My Happiness List


I’m not sure you’re all aware of this crazy fact, but…It’s May. As in, the month of May. As in, we are already 5 months in to our year, as in, next month will be half way through 2014. I personally still feel like we’re in January (or should be) but as the old saying goes, time flys when you’re having fun. And fun is an understatement for my year so far in 2014. One thing that I will never get sick of doing in this here space of mine I’ve created is expressing and showing gratitude and although it’s a little scary we are almost half way through the year, there is still so much to be grateful for in each and every one of the days that is currently whizzing past us.

I have said for many many years now that an attitude of gratitude attracts abundance and the law of attraction works in powerfully divine ways. Take today to think of all the things, the little things, going on in your life at the moment that you are grateful for….here are a few of mine.

Morgys 30th Birthday Surprise 

The last week has seen my favourite human on the whole universe (and milky way and galaxy) turn a very young 3-0. His birthday also happened to coincide with the extra extra long weekend in Perth we had for Easter and then backed up by Anzac Day, so with that in mind I booked us for a few nights at the Crown Hotel in Perth. A mini holiday getaway right here in our beautiful home town. The report from the birthday boy himself was that he had the best time ever. Success. There was lots and lots of trying out all the restaurants there – including rock pool for our 7 year anniversary which was also over that weekend – baths, cocktails by the pool, work outs, movie watching and just general relaxing and laughs. I love the quote “sometimes, you just need a break. In a beautiful place. Alone. To figure everything out”. That was this for us. Just some time out for Morgs & I in an otherwise crazy hectic – but blessed – life where sometimes we aren’t always in the same state or country together more recently. We planned Morgs retirement date from his 9-5 more concretely, connected back to us, I got to spoil him rotten and we just enjoyed every second in each others company feeling like it was us against the world. We have also decided random trips to luxurious hotels like this in our own home town are going to become much more of a regular thing for us and our continuing love story. 

Breakfast Dates with favourite friends 

There are many, many things I love in life but breakfast with some of my divine soul sisters is always incredibly high up there on the gratitude list. I am extra blessed at the moment to have one of my nearest and dearest friends expecting her first baby so the catch ups are even more exciting and amazing as I get to watch her growing baby bump and glowing self. I am one of Perth Cities biggest advocates for loving my city I live in and when we have gorgeous little cafes like Moore & Moore in Fremantle serving up incredible breakfasts like the above – it’s no wonder I’m so in love. 

Babysitting this babe – my almost 3 year old niece 

Meet Delilah. She’s almost 3 going on whoevenhonestlyknowsbutshesadorablesowhocares. She loves my lei – obviously. Wearing my high heels. Dora the explorer. Sleeping – she’s slept from 7:30pm – 8:00am since she was 5 weeks old. Vegemite Toast. Babychinos. Being adorable. Counting. The colour Purple. And la la LOVES animals – especially her adopted dog “Jess”. Uncle Morgs & I got to babysit this little angel INCLUDING a sleep over a few weekends ago and had the best.time.ever. It might sound bias but she is honestly the sweetest, cutest, most polite, divine kid going around who says please and thank you’s any chance she gets and loves to tidy up. Notevenkiddngyou. I regularly tell my sister (her amazing mama) she has ruined her chance of me ever having my own babies as I swear there is no love left over in my heart as its ALL gone to Delilah. Can you tell I’m in love? 

Grounding at the beach  

There is a lot of things I love in this life but being able to lay on a towel soaking up Autumn sun on a warm early Saturday morning with my favourite book – ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’ by Danielle LaPorte ticks off a lot of things at the one time. Big time. Sun. Grounding. Inspiring words. The Beach. I remember picking this book up half way through 2012. And not putting it down until I had stopped. As I shut the last page, I was crying. It resonated with me that hard. I got to work very quickly on pouring these words out on a page and I honestly can pin point that being the beginning of me really owning who and what I wanted to be. That I knew I was destined to not be chained behind a desk working someone else’s dream and that I was born to live my own purpose – just like we all are. I have recommended the book to tens of girls all who also now credit it for the same shifts. If you are a soul centred visionary woman who wants more from life and yourself – to feel better and do better…. it’s time to gift yourself this book gorgeous and go and do some discovery and grounding of your own. 
Getting organised + Being a lady boss 

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know that I was blessed last July to be able to retire from my 9-5 and step in to full time entrepreneurship and living life on my own terms. I turned my 30 day cleanse in to a multiple six figure business and left my corporate career to help other fearless females do the same. A great mentor said to me around the same time however that with wealth, always comes great responsibility and I took that very seriously. From the get go, even when I was earning $500 a week from my home business on top of my corporate income I was recording my receipts, saving my tax and treating it like a multi million dollar business. Now that weekly pay can be anywhere between $5,000 a week and up to $7,000 a week and because I had my systems in place from Day 1, keeping on top of everything, remaining compliant and doing my business like a big grown adult is easy. If there is one thing I can pass on to budding entrepreneurs, is this – act like you have a multi million dollar business and you will GROW a multi million dollar business, and yes, that means even doing the notsomuchfunstuff like ensuring your across your tax and GST from day 1 (and having a fantastic accountant from Day 1 also).
Family time with my Fav Human


I don’t think it’s any real surprise that spending time with my favourite human is prettyyyy much my favourite of my favourite things to do. Did I mention favourite? Recently we got to have a long weekend together and managed to get down to see Morgans mum and Step Dad and the afternoon that followed was simply blissful. His step dad is an incredible cook (& Italian – so fantastic cook of Italian food, double yay) and whipped us up some home made spaghetti carbonara accompanied by a delicious white wine followed by an afternoon of cruising on the Mandurah Canals on their boat. Family + sunshine + home cooked meals + boats + water + him = a grateful blissed out girl. 

This quote – simple. truth. love 

Not much else needs to be said with this, but sometimes all we need to remember through the rush and hustle and bustle of a crazy but extraordinary life is to eat healthily, sleep well, breathe deeply and enjoy life. 


My wish for you today and everyday is just that. Have a divine week beautiful. 

My Happiness List

I struggle to actually put in to words at the moment exactly what it is I am grateful for and what’s making my happiness list when I feel like it’s just everything. Does that mean life is perfect? No, life isn’t meant to be perfect, it just means I am embracing more than ever every up and down and ebb’ing and flowing with life like nobodies business. There isn’t any secret to life, there really isn’t, you just have to be open to every failure as a beautiful lesson, wake with deep deep gratitude, chose to be happy and have FUN.

I have, at this point in time, fallen in love with the imperfect perfectness of life and all it’s beautiful joy and mess and that is what is making my life so rich. Here are just a few things that contribute to that wealth of love, joy and peace.

Beach days + Goal writing + Cafe hangs 

There is no doubt about it. Water is my muse. Being by the ocean or in the ocean is so fundamental to my Joie De Vivre and not being chained to a 9-5 desk anymore I spend a LOT more time by the water. I was doing my gratitudes on a weekly Monday biz call this week and my main one was dunking my head under the salty water at the beach for the first time this Summer. It’s not a lie when they say the best things in life are free, and being able to soak in the divine sunshine on a beautiful Perth beach is one of those ‘how lucky am I’ activities. Living in divine ole Perth with it’s delicious beaches certainly helps. The fabulous Bib & Tucker now being situated on my fav beach – Leighton – also helps oh so much….there isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t wander in for some champagne to toast life (p.s try the pulled pork and fish taco’s there – it’s my fav!)

Good books, but more specifically, my current read; The Secret … 

‘For someone who whole heartedly believes in manifestation, gratitude and law of attraction, I am almost ashamed to admit I had in fact never read the book the secret, that was, until recently when I popped the book in to my suitcase as we jetted off for Bali. It was d.e.v.o.u.r.e.d. SO enjoyable to read and lightbulb after lightbulb and aha moment after aha moment. The words leapt off the page to me and so much clicked. I also believe in reading the same book a few times to learn different lessons, so I am starting this one again in a few days, but if you have read it, I encourage you to go back to it with a new set of eyes, and if you haven’t ever read it – slap it high on your to read list. If you can truly believe that whatever you truly desire can be yours, then this is the book to solidify it even more.

This Guy + officially being business partners now 

So not only is this handsome guy my fiance and best friend, we have recently thrown business partners in to the mix. A mentor of mine said to me when I was 18 years old; “the man you marry won’t ever have to be like you, he doesn’t  have to like the same stuff you do, have the same drive that you do, or want the same goals that you want in life, (he knew I was driven even back then). What is required from him however, is he never stand in your way, he let’s you go after your goals and supports you whilst having his own interests in life”. I never really fully understood the weight of that until 2 years later, when Morgs and I had been dating for just a year, and I decided, at 20, still at uni, I wanted to get a business loan and start my first business ( my dating website Possibly Maybe). He didn’t tell me why it might not work, he embraced my desire to go after the goal and never once stood in my way. The advice started to make sense. He didn’t want to be a part of it, but he supported me with all he had. More recently, I found and ran with the extraordinary nutritional cleansing company I am now 100% aligned too. The same thing occurred. He didn’t fully get it at first, and it wasn’t something he seemed interested in but he supported me and let me fly none the less.

Now though? After never standing in my way the past 7 years and let me be the crazy person I am with huge dreams and a go go go energy, he has come front and centre in to the business and we have combined to be a business partnership. It is SO fun and we are learning so much more about each other even after 7 years of dating. He has is own goals in the business now and it’s my turn to never stand in his way, but this dynamic of adding biz partners to our list will be high on my gratitudes until we are old and grey I know it.

Breakfast dates with divine souls

It’s no secret that breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day, and not only my favourite meal, but even more favourite x infinity when its shared with the most divine souls on the planet. I always say it but it’s getting declared here again, I really am SO blessed with the kind of girlfriends I have surrounding me in my life and recently I got a double dose of gorgeous’ness when I met up with Deanne & “The other Anna O” in the same week to talk all things boys, business, goals, weddings, love, travel and just general juicy stuff of life. Deep, loving friendship is a key to happiness in life. Fill your life with shit, negative friends – and you’ll sure enough have a shit, negative experience. Fill your life with beautiful, supportive extraordinary friends, and you can guarantee you will have beautiful, supported and extraordinary experiences. These two girls are just part of my tribe I feel deep gratitude for daily. 

Dates at the beach drinking French Champagne

This was an extra special day as the divine soul pictured with me here is one of the girls I coach who has just been able to leave her 9-5 to pursue a life of her dreams. Does she know get to do her business meetings wherever she pleases now? You betcha. Does that also mean a little french champagne had to be involved? Ab-so-lut-ley!! This is why I do what I do, to be able to celebrate in incredibles women’s success and empower them to live a life of purpose doing whatever they please – with a residual income with an amount they decide they want. It’s exciting. It fills me up and it sets my soul on fire. 

Seeing Beyonce Live .. yep that happened

There are actually no words for this. Truly. Queen Bey has been an inspiration of mine for-ev-ah and so when I heard she was coming to Perth it wasn’t even an option. We were going! Beyonce was actually even one of the first posts I ever did on this blog; I look up to her for how she goes after all her big dreams and goals and lives up to the spirit within her. On a Saturday night, in little ole Perth, with my babes by my side, I got to dance and scream and smile my way through all of the songs I adore and see the Queen in action. It was surreal. It was something I’ll remember forever, and it’s certainly an experience I hope to re live again. So.much.FUN.

The fact that Summer is on the way … 

I am a lover of all seasons, I really am. I LOVE the smell of rain in Winter, I adore crunching leaves and rugging up in Autumn and I can’t help but fall in love with the colours that pop up in Spring – but there is something about Summer that captures my heart and soul. I don’t think anybody can be in a bad mood in Summer. The sun is shining, your skin does get darker, water at the divine beach gets warmer,, drinks get colder, nights get longer and life really DOES get better. One thing I have always been grateful for is the fact I get to live in a country, and Perth, where we actually experience all seasons. So Summer, you saucy, saucy minix – I am SO ready for you and your hot days, long nights and fun times. 
Love always, 
This eternally grateful human xx

My Happiness List

I have some big/scary/exciting/ohmygodamIreallydoing this news that I will be sharing in this space next week – I’m not pregnant mum sorry – and until I can ground this energy that I am feeling from it all and focus on pouring my heart and soul in to a post that explains my next steps on my self fulfilling purpose and journey I want to fill your day with other things that are incredibly high on my Happiness List. 
Breakfast date with soul friends

I consider myself incredibly, oh so mucho blessed with the beautiful woman (& men) I have surrounding me in life. They’re soulful, loving, supporting, kind, creative, funny – all the things you want your peeps to be like in your tribe, and I’ve got em. Mix those kind of souls with my favourite meal of the day – breakfast – and you have some of the best dates life could ever serve up. The past weekends I’ve packed my Saturday & Sundays full to the brim with soulful catch ups – & food – with my beautiful friends and it couldn’t make me more filled with love and utter gratitude for who I have in my life. A divine date on the beach on a sunny Winters day with my friend who is a shining beacon of love, warmth and light set my whole weekend off on the right foot, backed up with an overdue brekky date with my 3 girlfriends I went to uni with who rock my world – no wonder I wake with so much gratitude. 
For you: Book a breakfast date with some of your favourite people with no plans after so you can just sit and enjoy the food, the laughter and the company. Breakfast places in Perth I adore; Moore & Moore cafe Fremantle, CNR Cafe in Northbridge, and the above view in the left picture was served up from Bib & Tucker on Leighton Beach whilst the right yummy goodness can be ordered at the sexy as fuck Gordon St Garage (go the porridge with quinoa and maple syrup you know you want to) 

Being a speaker at our weekly Wellness Wednesdays 

I had this big goal plastered on my vision board that I always thought would happen, but would just come later. You know, once I had more experience, once I’d done more courses, when I developed my story more – just, later. As with all things of the heart though, the universe had other plans and the last 3 months has seen my dream on my vision board leap off the page and in to reality. I get to stand in front of 70 – 100 people on a Wednesday with other members of my incredible team and share my story on how I’m currently rocking it – how I earnt my residual income so fast, what nutritional cleansing is all about, and how if you choose for life to be easy it is. 
For you: If you’re interested in coming along one week, we hold them every Wednesday at Leighton Beach Surf Life Saving Club and best of all they’re FREE. So you have nothing to lose everything to gain and I’d LOVE to meet some of my readers (p.s I’m off to Vegas next week however so will be back on 14th August to speak at them again (more rev’d up than evahhhhh) 
My Angel Cards + Bang on Readings

I share very rarely in this space the side to me that is quite spiritually connected and in tune with messages and feelings from mine and others guides. The more I find I am aligning with my purpose the stronger the connection is getting. A beautiful beautifullll girlfriend of mine Lee – who has her own bangin’ space found here – bought me my very own pack of Angel Therapy cards to work with and I had some spare hours on Sunday to do some readings. As I said at the start of this post, there is a LOT going on in life that has come about from a huge decision I will share next week but sitting to channel some energy and asking the question “what is most important for me to focus on to get through this next phase” I pulled Base Chakra. BOOM. Thank you Angels, your Anna girl is listening. 
Base Chakra: Choose only positive thoughts to describe your home, career, and finances as your words determine your outcome. This card indicates that you’re focused on your material needs, such as desiring more money. It’s emperative that you use only positive words and phrases to describe your current situation. Affirm your desires as already being a reality, and avoid worry. The Base Chakra, located at the bottom of your spinal column, is the energy center that governs your feelings about your material needs. To open your flow of Divine manifestations, imagine yourself inhaling and sending healing light to the base of your spine. Since every worry is a prayer, drawing to you that which you’re worrying about, notice and replace worries with prayers and affirmations. Call upon the angels to boost your faith and confidence, which are two magical ingredients in conscious manifestations.
For you: Take some time to connect to who you are and what makes you truly happy. I suggest getting in a quiet space, lighting some candles and meditating or writing (or both) and just allowing whatever comes to come up. Imagine living a life of your perfect days. What does that look like? How does it feel? Write it down. Just take some time for YOU this week. Have a bath, eat dinner by candlelight, book a date with your loved one. Connect back to you and your source.

This quote from my girl Danielle LaPorte

Because I loved it so much it made my heart pound. Isn’t  it powerful? Beautifully raw and overwhelmingly powerful. It is through pain that we discover the JOY of living. I get, more than you’ll ever know that life can give you curveballs, hell, it can even be, dare I say it…shit. You will have off days, dark weeks and bleak months…but its what you do to get yourself out of those moments that shows true character and personal growth. 

To not be anything but soulfully grateful for every breathe that we breath and day that we have to live does life a dishonour. We are all powerful beyond measure. By living and being a part of this earth. Even on the days when you think you don’t feel like it, or are too tired, or can’t be bothered, or let sadness overcome you – be grateful. That you’re still here, a part of life, living, connected, resilient. 

I recently heard “If you are not making someone else’s life better, you’re wasting your time” and I adored it. 

How are you showing up in life?? Are you vibrating love? Connecting to a positive energy? Are you attracting abundance and love and success in to your life? If you’re not, look at what you’re thinking, what are your actions? What do you do in each day? 

We are all here to make a difference. I want you to be a shining example of love and happiness and it starts with working on YOU. 

Relaxing weekends / Wedding Venue Scoping 

There is much a buzz in the future Mr & Mrs Richards household (that’s us eep) as we are getting seriously serious about booking in our wedding venue. Morgs was starting to get confused (and I think a little worried) when I still hadn’t really started looking at where we were going to promise our forevers to. The thing is though, I just knew that when it happened it would happen and what is meant to be will always be. This past weekend was when it happened and as I always imagined it to be, it was. We made a relaxing day trip down south to look at a place – that also just happens to have been in my family for 6 generations. We think we might have just settled on our venue. Think rustic, romantic charm, barn, sprawling grass for games, 200 rose bushes and olive and oak trees surrounding the exact spot where we potentially will say our I do’s. It was a really surreal moment and having Morgs energy and excitement around me was such a beautiful moment for me. This whole wedding thing is exciting, but the fact I get to marry my souls other half and have him forever is the part that is really making me excited – and to be honest really quite emotional. I have welcomed and allowed calm, love, peace and flow in to any and all plans we make for the wedding and the day was just perfect. Laughs, looks of ‘ohmygodwearereallygettingmarried and moments where I had to pinch myself when Morgs was getting SO excited about exactly where we could get photos if here was where we get married. Let’s just say my heart is literally bursting from love.


Your turn beautiful. What are some of the things on your happiness list right now?? I’d love to hear whats lighting you up, engaging you in life and keeping your belly and heart full of gratitude. 

My Happiness List

I woke up on Saturday morning with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. A gratitude so deep I kept feeling like I was going to cry, in fact, I did have a few little tears as I was driving from appointment to appointment.
The tears weren’t from overwhelm or sadness though, but just from deep, deep appreciation for life and all that was in mine currently.
Don’t get me wrong either. Life isn’t peachy perfect. There are stresses from a day job, there are still petty arguments and there are still nights where I get minimal sleep – but none of that matters. There really is no secret to all of this, but if there is one thing to remember through your hours in the day and days of the week it is this. What we think about, expands, and what we focus on we attract. If I focused on what’s not right, on what is not making me super grateful at the moment – guess what I’ll be attracting more of? Bad shit of course.
Instead, I choose to engage in the positive, I allow myself to wake, with the deepest gratitude in my belly that just seems to be growing by the day and guess what happens? That gratitude expands more and more. Gratitude for the smallest of things, like your warm doona, Winters sun, hot peppermint tea, laughter from a loved one – that is what makes life worth living.
There is so much in my life at the moment I am grateful for. Wedding plans + new business launches + growing friendships + impending holidays + my beautiful online community + updating our home + amillionotherthings. But putting the big stuff aside, I wanted to honour the ‘little’ stuff – the moments and memories and words that are making my life so incredibly rich at the moment.

This article on ‘love in pictures’ by the beautiful Mary from ‘Mary & Justin’ 

Do you have those friends that catching up with them is like Christmas Eve and you know you won’t drag yourself away from the date for at least 5-6 years? I do. Her name is Belinda (B) and she not only fills my life with love and joy and glitter puffs, she sends me rad links she thinks I might adore – and this was one of them. Meet two strangers in love. Mary – who wrote the article – was waiting in a hairdressing waiting room next to the elderly gentleman when his wife came out from her appointment. He treated her with adoration and love and he was showing her off like they were giddy teenagers in love. Mary goes on to write a small love letter to her husband Justin and it is all just heart warmingly gorgeous. It’s stories like this that I know contribute to the good in the world.
Quality Time interventions with the man 
Because sometimes life gets so busy I forget that I need to stop and remember what it’s all about. 
Because sometimes I need a loving but forceful “anna you need to have some time for yourself away from the laptop. 
Because sometimes HE needs some time with just me. No phones, no laptops, no tv’s. Just us. 
Because sometimes there is nothing better to do on a warm Winters day in Perth than go back to your favourite walking spot that you haven’t walked in months. 
Because sometimes – you both just need some quality time. 
& he is the one that can do all of the above for me. Sunday afternoon saw us stroll hand in hand for 7km around Perth (Mt Pleasant) Bridges for some down time quality time and it was so just what the doctor ordered. Peace. Calm. Laughs. Catch up. I was ready to take on the world again (& he was ready to let me).

Breakfast with my gorgeous girl – & bridesmaid – Dee

My soul sista’ Dee & I have been breakfast dating for a couple of years now and it is a tradition that I cherish so much. There will never be enough hours in the day for our catch ups but it’s these kind of soulful hang outs – where there is laughter, love, support that make my days and life so SO rich and worthwhile.

Memories of travelling the world with my love 

If you have been a reader of this space for awhile, you’ll know my love & I took a 4.5 month trip of a lifetime through Europe last year and had THE time of our lives – it was also when and where he proposed! I am still getting around to putting photos up and this week had some spare minutes to put the Spanish part of our leg up. We travelled through Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Mallorca & San Sebastian and it was such an incredible part of our trip. 
I am SO for living hard in the moment, being present, putting the camera away at treasured moments to actually just ‘be’ but I truly can’t tell you just how important it is – and was to us – to get snap happy on our holiday, and I will be happy about that forever. Looking back over our photos I am literally transported right back to the exact moment on the exact day and can even remember what I was feeling or what Morgs and I were talking or laughing about. I’ll cherish the photos and memories for-ev-ah and it was so sweet being able to have this week to look back over some of them. 
Current books in my life 

There are few things that I consider necessary to live an abundant and happy life & reading amazing books is one of them. This is what I currently have on my bedside table and I make sure I read for 30 minutes in bed every night or at least 1 chapter of a book. Words can change a mindset, a mood, a life – even a nation. If you want other reading inspiration I posted the 10 books that changed my life here. 
I hope you are filling your happiness list this week with the small stuff and the big stuff – like phone calls from friends, excitement for dinner dates, coziness of your bed, the smile from a stranger and the fact we got to wake up for a new day with 24 beautiful hours before us. 

My Happiness List

Sometimes, we as complex human beings love to complicate things, in fact, it can almost be second nature to us. Imagine a world where that old saying really did happen though; what is it? 
Miss someone? Call them 
Want to be understood? Explain 
Have questions? Ask
Don’t like something? Say it
Love someone? Declare it
I want to add something new to that mix though. If you have a dream .. LIVE IT. Chase it down. Honour it. Declare it. Pursue it. Go for it with your souls gusto. We so don’t have to complicate this life. 
That is what is high on my happiness list at the moment. I have a goal to leave my Full Time Job to pursue my big big goals by December this year – shit just got real as I have now publicly declared it, yep, the universe now knows it – I am, working harder than ever to achieve it and as always this will be the space where I share the journey. In the meantime here else is what is making my life so so rich – in love, gratitude, happiness and everything in between. 

Public Speakers Course

My g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s business partner & soul sista’ Peta Kelly got me the gift to end all gifts the other week when she took her & I along to THE worlds best public speaking course by THE Andy Harrington. We had lightbulb after lightbulb after lightbulb and breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough. We locked down our final company business ideas and even wrote up grand plans for launch parties. It was the most awe inspiring productive weekend I’ve ever experienced in my life and I would happily take another ten of them thank you! It wasn’t ALL business either – the course content in itself was so incredibly inspiring and I, after years and years of having a story inside of me, confidently feel like it might just be ready to be shared. 

Dinner with good friends at New Restaurants

There are many things in my life that I consider my Joie De Vivre – but  trying out new restaurants with delicious menus and amazing friends is certainly very high up there. Morgs & I double dated up a storm on Monday night trying out Jamie Olivers new restaurant in Perth. We braved the hour long waiting list – whilst sitting having a delicious bottle of red at the bar mind you – and soon settled in to our table in a perfect corner of the restaurant. The entree? Different and so yummy. The Mains? OMG delish – we all tried the pasta. And the Dessert? Well, let’s just say Brownie, I will be eating you first next time. If you haven’t tried it out yet put off by the waiting list – don’t – just sit at the bar & drink the wine, you won’t regret it.  

New business ventures coming soon 

I can’t say toooo much but I will say this. Watch this space. Lifesshinyprettythings will be re launching very soon – same content just more. More soul, more heart, more shared experiences, just more – more for you, there will also be a free e-book for all visitors to download when I launch. The big BIG news though is the collaboration I am working on with said business partner & soul sista Peta Kelly – it is so so exciting and we are bursting out of our skin to get it all finalised and launched. Think heart & soul, purpose alignment, community & tribe growing, wellness everything. You will be the first to hear about it the closer we get and I will share as much as possible with you at every turn. 

Winning a FREE trip to Vegas 

Ok woosah. It might sound like it’s too good to be true, but I’ve said it before – I don’t believe in that saying (I think life can be exactly as good or extraordinary as you desire it to be). Last Wednesday I was on a call with other people from all around Australia to hear my name read out, along with 11 other members of my team to say we had won a free 5 star all expenses paid trip … to VEGAS. Morgs & I leave 31st July (a little over 5 weeks away) & will spend 2 weeks in Vegas with a short trip over to Mexico (or as I like to say – Mehiccoooo). I won it for just being part of THE most amazing nutritional cleansing company ev-ahhh and am so excited to be going with my whole team. We will be partying in the Hugh Hefner suite, and I know I’ll come back more fired up than ever deemed imaginable. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and to be honest, I don’t think it’s totally sunk in yet – it just proves anything you want in this life IS achievable. (psst – this is the same company that I have been aligned with now for a mere 3 months and at any point you can be a part of too – you know where to find me if you want to know how on earth you can make this a reality for you too).


You turn gorgeous. Spill it. I want to hear what’s on your happiness list the past week or so. Have you tried any new restaurants recently? Have you connected with new friends? I want to hear it xx

My Happiness List

So a lot has been happening in Morgs & I’s life at the moment but even with all the mayhem, we really are loving every second. One of the big big things we have 100% committed to is that within 5 years we will be living our life as we please – with a comfortable passive income and a lifestyle we desire. That leaves us with 1,826 days to work our butts off to reap the rewards for the rest of our life. Don’t think we don’t strive for that every day either – a life full of what we love, because we have that everyday. This is deeper than that though. To set ourselves up to live comfortably and not have to have a job again. Yep, big goals, but it’s going to happen.
We are stretching ourselves at the moment, pushing boundaries we haven’t yet pushed in our 6 year relationship but are growing along the way – both independently and as a couple. It’s exciting, and sure there are moments (after 3 weeks of night having 1 night off) that we / I am tired – but I know, in my heart of hearts it will be oh so worth it. 
With all of this in mind, I have a bucket load, as always to be incredibly grateful for, and below are just some of the things on my current happiness list (and mainly the lessons I’m learning from them. 

The Millionaire Mindset conference 
I spent my last weekend (we’re talking Friday night all day Saturday & Saturday night, all day Sunday & Sunday night) at THE most amazing, energy filled inspirational conference called Millionaire Mindset . It was an intense weekend filled with learning about how to shift your mindset to abundance and ease when it came to money, how to earn a passive income (hello never working  as an employee again) and how to let go of old programs that you have about finance that don’t serve you any longer. Did I also mention I got to do it with some of my inspiring team?? It was mind blowingly awesome and along with all of the above I also took so much more away – want to hear some of it?
“Don’t argue with the universe, that’s how struggle happens”
“Be integral with your word. ALWAYS. If you say you’re going to do something DO IT. Don’t say it otherwise. If you say you’ll call – call, if you say you’re going to show up, show up”.
“Where you spend your time and money is where your priorities lie – if you SAY your relationships (bf/kids/growing your business) is important to you but instead your spending 60 hours at work (in a 40 hour job) then your job is your priority. Balance is a myth but be integral with your word, if family/bf/business growing really IS your main priority then MAKE them a priority”
“When your WHY is HUGE then your how doesn’t matter”
“We teach the universe how to treat us”
“How you do anything is how you do everything” 

“We’re worthy because we’re alive RIGHT NOW. You’re here for a reason whether you know it or not”

…See I tolddd you it was amazing – this was just the surface of what we touched on, so so much learnt and so so much gained. 

This adorable little girl aka my niece

I know I have honoured my niece Delilah – even her name is divine – in this series before but honestly? She is ALWAYS on my happiness list. Miss D literally changes the way I view the world and has taught me so so much about presence. When I come home from my long day at work knowing my real ‘work’ has only just begun (emails, coaching, writing, phone calls) but Delilah is waiting for me to walk through the door – my world stops. Nothing else matters. She truly has taught me to just be in the moment. Totally, utterly, present. She is at a stage where everything is “what’s that” and I can’t think of anything more precious in the world than pushing every ‘to do’ aside and answering every single question or query she has. She teaches me to stop, to slow down, to laugh, to take joy in the smallest of things and really does have a gift of taking my mind off anything even remotley stressing me out. I love this little one with all my heart and soul and truly am honoured to be her Auntie LaLa.

My amazing & awe inspiring team of young leaders

Welcome to what is currently filling my life with joy, love, purpose and fulfillment & the revolution I am a part of that I couldn’t be more excited about. You would have seen recently in my virtual spaces (facebook, Instagram & right here) me talk about the nutritional cleansing program that is now a huge part of my everyday life. With signing up to it, came with it a connection with like minded amazing humans and some real incredible leaders and new friends. There are now around 15 of us, leading over 500 Gen Y’s (that number is growing exponentially daily) who are wanting to change their lives, earn more wealth, feel amazing and who are setting big BIG intentions and goals – the revolution is to live life exactly as we please with who we want doing what we want, when we want, and our vehicle – Isagenix, is allowing us to do that. We now hold Weekly “Wellness Wednesdays” and have a steady number of 80-90 people coming every single week. In fact, it has gotten too big for the house we were doing it at, so we’ve just moved it to a new bigger venue. It is the most exciting, amazing, inspiring group to be a part of and I still can’t believe how I got so lucky to get involved when I did (p.s it’s not to late for you if you want to see what on earth this is all about – drop me a line at and we can chat! Come along to one of our meetings if you really want to see what all the hype is about) 

Because it’s so true. YOU ARE SO MONUMENTAL. Just show up. Show up every single day as the beautiful soul you are. It’s ok if you don’t know your purpose just yet, you’re living so that is already enough purpose in itself to live with love and joy and fulfillment. You deserve to be loved, to be happy, to be seen, to be heard, to tell your story … You deserve everything you want in this life and more and I will never stop reminding you of that. 
Your turn gorgeous. What are some of the things on your happiness list this morning? What’s lighting you up, making you feel like the luckiest person in the world?? Share your gratitude in the comments below I’d love to hear them.

My Happiness List

Why hello May you cheeky devil, didn’t you just sneak up on us out of nowhere. 
It’s May..MAY!! We are almost halfway through 2013 and I feel like it only was January the other week. This is life now though, I get it, I totally get it. It is fast moving and there is nothing any of us can do to slow it down, we just have to make sure we’re savouring every moment and enjoying the ride. 
Speaking of life enjoyment however, the past few weeks have been of splendor and wonder and I want to share just some of what’s making me head to toe happy (+ grateful) at the moment. 

This quote … 

You, yes you, you beautiful, wonderful extraordinary soul – were born with a purpose on this earth that is ready to be fulfilled. No matter where you’re from, what you’ve been through or where you’re currently at in life..YOU MATTER. So much. As long as your heart is beating, you have purpose. Your story is remarkable and your life is so sacred. You were born to make an impact. 
When I read this I smiled and instantly welled up and had goosebumps. Print this out, share it with your kids and friends…
Your life DOES have purpose – so live it. Your story is SO important – so share it and be proud. Your dreams count – so make them big and believe you can achieve them because you can. Your voice matters – so never be silenced. You were born to make an impact – so start living the life you were destined too. 
SO powerful & SO true – and it had to be shared x

These kick ass articles on Lorna Janes Move, Nourish Believe blog

So not only does Lorna Jane have some of the most hottest and amazing work out clothes on the planet (I don’t know what I’d do without her leggings for my workouts ) she also runs a hot blog full of inspiring articles to be in line with her mantra ‘move nourish believe’. I visit her online space – alot – and when I found these two gem’s on self love and positivity I knew I had to share. 

Exercise your self love muscle … Today 

In a nutshell?

1. Do things for yourself.
2. Quit knit picking.
3. Stop comparing.
4. Use mantra’s and quotes to inspire you daily.
5. Know your truths.

7 reasons to inspire positivity 

In a nutshell?

1. Keep moving forward.
2. Offer a lending hand to a stranger.
3. Smile & say hello.
4. Just breathe.
5. Believe in yourself – & that anything is possible.
6. Do one thing that makes you and your body happy everyday.
7. Practice the 3 R’s – relax, refresh and refocus.

Signs from my Angels 

If you are way in to your science “unless I see it I don’t believe it” stuff then maybe just skip on to the next happiness point because this is chock-o-block full of amazing signs I’ve been getting recently from my Angels (guardians/spirit/god/universe/whatever you believe in). p.s this is something I was toying with sharing but felt beyond compelled too which means somebody somewhere needed to hear it. If you’ve been having similar experiences just know that you’re supported & loved.
My lesson for 2013 was to deepen my level of instinct, to trust my gut explicitly and to work on myself as much as humanly possible so I could help others. Since starting this journey, the results have been phenomenal. My goosebump levels/moments have gone through the roof. I keep getting them when I am saying something to someone or about something – then BOOM..they’re all over my body like my spirits are saying “yes, so yes that’s right”. And don’t worry, I’m’a listening. The other amazing ‘ok I’m listening’ signs are the times when I look at the clock. For weeks, and weeks, and weekss now almost every day when I look at the clock it’s 11:11, 12:12 and 3:33. 
I have also started to have the most amazing experiences with feathers. This is brand new. Never in my life have I seen so many feathers. They have been crossing my path as I walk or flutter past as I am sitting having lunch or coffee and I always feel the most overwhelming sense of peace and one’ness when it happens. 
Totally tuning in, totally grateful for each and every one of these moments and loving the relationship me and my intuition are having. 
Sunsets (source of photos is my Instagram @lifesshinyprettythings)
Since I’ve been little I have never been able to choose when people ask the question “are you a morning person or a night person”? I’m BOTH. My most favourite times of the day are right before sunrise & as the sun sets. When Morgs & I were deciding where we wanted to have our engagement party we both knew the one caveat we wouldn’t budge on was having it by the Ocean. We wanted to just be, with each other, champagne in hand watching the sunset before all of our guests arrived and it got crazy and guess what? We got that moment. These are the pics snapped as the sun was setting over the ocean on our night of nights and it couldn’t have been anymore beautiful. Sunsets make me grateful to be alive. They bring beauty and peace to the world and my life is richer because of them. 
Your turn gorgeous. What is on your happiness list this week? The fact you had a special date night with your loved one? Or caught your own amazing sunset? I’d love to hear what’s lighting you up in the comments below so  we can share the love, happiness and gratitude around. 
Images: here, here, here & here 

My happiness list

My cup’eth is overflowing with so much love, excitement and happiness at the moment it is ca-ra-zy. Things are just gel’ing you know? 
I felt like I have been eb’ing and flow’ing with life a whole lot better than I have in the past and am just, in general, digging life really really hard. 
It could be because I feel like I’ve not just been managing my time so much more effectively recently, but after learning about how important it is to manage our thoughts for stress – I’ve been doing just that. Or maybbeeeee it’s because I have been oh so grateful for every tiny thing in my life at the moment – like traffic wardens who will stand outside rain, hail or shine to get young kids across roads safely or the sunlight that streams through my front window every morning …. but whatever it is, I am totally rolling with it. Big Time. 
As you read this, I’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday, yup, a quarter of a century – and I’ll be ‘catching up on life’. I took a (very) rare day off work to actually do stuff that is good for my soul. Write. Relax. Create. Eat. Chill with my loves. So as I do that, here are some other things that have made it on to my happiness list in recent times…
Planning my 25th picnic
I have to say, the last few weekends have been so fulfilling and fun for me as it had involved lot’s of planning for not just Morgs & I’s impending engagement party but my 25th birthday picnic I was oh so excited about. It was just one of those days. One of those perfect days. The styling for the picnic went off without a hitch, Perth put on some absolutely saucy weather – a beautiful sunny 28 degree day, and I was surrounded by all my favourite family and friends. I honestly a.d.o.r.e.d piecing together all the pretty elements for the day and think if I could quit my job tomorrow and become a coach slash event stylist and organiser – I would do it in a millisecond. (special / huge thanks goes to my wonderful girlfriend Deanne who made the table runner, a surprise 25th birthday banner & 5 liters of Sangria – yup 5 beautiful liters!!) 

My inspiration cards

I don’t think I need to say much else other than how much I really do love and adore my new cards I got for my birthday (from another beautiful girlfriend Belinda). I ensure that before I leave home for the day to go and work my 9 hours in the corporate world (that I’m working hard to leave) I sit for an hour in my lady cave with my inspirational words (& vision board) around me. 
How can you not start your day in spectacular fashion when you have the following surrounding you?
“Do what you love, love what you do” 

“When you are arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love” – Marcus Aurelius 

My new detox + Lifestyle

Game changer. Life changer. Shit freaking hot. 
These are just 3 ways in which I would describe the current life changing detox Morgs & I are currently on. I had been searching for sometime for something that would give me a detox, and I mean, a soul nurturing, nutrient rich, non toxic proper detox. Not for weight loss. Not for a quick fix. Not a one off thing. An actual, healthy, amazing detox. Not just with clean eating etither. I do that. Morgs & I don’t eat pasta/rice/bread, we eat a shit tonne of veggies and we rarely eat processed or sugary foods. I wanted something to aid me in weight maintenance though, to clear my body of it’s toxins, and pump it right back up again full with rich, much needed nutrients.
My biggest reason for wanting this though was about wellness. I am convinced we are slowly becoming more & more toxic by the lack of nutrients in our soil and vitamins in our food and daily intake.
It’s not about being skinny either, it’s about being healthy. 
It’s also  not about a quick fix, oh no, it’s about a whole lifestyle change.
I am SO excited to say I have found exactly what I was looking for in Isagenix.
It’s my reset. 
I am currently on day 2, just day two and I already feel the difference. Day 1, was the first time in my working career life (that’s 10 years people) that I actually didn’t crave 3pm sugar hit. At all. I’m talking, I walked in to the kitchen, and didn’t even give a second glance to the bowl of chocolate & oreos that is available to me at any point of the day. This morning, when my alarm went off at 5am, without thinking, I just woke up. No grogginess  no feeling like a train hit me, I wanted to get up.
If I am like this after 2 days, I am literally jumping out of my skin with excitement once I finish it in a month (I’ll be doing a detox every month now for as long as I live). 

p.s if you want to know more about it drop me an email at and I will pump you with as much information and guidance for your own detox / weight maintenance / weight loss / health journey as possible. 

This amazing article 

I am, without a shadow of a doubt a wisdom seeking, soul searching kinda gal. I believe due to us all having incredibly powerful, unique sets of gifts – there will always be somebody who knows an awful lot more than me and can guide me when I need it most. 
So when I read this article over at tinybuddha – my heart skipped a little fluttery beat. It was “How to let go of fear to live passionately and authentically” – BOOM. It’s all that I seek right now and so when I happened to just stumble upon it by accident I thanked the universe for it’s divinely loud, but clear message. 

The crux of it?

1. Do less, be more
2. Plan less, live more
3. Dwell less, create more.

Simple. Powerful. Beautifully true.

Being engaged + the love of my life

No matter what I have going on in life anymore – be it calm or mayhem, bliss or sadness, excitement or craziness, there is not a minute, hour or day that goes by that I am not grateful for the wonderful man that I have by my side for it all. He is just THAT guy. The guy who is my rock when I am supporting others. His the guy who gets me, knows me, supports me, has fun with me, will fight with me because of a passionate love and is just honestly the most amazing man I’ve ever come across on this earth.

My god do I love him. I love him so much, I sometimes think my heart will explode. 

It’s almost 4 months since I said yes, as the sun rose over a Dubai desert and it was and always be the easiest decision I ever made in my life. 
Your turn gorgeous – what are you most grateful for in your life at the moment? Was it an amazing sunset you got to catch the other morning? A new purchase you adore? I want to hear it! “Happiness is itself a kind of gratitude” (joseph krutch) so I want to hear whats making you happy.
Big warm sun beams of love and light,
Anna xx

My Happiness List


Let’s all just stop and take a breathe and celebrate how amazing life is right now. My days have been pretty intense the past few weeks but since I wrote this post, and changed my language and choices with the word busy, my hours and ‘to do’s seem oh so much more manageable and nights a lot more relaxed and filled with things I want them to be filled with.

I truly believe we’re all going through a remarkable shift at the moment and I’m loving the energy all around me. There is a shift in thoughts – from resistance to powerful positive ones and a shift in control – from believing our lives are at the whim of external forces to taking full responsibility and shaping our lives to how we desire to live them.

2013 is our year. For everything. Transformative growth, letting go, pushing through, starting again – & I am here for the ride.

On top of all of this excitement about the above, here are a few of the other things going on in my life that are making me happy…

Signing up for Marie Foleos B School 

I did it!! & boy was it heart thumping’ly a scary/ huge decision to make. Considering I am saving for an engagement party a mere 7 weeks away & a wedding middle to late next year, making a financial commitment to B School was one I didn’t take lightly. Luckily, I have an incredibly supportive fiance’ (did I mention handsome too?) who said if it felt right to do – I should go for it and he’d support me. So I did! & I already feel like it’s paid off – & it hasn’t even started yet. I signed up through my beautiful coach Rach (from inspacesbetween) & another amazing lady Tara Bliss (from suchdifferentskies) and they have created an ah-maaa-zinggg private community for all the girls who also signed up through them. The result? A group full of 41 women all on the same path together, energised, inspired and excited – sharing what we do, what we want to do, and a whole lotta’ heart & cheerleading & help. Its soul defyingly awesome & I can’t wait to actually start with the B-School modules…

P.s over the next 8 weeks I’ll be learning about; Profit Planning, how to build THE best website, communication with your readers/customers, list building, Offerings, Marketing & then 2 whole weeks of guided implementation. Pretty kick ass right? If you have been wanting to do something like this for awhile (with or without a business) come join us!!! You can sign up here (registration closes today so be quick!!)   
Lunch dates with Old + New friends

You know those lunch dates and conversations you walk away from just buzzing? It’s a renewed energy, and excited spirit and a fulfilled belly & heart. You get to talk about good stuff, and just gel and vibe in a loving space. I was beyond blessed when an old friend I used to go to Primary & High School with reached out and wanted to catch back up, but also introduce me to one of her other girlfriends who she believed was like minded. That girl was Peta from Anatome – Integrated Wellness. We laughed, shared books and videos we thought the others might love, and had juicy conversation about health & wellness & I walked away feeling blessed beyond belief that old friendships were rekindled & new ones were forming. Check out Petas facebook page to see just what amazing things she is doing for health & wellbeing with Anatome – you will fall as in love as I did!

Engagement Party Invites are done + on their way

Soooo it turns out in 2013 you have GOT to be wayyy more organised with getting invitations out. I don’t mean 4-6 weeks either, nuh huh, I’m talking 3-4 months! Ca-ra-zy I know. Morgsy & I although organised with the venue, date and everything in between, didn’t think we would need to get our invites out until Middle of March (giving 6 weeks notice), but when friends and family started saying they needed the date to book it in as diaries were filling up as late as July (for hens parties and birthdays) so we got our butts in to gear & had these babies out by last week. The result is an invite we adore, that my super talented Graphic Designer brother did that we BOTH had huge input in to. I.e. I would have loved a salmon colour or lilac as the colour, but Morgs direct quote was “baby, salmon is a fish not a colour, and we’re not having pink on the invite”. Roger that! Roll on 20th April – we truly are jumping out of our skin with excitement for the party and can’t wait to share one too many champagnes with our beautiful family and friends. 

Vision Boarding + New direction for this future website

Goals + Passion + Wellness + Inspiration

I had a super fun & super productive day last Saturday when I sat down to start (& finish!) my vision board for my blog. My amazing coach Rachel Mahegy had set me some to do’s when it came to our coaching sessions and one of them was to do a vision board for this little space & fill it with pictures and words that connected with me and encapsulated the vibe & purpose of the blog. I had vision boards before, in fact, I LOVE vision boards, goal boards, boards of any variety that put your goals and dreams in big bright bold colours. I had never thought to do one for this blog though – but after doing it, I am so inspired and have so much more direction with what I want for me, but more importantly for you, the beautiful readers. When you land on this page, I want to help you with;

+ Feeling like you belong in this spacethat’s it’s your sanctuary as much as it is mine.
+ Setting your big beautiful goals & achieving them with ease and excitement.
+ Following your passionwhatever sets your soul on fire,burns you up from the inside. I want to get you there. 
+ Wellness – of the mind, body and spirit. Guide you from my own experience of changing my life, starting with loosing 17kg, keeping it off, changing my mindset & living a happier life full of love. 
Sound good? GREAT. It’s going to be a big year for us and I can’t wait to keep writing with this new zest & direction. 
This quote ….

“If you don’t know your purpose, discover it now. The core of your life is your purpose. Everything in your life, from your diet to your career, must be aligned with your purpose if you are to act with coherence and integrity in the world. If you know your purpose, your deepest desire, then the secret to success is to discipline your life so that you support your deepest purpose and minimise distractions and detours” – David Deida

Goosebumps, soul lifting excitement, realisations, inspiration – this quote gives me it all.


That’s this weeks round up gorgeous, I’d love to hear what’s lifting you up, lighting you on fire, making you giddy with love. Share in the comments below. 

My Happiness List

Happy Friday beautiful! We have made it through another week and are just looking at a weekend full of things we love (I am anyway so I hope you are too).
My week has been a little hectic but it was still chocked full of people, things and moments I loved.
Here is a little list of things currently keeping me happy…
My first interview as a blogger (hooray!)

I was SO excited to get asked by the amazing girls – Ash & Tahnee, over at Eclectori if they could interview me for their website. I had so much fun answering the questions and putting together some pieces from their site to show my style and you can check the interview out here. Have a look at their website I have linked above as well, they are doing HUGE & amazing things over there with promoting local Australian Designers. The girls say that ‘believing in yourself is the beginning of something big’ – and I have to agree!!

Melissa Ambrosini’s new ebook – “12 steps to wellness”
There are some powerhouse Australian women who I follow earnestly for mind/body and spirit wellness tips, so when I had heard Mel’s new book – 12 steps to wellness had been realeased I immedatley went to buy it to download. I was meant to sit and send some personal emails Tuesday night, but instead couldn’t tear myself away from the book. It goes through 12 amazing, detailed steps to kick start you on your own wellness journey and I have found it incredibly inspiring. Can’t wait to finish it off and start applying some of the principles to my own life (like resting more and detoxing my space!)
Crossing more of my “25 before 25” list 
With a mere month and a bit to count down until I turn 25 I was very excited to cross more off my 25 before 25 list this past Sunday. I had left lot’s of things un crossed off that had been accomplished but I felt it appropriate to finally cross them all off! I am now 12 down, with 13 to go and a very solid plan under my belt. There is offically now only one thing on there that I can’t do due to it being a seasonal thing, which is swim with whale sharks, but Mum & I are booking and paying for it before my birthday which is as officially complete as it will allow me to be. P.s when mum saw my board one afternoon she got SO excited saying one of her longest goals since she was my age was to also swim with whale sharks. I am now beyond excited that we’re living this dream together!!
Marie Foleo’s ‘B School’ videos 
I found out about Marie last year through the beautiful divine timing that the universe so deliciously offers up. There was a handful of websites and blogs I stumbled upon at the exact right time that led me to others which has inspired me extraordinarly in where I’m at in my journey today and Marie’s was one of them. 
She runs something yearly called “Rich, Happy, Hot B School for aspiring entrepreneurial women who want to do what they love and make money from it. Hells Yes right? I KNOW! I felt this was as good a year as any to manifest it in to making doing her course a reality (it’s about $2k – but oh SO worth it) and last week I got not 1, not 2 not 3 but FOUR emails all from bloggers I love in, all in one morning, and all directing me to her new video series that I urge you to watch yourself. 
I’ve watched the first 2 videos – “the 6 pillars” and “13 keys to killin it online” and already have learnt SO much. It’s just a taste to her amazing course but if you’ve been thinking about starting an online anything (business, blog, website) then click away and be prepared to be inspired. It has freaking ROCKED my whole week. 
You can sign up to the videos here. 
My fiance’ and my Niece = heart melting adorable’ness
So I tryyyyy as hard as possible to not bombard all of my social media with melt your face kinda’ cuteness that is my niece and my ah-maa-zing Finace’ also known as Morgs BUT … when I got home after a long day and saw him helping my sister out by feeding her dinner I of course had to slap it on my Happiness List this week. Hearing them both laughing and chatting away (well Morgs trying to get Delilah to say words and her gurgling back) put my day from about a 6 to a 100 instantly. 
So that’s it beautiful! So much love flying around this week for amazing books, videos and amazing people in my life. I’d LOVE to hear what’s made it on your Happiness List this week, what’s sparking your fire, lighting you up and all that jazz – leave me a comment below!