Creating your own Dream list of goals

15 months ago, when I sat there writing my 25 before 25 list, music blaring, heart thumping…
I never knew my how.
I just sat and I wrote.
No inhibition, no doubt, no insecurities about what if I didn’t achieve it. I just wrote.
The secret though? Is that I knew my why.
I knew I wanted to feel excited, engaged, aligned, accomplished,  soul defyingly happy. That was my why. I wanted to have little goals to chip away at to live with purpose and to give me those feelings I hope to feel every day.
And because the universe had my back and I so willingly trusted in that – I had opportunity after opportunity to fulfil each goal.
I want to hand it over to YOU though. 
Today is the day that I want you to wake up your desire, help your soul whisper a little louder to your heart and make you work out your WHY before you sit and write out your big, small and in between goals.
Having big BOLD colourful exciting goals are what make you, you, what keep your spirit on fire and help make life interesting.
So here is what I propose.
Your own xx before xx list.
Let’s do this gorgeous!
What have you always wanted to do that you have just never thought as putting as a goal? What would you love to do? What would go on a list that would make you fulfil your why.
It doesn’t have to be scary – just make sure they’re aligned with you. Don’t put anything on your list just to fill it. Take time with this process. It’s a list that will serve as a  dream deadline and that is so exciting – don’t rush it, you are about to put down things that will light you up, fuel you, excite you … lead you to awe inspiring moments and that is a process to be honoured.
I chose 25 before 25, but go for whatever works for you. Maybe it’s 30 before 30 or or even 21 before 21. Another amazing idea 2 girlfriends came up with after some inspiration from the 25 before 25 was ..13 in 2013 (but you can even say 14 for 2014…do you get where I’m going with this?)
WRITE THEM DOWN!!! Pin them where you can see them everyday. Take a photo and put it as a screen saver on your phone.
But maybe most importantly … SHARE THEM. This is your big beautiful declaration to the universe. You’re here and you have some kick ass not to mention FUN goals to tick off – the universe has your back, your heart & soul are cheering you on to succeed and your family & friends will want to help with your journey. Sharing them just makes it more real and you more full and utterly supported.
And gorgeous – I would LOVE to hear them…even just some. Consider this your first little task of declaring them, even just 2 or 3 of the ones you resonated with the hardest. This is our space of inspiration and I’d be honoured to be a part of your list. Share them in the comments below.
Sending you big warm rays of love & light,
Anna xx
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No.2 – Swim with Dolphins

I will never forget when I first started out writing my list. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was on the floor in the lady cave, favourite music blaring in the background with lot’s of beautiful warm sunlight all around me. It was just an awesome moment. And then, I started to write, on my board, with no inhibition. No regard for if I could do it, I didn’t hold back. 
That was the moment my 25 before 25 list was born. 
I had gotten to number 6 – ‘ride a camel’ – and stopped. I literally stopped and thought, “what am I even doing, there is no way no how I can actually get all of this done”. Luckily, before I had even begun my task I was compelled to find a quote to smack right at the top of the board so everytime I looked at it, I was inspired. I never knew what I was going to put there, maybe something about life, or dreams, or even goals, whatever it was I just knew that it was going to pick me, not the other way around so when I found the winning saying, I knew it was mine and up it went, on my board as big and bright as it could be…
“The only thing keeping you from what you really want is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t have it”
So it was when I was at the moment of being stopped in my tracks thinking I couldn’t achieve my list and having a “should I really even commit to this” moment – that I simply looked up, and was beautifully reminded right away, that in fact YES I could do it all, I just had to stop telling myself I couldn’t.
That was the last time I ever said that I wouldn’t be able to finish my ’25 things’ and today I write to share with you another experience gifted to me from following my Joie De Vivre and joyfully ticking things off the list. 
“No.2 – Swim with Dolphins”
There are literally, truly, deeply, honestly no words to sum up just how magical my experience swimming with ‘my’ dolphin was. The whole experience in the water went for just over 45 minutes and I got to learn everything there is to know about dolphins whilst getting to have full interaction. There was tummy rides, dancing, water fights, kisses – the lot, and I walked ran out of the water to Morgs an excited mess in complete shock it had realllyyyyy happened. 
Having my list was for no other reason than to have some fun focused goals of ‘little’ things I had said I’d always wanted to do but never quite got around to making in to big goals or realities. Since it’s small beginnings 15 months ago, I have now lived 12 of them and each and every single one has brought me new lessons, joy and the feelings that I actively pursue in life these days which is excitement, alignment and wonder. 
I want to turn this over to you though now…just in time for the weekend too!
It’s a challenge gorgeous and I just know you will kick ass at it, and don’t worry it’s an easy one too. I don’t want you to go crazy and write a huge long list of things you want to do and put un necessary pressure on yourself. No. I want you to plan your perfect day and live it, this very weekend. Have you been meaning to get to the beach but keep being to busy to get there? Well cut out the excuses, clear your schedule Saturday and just DO it. Have you been dying to get stuck in to a DIY craft project but haven’t had a sec to get to the shops to buy what you need to get started? Well, cancel your plans this Sunday and spend the morning jammin’ with your craft you’ve just purchased (after picking it up on Saturday). 
The more I am connecting with Danielle LaPorte’s desire mapping the more I am realising just how true she had it when she said we don’t chase things things in life, we chase the feelings that come along with those things – peace, excitement, accomplishment, it’s the feelings that make us alive….so that’s my challenge to you. DO the one thing this weekend that honours you and your desired feelings and just spend some time doing what you LOVE. It doesn’t take a list packed full of 25 things….
It just takes you, a bright idea and some time in your busy schedule for yourself.
Have a delicious weekend gorgeous soul and I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing weekend on Monday.

Love, light & abundance,
Anna xx

p.s here are some of my piccy’s snapped when my dolphin and I lived our experience. Unforgettable!!

Harness your greatness

{Whilst doing some yoga/meditation poolside in St Tropez this – the above – is what came to me. I immediatley went back up & googled who said the famous words – naughty I didn’t know – and wanted to share it with you to further ignite some of your own inspiration. Because after all} –
“who are you NOT to be great?” 
There I was. On the bus from Cannes to Toulon, quietly minding my own business, blissfully watching the beautiful surroundings outside whizz by me with Emelie Sande blasting in my ears when this song of her’s came on…”Read all about it”. This trip for me (& Morgs but I don’t speak for him) was about more than just seeing the world and soaking up different sights & sounds. It was about growth on the inside. It was about having time to devour books that inspired me. It was about finding ways to really be ok with living authentically. Learning how to be 100% true to myself and not letting any external factors like opinions of others & little thing called ego get in the way of that. I can happily say that I am definetley on the way to finding ways to do that, but it will be road that I constantly have to keep in check.
So how does the song come in to this? Well. Simple.
Read.those.lyrics – posted below.
Every single day, we try to live a certain way. We say certain things, or don’t say certain things, we have incredibly limiting beliefs (I’m fat, I’m not good enough, I can’t do that it’s too hard)…we subconciously or conciously conform to this way of living to fit in. To gain more friends, keep the friends we’ve got, be accepted by others, feel loved. Whatever it is you chase.
But what if you could live 100% authentically. What if you didn’t have to worry about what you said because it comes from a place of love. What if you could pursue your dreams with gusto and courage because you believed in yourself 100%?
I have been trying to find the music within me on this holiday. Flame it bright & bring it out. I don’t want the music to die within me and I’m having an incredibly journey along the way.
I’m currently writing a little somethin’ somethin’ for you, my lovely readers that will be put up that you can download (for free) once it’s finished that hopefully helps you do the above.
But what about you in the meantime? You have a story, You have beliefs, You have a  song inside of you….so stop biting your tongue. Don’t stay in silence for fear of what might occur – if you’re doing it from a place of love & authenticity.
So today, I really challenge you to step outside your comfort zone & do something that challenges you. Something that you always want to do but are too scared of doing it. That might even mean approaching a friend about the way they speak to you or telling your parents you love them if you rarely do as it’s just ‘not what you do’.
We’ve all got our lives to lead, our stories to be told, our dreams to chase.
& hopefully, you don’t let the music or song ever die within you.
Love & Light.
p.s These were the lyrics which inspired this piece – This is my own journey of life changes & living and one that I’ve been on for awhile now but when I heard this song I hoped sharing it might inspire you too.

You’ve got the words to change a nation
but you’re biting your tongue
You’ve spent a life time stuck in silence
afraid you’ll say something wrong
If no one ever hears it how we gonna learn your song?
So come, on come on
Come on, come on
You’ve got a heart as loud as lions
So why let your voice be tamed?
Baby we’re a little different
there’s no need to be ashamed
You’ve got the light to fight the shadows
so stop hiding it away
Come on, Come on

I wanna sing, I wanna shout
I wanna scream till the words dry out
so put it in all of the papers,
i’m not afraid
they can read all about it
read all about it oh

At night we’re waking up the neighbours
while we sing away the blues
making sure that we remember yeah
cause we all matter too
if the truth has been forbidden
then we’re breaking all the rules
so come on, come on
come on, come on,
lets get the tv and the radio
to play our tune again
its ’bout time we got some airplay of our version of events

Planning my dream life …

Breathe, eat, sleep, sunscreen, dream, repeat.

That currently sums up the past week in 6 simple words. We have been living a dream in beautiful Santorini and I don’t think we could have fallen in love with this place any harder if we tried. The best part for me though is that I have gotten to devour the book that I packed and was determined to read when we got here – “Fire Starter Sessions” by Danielle LaPorte – if I could just make you stop what you were doing right now and go and buy it my job would be done. But alas, I have it on my heart to share my lessons learnt from this incredible book… and share them I will.

I have always had a steely determination in thinking I know exactly what I want, when I want, how I want and my quest in life was just to find the perfect balance. Odd though, as in my quest to find perfect balances I found them harder and harder to attain. My career would take over from the passion of wanting to pursue business ideas, I struggled with being ‘there’ for nights out and catch ups with friends but but never really totally ‘present’ and would die a little inside when I felt like I would have to ‘set time aside’ to have romantic nights or quality time with Morgs and not just always have time for them when we wanted spur of the moment sparks. Putting it simply, finding this balance was in fact (up until the day I went away for this trip) exhausting me, it was taking me further away from happiness, not towards it.

Before I go on, don’t get me wrong either. I’m happy, really happy, and was happy with how things were going pre trip – but its the “god I can’t wait to jump out of bed”, hot damn fireworks, soul inspiring  “”how lucky am I that I get to live my dream” happiness I chase – & I’m not prepared to settle for anything less.

So where does the book come in to all of this? Well it comes in … everywhere.

It was the book my little inner goddess was waiting for – the permission slip to truly admit what she wanted, how to go and get it and to admit that failures, not being sure & figuring it out along the way are all ok. It made me realise that all my goals and dreams & aims for achievement are great, fantastic even, but I’m doing them to acheive a certain feeling – and I need to work out what that is exactly. How I want to feel when I get the bucks, the goals, the house, the dreams – that is what matters.

My biggest lesson I took from the book was right at the end though – the part which made me have tears fall down my face as I resonated so hard with it. The myth of balance. There it was, in plain black and white for me to read – and I have never felt so free. The pursuit of balance, as Danielle so perfectly puts it, is stressing us out -that balance doesn’t necessarily exist but harmony & proportion do. Passion is the new aim of my game & I just need to be ok that my crazy life that is sometimes as polar opposite as it can get (tweeting after a meditation session, blogging when I should be tending to house work and eating dessert for dinner because that is exactly what I feel like) is MY life & I can be proud of that. The fact that I’m not balanced, in fact so far from balanced with all that I have going on – is totally ok. It was like I finally gave myself permission to admit that all of my lifes imperfections are what makes it so perfect.

I don’t know a hell of a lot – in fact, truly, I know very little. But what I’m learning I do know is things about myself, my ‘soul speciality’ that I’m willing to now admit are my strengths and what I want to pursue when I’m home (p.s this was session number 1 in the book “declare your super powers”.) The book explains how you can use what you’ve got to advance your career & stand out by simply doing the following: leverage what you already know with what turns you on. Your insight + passion project = hell yes!!

“Being your true self is the most effective formula for success there is” – Danielle LaPorte


  • I get excited, at everything. I’m an excitable, passionate person who loves to love, to laugh, to cry (my god do I cry a lot) – to get excited by life, and I mean exciteddddd. Nothing, NO-THING makes me more excited than life. Than waking up & knowing I get one more day to pursue a dream, and I feel sometimes, I successfully take people along with me in that excitement (don’t ever underestimate the power of excitement).
  • I love to inspire – nothing would get me out of bed more happy in the morning if I could live to make people inspired, to chase a dream, write a goal, start a budget & stick to it, to start a blog, to build a bridge & walk over it (metaphorically), go on their holiday they’ve always dreamed about, to laugh till they cry .. whatever. I just want to be part of inspiring others.
  • I’m good at setting goals & sticking to them. In fact goals are my living, breathing ‘thing’ – I love them and they love me right back. Sidenote; I’m also pretty killer at budgeting (thank my mama for that one!) which helps with living the life I desire & having a passion income while I plan on living my dreams.
  • I’m organised to the point of OCD – in a healthy way of course. I love organising – literally, love it. I could walk in to a hoarders house & have that place de-cluttered, organised, filed and spotless in a few days – & LOVE doing it whilst I go. In fact, planning a 4.5 month holiday to Europe with every hotel/apartment/internal flight/train etc booked & paid for before departure solidified for me that hey maybe I am ok at this organising thing.
  • Planning Events – there is no one of these points that I am more passionate about than the other – they’re all what get my heart & passion going, but planning events – refer to the above point – really really excites me. I planned a Ball with 2 other people last year for 300 people that raised $50,000+ (did I mention I had $0 budget?) and have never had more fun in my professional life!
So there it is Universe. My declaration. My soul fire. My declaration of super powers. My passion, my strengths……me. 
The craziest thing about it, is now that I have finally written it down, admitted it, I am feeling stronger about what I want to do and what I can do about it and how I can . It’s like the spark has been flamed and the fire in my belly is ablaze – more stronger & … excited – there is that word again – than ever.
WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE US? Well readers, I want to hear YOUR soul speciality, what are YOU good at, what do YOU love doing? I want to hear your strengths and what gets your fire going….Lay them on me. I see huge amounts of visitors to the blog daily now so if you have the courage – leave me a comment telling me if you could live your dream life doing what you are really good at….what it would look like.
You will surprise yourself just how empowering it is….

How to write Goals .. & stick to them

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, 3 words that summed you up as an individual perfectly, what would you say? It’s hard isn’t it? For me, I couldn’t tell you any more than one word – ok technically it’s two but you get the picture – and that is… I’m a goal setter. A massive goal setter. I truly believe that setting goals coupled with some hardwork can equal a life that is constantly enriched and exciting. And why not? It means that you are constantly striving towards things that you want, taking some control over a seemingly unpredictable world and achieving things you otherwise might have thought impossible – although I don’t believe in that word. Along with my 25 things I want to do before 25 goals, I have personal goals, financial goals, career goals and contribution goals – I told you I was a goal setter – and have so far achieved every goal I’ve ever set. With this in mind, and forever wanting to help others achieve their own dreams, here are my tips for setting your own goals (sticking to them!).
1. Think big

If you think the sky is your limit you’re not thinking big enough. Whenever I sit down to do a goal writing session I leave all my doubts and inhibitions at the door and for however many minutes I’m writing, I think as big as my mind will take me. If you are limiting your goals from the start, imagine how else you will limit yourself when trying to achieve them. I’m not saying be unrealistic either. Writing “To win lotto” or “become a millionaire in 2 weeks” is obviously not realistic. Putting a goal however of “having a million in the bank (not just assets) within 10 years time” is a great goal to have and a lot more realistic, and it’s still thinking big.
2. Write them down

I cannot emphasise this, or say it more simply. WRITE.THEM.DOWN. A goal is not a goal until you have written that sucker down. Writing them down, for me, makes them real and gives you something visual to remind yourself with daily. It also forces you to put in to writing what the actual goal is, giving you clarity, focus and most importantly, direction. So what are you waiting for? Get a pad and a pen & make your goal a realisation.
3. Make sure they’re your goals

I think this is so so important and something people & society and books don’t place enough emphasise on. What I mean by your goals is just that. YOUR goals. Not your parents, not your partners, not society’s goals – but yours. If your parents (& society) think you should have gotten a degree by now but all you want to do is travel the world? Then GREAT (& well done on knowing what you want). Write “travel the world” down, not “get a degree”.
4. Don’t doubt your goals – not even for a  second

There is nothing worse to the subconscious, the conscious and offensive to the universe – than doubting your goals (& yourself). If you are writing your goals thinking “yeah right there’s no way I’m going to actually achieve this” then guess what your mind is going to do? Find all the ways of NOT achieving that goal. Instead, why not get excited and picture actually achieving your goal – the feelings you’ll have and what it might look like – your brain will instantly start to think of all the ways you CAN achieve the goal. Of course, you’re allowed to be nervous, you have huge goals after all remember! But use those nerves positively and don’t let any doubt creep in – anything and everything is possible.
How to stick to your goals….

5. Plan the first step to achieving the goal – break it down.

For every major goal you have, there are lot’s and lot’s of tiny goals that have to first be met before you can achieve the big one. So break it down. What I do is write the big goal at the top of the page, then write the steps I’ll need to take to get there. I want to have bought a house before I’m 26? (But haven’t started saving yet?) It would look like this:
1. Open a first home buyers home deposit bank account.
2. Deposit my first $500 in to it.
3. Research homes I want to buy realistically to work out the amont of deposit I need (i.e. require 20% deposit for home loan, $400 000 house = $80,000) EASY!
4. Organise $xxx of pay to be automatically deducted from pay each week & put in to savings account straight away.
4. Ask for a payrise
5. Save my first $20,000 & celebrate
& so on & so forth. See how breaking it down in to smaller goals makes the bigger goal seem less daunting? It’s EASY to set up a first home buyers bank account, and EASY to start putting bits of money away. By breaking it down I am ticking off smaller goals and working towards my big goal, with huge satisfaction.
GOOD LUCK!!!! What are some big goals you’ve set in your life that have either already come true, or you’re excited about in the future?

25 things before I’m 25 continued

Do you remember this list that I wrote about back in December? I had started putting together a list of 25 things that I wanted to do before I hit age 25. I had given myself 15 months to tick each one off, but at time of post it wasn’t complete. I hadn’t wanted to rush it for the sake of rushing it and rush it I did not. It has taken me 3 months to slowly think of more things to add but as of last week, it was complete. I have written them all down on my inspiration board which sits directly in front of me in my office so I am reminded constantly of my goals anytime I come in here. I genuinely get so excited every time I look at it because they’re not dreams, they’re goals, goals which I’m actively making a reality so to hit 25 and have ticked every one off (that’s the plan) excites me to no end. I’ve already achieved 2, and have planned or set plans in action for every other single one. I’m sharing this with you why? Because back 3 months ago when I first wrote this list out, I remember distinctly look at it and thinking god there’s no way no how I will honestly be able to do it. 3 months later, after looking at it every day and starting to put in place how I can do each one, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and I wanted to encourage others who have wanted to do something, anything, before a certain age to write their lists…today. It’s fun, liberating and more than anything – exciting. I share each one as I tick it off like I did here with my Bali yoga retreat. Do you have a list? I’d love to hear what’s on yours, or what you’d love to put on yours!

My 25 before 25 …

1. Have a never say no Europe holiday
2. Swim with dolphins
3. Do something extraordinary for Morgan
4. Ride in a hot air balloon
5. Skydive
6. Ride a camel
7. Get to Melbourne with Morgan
8 Start my book on “…………………”
9. Write a letter to everyone I love about why they’re amazing
10. Start my second business
11. Run 10km
12. Obtain another certificate in Education
13. Sponsor a child in Africa
14. Be earning $100 000k
15. Swim with whale sharks
16. Go on a yoga holiday / retreat
17. Read 15 business books
18. Go on a road trip
19. Get a boob job
20. Go to Rottnest Island
21. Get a tattoo
22. Kiss passionately in the rain
23. Volunteer in an elderly care home
24. Learn 10 French words
25. Watch the sunrise and the sunset in 10 countries

Just say yes

I swear I can trace my goal setting attitude right back to my year 6 teacher – Ms Sommers. I’ll never forget the first day of year 6 when she told us to put our books away & instead pull out one piece of white paper and write our goals for the term, and then for the year. Admittedly I can’t remember my exact goals I wrote but at 11 years old you can safely assume they would have included ‘Get good grades’ and the ever important ‘make nice friends’. Obviously her method sunk in as Twelve years on I am still setting yearly & half yearly goals without fail. It gives me so much satisfaction to look back at my list at the end of the year & tick off which ones I’ve achieved.
This brings me to my new half yearly goal that I wanted to share with you though as we are fast approaching July!
To say yes to more things and step out of my comfort zone wherever possible.

The first part is easy, the trick with achieving this one will be to better manage my time even more so I can actually fit in whatever it is I am saying Yes too! The hard one is and will be actively making choices that see me pushed beyond my comfort zone & learning new things along with it! I’m excited by the challenge & will no doubt keep you updated on if and how I’m achieving my goal.