I’m back + a little update on life

1// Mr M & I pinching ourselves as we party in the Hugh Hefner suite in Vegas 
2// Fiance Morgs, Soul sista’ Peta & some of the gorgeous guys on our team before a VIP night out in Vegas
3// Meet the 12 other entrepreneurs I spent the last 2 weeks with learning & growing & loving
4// My office for the day in Cabo. Living a life by my own design means I get to travel the world & work from anywhere with ease and love.

Hola gorgeous souls. I’m back, and I really mean I’m back. After a 2 week holiday packed full of business + pleasure + life changing events I am home after a 36 hour transit including 3 countries and 6 flights – oh so worth it though and I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. I wanted to touch base quickly with a few little updates and just let you know what’s going on around here and in my life.

With the 16 hour time difference, 18 hour days from just wanting to soak up every.little.bit of these cities and lack of amazing wifi, there was no time for posting so I had 2 weeks of learning to let go of feeling bad about not getting to spend much time in my online space.

You have me back though – for the next ever, so stay tuned for the upcoming weeks of posts brimming to come out of my mind and on to paper.

+  I just spent the last 2 weeks living my Joie De Vivre travelling Vegas & Cabo, Mexico with my beautiful hunk of a fiance and 12 other inspiring under 30’s entrepreneurs all on track for financial freedom and purpose alignment. I had won the trip through the incredible nutritional cleansing company I’m aligned with and it was literally 14 days of jaw dropping experiences, opportunities and memory creation that will last my lifetime.

+  This little space here is getting a big update. I started this blog 2 years ago in May and it truly has been on a life changing journey with me. I have grown though, in exponential ways and I want this blog to reflect that growth, so watch this space for a big upgrade and some soulful additions coming your way with love.

+  My soul sista Peta and I are collaborating in big ways to bring you a new online space with love, soul, spunk and life changing opportunities. That is going to be taking up large chunks of time to get that launched but when it does, I want you all along for the ride.

+   The next few weeks will be all about writing for me. Content for the new site, finishing off my new ebook, putting together limited coaching packages and starting the huge content for the collaboration project. Most importantly though, hanging out and pouring love in to this space so I am looking forward to getting ‘back to basics’ and spending my days doing the stuff that makes my soul fulfilled.


There is so much more to share but I want to save it for a big post to pour some life lessons and blessings I’ve experienced recently in to you so stand by for that. The next 3 days are going to be all about honouring some other beautiful and incredible woman and bloggers I know, Anna, Emily & Brooke who will be guest posting whilst I get my feet back grounded on Australian soil so I can’t wait to share the amazing posts they have written with love for you.