Bali; Our week in Paradise

There are places all over the world that just so fundamentally get me. Everything about the city or country just speaks directly to my soul. I love everything. The food, people, music, culture – and when I leave I don’t fully ever leave completely. My heart and soul is literally scattered all around the world and one of the first places I ever left it and it still remains today is; Bali.
Of course, no year is complete for me without a trip ‘home’ and Morgs and I returned two weeks ago for a blissed out week re connecting to ourselves, each other, and a place that we adore. 
We swam. Drank. Swam some more. Talked – alot. Drank some more. Watched the sunset over the water every.single.night. Connected with other travellers. Laughed. Found new places to relax at and just disconnected for the hustle and bustle of life. We swam and read all day (yep, Morgs on his ipad, I immersed in soulful paperback books) and drank and celebrated each night. 
I truly believe life is a party. A gift to be unwrapped each day and travel for me is my way of living that truth. It fills me up and connects me back to what I love. It truly does light my soul on fire. 
We so love it in fact, that Morgs and I decided a mere week before we flew there that we would in fact, promise our forevers to each other in Bali! The date is set and we are going to be saying ‘I Do’ cliffside somewhere in Bali (it’s a surprise) middle of October 2014. We couldn’t ignore the pulling on our hearts that we were destined to have a destination wedding. 
Excited and in love with our plans is an understatement, and I’ll be able to start sharing more of those plans on the blog as they come together. 
So here is my challenge to you; as I share some of my favourite snaps (+ places to drink mojitos and eat yummy food whilst watching the most divine sunsets on the planet) … if your spirit is so called to…BOOK THAT TRIP. Don’t wait for the perfect amount of money, or more leave, and don’t let fear hold you back. At the end of your life you’re going to remember the trips that you said yes too, not the money you saved or the boss you kept happy by playing safe. 
P.s want to visit some of the amazing places we dined and played at? I can’t recommend these places highly enough; 

Petitenget Restaurant – For fine dining, delicious risotto and some cold wine (& divine decor) 

Dejavu – For fantastic tapas, some of the best cocktails in Bali and sunset views on the beach 

La Plancha – Think bean bags, delish cocktails (& bintang for the boys), ON the beach…at sunset. Relaxing in style at it’s best

Ku De Ta – up market bar on the beach, amazing cocktails, amazing pizzas, divine view, fantastic ambiance (but boys, be warned, no entry in a singlet!) 

Potato Head – Fun. Just fun. It’s a little more upmarket but you can be a little more cheeky which I love. There is an infinity pool and you can drink your cocktails on a sun bed watching the sunset on the beach. Divine with a capital D. 

Moziac Beach Club – probably my fav place we snuck to in Bali. It’s tucked away up the beach but has one of the most divine views of the sunset. Best seafood tapas I’ve tasted and the best passionfruit mojitos on the planet. You can go poolside / deckside for a little less formal or go up in to the restaurant for more fancy. BOTH options offer you an unforgettable experience. 

W Retreat (aka Woo Bar) – This place is pretty breathtakingly beautiful and will more than likely make you speechless when you first walk in. If you go between 5pm – 6pm it’s 2/1 cocktails too (they had me at hello) p.s Morgs & I have booked pre wedding drinks on the sunset floor here 2 nights before our wedding with our wedding guests. So it holds an extra special place in our heart. 


& some other moments captured that made our trip memorable xx

Heaven in Mallorca

There are certain things in life, experiences we’ll say, that never will be forgotten – it could be the birth of your first child, marrying the love of your life, or whatever it is that makes your world spin just that little bit faster. I have discovered that the same thing applies for when you travel. Of course, every moment over here is surreal, from waking up knowing there’s a new city to explore, finding new amazing historical things to see, and hey, even not having worked for 3.5 months now. BUT..there are those extra special moments, those ‘pinch me’ / goosebump / call it whatever you will moments that go right up in the special experiences of life. I have had a few, but a huge one happened to Morgs & I the other night in Mallorca. It was extra special as it caught us so off guard and it’s one of our favourite things to see normally. 
What was it?? 
A sunset. 
This was no ordinary sunset though. No. This was the most amazing, spectacular, extraordinary  beautifulll sunset I’ve ever seen in my life. 
It had been an incredibly stormy day and Morgs & I were defiant to not sit around in the hotel so had hired a car to get around Mallorca and explore some of the coast & mountains on offer on the North side of the island. We drove wherever roads took us and stopped whenever we felt like it. Getting back to the hotel early evening, the storm had cleared & we felt compelled to take a walk in the cold before dinner and that’s when the magic occurred  Making our way along the coastline we had the pinkest of pink and redest of red clouds all around us and bursts of sunshine peeking out from the ominous clouds still threatening to give way to rain at any moment. We sat and took in what was almost too surreal to witness. 
It was a moment I’ll remember forever and was so grateful I got to witness. 
I felt like it was Mother Natures way of reminding us that of all our adventures we seek & pay for on the holiday, the best things in life really are free – & for me, that was seeing the sunset of my life with my soulmate by my side. 
Do you have a favourite travel story? Have you had any moments that you’ll never forget that happened when you least expected it? I’d love to hear them!
Love & Light,
Anna x
p.s I’m sorry the blog was so quiet last week! Our apartment in San Sebastian didn’t have any wifi but this week you’ll hear all about the end of our adventures in Spain – from Madrid to San Seb.