My Happiness List

I have some big/scary/exciting/ohmygodamIreallydoing this news that I will be sharing in this space next week – I’m not pregnant mum sorry – and until I can ground this energy that I am feeling from it all and focus on pouring my heart and soul in to a post that explains my next steps on my self fulfilling purpose and journey I want to fill your day with other things that are incredibly high on my Happiness List. 
Breakfast date with soul friends

I consider myself incredibly, oh so mucho blessed with the beautiful woman (& men) I have surrounding me in life. They’re soulful, loving, supporting, kind, creative, funny – all the things you want your peeps to be like in your tribe, and I’ve got em. Mix those kind of souls with my favourite meal of the day – breakfast – and you have some of the best dates life could ever serve up. The past weekends I’ve packed my Saturday & Sundays full to the brim with soulful catch ups – & food – with my beautiful friends and it couldn’t make me more filled with love and utter gratitude for who I have in my life. A divine date on the beach on a sunny Winters day with my friend who is a shining beacon of love, warmth and light set my whole weekend off on the right foot, backed up with an overdue brekky date with my 3 girlfriends I went to uni with who rock my world – no wonder I wake with so much gratitude. 
For you: Book a breakfast date with some of your favourite people with no plans after so you can just sit and enjoy the food, the laughter and the company. Breakfast places in Perth I adore; Moore & Moore cafe Fremantle, CNR Cafe in Northbridge, and the above view in the left picture was served up from Bib & Tucker on Leighton Beach whilst the right yummy goodness can be ordered at the sexy as fuck Gordon St Garage (go the porridge with quinoa and maple syrup you know you want to) 

Being a speaker at our weekly Wellness Wednesdays 

I had this big goal plastered on my vision board that I always thought would happen, but would just come later. You know, once I had more experience, once I’d done more courses, when I developed my story more – just, later. As with all things of the heart though, the universe had other plans and the last 3 months has seen my dream on my vision board leap off the page and in to reality. I get to stand in front of 70 – 100 people on a Wednesday with other members of my incredible team and share my story on how I’m currently rocking it – how I earnt my residual income so fast, what nutritional cleansing is all about, and how if you choose for life to be easy it is. 
For you: If you’re interested in coming along one week, we hold them every Wednesday at Leighton Beach Surf Life Saving Club and best of all they’re FREE. So you have nothing to lose everything to gain and I’d LOVE to meet some of my readers (p.s I’m off to Vegas next week however so will be back on 14th August to speak at them again (more rev’d up than evahhhhh) 
My Angel Cards + Bang on Readings

I share very rarely in this space the side to me that is quite spiritually connected and in tune with messages and feelings from mine and others guides. The more I find I am aligning with my purpose the stronger the connection is getting. A beautiful beautifullll girlfriend of mine Lee – who has her own bangin’ space found here – bought me my very own pack of Angel Therapy cards to work with and I had some spare hours on Sunday to do some readings. As I said at the start of this post, there is a LOT going on in life that has come about from a huge decision I will share next week but sitting to channel some energy and asking the question “what is most important for me to focus on to get through this next phase” I pulled Base Chakra. BOOM. Thank you Angels, your Anna girl is listening. 
Base Chakra: Choose only positive thoughts to describe your home, career, and finances as your words determine your outcome. This card indicates that you’re focused on your material needs, such as desiring more money. It’s emperative that you use only positive words and phrases to describe your current situation. Affirm your desires as already being a reality, and avoid worry. The Base Chakra, located at the bottom of your spinal column, is the energy center that governs your feelings about your material needs. To open your flow of Divine manifestations, imagine yourself inhaling and sending healing light to the base of your spine. Since every worry is a prayer, drawing to you that which you’re worrying about, notice and replace worries with prayers and affirmations. Call upon the angels to boost your faith and confidence, which are two magical ingredients in conscious manifestations.
For you: Take some time to connect to who you are and what makes you truly happy. I suggest getting in a quiet space, lighting some candles and meditating or writing (or both) and just allowing whatever comes to come up. Imagine living a life of your perfect days. What does that look like? How does it feel? Write it down. Just take some time for YOU this week. Have a bath, eat dinner by candlelight, book a date with your loved one. Connect back to you and your source.

This quote from my girl Danielle LaPorte

Because I loved it so much it made my heart pound. Isn’t  it powerful? Beautifully raw and overwhelmingly powerful. It is through pain that we discover the JOY of living. I get, more than you’ll ever know that life can give you curveballs, hell, it can even be, dare I say it…shit. You will have off days, dark weeks and bleak months…but its what you do to get yourself out of those moments that shows true character and personal growth. 

To not be anything but soulfully grateful for every breathe that we breath and day that we have to live does life a dishonour. We are all powerful beyond measure. By living and being a part of this earth. Even on the days when you think you don’t feel like it, or are too tired, or can’t be bothered, or let sadness overcome you – be grateful. That you’re still here, a part of life, living, connected, resilient. 

I recently heard “If you are not making someone else’s life better, you’re wasting your time” and I adored it. 

How are you showing up in life?? Are you vibrating love? Connecting to a positive energy? Are you attracting abundance and love and success in to your life? If you’re not, look at what you’re thinking, what are your actions? What do you do in each day? 

We are all here to make a difference. I want you to be a shining example of love and happiness and it starts with working on YOU. 

Relaxing weekends / Wedding Venue Scoping 

There is much a buzz in the future Mr & Mrs Richards household (that’s us eep) as we are getting seriously serious about booking in our wedding venue. Morgs was starting to get confused (and I think a little worried) when I still hadn’t really started looking at where we were going to promise our forevers to. The thing is though, I just knew that when it happened it would happen and what is meant to be will always be. This past weekend was when it happened and as I always imagined it to be, it was. We made a relaxing day trip down south to look at a place – that also just happens to have been in my family for 6 generations. We think we might have just settled on our venue. Think rustic, romantic charm, barn, sprawling grass for games, 200 rose bushes and olive and oak trees surrounding the exact spot where we potentially will say our I do’s. It was a really surreal moment and having Morgs energy and excitement around me was such a beautiful moment for me. This whole wedding thing is exciting, but the fact I get to marry my souls other half and have him forever is the part that is really making me excited – and to be honest really quite emotional. I have welcomed and allowed calm, love, peace and flow in to any and all plans we make for the wedding and the day was just perfect. Laughs, looks of ‘ohmygodwearereallygettingmarried and moments where I had to pinch myself when Morgs was getting SO excited about exactly where we could get photos if here was where we get married. Let’s just say my heart is literally bursting from love.


Your turn beautiful. What are some of the things on your happiness list right now?? I’d love to hear whats lighting you up, engaging you in life and keeping your belly and heart full of gratitude. 

M+A are engaged – The Party

There were just a couple of things Morgs & I knew that we would absolutely not budge on when we set out planning our engagement party. They were: 
+ We wanted it by the ocean.
+ We wanted to watch a sunset quietly together before the mayhem set in.

We didn’t worry about much of anything else. There was one major thing we both wanted however. Something we wanted for the night more than anything else. We wanted it to be a giant love fest. A love fest full of our favourite people all in an intimate space where we were all vibe’in off the love.

As with all dreams of the heart and manifestations….it happened.  More than we could have hoped or imagined it to.

The night was one of magic and fun choco’o’block FULL of hugs, smiles, laughs, more hugs, drinks (+ more drinks), dancing, speeches but most of all…LOVE. It was our night of nights and we are grateful to the bottom of our souls for the beautiful family and friends we are surrounded by in our life.

With the engagement party under our belts now – we are ready to start tackling the wedding. We have our eyes on November 2014 and I just have to remember to pick a venue before a honeymoon destination – or not, we’re totally just as excited about the honeymoon. We are so excited by all that is to come over the next few years of our lives – particularly the wedding we will be planning and I will take joy in sharing pieces of it with you along the way.

I would love for you to share in some of the love and fun that was our engagement party though so I hope you enjoy the snaps below.

The deets: 

The Venue: Scarboro Surf Life Saving 
The Flowers: Paulik Flowers
The Catering: Mr Fingerfoods
The Cupcakes: Champagne Cakes 
The Styling: All done by me (products picked up here there & everywhere)
My Dress: Forever New
My Shoes: Betts

{ Morgs Step mum & Dad }
{ Speeches }
{ Two of my soul sista’s – Ash on the left & the beautiful Miss Belinda on the right – she is the grand photographer responsible for the amazing snaps of the night }
{ A moment between my soulful father in law to be and my oh so handsome fiance }
{ My mum – the most inspiring, amazing woman I will ever know }
{ My g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s bridal party – missing Dee <3 }

Wedding update; Introducing our bridal party

Something magical happened over this past weekend, a day so memorable and exciting I think I cried and laughed and squealed and hugged more in a short few hours than I have in my whole life.
Morgs and I asked our girls and guys to be our Maid of Honour, Best Man, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. 
We picked our Dream Team!
It finally feels real. 
The emotions I can share with those that will be standing beside us on our biggest day feels unreal and the excitement we are all now feeding off is in-explainable. 
I took this whole asking thing very seriously though. I truly believe that the choice to accept a ring, the choice to promise yourself to one person for the rest of your life, the decision to enter in to a contract of marriage – I go in to it with a lot of love and excitement – but with a hugely serious side to it as well. 
Vows, to me are promises. Promises that, throughout your life with the one you said I do to, you will refer back to time and time and time again to remind yourself that on that beautiful day, out of all the souls on earth, you both choose each other to make those promises to. 
On that day though, you have not just a room full of your favourite people witnessing those vows, you have a set of your nearest and dearest beside both the bride and groom, who are there to then support you as friends throughout your marriage.
And THAT, is hugely important and held a lot of loving weight for Morgs & I. 
So, when it came to picking our bridal party – asking the people we love SO dearly to stand by us on the day we promise our forevers, I wanted them to know how much it meant to us to have them on our team.
I spent my Saturday just gone sitting with each of them individually doing our favourite things (champagne with my sister and then a breakfast, coffee date & lunch date respectively with my other soul sista’s) giving them a box chock full’o hand made love with one incredibly important question in the lid…
I have no words for the love I have for these girls (& guys) and Morgs & I are SO honored they’ll be sharing in on the emotion and love that will be the biggest day of our life…
Without further adue, I am SO excited for you to meet them…

Love & Marriage

“I, Julia, take you, Andrew, for my lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.”
This past Saturday I bore witness to my gorgeous cousin Julia, marry the love of her life in what can only be described as the perfect day. They choose close family and friends to promise their forevers too and everyone in the church was moved as they said their I do’s. It was so intimate, so personal and you could literally feel the love between them as each word was spoken. She was the most stunning bride in a traditional white dress and you could see the excitement in her husband to be’s eyes that he was hers as she walked down the aisle for the first time. We topped the day off with the most fun reception held in a restaurant over looking the sea, and it honestly was just…perfect.
I take being a wedding guest exceptionally serious. It is a tremendous honour to be chosen to be the witness two people you love dearly promise vows to one another and be part of a support system in their lives. 

So here are some pictures from their very special, very amazing day.