I started this blog 8 months ago when actually looking in to marketing possibilities for my dating website Possibly Maybe – I had always heard of blogs, and had my few favourite I’d pop by daily for bursts of inspiration, but never had I realised until looking in to blogs, the true extent of the blogging community, and more so, the amazing connections you develop with other bloggers and readers. What started out as some business investigation led me in fact to a new passion for a space I could go where I could share life’s excitement and inspiration – yes I’m aware journals are also for that, but life’s about sharing right? I learned recently that Cote’ Writes had awarded Lifes Shiny Pretty Things with the Kathryn Ingrid Creativity Award which I was extremely grateful for. Jennifer from Cote’ Writes is an incredibly gifted American gal who writes like no other and I adore visiting her blog daily for her always inspiring musings. You never expect your posts to be read by anyone but when you do get comments from lovely readers you realise what a privledge it is to be part of other people’s lives through sharing experiences.

In honour of the award I want to keep Jennifer’s tradition going of sharing with you some facts about myself that I haven’t let you in on before….

1. I am still completley scared of the dark
2. I hold a uni degree with a double major in Human Resources & Management
3. Mum was told by 2 scans when she was pregnant with me that I was a boy (she already had 3 boys – my brothers) and my name was to be Steven Isaac, when I was born she screamed so loud from excitement I was a girl they called extra Doctors to the ward thinking something was wrong (See I was always destined for excitement & drama!)
4. My last name was changed by my father 4 times and my now last name is made up from a Cult back in the 70’s (yeahhh so his kinda crazy)
5. Up until I was 23, I had never been to a wedding (I’ve since been to 3 & have another 3 this year)
6. Popcorn & Fireworks are 2 of my favourite things.
7. Mr M is the first ‘boy’ I’ve ever said I love you too
8. I hate cake or pretty much anything sweet (except plain ice cream or plain chocolate)
9. I can’t watch Scary Movies and will even have to leave a room with my eyes shut & hands over my ears if a scary movie trailer is on tv.
10. When I was 4 I went through an attempted abduction. The man got me in to his car from our front lawn but I got out & ran home.
11. I’ve grown up half my life in Victoria and half my life in Western Australia.
12. I will avoid at all costs getting wrinkled hands or feet when emersed in water too long – I hate the feeling.
13. I almost seriously drowned when I was 6 but mum saved me just before it went from terrible to nightmarishly bad.
14. I can’t go to sleep with doors or cupboards open in the bedroom.
15. My sister and I have moles in the exact same spots (one in our ear, and one in the crease of the elbow on both arms).

So there they are – a few fun facts that I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing with you the blogs which I love in the next few days.


  1. Eve.H Reply

    Oh my, another witty post 🙂 I always look forward to reading every new post of yours. I´m also scared of dark and can´t have any door or cupboard open before I go to sleep. 😀 And I agree that blogging opens a lot of doors and new views about various things like life in different countries 🙂 xoxo Eve.h

  2. Shia Reply

    Congrats on the award!!

    ♥ Shia

  3. Cindy Reply

    Congrats on the award and sticking with blogging for so long! These facts are super cute but can’t believe you’ve had so many scary close encouters

  4. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    Congrats on the award, that is great! Seriously, that’s amazing, and so happy for you. Also, i love these fun facts.. it’s nice to feel like you get to know bloggers personally.


  5. Kel Reply

    You know darling, we’re so similar in so many ways. I loved reading through your little tales and quirks and getting to know you that little bit more. However, completely differ on one point – I love sweets. I’m almost destined to be diabetic I’m sure. So if one day we ever get the chance to meet, we’ll pick a venue that is amenable to both taste buds eh?? hahaha

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    yippie doo dah

  6. hope in high heels Reply

    Congrats Anna – so well deserved! What an eventful life you have had… golly! Loved learning more about you in and look forward to reading quirky things about you as the year goes on! Happy weekend lovely x

  7. O Reply

    Thanks for sharing some fun facts! xoxo

  8. Coté Writes Reply

    Thank you for sharing, Anna! Oh, how I love your blog every time I visit. (I’ve been so immersed in editing my film and other writing projects lately that I’ve had to take a little break from the blogging world. BUT, catching up on your blog this morning has brought such a huge smile to my face.) It sounds like you’ve had such an incredible year already, what with big travel bookings and your trip to Bali. No wonder you love firecrackers and popcorn – you live life with the volume and daring “pow” of a firecracker. Sending happy thoughts and warmest of wishes your way, lovely friend. 🙂 -Jennifer

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