Soulful Suggestions

There was a quote I heard many moons ago that has always stuck with me…”respond to every call that excites your spirit”. Some might resonate straight away, some might wonder what it even means, and some, well some of you are just here wondering what this space is all about (welcome). This is what I know though. Rumi had it so right. Life is about living. Crazy I know. But to live goes much deeper than just living. 
Living, to me, means to follow our heart, soul & spirit and doing what makes us FEEL good. It means leaving everything you’ve got on the table every single day. It means telling everyone you love just how much they mean to you. It means laughing with no inhibition. It means to love with no titles. It means to be free. To be a spirit on this earth responding to every call your heart and soul ask of you. 
Sometimes we get lost though, we forget what it means to live and laugh and love. Truly. To truly live and laugh and love. We forget that life isn’t about being ruled by time, or schedules or societal norms which we never should have accepted in the first place. 
Your goal this week is to just live a beautiful life. A life you’re proud of. With your favourite things and favourite people. Don’t worry about bed times or work deadlines. Focus on how many strangers you can say hello to, and hugs you can give out. Don’t worry about the number on the bathroom scales or in your bank account – instead, focus on the beautiful free things of life. Your breathe. Your bed. The clouds in the sky and your favourite music. 
And if you’ve forgotten just what excites your soul and spirit, I have a few little reminders for you with love below …

Links I Love

1. This video from the effervescent & soulfully beautiful Miranda Kerr on her morning routine (hint; she shares a kick ass Green Smoothie recipe in it).

2. An article about ‘5 tips to create a magnificent life ‘- heart warmingly awesome, and so much wisdom in beautiful simplicity on the how (think reversing a regret you might have if you were dying).

3. This ohmygoditssobeautiful wedding photos that mean even more to me as it’s at my families farm (hint; and might also be the venue for Morgs & I’s impending wedding eek)

4. Welcome home blog – because everybody needs to go and have a good half an hour cry as you watch soldiers returning from their time serving overseas. This site gets me big time.

5. Turning chaos in to creativity – a beautifully written and raw article on turning those moments of overwhelm and chaos in to creativity instead. The lovely Claire from ‘This is life blood’ is the amazing author behind this little nugget of gold.

New find; Words of Inspiration

You know when you find a website or a brand or a shop where you get stopped dead in your tracks with shock and awe at a) how the hell had you never hear about this / found it sooner and b) how ‘YOU’ it is and how much you love ALL their stuff? 
This doesn’t happen to me too frequently but when it does I will always share it as I know somebody else will get just as much love, enjoyment and pleasure out of it. 
I stumbled upon the website ‘striking truths’ following a photo I saw Rach post on her blog. It was not just a beautiful quote, but it was a beautiful background with bangin’ font – quite simply, quote nirvana for me. 
When I went and visited the website, I found hundreds more of the same goodness – in fact the website by- line is; “A manifesto a day” – literally my idea of heaven. 
I think they describe what they do best themselves however, so I’d love for you to meet Bernadette & Sian…

“We wanted to find a way to gather those loose threads of inspiration, bottle that wisdom and make it shareable. We wanted the words to live on after the last page was turned. We wanted to create inspiring declarations of our own too, and share them in a beautiful and compelling way each day, so we created striking truths.”
We’re Bernadette Jiwa and Sian Richardson by day we help entrepreneurs, big ideas people and brands to tell their stories. By night we work together on striking truths.”
Wonderful balls of creative energy right? I know! You can buy their beautiful creations over at their website but here is a round up of a couple of my favs…
Enjoy beautiful’s x
p.s in no way shape or form is this a sponsored post – I’m just a gal who saw and developed an immediate love affair with their work and felt compelled to share x
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Advice from 110 year old me

Imagine if you were 110 years old, you’d lived all those years, living, learning, loving. Imagine all the incredible lessons you’d have learned, advice you’d have to give and love you’d have had to share. 110 years. That’s 110 years you’d have learned wisdom, forgiveness, love and happiness. 
Now imagine if you got to travel back in time as your 110 year old self, and share your deepest wisdom with your current self.
Just think about it
Well, that’s exactly what I did one sunny afternoon travelling on a long train ride between Spain & Germany. The idea came from the online course “Optimal Living” I was doing at the time. Brian Johnson said we got 5 minutes to sit and impart as much of our deepest wisdom we could share with our current self. 
I wrote, with no real idea of where my writing or advice would take me, but I wrote. With no inhibition, no concern that it would be wrong, just love and energy pouring on to the page, desperate to tell 24 year old Anna what the apparent 110 year old Anna knew. 
It wasn’t until I was going through my journal this week that I re discovered my private words. I instantly re connected, I remembered the moments and feelings I was going through when I was writing it. The advice was from the heart and uninhibited – and the advice was as follows – raw & unedited and yours for consumption. 
3 pieces of life advice from 110 year old Anna 
+ Live from a place of total love, not ego. Work hard at forgiving, daily and letting and accepting that all who come in to your life are meant to be there and all that happens to you is part of the greater plan so love fully, trust totally and enjoy the ride always. 
+ Listen to your gut, your instinct – that inner guide…daily. Give over all your worries and cares and trust the universe has your back 110% of the way. 
+ Show up. Fully & presently in life every single day by living your values and being your authentic self. By being true to this you will serve your greater purpose by serving others. 
There it is. 3 pieces of life advice that resonated with me hard when I was doing the exercise. I would highly encourage nay… implore you to try the exercise out for yourself….
What is the 110 year old wisdom you would impart to your current self if you ever got the chance? 
I’d love to hear it xx

Image; here

16 tips on living & letting go

I’ve learned … that life and everything you fill it with is worth fighting for. Every day.
I’ve learned … that even if you don’t have it figured out yet, the fact that you know you don’t is exciting. Why? Because you get to find that thing and pursue a new passion.
I’ve learned … that our pasts don’t define our present or our futures, but can be used to teach us beautiful lessons on strength, resilience and build character.
I’ve learned … that the shit day and the bad week you’re having, really truly will pass, and there will be better brighter more amazing days to come. No matter what.
I’ve learned … to trust myself. Inexplicably. That a gut instinct is worth it’s weight in gold & to listen, loudly when it’s saying slow down, speed up, let go, hang on and just be careful.  
I’ve learned … the true meaning of love. & I can’t wait to marry him.
I’ve learned … that each and every one of us has a powerful, incredible overwhelmingly beautiful gift that the universe is begging for – & I want to help people find it.
I’ve learned … that it is far better to fill your life with wonderful, loving, remarkable people than put up with negative ones. 
I’ve learned … that without our health, we have nothing. Our dreams, goals and bright ideas can’t become a reality without it. So to fuel my body with the good stuff, my mind with the better stuff and my soul with the best stuff. 
I’ve learned … that a genuine embrace and warm smile can be more to someone than you realise.
I’ve learned … that I am the controller of my own destiny & true happiness. 
I’ve learned …that if I’m not happy, wildly discontent, in a rut, packing on kilos or completely lost, I am the only one who can choose to change it, do better, be better & feel better. & that is so, SO powerful & beautifully exciting.
I’ve learned … to embrace life and realise that even the imperfections are what make it so…perfect. That even when things don’t go to plan, that is in fact exactly how it was meant to be. 
I’ve learned … that the universe truly, utterly deeply… has my back. 
I’ve learned … that nothing is ever personal, it’s how you react and interpret it. 
I’ve learned … that life is here to be lived. Completely. Hard. Fast. In love. Curiously. Your way….
So to live it. 
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Your Inspiration Vision Board

I think it’s no secret that I am highly in love with anything to inspire my mind and soul and there is not a day that goes by where I don’t look up sayings and quotes that do just that. I love that words can change your mood, your perspective, your day, hell, they can even change the world. I spent my Saturday afternoon pinning wedding stuff, but of course, got lulled back to reading amazing quotes that I just had to share with you today. I have compiled a montage of my favourites that I just know will have you smiling and leaving the page with more joy than when you first arrived. I would love it if you shared this page to anyone who you feel needs a little bit of love & inspiring at the moment…

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