Finding & growing your tribe

a group of people in your life, it can be many, or few that get you, that get you right to your souls core. They LOVE you. They Support you. Your tribe is a group of people that so fundamentally get your essence and bring your YOU out in a beautiful & inspiring way. They see your heart, and they see your soul and allow your authentic self to live it’s truth. – Anna Ogilvie
There is something so incredibly sexy about soul connection. You know what I mean yes? It’s that moment when you meet someone, it could be a new stranger or an old friend who you haven’t seen in for-ev-ah and you just zing
Zing is that immediate bond between you both, goals align, excitement bubbles and this person brings the best of YOU out. You let that precious guard down without even realising and bare your truth, the real you. It’s liberating, Deeply fulfilling and the beginnings of an authentic friendship. That zing is connection gorgeous.
These kinds of friends are the ones who get you. Who love you. Who, after a breakfast date or wine over dinner or phone conversation make you feel like a better person than from the beginning of the conversation. 
And it is these kind of friendships that you should be attracting and allowing in your life. These are the souls that make up your tribe, they are your tribe, and you need to attract them, nurture them and fill your life with these kind of friendship connections. 
Your tribe are beautiful individuals that support and inspire you effortlessly.
Your tribe are the ones who you would call with good news for squeals and excitement, and call with bad news for love and support. 
Your tribe are, put simply, who you are filling your life with. 
Who is in your tribe? Who are you attracting in your life? Are they bringing the best of you out? Loving you? Supporting you? Inspiring you? Are they positive people? 
The people that you are surrounding yourself with play an incredibly important role in your life – so choose wisely. If you want to be more positive, surround yourself with more positive people. If you want to be happier, surround yourself with happier people. If you want to have more love and good energy, (first you must be that person yourself) and then find others who are the same. 
Your tribe is so fundamental to how you show up in life. If you have beautifully supportive people in your life cheering you on and wanting the best for you, you show up more authentic. You aren’t afraid to live your truth, to share, to be who you want to be, it all just becomes a little easier to let your you out, because as well as knowing the universe (always) has your back, so does your tribe. 
So the question I need you to ask yourself today babe is – who have you got in your tribe? Are they kindred souls who support you in every which way? Or are they negative self doubters who would do anything and everything to keep you in their comfort zone and not see you shine. If your answer is the second one, we need to have a serious talk. 
As you embark on your week I am sending you loving confidence to take stock of who you are currently surrounded by – and if they’re shit people, to gently start cutting them from your life. You can’t go through transformative growth or shine bright like the gorgeous diamond you are with negative haters and nay sayers in your tribe. Make today the day you admit to yourself you deserve all the love and happiness in the world and today is the day that you are going to start taking back more control of exactly who you are letting in to your life, and ultimatley your tribe.
You are so worthy and capable of acheiving anything and everything that you desire in this big beautiful world – and a huge part of that success will come from the loving support you get along the way. 
Be brave. Cut the shit. Attract the positive & start letting your you out and aligning with your essence. 

Links I Love

1. 20 Signs you’re a wellness junkie – YES. So many YES’s. Hillarious. Truthful. Resonated hard. Give it a read as you sip your green smoothie or herbal tea this morning.

2. Getting Shit done the Leonie Dawson way – Read it. Again & again & again just to realise how much time you waste when you should be buckling down and well, getting your shit DONE!

3. This article by the beautiful Jess Ainscough – How your thoughts can be polluting the planet. LOVED THIS SO HARD. Our thoughts DO become our reality. Read this article for some kick ass negative thought banishing inspiration.

4. A blog article over on Olive on Blonde – Some of us wellness souprenuers had a lunch catch up the weekend just gone that involved yoga + meditation sessions and even a flower head piece session in the park after. Emily summed the day up beautifully.

5. This video by Alan Watts – “Creating who you really are” WHY don’t you know what you really want?? This video goes through why. So powerful. Inspirational. Amazing. JUST GO WATCH IT!!!

6. A perfect honeymoon destination photo – because Morgs & I seemed to be more focused on picking where to go on the honeymoon than planning the wedding (because that’s just how we roll!!)

Have THE most divine weekend gorgeous xx

My Happiness List

Happy Friday beautiful! We have made it through another week and are just looking at a weekend full of things we love (I am anyway so I hope you are too).
My week has been a little hectic but it was still chocked full of people, things and moments I loved.
Here is a little list of things currently keeping me happy…
My first interview as a blogger (hooray!)

I was SO excited to get asked by the amazing girls – Ash & Tahnee, over at Eclectori if they could interview me for their website. I had so much fun answering the questions and putting together some pieces from their site to show my style and you can check the interview out here. Have a look at their website I have linked above as well, they are doing HUGE & amazing things over there with promoting local Australian Designers. The girls say that ‘believing in yourself is the beginning of something big’ – and I have to agree!!

Melissa Ambrosini’s new ebook – “12 steps to wellness”
There are some powerhouse Australian women who I follow earnestly for mind/body and spirit wellness tips, so when I had heard Mel’s new book – 12 steps to wellness had been realeased I immedatley went to buy it to download. I was meant to sit and send some personal emails Tuesday night, but instead couldn’t tear myself away from the book. It goes through 12 amazing, detailed steps to kick start you on your own wellness journey and I have found it incredibly inspiring. Can’t wait to finish it off and start applying some of the principles to my own life (like resting more and detoxing my space!)
Crossing more of my “25 before 25” list 
With a mere month and a bit to count down until I turn 25 I was very excited to cross more off my 25 before 25 list this past Sunday. I had left lot’s of things un crossed off that had been accomplished but I felt it appropriate to finally cross them all off! I am now 12 down, with 13 to go and a very solid plan under my belt. There is offically now only one thing on there that I can’t do due to it being a seasonal thing, which is swim with whale sharks, but Mum & I are booking and paying for it before my birthday which is as officially complete as it will allow me to be. P.s when mum saw my board one afternoon she got SO excited saying one of her longest goals since she was my age was to also swim with whale sharks. I am now beyond excited that we’re living this dream together!!
Marie Foleo’s ‘B School’ videos 
I found out about Marie last year through the beautiful divine timing that the universe so deliciously offers up. There was a handful of websites and blogs I stumbled upon at the exact right time that led me to others which has inspired me extraordinarly in where I’m at in my journey today and Marie’s was one of them. 
She runs something yearly called “Rich, Happy, Hot B School for aspiring entrepreneurial women who want to do what they love and make money from it. Hells Yes right? I KNOW! I felt this was as good a year as any to manifest it in to making doing her course a reality (it’s about $2k – but oh SO worth it) and last week I got not 1, not 2 not 3 but FOUR emails all from bloggers I love in, all in one morning, and all directing me to her new video series that I urge you to watch yourself. 
I’ve watched the first 2 videos – “the 6 pillars” and “13 keys to killin it online” and already have learnt SO much. It’s just a taste to her amazing course but if you’ve been thinking about starting an online anything (business, blog, website) then click away and be prepared to be inspired. It has freaking ROCKED my whole week. 
You can sign up to the videos here. 
My fiance’ and my Niece = heart melting adorable’ness
So I tryyyyy as hard as possible to not bombard all of my social media with melt your face kinda’ cuteness that is my niece and my ah-maa-zing Finace’ also known as Morgs BUT … when I got home after a long day and saw him helping my sister out by feeding her dinner I of course had to slap it on my Happiness List this week. Hearing them both laughing and chatting away (well Morgs trying to get Delilah to say words and her gurgling back) put my day from about a 6 to a 100 instantly. 
So that’s it beautiful! So much love flying around this week for amazing books, videos and amazing people in my life. I’d LOVE to hear what’s made it on your Happiness List this week, what’s sparking your fire, lighting you up and all that jazz – leave me a comment below!

Blogs I LOVE

I am currently writing to you curled up on a beautiful sun lounge by the pool in warm & sunny Manila where you’ll find me the next 7 days relaxing with my mum. ‘But you only just got back from holiday?!’ I hear you mutter. I know, I totally know….but… I’m a shocker (plus I love to travel so making that a priority in my life always comes easily!) 

Chilling out here with cups of tea, face masks and afternoon naps though I have been able to absorb myself in all of my favourite crazily inspiring blogs which I absolutely adore. There have been a-LOT of life changes, health changes and spiritual changes the last 2 and a bit years now going on in my life but the last 6 months, these 5 incredible blogs have come in to my life and turned it upside down in every way – mind/body/spirit/soul/inspiration/call-it-whatever-you-like-I-adore-them. They inspire me, light me on fire, excite me, and make me want to be better, feel better, and do better in every way shape & form. 
I thought it time to share this goodness though. Maybe you already read one, or two or three or all of them, or maybe you read none, but whatever the case this round up o’goodness will be sure to spark some inspiration in your life in some shape or way (I hope, nay, I’m sure).
So in no particular order and cutting straight to my wordy point, here are my go to websites for inspiration in all areas of our crazy, wild, beautiful life. 
p.s Most of the sites have a newsletter subscription that will deliver amazing inspiration straight to your inbox and having signed up to them all, I can’t recommend it highly enough (plus you will generally get a kick back from it too like an amazing free e-book)…every time I’ve needed a boost of inspiration or advice I seem to get it right on time and I hope you will too. 
Co-inside Wellbeing 
For a fresh dose of healthy living you need to head on over to Curtis & Candices’ amazing space. Here they’ll share with you amazingly delicious healthy recipes and beautiful inspiring words as they want to help us  ‘get happy and stay happy’ 
Betty Means Biz
If you are looking for an ah-ma-zing website that will chock your days and minds full of inspiring stories of how other kick ass babes have been there, done that, succeeded and want to share their story then this is the site for you. Kate brings the perfect amount of everything to the table with her interviews and I just know you’ll find something for you when you stop on by to say hello. 
In Spaces Between
You’ll need a few hours when you first visit Rach’s site as if your experience will be anything like mine, then you’ll wonder where the past 4 hours went as you ‘swear you only just started reading her posts’. There is so much deep deep advice, love, inspiration and soul on her blog it’s hard to leave. From teaching you how to find more time to going through her experiences of planning a wedding her site always leaves you wanting more. Rach & and her blog inspacesbetween have also just been named by ProBlogger as one of 15 blogs to watch in 2013! 
The Wellness Warrior
After e-meeting Jess for the first time and taking a look around her site you’ll wonder how you ever got through your week without a visit to her space before. Jess walks her talk and is always there with the most soulful advice, fantastic healthy recipes and all round goodness in all her posts (not to mention youtube series she takes part in called ‘Health Talks’). I think Jess introduces herself much better than I ever could however so allow me to pull some words straight off her site … ” I’m Jessica Ainscough – a writer, holistic health coach, and green-juicin’, cancer-kickin’ Wellness Warrior”. You see…like I said, you’ll love her site (& her) to pieces! p.s Everybody asks me where I get my green juice recipes from? Well sign up to her weekly newsletters and you get a free e-book containing over 80 recipes. Fab-u-lous.
Leonie Dawson 
Oh Leonie <3 I actually found Leonies’ website through Co-inside Wellbeings facebook page (I adore how the universe works) and haven’t looked back since. Leonie is a shiny, beautiful, caring soul who just wants to share and give to this world (don’t we all?!) but oh my she does it so well. She writes honest, real stories about her own life that you will more than likely find incredibly relative to yours…she also has an incredible life planner for 2013 that I bought and is already making wave lengths in my world. 
Danielle LaPorte
You could call Danielle my guiding light from afar and the one who got me on to all the other blogs through my increased love of wellness, inspiration, self love, acceptance and awareness. Danielle is the amazing soul behind ‘Fire Starter Sessions’ and ‘Desire Map’. She was the one who inspired this post and set me on today’s path. I highly encourage you buy the books but in the meantime visit her site for loads of advice on living your best life. 
I know there are SO many beautiful, inspiring, soulful, exciting blogs and websites out there that I haven’t mentioned here (Danielle LaPorte’s for one, but for some reason you can’t connect to it from the Phillipines!) but this is just the’s your turn! I would love to hear your own favourite blogs or even YOUR blog so I can stop by and get to know you better, just leave the name below in the comments section – I can’t wait to (e)meet you!
Love, light & excitement,
Anna xx