What’s on Monday’s Mind

  • The Human spirit.
  • That extraordinary spark within everyone that I always think about.
  • People amaze me with what they can achieve and the fights they fight through life.
  • Is human spirit taught?
  • Or is it something you were born with.
  • I see little kids every Thursday night who are sicker than sick.  Their little bodies riddled with cancer who squeal with delight when we arrive to play with them, who’s smiles are the biggest I’ve ever seen and who’s laughter can be heard for miles down the hall.
  • Their courage inspires me impossibly and spark burns brightest of all.
  • They are my very definition of an incredible human spirit.
  • Little angels.
  • I’m learning about strength of character at the moment.
  • Everyone on this earth, no matter race, religion, age or issues they have, we are all remarkable.
  • We all have our fights to fight.
  • We all have our stories wanting to be told.
  • We all have a voice that just wants to be heard.
  • So fight for the life you know you deserve
  • Share your stories that are yearning to be told
  • and yell if it means you feel heard.
  • I think in life, some things can be taught and some things are just innate within us.
  • It is up to you to develop your strength of character and live well.
  • Take care of your body and mind, you only have one life to live.
  • Think positively, speak positively and live the best life you can.
  • We all have a spark inside us that I define as human spirit.
  • How brightly do you let yours burn?

What’s on my Wednesday’s mind


  • Christmas
  • That impossible excitement that I get about time off, family, and general Christmas spirit.
  • Gosh I’d love to have a white Christmas just one year.
  • Hot hot hot days on the 25th December are completely the norm for me but I do have some inner craving to wake up rugged up in warm pyjama’s with snow falling outside.
  • I could have a warm cup of coffee.
  • Or maybe Eggnog. I’ve never tried Eggnog. Wait, I really need to try Eggnog.
  • Anyway, I’d sit by the window.
  • Smile quietly to myself as I think of the day ahead that will be full of family and eating.
  • Open some presents, steal some kisses from all my loved ones.
  • Rush outside to play in the snow.
  • You’re never too old for that right?
  • Gosh I hope not. I picture me in my thirties before I live my white Christmas dream.
  • I’ll always be the richest girl in the world if I have my dreams and my loved ones.
  • So here’s to dreams.
  • And Christmas cheer

What’s on my Monday’s mind


  • Holiday.
  • I need one now.
  • Not in December. Not in January.
  • Now.
  • My next holiday however comes in the form of Europe which is a whole 9 months, yup, 9 months away.
  • But I can’t complain as it’s a 4 month adventure with my best friend & lover Mr M.
  • God that excites me. I don’t know how I’ll ever get through the next 9 months though.
  • Only 27 sleeps till Christmas. 27! Mr M & I have a few days off and will spend it with loved ones and friends creating new memories and relishing old.
  • Don’t you ever wish you could just pack a bag and run away now.
  • Somewhere warm, with cold beverages, large & comfy beds and long stretches of beautiful coast lines.
  • I’m craving that with my whole being at the moment.
  • Runaway.
  • Just run and don’t look back until I’ve found the place I’m looking for. Stay awhile, have a break then sneak back like I was never gone to begin with.
  • I wish jellyfish.
  • I remember being little and holidaying with the family, scuffing my knees trying to keep up with my 3 older brothers and climbing trees like it was nobodies business.
  • I feel the same anticipation and excitement today as I did 15 or so years ago when it’s time for holidays.
  • Care free spirits.
  • That’s what it’s all about.
  • Slow down, roll with the punches and make the seconds count.
  • Remember to breathe.
  • Only 9 more months.
  • But who’s counting?

Happy Monday pretty things xx

What’s on my Wednesday’s mind

  • Bullying.
  • The word pricks everyone of my senses in my body.
  • What incredibly devastating it effects it has on people.
  • When did we as a society and race decide we weren’t going to let people, just be people.
  • When did it become ok for kids as young as 12 to commit suicide because they felt that death was better than being bullied at school and online.
  • Don’t say well I don’t think it’s ok, because if it’s not ok, and we as a whole society believed that collectively, why is it that it is still occurring? In fact, why is it getting worse? Why are we not doing more about it?
  • It breaks my heart that humans questioning sexuality feel like lesser people because of nasty words said.
  • It breaks my heart that young kids make themselves physically sick at schools because they want to be sent home so they’re not subjected to physical and psychological bullying in school yards.
  • It breaks my heart that a young girl struggling with weight issues develops bulimia because kids decide to call her fat. For the fun of it.
  • It breaks my heart that people can start to hate their jobs because they feel victimised or left out in the workplace.
  • It breaks my heart that people are taking their lives daily because someone made a choice to bully them to the point they felt they had no choice.
  • No really. When did it become ok for us to make anyone feel worthless and alone.
  • It just breaks my hurt.
  • Sigh.
  • Everybody is different, to a lesser or bigger extent, but we’re human. We have choices. We have a choice to not say nasty and hurtful things.
  • We have a choice to not hide behind veils of anonymity online and say things specifically for the purposes of bringing someone else down or making them feel terrible.
  • I want to shake people awake and say STOP IT.
  • Never participate in any forms of bullying. Online. School yard. Workplace.
  • I wish more people would stop to think before they opened their mouth to bring someone else down.
  • Stop it.
  • What if that kid who channels their energy in to beating people up and saying nasty things at school, channelled it instead in to sport. Imagine the incredible achievements that could come of that.
  • What if that girl who made herself feel better by saying nasty comments to friends and foe’s channelled that instead in to something she loved like music, or fashion or writing, and made herself feel better in positive ways.
  • The world is an incredibly complex place.
  • We don’t need to participate in it negatively though.
  • Feeling sorry for someone who is suffering isn’t enough though. Doing something is.
  • Smile at strangers more. Swap negative thoughts with positive ones. DON’T say bad things about people that are just simply not necessary.
  • What might seem insignificant for you, may be hugely significant to others and break someone’s spirit, self esteem or worse.
  • And if only for a day, change something you are going to say to someone negatively, in to something that is fantastic about them.
  • And who knows.
  • Maybe. Just maybe, we can all be responsible for a positive change in the world.
I hope.  
NOTE on today’s post – It’s ok! I’m ok, this hasn’t been spurred on by being bullied myself. In my job however I see cases frequently where kids and adults (mostly kids though) are vehemently bullied and parents just don’t know what to do about it. I am pushing for legislative changes nationally to make schools and workplaces more accountable should bullying be occurring under their care – but I think pushing the issue if only for a moment in to your mind today then that’s a good thing.

What’s on Monday’s mind .. in snapshots

Do you ever wake up on the right side of the bed, opposed to the wrong side, to then make a cup of coffee and get it just right, and then throw on your daily outfit and just feel fantastic? Well lovely readers, today was that day for me. I feel like nothing can go wrong, I’m excited, and I feel a kind of content that I have almost never felt before. There is no particular reason for this, I’m just happy – so I’m rolling with it. Today’s post I want to try to share some of this excitement and love by posting with you some snaps of what is inspiring me greatly at the moment. I had a chance over the weekend to work on my inspiration board which I will share when it’s complete, and these are some extra snaps that I adored. A lot of my inspiration is coming from what is currently going on in my life – I’m working on decorating my office, I’m saving for distant travels and I’m just really excited for the future – So smile at a stranger today or go and enjoy the changing of the seasons… I certainly am xx

{ I adored this – have a read and soak it in }
{ My office decor theme is white & teal so I’m crushing this photo hard }
{I heart this office design majorly. I must go and get my chalkboard}
{ Feeling super inspired with a real rustic/industrial style along with my teal & white theme. LOVE this }
{What would my office be without a fantastic photo wall? & Old typewriter to boot!}

{ Fresh flowers are a must in my home & I love the look of the 3 colours together in a glass vase}
{Cute huh? Did I mention I love teal as an office decor? I need these prints for my walls!}
{Its Spring & I just bought a bike so I can’t wait to go riding in the sun}
{This excites me for my world adventures next year but also gives me an idea for a craft DIY}

Photo inspiration is from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here & here

What’s on my Monday’s mind

  • Adventures.
  • Big, long, possibly scary, definitely exciting, adventures.
  • I keep thinking about distant and far away lands and strange cultures – much to my imaginations delight.
  • Should I be this excited with a year out to Mr M & I’s European & U.S adventure? Maybe….Maybe not. Who cares I say!
  • They say travel is a great relationship tester, so I’m looking forward to that test – HA
  • Speaking of tests though, I feel assembling furniture is in fact much more of a great relationship tester than travelling to amazing places.
  • They don’t tell you in all the magazines that trying to put together a king size bed with your significant other can test a relationship.
  • Yeah… I’ve been there.
  • That should be a pre requisite before marriage actually. Furniture assembling.
  • If you say you’ve never fought with your better other half when putting together furniture I’d call you a liar pretty damn saintly (read amazing)
  • Wait where was I?
  • Adventures…yes. Adventures.
  • We’re up to 19 countries on our list so far of where to go. That excites me. Along with us almost booking the convertible car we’ll be driving when we do the Los Angeles to Las Vegas drive (hello head scarf and over sized sunglasses).
  • I’m so excited and it’s not that eeeeeeeeeeeee kind of excitement either.
  • It’s more of that “shit why won’t you let me sleep mind” kind of excitement.
  • Probably not normal this far out ….
  • Definitely me though

HAPPY MONDAY pretty things xxx

p.s I had the whole family over for dinner last night (have I mentioned I have 3 brothers & 1 sister? big family) Alas. It meant my sister brought along her new little one Delilah who’s just turned 6 weeks old. Just when I think I can’t fall in any more love with my niece – I DO! Here is her and I last night relaxing on the couch.

What’s on my Monday’s mind


  • Time.
  • We’re in August already and that officially freaks me out.
  • Where has 8 months gone?
  • I remember when I was little and Christmas felt like it was 20 years away each year.
  • Now I feel when we’re in January, I blink, and it’s July and Myer are already putting up Christmas tree’s.
  • When I was younger days felt like they’d never end and from getting up till bed time the world was my playground.
  • I loved riding my bike with my brothers and climbing trees till Mum eventually called us inside as it was getting dark.
  • Now a days my 8am-5pm in the office feels like it flys by and night time is no slower.
  • I remember Summer holidays felt like they’d never end – and I was fine with that.
  • Where has time gone?
  • Is it simply as we get older time feels like it’s going faster as we’re just too busy to slow down and enjoy the small things?
  • Or is time really speeding up?
  • I think it’s just perception of time going faster.
  • I really do need to slow down sometimes.
  • And enjoy moments more often.
  • I have 4 months of this year left and I’m going to make sure that my seconds, minutes, hours, days and months count.

What’s on my Monday’s

  • Goals.
  • Goals, goals, goals, goals.
  • Not the kind I watched all weekend where cute boys kicked an odd shaped ball through 3 sticks (commonly known as Australian Rules Football or AFL).
  • No.
  • I’m talking about things you write down (or think of) that you hope to achieve in a certain amount of time.
  • I think I need some new ones.
  • Everybody needs some new motivation and inspiration and I feel like I’m at that stage where I need to have some new focus.
  • When I was little I used to want to be in this order – a fire fighter, a ballerina and a hotel owner.
  • Now I just want to do a million things all business related and rule my own world.
  • Travel to exotic places, go on breathe taking adventures and meet extraordinary people.
  • I think if we dream it, and believe it, we can live it.
  • I wanted a degree and got it, a business, and I have one, and a trip to Europe and it’s being planned as we speak.
  • There should never be any shame in what you would love to achieve and what you have already.
  • It’s something I’m learning with age.
  • Whatever you hope for or dream up can be possible with the right goals and motivation.
  • So here’s to your dreams, wishes and future goals.

The photo for today was found here. I saw a similar photo over the weekend and just loved the idea of a girl in a meadow. So whimsical. I particularly love this photo as she looks so free & happy. Something we all deserve.

What’s on my Monday’s mind

[ Source ]
  • What isn’t on my mind.
  • I think is the more appropriate question here.
  • I still find it incredible that one human being could open fire and kill 83 people without even showing remorse.
  • Are people born evil?
  • Or do they get that way from experiences.
  • I have thought that a lot today.
  • My verdict on which sits more comfortable with me still is out – evil from experiences would mean they have something to blame it on. Excuses.
  • I dislike people ever feeling they can use an excuse for behaviour or how they’ve turned out.
  • We all have a choice to do right, be kind and be respectful.
  • It all starts with a choice.
  • I think I need want another holiday.
  • Where I can laze by the pool, drink cocktails and refresh my mind & soul with late night dancing, sleeping in and pigging out on food from other lands.
  • I can take photos of the culture so I can be reminded of the fun when I’m home and wanting another holiday within hours.
  • Such peaceful thoughts holidays are.
  • Don’t wish life away.
[ Source ]
[ Source ]
[ Source ]
[ Source ]

**Photos posted today are from my old / new fascination with Polaroid photos. I love that they can make modern era seem like photos that were taken many moons ago & no matter what you snap there is always some dream like, romantic feel. I found the photos from this website (She hit pause studios).

What’s on my Monday’s mind

  • Life 
  • In general, no not in general really, I went to a funeral of a friend today so I suppose I’m more thinking about death. 
  • But not in a sad way.
  • More in a ‘I’m so lucky to have my health and life’ kind of way. 
  • Her name was Anne & she was a beautiful soul.
  • She passed from Cancer – at age 26. 
  • Sad. So sad.
  • I think that no matter how many funerals you’ve been to in your long or short life they’re always sad. 
  • Even if it’s meant to be a celebration of one’s life.
  • Her family read out lessons she had taught them after she had accepted the fact she was dying. 
  • I think everyone could learn from her. 
  • She said too….
  • Be grateful for your Independence, don’t get mad at peak hour traffic & make your time and hours count.
  • There was lots more but I loved those as I keep thinking its a good reminder to never sweat the small stuff, and keep everything your going through in perspective.
  • My stresses from the past few weeks/months seem small & insignificant now and I’m even more excited and motivated for the future. 
  • Anne has been on my mind most of this Monday so until I spill my mind next Monday – I’ll leave you with her little lessons to think about. 

The photos today were very reflective of my mood, thoughts & day. I found them hereherehere and here.