Inspiring Babe of the week; Nikki from Sunshine for the soul

I had the pleasure of ‘e’meeting Nikki a few months ago through the wonderful world of blogging  (and all things social media). We instantly connected and were excited to share our life’isims, inspirations and just generally connect. 

Her energy is infectious, support is uplifting and message super inspiring and so when I wanted to start a new section on the blog interviewing gorgeous souls I knew Nikki was the girl to kick it off with. 
Below, learn her insights on starting a blog, what inspires her and how she wants you to feel when you visit her site, with a delicious recipe thrown in for good measure. Psst – I also asked her some juicy questions on how and why she started a blog for those of you on the verge of starting your own to hopefully kick start your fire. 
p.s This will be a regular feature in this space from now on – I want to bring you inspiring babes who are rocking it hard in life to bring you inspiration in every way shape and form.

p.p.s Have a wonderful weekend I will see you back here on Monday xx

Nikki from Sunshine for the soul 

+ Tell me how you got in to blogging?

I’d love to! I have always loved writing things down like my thoughts, plans, goals and to do lists in journals, notepads, scrap bits of paper floating around, anywhere really. I wanted to create a bigger and brighter space for all of these things but wasn’t quite sure what that would be or look like.

When I started my health coaching studies, I began to get a lot clearer on my passions and vision for the future and I knew a blog would be the perfect outlet for my ‘bigger and brighter space.’

I didn’t know how I would get started so I started reading more blogs, books and articles until it got to the point where the voice inside my head said ‘ok, it’s time to do this.Start your blog now,’ and so I did. 
I started Sunshine for the Soul late 2012 and it has been growing organically ever since and I hope will continue to do so.

+ Do you have any advice for guys/girls wanting to start a blog?

Yes. DO IT! The sooner you do,the better.

A beautiful line that Sarah Wilson once said about blogging, ‘Enter the fray’ has always stuck with me. 
It took me a long time to muster the courage to actually launch my blog and put it out there for the world to see because of caring so much what other people would think, for fear of judgment and for thinking to myself ‘do people really want to hear or care what I have to say, especially when there are so many other people out there with wonderful blogs?’

That’s when I realised that as much as blogging is for sharing and communicating with other people, first and foremost,it’s for myself. I write for myself, it’s a creative outlet, a form of self-therapy and self-expression.
I believe that everyone has his or her own unique gift to share with the world so put it out there. Enter the fray. Once I did, I realised it wasn’t so scary after all and wish I had started sooner. You will attract the right people to your blog when it is right for you and for them. If my writing doesn’t connect or resonate with certain people, that’s ok too. 
I would highly recommend Darren Rowseand Chris Garrett’s book, ‘ProBlogger: Secrets for how to blog your way to a six figure income.’ It is wonderfully informative, effective and simply breaks down the steps you need to take to create and build a profitable blog.  

 + How do you come up with your blog ideas? 
I listen to my heart. I look at the world around me; the things that present themselves to me in day-to-day life that I know other people could benefit or take a lesson from too.

Other times, ideas will come to me when I’m having a conversation with someone and I feel something inside of me spark.
I don’t like to force ideas; if I am really struggling to come up with content (which is rare) I don’t push it or write something just for the sake of publishing something. When I write it comes from the heart, so therefore authentic and meaningful. When you aren’t present in your writing or don’t connect with it from within, your readers won’t connect with it either.I believe the best posts are the ones that come naturally. 

+ What are 3 things you want your readers to feel when they visit your site?
Inspired, positive and loved. 
At a high level my blog is about health and wellness but on a deeper level I really want to encourage people to seek and embrace the things in life that truly bring a fire to their soul, touch their heart and inspire them to live the happiest, healthiest and most abundant life they can. 
My blog is a creative and safe space full of positivity, love and nourishing things for your mind, body and soul so grab yourself a coconut water, sit back and enjoy!
What inspires you?

SO much! Authenticity – Kindness – Self-love – Selflessness – ‘Female-preneurs’
Seeing people not only following their dreams but also chasing them. We only get one shot at this life and I am so inspired and uplifted when I see people seeking opportunities to make their life the very best that they can by going after what rings true for them instead of living in fear and in the ‘what ifs,’ and ‘one day I will…’ world.
Having beautiful heart felt conversations with like-minded people who are positive, encouraging and uplifting. When I not only communicate but also connect with another person, I feel my soul come alive and that is such a wonderful and inspiring thing.
 + Describe your perfect day?
I would start the day off with some fun movement, whether that was some strength training, going for a run or doing yoga, as I believe that exercise in the morning sets your entire mood for the day. 

I’d follow that with a relaxed breakfast at one of my favourite cafes whilst enjoying some entrepreneurial reading or writing for my blog, or perhaps a catch up with a friend.

Then onto some coaching sessions with my clients as it is such rewarding work and helping others is the quickest way to make you feel good too.
Time spent outside to soak up the sunshine would be an absolute must as that makes me sublimely happy.
 In the evening I would relax over a nice home cooked meal and glass of red (yes Health coaches still enjoy wine) and spend time with my beautiful man talking about life, dreams and my vision for the future.
So you’re a health coach? Tell us a little about what you do & what clients can expect working with you?

Yes I am and I LOVE it. Working (if I can call it that) with people to support, help and guide them make their life bigger and brighter is so rewarding. I work with people from a holistic approach, which means I look at four key areas in their life: Relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality. I assess these core areas and work with my clients to identify where things may be off balance or not working for them, set agreed goals and action plans.
Many people think that health or being ‘healthy’ is just about the food they put in their mouth, which does play a large role of course, however, the real crux of health is about how we feed our body, mind and soul. When the above four key areas are in harmony and in balance, the food we eat is secondary.

Are you feeding your body beautiful nutrients or garbage? Are you feeding your mind negative thoughts or uplifting ones? Are you doing things to feed your soul or to shrink it?
These questions are so important.
Clients can expect a coaching program that is tailored to them and their individual needs. 
My clients’ get a coach who is 100% focused and committed to them.  When I am with my clients, I am present; I am there for them.
I work with the individual to address any or all areas of their life that are off balance and holding them back from living a healthy, happy and abundant life. I work towards goals, actions, personal recommendations and so forth.
+  Do you have a yummy healthy recipe for us?
Oh tough choice… but I’ll chose this one because these are so simple to make, use only a few ingredients and are absolutely delicious and nutritious. They make the perfect little treat or I’ll often whip up a batch to give to a friend as a gift.



*1 Cup Dry Roasted Almonds
*1 Cup Dates (preferably organic) pitted
*1/3 Cup Raw Organic Cacao powder
*1/3 Cup Coconut Oil – melted
*½ Cup Organic Shredded Coconut Flakes + little extra to roll balls in
Step 1: Soak pitted dates in a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes.
Step 2: Whilst dates are soaking, combine cacao powder, almonds, coconut oil and flakes in a food processor (does not work as well in a blender)
Step 3: Feed dates in one by one for a smooth consistency.
Step 4: Depending on how moist you want to balls you can add a few drops of water
Step 5: Allow mixture to rest for 5-10 minutes and then roll into a ball.
Step 6: Roll mixture into small bite size balls then roll in coconut flakes
Step 7: Allow setting in fridge for 1 – 2 hours before gobbling these little goodies.
Step 8:ENJOY and try not to gobble in one sitting!
Note: Do not consume late at night as cacao is quite high in caffeine and will keep you awake longer than you wish (trust me, I know from personal experience)
Raw cacao is a great source of four neurotransmitters; serotonin, dopamine, anandamine (the bliss chemical) and phenylethylamine, which are associated with feelings of well being and also help to alleviate depression. Not only that, it is the primary source of magnesium which is vital for a healthy functioning heart and is the most deficient mineral in Western civilisation.
What’s not to love? 



Images: All taken from her delightful Instagram. Follow her at nicole_perhne

Blogs I love

Following on from my very first post I did bringing you the hottest blogs I love – I thought it was time to throw some more magic spaces your way to get lost and inspired in. 
As 2013 speeds up and we’re all really getting in to our year of goals and intentions, it’s exciting me like you wouldn’t believe how much more I hear and see girls starting their own spaces of inspiration. When I first started this blog back in May 2011 I had never even heard the word Blog before. It felt like this underground thing, almost like a dirty little secret. Fast forward 2 years and I couldn’t be more excited by the progress in the blogging communities, particularly in Australia (and even more specifically in Perth!) 
I get weekly emails now from beautiful souls seeking advice on starting their own – to which I always respond with ‘go for it babe’. 
We are in a day and age of new beginnings, information sharing and life enrichment – and how incredibly exciting that you can have your own space to share all your gifts, lessons and know how’s with the world.
If you’ve been interested in blogging or wanting to start I want to cheerlead you all the way – GO for it. 
In the meantime, here are a few blogs I have stumbled upon recently I feel immediately in love with, and also blogs that I have followed and loved from the beginning of my own blogging journey that I know you’ll just love x
Seasons of Lust 
Absolute Amy 
All things fabulous 
Bless this Mess
Upon Wild Stars
The Honesty Path 

Printstagram; Instagram next level

So, for some time now I have felt like I had this dirty little secret that really needs to come out. You know when you find a beauty product or service or company that you just love? The kind of product that can be used for yourself but is sometimes even more fun to give as a personal present? Well have I found the perfect website for you.
I apologise in advance if you don’t have instagram as the website only ‘works’ if you have an instagram account – p.s but I mean, who wouldn’t have instagram. Right? RIGHT?
Basically you can choose products from a list on the website and then pick which of your instagram pictures you’d like to have printed on them.
Groovy right? YES.
They’re amazing to put up in your lady cave (aka study), at your work desk, give as presents, and print off as little photo books to keep beautiful reminders of where you were at during that particular moment of the year.
I have just ordered myself one of the gorgeous desk calendars and used all of my insty Europe photos as the pictures, so for the rest of the year, each day I can be reminded of what an incredible time of our lives we had. I am eyeing off the stickers. Win/Win huh.
So if you’re looking for something to brighten your work or home space or any other space you love to make your own you need to visit Printstagram today. 

If you do have Instagram you can find me at lifesshinyprettythings 

P.s this is not a sponsored post, I just literally love the website & think you will too x

Blogs I LOVE

I am currently writing to you curled up on a beautiful sun lounge by the pool in warm & sunny Manila where you’ll find me the next 7 days relaxing with my mum. ‘But you only just got back from holiday?!’ I hear you mutter. I know, I totally know….but… I’m a shocker (plus I love to travel so making that a priority in my life always comes easily!) 

Chilling out here with cups of tea, face masks and afternoon naps though I have been able to absorb myself in all of my favourite crazily inspiring blogs which I absolutely adore. There have been a-LOT of life changes, health changes and spiritual changes the last 2 and a bit years now going on in my life but the last 6 months, these 5 incredible blogs have come in to my life and turned it upside down in every way – mind/body/spirit/soul/inspiration/call-it-whatever-you-like-I-adore-them. They inspire me, light me on fire, excite me, and make me want to be better, feel better, and do better in every way shape & form. 
I thought it time to share this goodness though. Maybe you already read one, or two or three or all of them, or maybe you read none, but whatever the case this round up o’goodness will be sure to spark some inspiration in your life in some shape or way (I hope, nay, I’m sure).
So in no particular order and cutting straight to my wordy point, here are my go to websites for inspiration in all areas of our crazy, wild, beautiful life. 
p.s Most of the sites have a newsletter subscription that will deliver amazing inspiration straight to your inbox and having signed up to them all, I can’t recommend it highly enough (plus you will generally get a kick back from it too like an amazing free e-book)…every time I’ve needed a boost of inspiration or advice I seem to get it right on time and I hope you will too. 
Co-inside Wellbeing 
For a fresh dose of healthy living you need to head on over to Curtis & Candices’ amazing space. Here they’ll share with you amazingly delicious healthy recipes and beautiful inspiring words as they want to help us  ‘get happy and stay happy’ 
Betty Means Biz
If you are looking for an ah-ma-zing website that will chock your days and minds full of inspiring stories of how other kick ass babes have been there, done that, succeeded and want to share their story then this is the site for you. Kate brings the perfect amount of everything to the table with her interviews and I just know you’ll find something for you when you stop on by to say hello. 
In Spaces Between
You’ll need a few hours when you first visit Rach’s site as if your experience will be anything like mine, then you’ll wonder where the past 4 hours went as you ‘swear you only just started reading her posts’. There is so much deep deep advice, love, inspiration and soul on her blog it’s hard to leave. From teaching you how to find more time to going through her experiences of planning a wedding her site always leaves you wanting more. Rach & and her blog inspacesbetween have also just been named by ProBlogger as one of 15 blogs to watch in 2013! 
The Wellness Warrior
After e-meeting Jess for the first time and taking a look around her site you’ll wonder how you ever got through your week without a visit to her space before. Jess walks her talk and is always there with the most soulful advice, fantastic healthy recipes and all round goodness in all her posts (not to mention youtube series she takes part in called ‘Health Talks’). I think Jess introduces herself much better than I ever could however so allow me to pull some words straight off her site … ” I’m Jessica Ainscough – a writer, holistic health coach, and green-juicin’, cancer-kickin’ Wellness Warrior”. You see…like I said, you’ll love her site (& her) to pieces! p.s Everybody asks me where I get my green juice recipes from? Well sign up to her weekly newsletters and you get a free e-book containing over 80 recipes. Fab-u-lous.
Leonie Dawson 
Oh Leonie <3 I actually found Leonies’ website through Co-inside Wellbeings facebook page (I adore how the universe works) and haven’t looked back since. Leonie is a shiny, beautiful, caring soul who just wants to share and give to this world (don’t we all?!) but oh my she does it so well. She writes honest, real stories about her own life that you will more than likely find incredibly relative to yours…she also has an incredible life planner for 2013 that I bought and is already making wave lengths in my world. 
Danielle LaPorte
You could call Danielle my guiding light from afar and the one who got me on to all the other blogs through my increased love of wellness, inspiration, self love, acceptance and awareness. Danielle is the amazing soul behind ‘Fire Starter Sessions’ and ‘Desire Map’. She was the one who inspired this post and set me on today’s path. I highly encourage you buy the books but in the meantime visit her site for loads of advice on living your best life. 
I know there are SO many beautiful, inspiring, soulful, exciting blogs and websites out there that I haven’t mentioned here (Danielle LaPorte’s for one, but for some reason you can’t connect to it from the Phillipines!) but this is just the’s your turn! I would love to hear your own favourite blogs or even YOUR blog so I can stop by and get to know you better, just leave the name below in the comments section – I can’t wait to (e)meet you!
Love, light & excitement,
Anna xx