I resonated with deeply. But there was one particular lesson though; lesson 72 – ‘See your day as your life’ that particularly resonated a little harder than others and made my heart beat a little faster than normal. 
It read; 

“The days come and go like muffled and veiled figures sent from a distant, friendly party, but they say nothing, and if we do not use the gifts they bring, they carry them as silently away’, observed Emerson. As you live your days, so you will live your life. It is easy to get caught up in the trap of thinking that this day does not matter much given all the days that lie ahead of you. But a great life is nothing more than a series of great, well lived days strung together like a beautiful necklace of pearls. Every day counts and contributes to the quality of the end result. The past is gone, the future is but a figment, so this day is really all you can own. Invest it wisely. 

It continued to make my heart beat a little faster again with this; 

“Your life is not a dress rehearsal. Lost opportunities rarely come again. Today, vow to increase your passion for living and multiply the commitment you will bring to each of the days that will follow this one. Many people think that it takes months and years to change your life. respectfully, I disagree, You change your life the second you make a decision from the depths of your heart to be a better, more dedicated human being.

Expansive. Soul Swelling. Screaming to the sun ‘hells yes’.  Heart beating kind of goodness. It was going in to my concisous somewhere a lot deeper than other words do. It’s because the message amongst his words spoke such truth. 
Life is just a series of days. Lived, one after the other after the other, after the other. Neither is any more special than the last, each one containing a sunrise and a sunset, and another 24 hours. And yet there are some days I think – it’s ok, I don’t have to do better today, or it can’t wait for tomorrow, as it’s “just another day”. But it’s so not. 

Every single 24 hours we have the chance to live again. Our hours turn in to days, that turn in to weeks, that turn in to months that turn in to years. But ALL our time passes day by DAY. So that is the trick to this living thing – living each DAY like it is your most special one. Here’s the thing as well, you don’t know when your time is up so imagine living each day as if it was your last. 
Would you hit snooze 4 or 5 times? No you would be up with ease at sunrise in awe that it might be your last. Would you get agitated in traffic? Nope, you might turn up your favourite tunes a little louder or take the time to call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in awhile (on blue tooth of course). Would you let self hate or loathing stop you throughout your day – buying that yummy lunch, saying hello to strangers because you want to, writing a big love post on your social media platforms? Nope – because all judgement would go out the window – as that day would be it to do it. 

Every single day you have a new 24 hours laid out in front of you like a gift from the universe/mother nature/God/Science – whoever or whatever you believe in. It’s yours to do whatever you like with – so don’t waste it. Just remember that life isn’t big bold grand gestures and singular days you remember, it’s living consciously, day by day making the moments count. It’s realising that you have every day to write a new story, to be grateful, to be happy and to make a different in your life and others.

So how can you make your days count or be just as special as those days you feel alive on holiday, at Christmas or on a really good day you have just had on your weekend? Here are just some of my gentle nudges with love…

+ Wake up earlier. 
+ Make sure you are happy with where you’ve chosen to be at this stage in life, and if you’re not, change it. Without delay. 
+ Spend 5 minutes each morning writing what you’re grateful for. 
+ Watch the sunrise or the sunset, at least every day.
+ Practice the art of presence in all that you say and do. 
+ Stop rushing. Stop it. 
+ Be a better listener – remember we have two ears and one mouth, you might be surprised at how much better you connect and how much a deeper connection you have. 
+ Create a beautiful home. I think a home is a reflection of the life you THINK you deserve or what’s going on inside your mind. Keep your house spacious, clean, tidy and have things you love in it. 
+ On that note; don’t wait to use the good glasses, dinner set, champagne glasses – EVERY day should be celebrated. 
+ Toast more things – I don’t have one glass of champagne without toasting to something – good health, good friends, sunsets … whatever is currently filling me up. 
+ Eat good, healthy food – your body is a temple and one that must be respected daily.
+ Move your body – whether it’s a 10 minute walking around the block or an hour in the gym…just move your body. 
+ Don’t touch your phone in the morning until you have at least done your gratitudes, kissed and said hello to your loved ones and eaten breakfast. Facebook. Instagram. Emails can wait.
+ Meditate. Daily. Without Fail. 

And lastly;

+ Be more, do less. 

If this was your last 24 hours here on earth how would you be spending it? Wildly in love with your family. Forgiving. Thoughtful. In love. Hungry for fun. Present. Are just some of my guesses – but the beautiful thing is you can have that kind of day everyday, and THAT is what creates a magnificent life. 
So what are YOU going to do today that will create a more magnificent life for yourself? I’d love to hear it even if it’s one word in the comments below. 

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Blazing a trail of passion & purpose & why I LOVE Network Marketing

Snapshot of our life over the last 14 months 

I had just left the Chinese restaurant. Heart thumping. Wild excitement coursing through me. A sense of ‘is this really possible’ running through my mind.
And the one person – after Morgs of course – I had to call, was my mum.
“Mum! It’s so crazy. I just left dinner with that girl Peta I was telling you about. It’s CRAZY. I had to call  you as I’m honestly that excited. I think this is something that has the potential to seriously change my life. I just bought some incredible products – that I still don’t even fully ‘get’ – that could change my health back around but there is something else about it. Apparently I can get paid for simply sharing the gift of health. EXACTLY what I want to do! Wellness. Health. THIS is what I think I’ve been looking for without even realising” 

Mum: “that’s so exciting sweetie, and you know, it sounds like Network Marketing” 

It was the first time, in my life, I had heard ‘Network Marketing’. I just thought ‘cool’ – and that it MUST be related to something like an incredibly rad opportunity that comes knocking on your door that could genuinely change your life. And I truly honestly mean that, is it was exactly how I felt.
I raced back through the door when I got home to a grumbling, sceptic, un sure Morgan. He of course immediately jumped on to google to research the health products and company I had just said yes to followed by a concerned conversation saying I am probably jumping the gun a little bit and to calm down – yeah right – HA. As if that was ever going to happen.
It was my health we were talking about. My health. The ONE thing that is most important to me. My number 1 value. Health that, although pretty good – had been niggling at me for a long while giving me signs not all was right on the inside. I had bloating. Gut issues. Constipation. I lacked energy. I couldn’t get a proper handle on my stress. I was developing feelings of anxiousness, and most visibly – my skin had started to have these frustrating breakouts. So there I was, like a kid on christmas eve, excited to think maybe, just maybe, a simple, all natural, mostly organic, affordable, sustainable program could give me my energy, sleep and health back.

Long story short. It did. 

Something else happened also though. Something critical to changing my life. 
People started asking what I was doing to look so fantastic and what was I doing to have changed my health so noticeably and naturally. It was Morgan first. The worlds biggest sceptic was stealing my products by Day 3 as for the first time ever I was sleeping solidly through the night and waking up with energy. Then it was the girls at work. They noticed my moods were so much calmer, my stress was gone, my bloating – gone (no more looking 3 months pregnant at 3pm in the afternoon.) My skin, clear for the first time in 18 months.
I was a healthier, happier, more balanced version of myself.
And I was ready to share the very program that got me to that point with anyone who wanted the same – the most optimal health of their life.
And I did.
Cue, Network Marketing 101.
Then something started to happen. Isagenix started to pay me as I was sharing the gift of health with others. My first deposit for the first pak I got for Morgs who remember, had wanted to improve his own health that very first week was …. $79.80. 
I was blown away.
I thought right … this company is actually congruent with their vision which is to free the world of physical and financial pain. Something I too instantly aligned with and got red hot about.
I had gained back my health, AND I was now gaining back extra income as a reward for sharing health. I was living proof the company did what it said it wanted to do – create physical and financial freedom.
It was then I knew Network Marketing truly was for me and I was going to own the PANTS off of it.
I also knew I was in fact already doing it. We ALL are. I was posting coconut oils I used on my Instagram – and girls bought the same product. I was posting amazing new restaurants I was trying around Perth and in places I travelled to like Bali – and people were going there. I was recommending make up to girls when they’d compliment my complexion – and they’d go straight out and buy it. It’s just, those companies I was referring tens and tens of girls to weren’t paying me it went all straight to their bottom line. 
Network Marketing is loving a product, using a product (key importance there!), referring others to it if they want it….and getting paid by the company because of it.
I was starting to learn a-lot, fast, and quickly realised that I had found the key to both health and living in the 21st century. I also found my new passion and purpose in life. Simply put, it was to help others experience what Morgs & I were … a happy household. No stress over money. Bills getting paid with ease. Not having to go to a j.o.b that didn’t light me and earning an income that was directly proportionate to the effort you put in and the lives you help change.  
Within 3 months, we had started to live our most abundant most extraordinary life, and we wanted that for others – whilst p.s always putting our health first and helping others do the same. 
We developed this vision as we wanted to share living an extraordinary life with others ….

HOW Personal wellbeing? through the incredible products and health you gain back.
HOW Business excellence? through using the system, sharing the system and living the life of your dreams. Living out a day of ideal days  and creating an abundant extraordinary life for yourself.
Here was the other thing though – I could so authentically and passionately create this vision …. as I had created both myself – I was, and am living my vision.
So just how much has it changed Morgan & I’s life since we began 14 months ago? Here are some fast stats for you … 
+ I matched my full time Income with an Isagenix residual ‘income’ within 3 months on the products.

+ Because of the above, I ‘retired’ from the corporate world and stepped in to the exciting wonderful world of ‘living a life exactly how I please every day helping others do the same’. Fact.

+ I hit a residual income of 6 figures with the company within 6 months.

+ 12 month mark I had turned my 30 day cleanse in to a multiple 6 figure residual income.

+ Retired Morgs from his j.o.b to also life his life exactly how HE pleases and help others do the same as of Friday 30th May 2013.

In 14 months, I had turned my corporate income of $1,100 a week – where I was helping no one but my bosses line their pockets from the mining boom – I was a business development manager for a Mining Services Company – in to a $5,000+ a week income and helping hundreds of people change their lives through gaining their health back and too bringing whatever income THEY wanted in to their households.
Hard to fathom? It was for me too, especially in February when Morgs & I had our biggest week ever – of over $7,000 for the week. 
That was directly proportionate to how many people we had helped that week though – the divine key of this business. 

Our business income is now double digits a month – and because I am aligned with one of the fastest growing, phenomenal, abundant, attitude of ‘the sky isn’t even the limit so go for it’ companies – that monthly income will be 6 figures monthly by the end of this year. Fact. It’s like anything in life, you set big goals, you work hard, you play harder, you get rewarded. 
I decided to share the above not for any other reason but this; financial freedom and earning a living around the dreams and goals you have vs fitting your goals and dreams around what you earn – I believe is everyone’s birth right. TRUE wellness doesn’t end in the mind or body – it also extends to your bank account.
And I want to help you start claiming that birth right but I have to show you it’s possible and REAL first. 
Don’t think it’s selfish to earn more either – my best friend had a vision to create ‘earn more to give more’ and it’s something I am a big part of. Earning MORE to give MORE in the world. We give to charities, to start up companies, to orphanages, to causes that don’t always get the spotlight or money but need it as bad as any other foundation in the world. Without earning what I do, without striving to earn more – I couldn’t contribute like I do, and give what I do.
So WHY do I LOVE Network Marketing, but way more than that, why do I love it with the extraordinary company I am personally aligned with? 

& more importantly – WHO am I wanting to work and play alongside and help them create a life of their dreams.
If you have read this & resonated going ‘you know what, I’m ready to step my life up a little bit too’ …  then I want to chat to you if you are … 

+ A fearless female who wants SO MUCH MORE from life and NEVER wants to accept that you won’t get ‘paid’ to be a mum. You have a great corporate career but know that eventually when you stop work to fulfil being a mum .. you will loose an income. Guess what? You don’t have to and I want to chat to you. 

+ Couples who don’t want to fight over bills anymore. Who want to own the home but not stop travelling. Who just want to be able to live a happier, more abundant, healthier life but just had no idea how they were going to do it working 9-5’s. Guess what? You can have ANYTHING and everything you want in life if you work at it and I want to chat to you. 

+ Mums. Mums who want to not have to go back to work and stay at home raising their beautiful babies and kids but would LOVE to feel better, have more energy, but earn a really comfortable weekly residual income just by helping other people. Guess what? You CAN get paid to be a mum and earn whatever you want and I want to chat to you. 

+ Anyone else who truly resonated with this post. Who wants more from life. Who is desperate to dance to the beat of their own drum. Who wants to challenge the status quo. Who wants to play bigger, show up bigger in this world and serve a greater purpose. Guess what? That is a huge part of why you’re on this earth and I want to chat to you. 
THAT’S why I love Network Marketing. Because I get to play a role in helping other people do the above now – to not be restricted by their bank balances. To let go of financial stress. To earn what they deserve through effort & helping others. Mums earn income for being mums. Couples stop arguing and raise a happy household and relationship. Individuals just yell YES and dance to the epic beat of their own drum whilst showing up so much bigger in the world. 

As I said, I want to help if you resonated – and you can find me at the end of; 
Look forward to helping you blaze your OWN trail of passion and purpose and live the life you love and truly deserve. 

Your choice to live a happier life

It’s 5am. The alarm starts to ring with whatever favourite tune I have picked to awake me that week, and I slowly blink my eyes open from a deep, amazing sleep … I get out of bed, with a smile on my face, already grateful I am awake and realise I have been gifted another day. Some days are easier than others to get out of my huge warm bed, but no matter what I know this…

I am truly, deeply, wildy convinced that an early start sets you up for a successful day. 

So it doesn’t matter that I am tired some days. It doesn’t matter that I have had a late night. It doesn’t matter that I could think of 1,000 other things I could/would like to be doing rather than getting out of my that warm bed at 5am what does matter is I know regret of not setting my day up for success with a work out and early start far outweighs tired feelings – every time. 

It was because of this mindset I was gifted a big uh huh moment the other day that came from listening to my mentor and friend David Wood from ‘The Kick Ass Life’ on the treadmill the other day at said 5am gym work out. 

My uh huh moment was along the lines of a positive vs negative mindsets and why some people can have abundant and successful lives whilst others don’t. 

& I realised this … 

It’s a choice. It’s ALL a choice. Success is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Love is a choice. Being positive a choice. Seeing the good in people and things is a choice. Laughter is a choice. Living a beautiful life is a choice. But on the other side, so is the bad shit. Failing and not getting back up is a choice. Negativity is a choice. Bitchiness is a choice. Playing the victim is a choice. Deciding to play small and not live up to the hero inside of you is a choice. 

I have come to learn again, and again and again and again, that ALL the greatness, power, love and happiness lies within each and every person. I am going to repeat that again.  ALL the greatness, power, love and happiness lies within each and every person. There is only one person with the power and ability to bring that out and that person is….You. 

Picture it’s like you having a master key, and you are the one solely responsible for unlocking it. Until you do, its inside, burning brightly just smothered in doubt and fear. And doubt and fear don’t serve anybody, especially you. 

Trust me when I say this too. Do I personally still hear my inner critic? For sure gorgeous, I really do. I still have bad moments too (moments, not hours or days – critical point of difference). I still see that not everything is perfect in this world nor will it ever be. I just manage my thoughts. I make managing my thoughts a daily practice. EVERYONE has the ability & power to do that. EVERYONE. There is of course negative, bad, devastating shit in the world. Everyday. I don’t ignore that I just make a choice to every single day, in every single hour to focus on the positive. 

To choose better, to choose happiness and love and positive thoughts over negative ones means you will forge a strong and happy life for yourself and all of those around me. By focusing on light, and love and positive things in your life, you WILL attract more of the exact same in your world. You can then contribute to the world more positively. Fact. When you focus on darkness & negativity in your life however, you create more of THAT. Fact.

I’m asking you a serious, serious question. Of the above – what would you prefer? To go out in the world, everyday, contributing with love & light and being part of the solution … or going out negative, bitchy, miserable and a victim “that will never happen to me, Its not possible” … and be part of the Problem.

Again…its just a CHOICE. A really, really, easy choice. That you can make in an instant. Constantly.

Just choose better. If you can’t understand why things aren’t going your way, why you always get stuck in crappy situations, why love never works out for you…look inside first. To what you think, believe and are actively doing in your life…then choose better. Better thoughts. Which lead to better feelings. Which leads to better actions…which leads to a better LIFE.

It’s just a thought. But remember, it’s small thoughts collectively that can change the world.  
p.s see why 5am starts are so great? You get to have moments to yourself like this. HA xx

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