Links I Love

1. Mantra Bands of love – little divine reminders nestled right there on your wrist; “Breathe” “Carpe Diem” & “live what you love” are my favourite must haves.
2. Spirited by Rachel MacDonald & Tara Bliss – I am yet to download and read it as I am saving it for my week long retreat in Bali next week, but I have seen the online love for this book and am SO excited to sink my soul in to it. You will love it too I know it. 
3. The time you have – my babe ‘the other Anna O’ calling it as it is BIG TIME by sharing a video about the time you have on earth…what are you going to do today to make it worthwhile? P.s her blog in general is amazing so hang out on there for other gem’s of inspiration.
4. This divine outfit by Erin Louise – and all her subsequent pieces. Erin has been a love of mine for-ev-ah (my very first local aus designer crush) and I spent a lot of my time and pennies on her site, so I am gifting her brilliance to you now. You’re welcome.
5. My soul sista’s new website which is launching within 24 hours. This is HUGE. Exponetital I tell you. I got a back end look last night and it is all encompassing. She goes through how to live a true life of your own design and shares so much insight love and guidance on there. You’re going to LOVE it. Trust me. 
6. Forty Days of Dating – make yourself a hot cup of peppermint tea and cuddle in for a solid few hours as once you start reading this website it’s hard to stop. Two friends, giving dating a go, recording their efforts. They have completed the 40 days now and so it’s all on the blog.
Happy browsing sweet soul. It’s Wednesday too so just do a little check in on where you’re at with how you’re feeling and what you’re accomplishing this week? Not happy with anything? Today is the day to change that. 

Links I Love

1. The Best Break up I ever  had an article you HAVE to read right now. Em from Olive on Blonde got this piece so so right & I will be forwarding this to LOTS of girls who email me looking for where to start on their loving themself journey. 
2.  A life with no left turns – My bella friend sent me this and it is a darling story written from a son about his father. Read it. Just read it. Sweet, it won’t take much time and you’ll walk away warm and fuzzy. I took this away from it most;  nothing in life is so important it can’t be put off another day or another week.” 

3. 4 ways to connect with the Water element for WinterA post done by Rhiannon Griffiths (from website of the same name) posted on the beautiful Claire from This is Lifeblood blog. After spending most of my day at the beach yesterday in Winter’s sun when I read this post I felt it couldn’t have been more perfect. 

4. A recipe for Raw Chocolate Tarts – dished up on the divine Emily’s blog ‘Bless this Mess’. Let me just say, you’re welcome. These are going up HIGH on my to bake list. 

5. 7 ways (besides sex) to emotionally connect with your partner I wrote these out in my notebook when I found this article they are THAT good. If you are in a relationship…please read this, if you are a mum and have a younger daughter or son, send it to them! There is so much truthful amazing goodness in this article that has even helped mine & Morgs relationship (especially point number one) 

6. 20 things happy people never do You want a quick article on an idea on things you can do to be a happier you? This article is for you. It is unreal and incredibly true. Print it out and remind yourself daily. Happiness is yours, you deserve that. 


Have a wonderful weekend sweet souls. Make some time for you and do one thing that you have been putting off doing but you know will make you happy. 

Links I Love

1. This photo. It’s pure perfection. The water. The feeling. The calm. Perfection.

2. How to create purpose in your life by setting intention. Oh so much yes in this. “Discipline your mind to think in a positive light” – was just one of the amazing things of goodness in there.

3. How to step in to your future now – There is nothing like a fresh dose of reality served up exactly when you need it and this is what this article did for me.

4. This Green Smoothie Recipe over on Lorna Janes blog – so delicious, so good for you, so apt for Green July.

5. Some freaking amazing quotes on living your best life – because quotes are what inspire my mind all day every day.

6. 19 successful people who had a rough time in their 20’s – if you want some inspiration to know that it’s ok to have bad days, or off weeks or hell, bad years, then this goes through other people who went through their own troubles in their 20’s to come out on the other side.

Links I Love

1. This video from the effervescent & soulfully beautiful Miranda Kerr on her morning routine (hint; she shares a kick ass Green Smoothie recipe in it).

2. An article about ‘5 tips to create a magnificent life ‘- heart warmingly awesome, and so much wisdom in beautiful simplicity on the how (think reversing a regret you might have if you were dying).

3. This ohmygoditssobeautiful wedding photos that mean even more to me as it’s at my families farm (hint; and might also be the venue for Morgs & I’s impending wedding eek)

4. Welcome home blog – because everybody needs to go and have a good half an hour cry as you watch soldiers returning from their time serving overseas. This site gets me big time.

5. Turning chaos in to creativity – a beautifully written and raw article on turning those moments of overwhelm and chaos in to creativity instead. The lovely Claire from ‘This is life blood’ is the amazing author behind this little nugget of gold.

Links I Love

1. 20 Signs you’re a wellness junkie – YES. So many YES’s. Hillarious. Truthful. Resonated hard. Give it a read as you sip your green smoothie or herbal tea this morning.

2. Getting Shit done the Leonie Dawson way – Read it. Again & again & again just to realise how much time you waste when you should be buckling down and well, getting your shit DONE!

3. This article by the beautiful Jess Ainscough – How your thoughts can be polluting the planet. LOVED THIS SO HARD. Our thoughts DO become our reality. Read this article for some kick ass negative thought banishing inspiration.

4. A blog article over on Olive on Blonde – Some of us wellness souprenuers had a lunch catch up the weekend just gone that involved yoga + meditation sessions and even a flower head piece session in the park after. Emily summed the day up beautifully.

5. This video by Alan Watts – “Creating who you really are” WHY don’t you know what you really want?? This video goes through why. So powerful. Inspirational. Amazing. JUST GO WATCH IT!!!

6. A perfect honeymoon destination photo – because Morgs & I seemed to be more focused on picking where to go on the honeymoon than planning the wedding (because that’s just how we roll!!)

Have THE most divine weekend gorgeous xx

Links I love

1. Energetic healing by the beautiful Amy Miller. Game Changer. Energy Changer. Word perfection.

2. This Quote Because gosh damn it screams truth & love. SHOW up beautiful. As YOU. There is no one else in the world quite like you & that is sexy.

3. Oh why hi there Baby Anything skull perfection. Awaiting to receive my chrome silver one in the mail p.s They rock some amazing dainty skull rings too. Check em out. 

4. 40 ways to feel more alive. HELLS YES. So many goodies in this article that will speak to your soul.

5. A really cool, really raw & really honest take on ‘being ok with being unpopular by Jess Ainscough over on Rach Mahagys space. Really amazing read if you’re on your initial path of authenticity truth seeking.

6. Some rocking Green Smoothies to help reinspire you in the kitchen with your own health goddess creations.

Happy procrastinating / mindset shifting gorgeous x x

Links I love

1. In the midst of Chaos – Do this by Jia Ni Teo … amazing article, gorgeous girl, a must read. 
2. This photo – because she encapsulates the feeling I want everyday. Free. Empowered. Fun. Exciting. 
3. These ridiculously gorgeous stackable rings – I have ordered m & a to wear on my right ring finger. YES
4. A daddy’s letter to his little girl – Read it with huge emotion. Every little girl needs this letter. What a dad x
5. Paid to exist article – Great video for budding entrepreneurs + learning how to stay focused. BOOM.
6. Top 20 Coco Chanel quotes – ever classy, ever darling, ever Chanel .. she always got it SO right. 
Happy internet browsing o’beautiful one xx