Inspiring Babe of the week: Peta Kelly from Anatome Integrated Wellness

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this babe’in soul she is just THAT amazing. If you haven’t already heard of Peta or been inspired by her incredibly amazing page it would be my honour to introduce you both. 
Peta & I were introduced through a mutual friend (check out her amazing Pinterest here). She had seen we were posting similar positive ‘stuff’ on our facebook walls and connected us in a message. We had caught up for a ‘blind date’ lunch and almost 3 hours later I was walking away buzzing, inspired, excited & connected – I felt like we had the start of a soul sista love story.

Her energy, infectious. Her goals can’t help but inspire & love of life unparallelled. She can walk in a room and by the end of a talk shift mindsets and inspire you to live better and be better. She quite literally changes lives.  

She is quite possibly the most energetic, loving, soulful, INSPIRING girl I know. Hands down. Fo’ real. She lives her truth, walks her talk, and has taught me about living life with ease and abundance. (We also share the same dream to retire our mums – soon!!) 
She is the wonderful soul behind “Anatome Integrated Wellness” that aims to “Embody all aspects of Wellness ~ Wellness of the body, the mind, the soul and one’s finances. Anatome aims to nourish and encourage people all over the world to live a life purely by their own design”

See what I mean? You’re going to LOVE her so grab yourself a cup of herbal tea and settle in for some serious soul’spiration x 

+ So what do you do Peta? What is your big life vision & where did it come from?
I work with a team of AMAZING young people who are creating a life purely by their own design, while helping others do the same!
More specifically, I have a wellness business called Anatome Integrated Wellness. The vision of Anatome is to help people achieve complete wellness in their lives through an integrated approach with health, nutritional cleansing, personal development, spiritual development and wealth creation. I’m going through a bit of a transformation/evolution with Anatome and it will soon fall under the umbrella of ‘Life by my Own Design.’ 
I’ve always had a massive passion for everything health and wellbeing, and in particular, obesity! I grew up in a very active family of 4 kids and we played every sport under the sun. To me, we were the most blessed kids on the planet, enjoying lives in healthy bodies with the love and support of our amazing single Mum! 

I decided early on in life I was going to get rich and retire my Mum. How? I had no idea. But I knew it’d come. Anyway, after graduating from UWA with a BSc (Hons), and having my research on exercise and appetite published, I started a phD to continue more of the same. I soon realised in my own life though, that there was so much more to learn about the body, the mind and the soul that I needed to discover myself. Every Monday it was ‘a thing’ for my friends to be hating work, feeling gross, and just wishing the week away so that the weekend would come. It didn’t make sense to me. Why are we wishing away 5 amazing days, just to enjoy two? Around the time I came to this realisation, I was being given signs from the universe to change direction slightly so I listened to this ‘calling’, deferred my phD and started my own business aged 23. It started as a weight management business, integrating personal training and nutrition. I was learning more about the body at a deep level than ever before and slowly more pieces of the puzzle came together.  I still always felt that there was a missing link though. There was something that separated us from feeling great, to feeling AMAZING… I was on a hunt to figure it out. Raw foods, vegan, organic, juicing, you name it I was doing it. 
Surely enough, a few short months later, the universe nudged me on the shoulder and I I was introduced to the wonderful world of nutritional cleansing and ZING!  There it was… The missing link. I could write forever about the details of this discovery, the synchronicities that followed and how FREAKISHLY perfectly timed it all was. I started to feel incredible like never before, so did my clients, my family and my friends. I thought YES! This is life!  We’re meant to wake up every day feeling amazing, full of energy, clear mind, feelings of joy, happiness endlessly and with ease. I also discovered an amazing new business model which allowed me to empower people to take control of their own lives on the inside, but on the outside too, financially. 
It all clicked. Now THIS is complete wellness. My vision is to revolutionise the way young people view their health, their potential for wealth and in turn empower people of all ages live a life purely by their own design. I now lead a team of incredible young, inspiring leaders who want to change lives, starting with their own. By creating complete balance and alignment at the deepest level physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually we allow ourselves to live to our full potential. The business structure within our team allows us to dream big, live our life however we want to and help others do the same. Once I decided on my ‘WHY’, the ‘HOW’ came to me… 
I now have both the WHY and the HOW.

Tell me where you draw your own inspiration from? What lights the fire in your belly?
      My Mum!!
      The most hard working, selfless, brave and strong woman on the planet. She is my ‘why’ and she has taught me that giving selflessly with no boundaries is the only way to live. 

      I draw huge inspiration from books and audios. ‘ The Strangest Secret’ By Earl Nightingale is single handedly the 30 minute piece that picked me up from a road of mental and physical burnout at one stage, to putting me firmly on my path to freedom and joy. My wonderful team inspires me more than I can put into words. Being amongst young people who want more for the world and for themselves makes my heart sing.  AHHHHHH (Heart singing)

     + Is there a favourite book (or two!) and video that inspired you in big ways that you would love to share to inspire others?
   The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is a MUST READ for everyone no matter what you do or who you are!
      The Go Giver- By Bob Burg. I live by the above two books. 
You inspire me so much to ‘live life by my own design’ but not everybody knows what that means – can you explain to my readers what you mean when we say that? 

 Living a life by your own design means doing WHATEVER you want with WHOEVER you want WHENEVER you want to do it! It means being physically FREE, waking up feeling amazing, and going to bed feeling amazing too. It means earning more so you can GIVE more, with no limitations. It epitomises ABUNDANCE in all aspects. Love, happiness, prosperity, growth, health… It’s being able to design your ideal day, from start to finish. It’s being able to live from a place of love, while dreaming SO BIG that it’s scary, KNOWING that you will live your dreams. It’s a choice. We choose.

  + Being a girl who lives her life by her own design, describe to me your perfect day from start to finish?

My perfect day starts with waking up EARLY feeling amazing, with the first thought that comes into my head one of gratitude. I open up French doors that overlook the ocean and meditate for halfa. I have a yummy cleanse and then I get amongst nature, whether it be a run through a beaten track or a swim in the ocean. 

Then I’ll get comfy on a hammock, or a bean bag on the balcony, inside or outside and read a book or listen to an  audio while drinking a super food smoothie and connecting all the senses. Then my ‘work’ day will begin and the real fun starts. I connect with my team, answer emails, make phone calls, have meetings. Throw some planning exciting events, holidays or trips in there too. 

For lunch I will have some yummy organic food from one of my fav raw food/wholefood cafes in Fremantle or down south. After lunch, it’s more planning, more beautiful conversations including some success stories whether it be to do with health or wealth. At night we have a wicked team meeting/presentation with lots of newbies joining us!  My family is all there too 😉  As I write this I’m on the plane to Broome to spend a super fun week in the sunshine, connecting with people. My ideal day also involves being able to jump on a plane if I want to!

+ What are the 3 tips you can share to help others live their dream life. Where can they get started? 

1)      Decide exactly what it is you want in your life and broadcast it. Vision board it and look at it every single day. Be clear on your ‘why’
2)      Nourish your body at the deepest level. If you get the inside right the outside will fall into place.
3)      Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Always be learning.

+ What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My Mum has given me plenty. So had my dear late Nanna.  One thing that sticks with me every single day is this… You are never deprived when someone else gains. It makes life that much more glorious to realise that and live it every single day


Learning to let go

As I sit and write this, the sun is shining through my lady cave’s window, I have my favourite music playing in the background, and I am thankful for how energised, content and relaxed I feel. It’s day 4 of our Easter Long Weekend and it has been 4 days of blissful life catch up. 
I hadn’t wanted to be in Perth though, nuh-huh.    
You see, for weeks, I had been hounding asking Morgs to puh-lease get on board the idea of mine to pack our car and escape down south for the 4 day weekend we are gifted over Easter. 4 wholeee days of relaxing in a country town by the beach. Sounds perfect right? I know. The thing was though, he just wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was and said to just relax and allow this weekend to come and go, and for me to just absorb some me time, I think his words in fact were “just relaxxx honey, you don’t always need to be doing something or going somewhere 100% of your time”. 
I felt like my body was aching for it though, and yet deep down, I knew if I really wanted it – I would have booked and organised it regardless (better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission right?)
So what happened? 
I took my handsome man’s advice and let it come – and go. 
Simply – I let go of the plans I wanted to make way for the plans I didn’t realise I really needed. 
I slept in. I cooked delicious food. My love & I relaxed on the couch together. I went on soul nourishing walks. I spent quality time with my mum. I was present. I Relaxed. I caught up. 
Detoxing. No alarms. Bliss. 
I had time to breathe. 

To just… be.
So what was the lesson I took away from all of this? apart from the fact I really should listen to Morgs more often? 
+ That we don’t always have to have plans or be somewhere or doing something just because we have the time to.
+ That it’s ok to let go of the things we believe will make us happy, and follow that burning intuitive to find what will actually make us happy (less plans, more free time). 
+ To switch off and be totally ok with that. No plans, no to do’s, no burning responsibilities.  
+ To invest more in self love. Giving bodies sleep if it calls for it, a walk if it calls for it, a nap if it calls for it and some switch off time (like watching an old favourite movie) if it calls for it. 
The Challenge: 
I want this week for you to be about slowing down. 
I want you to listen in to your body and mind and giving it exactly what it’s asking for. We are in an age now where days, let alone months whizz by in blinks of our eyes – so this week is for you, and your precious hours to do exactly what you wish with them. 
Give yourself permission to say no to an event or a commitment if your body is calling for you to take a bath by candlelit instead. Maybe you’ve been in a bit of a funk recently and just can’t get on top of it all. Well you know what gorgeous (don’t tell your boss I said this) – but take a sick day for goodness sake. You’re given those days for when you need it most and sometimes, you just need a reset. 
I want this week to be about you – your favourite things, nourishment, self love and life catch up. 
Go dip your toes in the ocean, watch one of your favourite movies you haven’t seen in for-evah or dance in the rain because it will make you laugh. Fill a wholeeee day with your favourite things – a smoothie, a good book, a long bath and some quality time with your favourite person. 
I think we forget our easily we can choose our happiness – and this week is our beautiful reminder. 
Tune in deep this week – listen intently to what your mind and body is calling for and give it just that. 
With powerful intention and love for your best week yet, 
Anna xx
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My happiness list

My cup’eth is overflowing with so much love, excitement and happiness at the moment it is ca-ra-zy. Things are just gel’ing you know? 
I felt like I have been eb’ing and flow’ing with life a whole lot better than I have in the past and am just, in general, digging life really really hard. 
It could be because I feel like I’ve not just been managing my time so much more effectively recently, but after learning about how important it is to manage our thoughts for stress – I’ve been doing just that. Or maybbeeeee it’s because I have been oh so grateful for every tiny thing in my life at the moment – like traffic wardens who will stand outside rain, hail or shine to get young kids across roads safely or the sunlight that streams through my front window every morning …. but whatever it is, I am totally rolling with it. Big Time. 
As you read this, I’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday, yup, a quarter of a century – and I’ll be ‘catching up on life’. I took a (very) rare day off work to actually do stuff that is good for my soul. Write. Relax. Create. Eat. Chill with my loves. So as I do that, here are some other things that have made it on to my happiness list in recent times…
Planning my 25th picnic
I have to say, the last few weekends have been so fulfilling and fun for me as it had involved lot’s of planning for not just Morgs & I’s impending engagement party but my 25th birthday picnic I was oh so excited about. It was just one of those days. One of those perfect days. The styling for the picnic went off without a hitch, Perth put on some absolutely saucy weather – a beautiful sunny 28 degree day, and I was surrounded by all my favourite family and friends. I honestly a.d.o.r.e.d piecing together all the pretty elements for the day and think if I could quit my job tomorrow and become a coach slash event stylist and organiser – I would do it in a millisecond. (special / huge thanks goes to my wonderful girlfriend Deanne who made the table runner, a surprise 25th birthday banner & 5 liters of Sangria – yup 5 beautiful liters!!) 

My inspiration cards

I don’t think I need to say much else other than how much I really do love and adore my new cards I got for my birthday (from another beautiful girlfriend Belinda). I ensure that before I leave home for the day to go and work my 9 hours in the corporate world (that I’m working hard to leave) I sit for an hour in my lady cave with my inspirational words (& vision board) around me. 
How can you not start your day in spectacular fashion when you have the following surrounding you?
“Do what you love, love what you do” 

“When you are arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love” – Marcus Aurelius 

My new detox + Lifestyle

Game changer. Life changer. Shit freaking hot. 
These are just 3 ways in which I would describe the current life changing detox Morgs & I are currently on. I had been searching for sometime for something that would give me a detox, and I mean, a soul nurturing, nutrient rich, non toxic proper detox. Not for weight loss. Not for a quick fix. Not a one off thing. An actual, healthy, amazing detox. Not just with clean eating etither. I do that. Morgs & I don’t eat pasta/rice/bread, we eat a shit tonne of veggies and we rarely eat processed or sugary foods. I wanted something to aid me in weight maintenance though, to clear my body of it’s toxins, and pump it right back up again full with rich, much needed nutrients.
My biggest reason for wanting this though was about wellness. I am convinced we are slowly becoming more & more toxic by the lack of nutrients in our soil and vitamins in our food and daily intake.
It’s not about being skinny either, it’s about being healthy. 
It’s also  not about a quick fix, oh no, it’s about a whole lifestyle change.
I am SO excited to say I have found exactly what I was looking for in Isagenix.
It’s my reset. 
I am currently on day 2, just day two and I already feel the difference. Day 1, was the first time in my working career life (that’s 10 years people) that I actually didn’t crave 3pm sugar hit. At all. I’m talking, I walked in to the kitchen, and didn’t even give a second glance to the bowl of chocolate & oreos that is available to me at any point of the day. This morning, when my alarm went off at 5am, without thinking, I just woke up. No grogginess  no feeling like a train hit me, I wanted to get up.
If I am like this after 2 days, I am literally jumping out of my skin with excitement once I finish it in a month (I’ll be doing a detox every month now for as long as I live). 

p.s if you want to know more about it drop me an email at and I will pump you with as much information and guidance for your own detox / weight maintenance / weight loss / health journey as possible. 

This amazing article 

I am, without a shadow of a doubt a wisdom seeking, soul searching kinda gal. I believe due to us all having incredibly powerful, unique sets of gifts – there will always be somebody who knows an awful lot more than me and can guide me when I need it most. 
So when I read this article over at tinybuddha – my heart skipped a little fluttery beat. It was “How to let go of fear to live passionately and authentically” – BOOM. It’s all that I seek right now and so when I happened to just stumble upon it by accident I thanked the universe for it’s divinely loud, but clear message. 

The crux of it?

1. Do less, be more
2. Plan less, live more
3. Dwell less, create more.

Simple. Powerful. Beautifully true.

Being engaged + the love of my life

No matter what I have going on in life anymore – be it calm or mayhem, bliss or sadness, excitement or craziness, there is not a minute, hour or day that goes by that I am not grateful for the wonderful man that I have by my side for it all. He is just THAT guy. The guy who is my rock when I am supporting others. His the guy who gets me, knows me, supports me, has fun with me, will fight with me because of a passionate love and is just honestly the most amazing man I’ve ever come across on this earth.

My god do I love him. I love him so much, I sometimes think my heart will explode. 

It’s almost 4 months since I said yes, as the sun rose over a Dubai desert and it was and always be the easiest decision I ever made in my life. 
Your turn gorgeous – what are you most grateful for in your life at the moment? Was it an amazing sunset you got to catch the other morning? A new purchase you adore? I want to hear it! “Happiness is itself a kind of gratitude” (joseph krutch) so I want to hear whats making you happy.
Big warm sun beams of love and light,
Anna xx

Why I know you’ll succeed

You know sometimes when you’re plodding along with a book, a website or even a magazine and all of a sudden you read something so powerful it almost slaps you in the face. The words instantly resonate, and resonate so hard you almost get emotional from excitement? 

It’s the kind of realisation where your bodies senses go in to overdrive knowing that it will inspire you a little more to work harder and your mind, well your mind is screaming “ohmygodyessssthisissomeantforme!!!” 

That happened to me not once, but twice this week, dished up from two of my favourite ladies – Danielle LaPorte & Tara Bliss.
Danielle’s sounded a little like this; Fuck practicality. Concepts of reasonability have no place in ground-breaking.”

And Tara’s went a little like this; “And I thought ‘Shit. That’s it. That’s exactly what this is all about. ‘Not giving a F$^& about the blueprint and doing it YOUR beautiful, badass own way” 

So how does this make me know you too are going to succeed…

Because gorgeous – trust me when I say, you are on the cusp of a break through. I mean it. YOU, yes you are paving the way for your own groundbreaking revolutionary break through in your life. I can feel it. Every-where. You are wanting more of yourself, seeking more, doing more, being more…

You’re starting to realise that you are responsible for your own life & you can change anything you want to about that. 

It’s beautiful to witness, to feel and to be involved in. 

You are bringing an energy to this space. An energy hungry for change, for more happiness, more free time, less stress .. I feel it with the emails, comments, visitor numbers, and here’s the thing.

You’re going to succeed.

You are truly going to succeed. 

You don’t need to compare your journey to others though…you’ll get their in your own beautiful bad ass way.

You don’t need to stress about where to start … just start, remember it’s your why that’s important, not your how.

You don’t need more money or more time to make a difference…just a burning desire to change.

You don’t need to remember practicality through your growth .. throw the rule book out the window.

You, the you who is waking with a clearer purpose, and working on increasing joy and calm and love in your life…

IS going to succeed – I’ll be right here along side you for the ride.

It’s exciting, incredibly inspiring, vastly powerful and I am loving and urging you to keep bringing the energy that you’re bringing. 

Remember that when you are on the cusp of breakthrough and figuring it all out –  dance the beat to your own drum, run on your own time and throw all self insecurities to the wind. 

You’re here, you’re living & your time is NOW.

Anna xx

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16 tips on living & letting go

I’ve learned … that life and everything you fill it with is worth fighting for. Every day.
I’ve learned … that even if you don’t have it figured out yet, the fact that you know you don’t is exciting. Why? Because you get to find that thing and pursue a new passion.
I’ve learned … that our pasts don’t define our present or our futures, but can be used to teach us beautiful lessons on strength, resilience and build character.
I’ve learned … that the shit day and the bad week you’re having, really truly will pass, and there will be better brighter more amazing days to come. No matter what.
I’ve learned … to trust myself. Inexplicably. That a gut instinct is worth it’s weight in gold & to listen, loudly when it’s saying slow down, speed up, let go, hang on and just be careful.  
I’ve learned … the true meaning of love. & I can’t wait to marry him.
I’ve learned … that each and every one of us has a powerful, incredible overwhelmingly beautiful gift that the universe is begging for – & I want to help people find it.
I’ve learned … that it is far better to fill your life with wonderful, loving, remarkable people than put up with negative ones. 
I’ve learned … that without our health, we have nothing. Our dreams, goals and bright ideas can’t become a reality without it. So to fuel my body with the good stuff, my mind with the better stuff and my soul with the best stuff. 
I’ve learned … that a genuine embrace and warm smile can be more to someone than you realise.
I’ve learned … that I am the controller of my own destiny & true happiness. 
I’ve learned …that if I’m not happy, wildly discontent, in a rut, packing on kilos or completely lost, I am the only one who can choose to change it, do better, be better & feel better. & that is so, SO powerful & beautifully exciting.
I’ve learned … to embrace life and realise that even the imperfections are what make it so…perfect. That even when things don’t go to plan, that is in fact exactly how it was meant to be. 
I’ve learned … that the universe truly, utterly deeply… has my back. 
I’ve learned … that nothing is ever personal, it’s how you react and interpret it. 
I’ve learned … that life is here to be lived. Completely. Hard. Fast. In love. Curiously. Your way….
So to live it. 
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My wellness story + 4 tips to kick start your own wellness journey

I wrote and re wrote this post 3 or 4 times, keeping out where the idea had come from, the personal side to why I’m sharing this particular subject and it just didn’t flow freely, at all. I knew what I was trying to say and why, but keeping out the personal side to it didn’t feel right. So I scrapped the whole thing, and started again with no inhibition – sharing the personal story before I give you some advice and this is the result; 
My health and wellness journey started just over 3 years ago now, in fact, if we wanted to be really specific, it started for me on February 23rd 2010. You might ask how can I remember such a specific date or maybe more importantly why was it such a specific date, which are both valid questions. The answers to both can be answered with this. 
It was the date of my major corrective jaw surgery. 
I won’t re hash everything again, as on the anniversary last year I shared the very personal story right here on the blog which you can read above. 
What I can say is this though; before that date, I didn’t take responsibility for my own health; I ate rather unhealthily, didn’t feed my mind with positive words or books and wasn’t in a place of complete truth or joy. And don’t get me wrong. I was happy. There was just sign after sign that something wasn’t quite right – developing anxiety & adult acne were just the start. 
After my surgery however, and consequent emotional and physical changes and finally feeling like I was on the outside who I connected with on my insides – things changed. 
I did a complete life overhaul. C.o.m.p.l.e.t.e

I changed my whole diet – out went pastas, breads and rice every day of the week in came smaller portions of meat and big healthy servings of salads and vegetables. Out went skipping breakfasts every day and in came an extra meal that should have been there from the start. Out went fizzy drinks and 7 coffees a day (yes you read that right) and in came 5L of water, green smoothies and only 1-2 coffees.
I changed my whole lifestyle – out went bad and toxic friendships and in came the most loving and supportive tribe of women that is still growing today. Out went negative mind sets, negative words and limiting beliefs and in came positive affirmations, problem solving questions, inspirational books, value and goal setting and intentions. 
I changed my whole routine – out went mind numbing tv watching every night of the week and in came starting and writing this blog, out went no exercising and in came 4-5 1 hour exercise sessions a week, out went the belief I didn’t have time for anymore in my life and in came weekly yoga sessions (with my beautiful mum no less). 
And then….it came. The anxiety disappeared, the adult acne just went away, the weight dropped off and stayed off*, it was huge and obvious transformative growth that helped me to start living that truth and joy and love I was searching and yearning for through all those years of self doubt and insecurities. 
It was there the whole time I just needed to fuel it with the right stuff to help it shine. 
This is where my advice kicks in though. Love soaked, purest intention advice. 
We ALL have an incredibly unique set of gifts powerful enough to change our world. You just have to let them out. The world is in fact depending on you to set your gifts free gorgeous, and it’s up to you to make that happen. 
I know it can be a little daunting and you will have moments of overwhelm – but just start small. My overhaul didn’t happen overnight, hell it didn’t even happen within weeks – it has been quite literally a 3 year journey. 
Here are a few little suggestions to help you start your own wellness journey … 
+ Let go of worrying what other people might think. If you’re living authentically and from a place of love (which is what happens when you start to live your truth) that is a beautiful and positive thing. There is nothing negative about it. People aren’t going to judge you for being more positive and making some required changes – in fact it’s the quickest and best way to work out who should be in your life and who shouldn’t. Those that do judge and bring you down need to be cut. Worry less, live more. It’s that Simple. 
+ Start small & don’t let overwhelm stop you. If there is one thing I can’t emphasize enough it is to not try to do it all and change it all at once. Start with one thing and implement it until it’s a new habit. Remember it takes 30 days to make or break a habit  so stick at it, everyday. It might mean reading a book you have heard is amazing for 10 minutes before bed each night or cutting down vs stopping all together drinking fizzy drinks. And if you feel like you stuffed up, honour that it’s a lesson, not a failure and use the following day as a beautiful gift to start again. 
+ Be grateful. For all that you have experienced in your past that has helped shaped you today, for all that is to come in the future and for every other day in between. Life got a lot sexier and extraordinary for me when I started to become grateful – & I don’t mean grateful for just the big stuff. Be grateful for the little stuff – like hot cups of tea, the uplifting word you just heard a parent give their child, hot water, clean water, your breathe. Being grateful even if you can’t change all the other stuff puts you in a remarkable position of love – for life and it’s blessings. 
+ Practice self love everyday. This is by far and large the most crucial step in your own wellness. Love starts at ‘home’ which means directly with yourself. Letting go of limiting beliefs like “I can’t” It’s impossible” “I’m not good enough” “I don’t have the time” and instead telling yourself “I’m worthy” “I can” “It’s totally possible” “let’s do this” “I have time” will slowly change the way you view yourself and ultimately your power and world. Give your body what it needs – sleep, nutrients, water, and your mind what it needs intention, positivity, nourishment – but do this 
Just remember that the fact that you’re here, on this earth, breathing, means you have a purpose – the world is waiting for you to share your gifts and shine your light. You don’t need to figure it all out instantly, start small, run your race slowly and you’ll get there. I promise. 
Go on though – What are you waiting for?

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Slowing life down a little; & why you should too

You might have noticed it’s been a little quiet around here this week, & I just wanted to stop past to say it has happened by accident but I have decided to roll with it. 
Life got really crazy really quickly since last Saturday and I am just letting the wind pull me where it wishes to at this particular moment in time which has been lovely. Instead of being able to pour my heart & soul in to love soaked posts for this little space I’ve been spending some quality time with the oh so handsome fiance, getting on top of my emails from some of you beautiful girls who have been emailing me recently for advice and general gorgeous words and lastly, and most excitedly, planning the styling for and getting invites out for the impending engagement party (cue excited girly screams, big smiles and a heart so full of love it could burst).

So basically, I’m checking in with myself, in big ways, I’m learning and owning when it’s time to switch off than stay connected, and listening to my heart and quiet the doubt & guilt in my head (of not going going going!) 

I thought it was a perfect little opportunity to remind you to do some of your own checking in, you know, just be aware of your space, what your body and mind is really craving at the moment and give that to yourself. 
It might be an early night to catch up on some sleep, an early morning to embrace a stunning sunrise, a day off exercise to give your body a rest, a day of exercise to kick start an amazing day or just general switch off”edness – but whatever it is, listen, tune in and honour your gorgeous self by giving your mind, body, spirit exactly what you need at this moment in time.
I have and it feels amazing. 
Muchos love beautifuls x x
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Green Smoothie Goodness

Wherever you’re at in your own wellness journey, and however in to your healthy eating you are, one thing that I think we will all agree on is this; There is a Green Smoothie revolution happening right now that we can all get on board. 
I started drinking my daily green goodness last July and have never ever looked back. They make me feel good, they give me energy, and they help kick start my day with a breakfast I know I can rely on whether it’s consumed while I’m getting ready or once I get to work. Win/Win. 
Here is some other really cool stuff about Green Smoothies though; 
+ They really are a bangin’ source of energy. Are you a big sufferer of the 3pm sugar cravings / slump? I was too – not anymore. Guzzling a big green smoothie in the morning packed full of veggies (& a little fruit) will do wonders for you energy. 
+ It has to be said but this should never be the reason you take them (remember health is about feeling good not worrying over weight) BUT…they are low in calories, whilst being very filling. They contain high amounts of water & fiber so downing a big glass, be it in the morning for brekky or in the afternoon instead of your normal chocolate bar or piece of cake will fill you as much as a meal – without the guilt of yukky bad calories.
+ Your skin will LOVE you for it. Because smoothies are high in fiber it allows your body to eliminate toxins the right way instead of through your skin. Even if you have good skin already, it can only get better. 
Here is the thing though; YOU can make one so easily and you don’t need a super fancy or expensive blender or a recipe book with lot’s of ideas. You just need any blender, and some green vegetables and some yummy fruits. I will generally throw whatever is in the fridge in mine, but below are some of my tried and trusted ‘recipes’ shared with love just for you;
The Green Goddess that even your man will drink
(Beginners Green Smoothie)

This one tastes amazing 

2 Kale leaves (roughly chopped)
1 Green Apple (roughly chopped)
2 Celery Sticks (roughly chopped)
1 Banana (frozen, pre chopped)
1/4 Mango (scooped out)
1 Nectarine (roughly chopped)
4-5 Strawberries (chopped)
1 Teaspoon of Chia Seeds 
2 cups of chilled filtered water
Handful of ice
Blend until all combined & serve straight away
For those who dare to step it up a little 
(Medium health savvy Green Smoothie)

2 Kale leaves (roughly chopped)
2 Celery Sticks leaves attached (roughly chopped)
1/2 Avacado (Scooped out)
1 Banana (frozen, pre chopped)
1 Lime (squeeze juice in to blender)
1 Green Apple (roughly chopped)
1 Kiwi Fruit (roughly chopped)
5 Strawberries (chopped)
2 cups of chilled filtered water
Handful of ice
Blend until all combined & serve straight away
The Hardcore ‘I swear it tastes ok’ Green Goodness
(Pro Top Level Green Smoothie)

This recipe was taken from the amazing webiste Co-Inside Wellbeing 
2 stalks of celery with leaves (roughly chopped)
3 Kale Leaves (spines removed, roughly chopped)
1 Bunch of Coriander
1/4 Ripe Avocado (roughly chopped)
1 Pear, cored (roughly chopped)
1 Green Apple (roughly chopped)
1 Lime (juice squeezed in to blender)
1 Banana (roughly chopped)
4 heaped teaspoons Vital Greens Powder*
2 teaspoons of Spirulina Powder*
Handful of ice
Blend until all combined & serve straight away
*These can be found at local health food stores
The most important thing to remember is that your health is up to you and only you; ANY little bit you do to help keep your mind and body fighting fit is a great thing. You can put anything in your blender and make it delicious for you, it’s all about fun and finding what works for you.
If you guys have any of your own recipes you would be willing to share I’d love to hear from you in the comments section it…See you there xx 

Love letter to yourself

I did something on Monday that I pretty much never do in my working career – I took a sick day. Sure, I was actually sick, in fact I had been so violently ill I could barely get out of bed to get myself to the bucket Morgs had lovingly left by the bed, but normally, I’d still try to power on. I would, almost selfishly, pull myself together, and go to work. 

But I didn’t this time. I did something a little different. I took care of myself.

Nurtured my sick body with water and sleep and gave it a much needed break. I felt guilty though, not going in to work. Or worse still, felt guilty that I ended up having this extra day and couldn’t even get some other little things done – emails namely. 

Then I stopped, and realised exactly how crazy this guilt was. I am allowed to have days like this, weeks even. I should be proud that I listened to my body and gave it exactly what it needed. Then I also realised this; that I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this, that we all carry this guilt when an email isn’t sent or you spend a night relaxing on the couch instead of doing something on your growing to do list.

We are living in a day and age where if we’re not doing something or going constantly then we feel like we’re not achieving something, or reaching our successes or worst…. thinking or feeling like we’re not enough

And this is where this letter came from. Bookmark it, print it out, read it and re read it – It’s a love letter to you, from your body & soul. 

Dear (insert your name here)
Stop. Please. Just for a minute, and know this. 
You are enough. 
Totally, completely and utterly …enough. 
I know I don’t allow you to think it often enough, but you really are. With your beautiful unique power about you that nobody else on this world has, and your incredible flair, you are enough, just as you are. Even with your perceived faults, remember, they just make you more beautiful, more you
I noticed you have been pushing yourself really hard recently, – trying to fit more in, get less sleep, do more and be more, but stop stressing, it’s just so unnecessary  Our body needs sleep to feel good, to give us our all, and I need you to be showing up 100% everyday. Please remember that you can’t do that, show up, give your all and live your best when you’re letting busy and tired get the better of you.
Slow down. 
Just relax a little more. Stress less.

When was the last time you took some time out for you? I mean it.

I’m talking about one of those days where you got to just be. No technology, no guilt about the emails you haven’t sent, or the posts that you haven’t written, that uni assignment you haven’t started, the 5kms you haven’t run or that catch up you were pushing yourself to get to. Where you got to just fill it with your favourite things. I think it’s time we had one of those days at least once a month.

I want you to; 
Stop with the guilt. You know you’ll get to it when you need to. 
Stop with the doubt. You know you’re powerful beyond means. 
Stop with the worrying. You know that it will pass, it always does and you’ll get through it. Everytime.
Stop with the rushing. You know that life is more precious than fleeting moments of joy experienced only occasionally. 
I want you to remember that your boss, your emails and you’re 9-5 work aren’t who or what will look after you when you’re sick. It’s your loved ones and yourself who do- so let’s start with a little more self care and nourishment with the relationships you value beautiful you.
Let’s start doing a little less, and being a little more.
I want you to know, that whatever we have going on, we will always get it done in time no matter what – and even if we don’t, it doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. The sun will rise tomorrow, and life goes on. It always done. That’s why we love being here so much. 
Nourish me. With some positive words for our mind, a kind deed for a stranger for our soul and some healthy food for our body. 
Tomorrow when the sun rises I want you to smile a little more, not stress over that un sent email or few extra things chucked on your to do list and believe that just because you might not get to achieve a dream today, we’ve still got them, brewing away, waiting to be achieved.

We’ll get there, maybe not today, or tomorrow, or even next month, but we will get there. 

But most of all, I hope you remember this; that you’re enough.
With love from our soul,
Love (insert your name here)

Taking a stance on busyness

I think it’s time we had a little chat, got real you know, looked at the honest and truthful side of…
Being Busy. 

actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime: busy with her work.

not at leisure; otherwise engaged: He couldn’t see any visitors because he was busy.

full of or characterized by activity: a busy life.
Here is one thing I’m learning about busyness as time goes on that I think is incredibly important to discuss as 2013 really get’s going in to full swing – everybody is. Being busy is not unique to certain people or stereotypes, it applies to all of us, majority of the time. So why does that even matter? Because I think we need to start taking charge of that word, get control back on our work / life balance and start using ‘busy’ a lot less frequently in our lives whilst getting clear on a couple of little things (me included!). 

We choose to be busy, so we can just as easily unchoose it
“I have 3 events this weekend, a full on week at work, I have to find time for my gym sessions & yoga, 2 dinner dates and I don’t even know where I’m going to find the time to catch up with my best friend I’ve been needing to talk to let alone find the time to hang out with my boyfriend”

Sound familiar  Of course it does, because in today’s fast paced, where has the time gone‘ world – we are all guilty of thinking, feeling, saying the above. 

And you know what? You’re right. Yup, I totally agree that with all’o’that going on, you would be super busy, but how much of it is busy by choice? A-lot of it I’d say. 

Here’s the ouch part though; sometimes, saying how busy we are is like implying the other person isn’t, or worse still, that they’re not a priority in your life. Not true (x a million) of course, but it’s all about perception beautiful, we have to remember that. 
There is a difference between being busy & doing too much 

Let’s define the difference before we go any further because I am as guilty as the next person in big ways when it comes to this. 

Busy – Busy means a packed diary, little spare time and a tonne of fun stuff mixed in with the not so fun stuff. Perfect example is working full time, but making sure there is lot’s of social fun going on during the week and weekends with lot’s of exercise thrown in for good measure. 

Busy makes me feel good, it keeps me motivated, focused, lights my fire and ignites the time manager in me who wants to do it all whilst not burning out. 

Then there’s ….

Overwhelmed (doing too much) – means burn out, tiredness, moodiness, loss of control of what you want vs. what you’re doing, sadness. It means complete and utter ‘help me, what the hell have I done to take on so much at once and when the eff am I going to get the time to do it all”. It’s the “I am so exhausted, run down and truly don’t have time” line you pull out from time to time. 

See the difference? Because it’s huge. Busy should be manageable, it should light you up, not bring you down, it should inspire you, not burn you out.

Make sure you’re not overwhelming yourself with too much – all the time, keep your to do’s in check and manage your Yes’s better when you feel you’re close to overwhelm. 

Every single week my calendar includes 5 days of full time work, 1 night volunteering, 4-5 gym sessions, 1 yoga class and blogging. It’s my choice though and I have to make sure that doing all of this whilst taking on too much other ‘stuff’ doesn’t turn me from good busy, in to tired and overwhelmed. 

Keep it in check sista’!

Saying “I’m busy” makes you feel a lot more busier than you actually are

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” – Gandhi 

Gandhi always gets it so right doesn’t he? If you are what you eat, then you are ab-so-lutley what you think and what you say. Your words become your reality, they shape your feelings and can make or break you during extra stressed out times. Don’t believe me? Try this on for size…

Say the following allowed…

“I’m so busy, I’m never going to find time to fit all of this in” 

How did you immediately feel? Did you get taken back to a time when you have actually uttered those words? (I did, and it was as recent as last week). Did it remind you of how stressed you usually are when you say it? How overwhelming it all feels? How you really believe you won’t actually fit it all in?

Now change it to this (& say it allowed)…

“Sure I have some stuff going on right now but I am managing it beautifully, will get it done, I always do, and I am blessed I even have the opportunity to live the life that I lead” 

Now how did you feel? Did you smile? Did you believe it? You should have, because it’s true. Simply changing our words can change our lives. I always remember whenever I’m going through a stressful time the saying “This too shall pass”. It does, it always does, so remember next time you’re feeling you’re about to utter those negative busy words, switch it up – be grateful, remind yourself you will get through it, because you always do. 

We control our lives, therefore we control what we fill it with

You better believe it honey, because we do. We control our days, our weeks, our months, our years. We control our lives, hell, we control our universe. How many times have you referred to your crazy schedule or busy week as something beyond your control? Like it owns you?  Want to know something super powerful and true? It doesn’t. 

You choose to work where you work, say yes to what you say yes to, give up what you give up in order to appease other people. YOU are choosing what you are filling your life with.

Don’t fill it with s.h.i.t that you can’t even remember how you let in to begin with… schedules you don’t like (hello early morning starts, late night finishes), negative people and events you really don’t even like attending.  

Make it count, make it bright & make it YOU. 

Negotiate better working hours with your boss and if need be, get a new job. Find events you’d actually love to attend and start taking the positive  amazing, good soul filling friends you have in your life along for the ride. 

My own personal pledge for 2013…

+ Stop saying “I’m busy” & start saying “I’m grateful for the fun and fulfilling life that I lead”

+ Make time for my beautiful family & friends whenever they need me. Not ever feel or be too busy that I can’t fit them in. 

+ Fill my life with what I WANT to fill it with, not let overwhelm creep in and let busy take my life over. 

+ To make time for me, and continue to nourish my mind with positive words and books, my body with whole and nutritious food and my soul with choosing love everytime. 

and finally…

+ To live, with fulfillment, control over my life and days that contain my favourite things.


Over to you now … What are some of your own personal pledges for 2013 now we have cleared up that we’re not as busy as we think we are? I’d love to hear it in the comments!

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